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Page 2 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
Notes from Robin
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Nanuq at the Railroad Park....................24
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No Hot Dogs..........................................26
Love at the End of a Leash.....................27
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A Story Under Every Stone.....................34
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Double Duty Ginger................................38
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Spring 2013 • Canine Listener • Page 3
Is it possible that this busy year is almost half over? Time seems to be
flying way too fast, but a lot of good things are happening at DFD. It
always amazes me at how many people still, after 36 years, have not
heard about DFD, and we are making a concerted effort to use as many
different means as possible to get the word out, both locally and around
the country.
In the past few months, I have done numerous radio show interviews
via telephone. There are countless radio talk shows—national, regional,
and local—that deal with all aspects of dogs, their care, and their training. In addition to reaching the listeners of the live shows, these talk shows are also streamed
on the internet, so they are available long after the show airs for anyone who wants to listen at a
later date.
On a couple of these shows, I had the very special honor of sharing the interview with some our
clients. It is always so meaningful for me to listen to our clients talk about their lives before and
after they received their dogs. Their comments included:
• Nelson encourages my students to go beyond what they are normally comfortable doing.
• One of my patients will only smile when she sees Ginger.
• She not only helps me by alerting me to sounds, she helps me socially by encouraging people
to talk to me. This makes me feel more a part of society and makes me more outgoing.
When I hear the people we place dogs with make statements like these, it not only sparks my energy, but it also continues to reinforce and emphasize the incredible value of the dogs we rescue
and train. The benefits go far beyond the actual skills we train the dogs to do; these benefits are
truly life changing and priceless.
Every issue of our Canine Listener is also filled with “from the heart” comments our clients have
written in letters and progress reports. After 32 years, I never tire of hearing and reading about
the amazing benefits and the new skills the dogs perform on their own after they are with their
partners. The stories are real; the dogs are real; the people are real; the miracles are real.
On the cover...
Hamish - one of our dogs in training.
At right: Fizza, one of our dogs in training.
Photos by Tara Grealish, Dogs for the Deaf
A GREAT READ - “I Know my Dog Can Talk!”
Teach your OLD CAR a NEW TRICK!
Running or not, Donation Line accepts all vehicle donations for Dogs
for the Deaf. They have towing agents in all areas of the United States
ready to pick up your car donation ASAP. Non-running, junk and salvage cars are accepted. They even accept donations of boats, trucks,
RVs, motorcycles, jet skis, planes, snowmobiles and real estate.
For more information, visit the Other Ways to Give section of our
website,, located under the Support Us tab.
Fall in love with Ace with this humorous look at a dog that refuses to be ignored. He’s
appeared on stage, visited more than 10,000 school children, and even “sung” the
National Anthem. Written by Lucille Perry, featuring charming color illustrations by
Dana Merritt, 104 pages.
Signed first editions are available for $15 (U.S. check or PayPal) including shipping
within the USA.
$5 from each sale will be donated to Dogs for the Deaf.
For information: Lucille Perry, 311 Peckerwood Lane, Grants Pass, Oregon 97526 or email [email protected]
Page 4 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
Enclosed is a donation in loving memory of Steve Wise.
Steve was West Virginia Good Sam State Director. Ten
years ago, when he lost his hearing, you placed Cider with
him. Cider was with Steve until the end, even in the hospital. Now Cider is helping Steve’s widow Marjorie and providing lots of comfort.
Glen J., Virginia
Hi Robin,
Congratulations on 35 years! My donor number is 14,
so I’ve been donating for many of those years. Looking
forward to 35 more. I really enjoy the new magazine format.
Can you believe I’ve saved the Canine Listener newsletters
for all these years? My first one is #9 from the fall of 1982.
I remember seeing DFD on “Real People,” and that’s how
our friendship began.
