How to Cook Kosher The Laws of Kashrut

How to Cook Kosher
The Laws of Kashrut
The Rules
The Torah has rules that guide Jewish people in their daily lives; some of these rules are about food. The Torah
tells us which food Jewish people may eat and how these foods should be prepared. Here are some examples:
1. There are 3 kinds of foods in the laws of Kashrut
a. Dairy (examples include, milk, butter and cheese)
b. Meat (examples include chicken, lamb, beef and foods that contain meat products like gelatin)
c. Pareve (examples include fruits and vegetables, nuts and grains and fish)
2. Some foods cannot be eaten together
a. Dairy and meat foods may not be eaten or cooked together.
b. Pareve foods may be used with either meat or dairy foods.
3. Some foods cannot be eaten at all.
a. Some foods are not considered Kosher and therefore cannot be eaten. These include pork and
Can you design a meal with Kosher foods can be eaten together?
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