Patricia A., Missouri
Dear Rexi, Bertie, Ernie, Gracie, and Friends,
We have just read your letter in the Canine Listener and
wanted to share some of our allowance with you so you
can buy some toys. My name is Abby, and I’m a Chihuahua
and my friend is Sqweek, the cat. We had a sister, Santa
Fe, who is now remembered in your Field of Memories. She
came to us from DFD, and she was much loved. We hope
one of your human friends will shop for you and get some
toys. If you ask nicely, we know they will. Please keep up
your good work helping those who need your help.
Many woofs and meows.
Your friends Abby and Sqweek, Texas
You always amaze me!! Thank you for helping dogs and
humans!! Enclosed is a donation for your Christmas card
offer. Thank you.
T. B., Oregon
My late husband Thomas always donated to your cause.
Since he passed away in 2003, I have kept up the tradition in
his memory. I know it is a good cause, and I enjoy receiving
the Canine Listener, too.
Marilyn G., Washington
Spring 2013 • Canine Listener • Page 5
Back in October, your organization sent Karen and her
Hearing Dog, Cherelle, to our company, Trane Oregon, for
a live demonstration and presentation. We were all very impressed with your mission and the work you are doing. Of
course, we all fell in love with Cherelle. As part of a special
program we are running, we recently held a drawing for employees that had volunteered time during the last quarter.
The winner, Amanda C., asked that we donate her winnings
to DFD. Enclosed is a check for $100 which represents her
prize money.
Lisa M., Oregon
I live on a houseboat and am having a new deck installed.
I stepped on a loose board and fell in the lake. My letter to
you got wet, but I think the check is still OK. If not, send it
back and I will write another one.
Elaine D., Washington
We visited you last August and everyone was wonderful
to us and our blind and deaf Peaches (Cocker Spaniel).
We came to see her sisters’, Blossom and Cinnamon Bear,
stone in your Field of Memories. Thank you for all you do.
Thresia F., California
My daughter and I visited her daughter who lives in
Medford. The first thing we did after arriving was to visit
your facility. I am hearing impaired. We enjoyed the tour
very much. Kathryn was a very good tour guide. Thank you
very much for all you are doing.
Edwina B., Georgia
Dear Robin,
As always, it was a pleasure working with you, your
volunteers, and your Hearing Dog during the 19th Annual
Antique Show and Sale benefitting Dogs for the Deaf.
Enclosed please find our donation in the amount of $650,
representing just over 20% of the gate for this event. We
also received a great deal of support from the exhibitors
who donated for the raffle. We look forward to working with
you again next year.
Carole B., Twin Bridges Antique Productions, California
I’m sending this donation in memory of Dottie, my 16½-yearold Papillion, who recently passed away. I’d like a memorial
stone for her in your Field of Memories. If you could put her
stone near Nika, her life-long pal, I’d appreciate it. You are
all doing great work. I really enjoy your Canine Listener.
Dr. Carla K., Virginia
Please find enclosed a donation in the amount of $500
from the Heartland Midwest Foundation. In researching
your organization, we found your mission of rescuing and
professionally training dogs to assist people to be of interest
to us. The Heartland Midwest Foundation has a mission of
“Making a Positive Difference” and feels your organization
has the power to positively impact the lives of countless
individuals. Please accept this donation for use within your
General Fund.
Joseph and Debra B., Kansas
It is with great pleasure that I send the enclosed gift to
you. Not only do you transform the lives of people, but you
rescue dogs from shelters—that wonderfully translates to
best friends for both.
Janice E., Washington
We enjoy reading your magazine, and the work that your
organization does is remarkable. I especially like that you
rescue shelter dogs and give them a second chance at a full
and meaningful life. This year I baked and sold dog treats
for two separate events held by our Pet-Nets Lakeside
Community Home Owner Association. One event was the
blessing of the animals and the other is our fall craft fair.
People were very generous when they realized that all the
proceeds would be donated to DFD. Please accept the
enclosed check.
Pat R., Delaware
My daughter makes these dog toys to earn money for horse
camp, but she wanted to give this bunch to the dogs at DFD.
I’ve been to your facility two times, and I love what you do.
Some day we hope to do more.
Dominique E., Oregon
For all you do, Thank You. Here are some toys for the
dogs—we hope they enjoy them.
The new look of the Canine Listener looks great!
Arlene and Bert G., California
Please accept this small donation for your wonderful work.
This is to honor my mother, Karen Brandso. She became
deaf as a small child in Norway when she suffered a severe
ear infection. The other part is for Mia, our Career Change
Dog. She was a wonderful gift from your organization. We
loved her. She was such a good and sweet dog, and she
will be missed so much. Thank you again.
Bill and Janet D., Idaho
This donation is in memory of Moxey. We lost her to
cancer. Moxey was a Career Change Dog, and I adopted
her from DFD in August, 1999. She was a great friend and
companion, and I loved her dearly.
Peggy R., Oregon
A visit to your facility was the highlight of a family vacation a
few years back. Thank you for all the work you do.
Scott and Debbi M., Oregon
Enclosed is a donation. I am forever grateful to you for
Murphy, the Hearing Dog you gave my mother, Shirley A.
Murphy is going strong and is such a funny, earnest little
worker! Thank you also for promoting the ACVO/Merial National Service Dog Eye Exam. I am a veterinarian ophthalmologist and an ACVO Diplomate. I will be providing these
Service Dog Eye Exams in May.
Terri M., Washington
This donation is to acknowledge the great service of
Hearing Dog Warren who lives with the Lederer family in
Washington. You folks trained a fine dog!
Sittrea F., Washington
Hero Dog to Me
We had an apartment fire in our building last night. My wonder dog, my amazing
Bradley, heard the knocks on my apartment door. I did not hear it, but he did and
alerted me to the knock. People were shouting “fire!” I grabbed my coat, Bradley,
his leash, and we ran out of the building.
Fortunately, it was a roof fire and no damage was done to my apartment. Bradley
is on his bed and sound asleep right now, oblivious to the fact he would have
saved my life if the fire had been huge. What an amazing boy!
Ann R., Washington
Bradley & Ann
Page 6 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
Placement Highlights
PhD. Meet PAD (Program Assistance Dog)
We found Jackson, a 2 ½-year-old black Labrador, at the Salt
Lake County Animal Services. He had come in as a stray and
was extremely malnourished and underweight. In spite of this,
he still had a very sweet, loving personality. After giving him
the medical work he needed and getting him on a good diet,
he began training. Jackson’s extremely calm temperament
and love of people made him a perfect candidate for Program
Assistance Dog training. He also enjoyed meeting new people
and being in new and different environments. After learning
his skills, he was matched with Dr. Winifred D. in Washington.
Winifred is a licensed psychologist and works at the Spokane
Psychology and Neuropsychology Center. She has always
loved dogs and has occasionally worked with students who
have had Guide Dogs. She saw how the dogs benefitted
them, and she also saw how dogs benefitted people in
nursing homes where she had worked. She wanted to find a
dog that could help her clients and assist her in their treatment. After learning about our Program Assistance
Dogs, she applied, was screened and approved. Winifred was so excited when her new assistant, complete
with his degree in Program Assistance Dog training arrived at her doorstep. Jackson, his trainer, Winifred, her
husband, and their three cats spent time getting to know each other. Then it was time to head to Winifred’s
office. Everyone was very excited to meet Jackson, and it was evident they were looking forward to having
him as part of the staff. Jackson was also very happy to meet all these new friends. Whenever Winifred is at
work, Jackson will be assisting her by helping to calm clients as needed or stimulate/motivate them in a desired
direction. One example of this is when Jackson is given the command to, “Go say hi,” he is trained to go the
person and put his head on the person’s lap. It was quickly very apparent that Winifred and Jackson are going
to be a wonderful match, and both clients and staff are going to benefit from his presence.
Spring 2013 • Canine Listener • Page 7
Polly G. from Georgia was born with hearing loss, and
it has gotten progressively worse over the years. She
lives alone and realized she was missing so much and
wanted to get some help. She applied for a Hearing
Dog, was screened and interviewed, and went on our
waiting list. Finally we had good news for Polly; we had
the right dog for her. That dog was Gracie, a Chihuahua/
Rat Terrier cross from the Valley Oaks SPCA in Visalia,
California. Gracie had been a stray and was very
underweight, but she had spunk and energy and a
love of people and life. When she arrived at DFD, she
had her medical evaluation and was put on a program
to build up her weight and get her in top condition.
Training began with learning obedience skills and going
to town to see how she was in public places. Along with
this, she also learned how to respond to a variety of
household sounds by alerting her trainer and taking her
trainer to the source of the sound. Life was much better
for Gracie and her future was brighter than ever. When
Gracie was almost through training, her trainer looked
at all the applicants on our waiting list and picked Polly as the best match. Soon Gracie and her trainer
arrived at Polly’s house and began getting to know each other. Gracie checked out her new house,
they went for walks and practiced obedience, and then Gracie began showing Polly what she was
trained to do. Polly kept exclaiming, “She is perfect!”; “She is just the right size dog for me!”; “I love her
so much!” Polly’s daughter was amazed at how quickly Gracie became so attentive to Polly. Gracie
absolutely loved her new, huge back yard and enjoyed showing Polly how fast she could run to her
when Polly called her name. Not only does Polly now have a loving friend, but she is more secure and
confident, knowing what is going on around her.
A brindle and white Chihuahua cross with a “big dog” attitude,
Rexanne came to us from the Southern Oregon Humane Society.
She was confident, happy, and loved everyone, especially if she
could arrange to sit in your lap. She was a great candidate for
the Hearing Dog program. Originally, Rexanne was placed with a
woman in Indiana and helped her for a few years until the woman’s
health prevented her from keeping Rexanne. Rexanne was
returned to DFD, and we spent some time reviewing her obedience
and Hearing Dog skills and then matched her with Nancy T. from
Wisconsin. Nancy lives in a retirement community and has had
hearing loss since she was two. She found she was missing many
important sounds and wanted Rexanne to help by alerting her to
the door knock, smoke alarm, and oven timer, plus someone calling
her name. When Rexanne and her trainer arrived, Nancy was very
happy to meet her new companion. As they got to know each other,
they started practicing sounds and soon became very comfortable
with each other. Others in the community were excited to meet
Rexanne, too, and she is providing smiles and love wherever she goes. Nancy said it is wonderful to not only
be aware of things, but also to feel much less isolated. One of the staff members commented that Rexanne will
bring joy to many residents, in addition to being a big help to Nancy.
Thank you Foster Friends . . .
Lynn Lehman • Barbara Reiger • Jim & Gloria Gardner
Jon Hanson Family • Jim & Susan Gmur • Tara & Randall Grealish
We thank these volunteers for helping to nurture
and raise the dogs highlighted in this newsletter.
. . . to all of our major sponsors
for enriching the lives of our clients and enabling them to live more independently:
Good Sam Chapters
Benevolent Patriotic Order of Does
Royal Neighbors of America
Oregon Good Sams
Sammamish Sams
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Arnold
Wisconsin Good Sams
Southern California Good Sams
Northern California Good Sams
Sams Radio Hams
Oregon State Grange
Get Along Sams
Washington Good Sams
Nevada Good Sams
California Federation of
Women’s Clubs
Oregon Lions & Lioness
Lions Clubs / Lioness Clubs
District 36-E Lions & Lioness (Oregon)
Kiwanis Clubs
Sertoma Clubs
Rotary Clubs
Quota Clubs
Eastern Star, Shrine, & other Masonic Groups
Many other generous clubs & individuals
Page 8 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
22nd Annual
Dog Walk
THANK YOU JACKSONVILLE for your hospitality! Dogs for the Deaf’s 22nd Annual Dog Walk
was held for the first time ever in Jacksonville, Oregon.
ABC Family’s television series Switched at Birth star Ryan Lane, along with his dog Zero, served
as grand marshal for the event that kicked off at Jacksonville Elementary School and consisted
of a Poker Walk through businesses in town (with a $1000 prize for the best hand), 50/50 raffle,
canine agility demonstrations, a Wizard of Dogz costume contest, Kids Zone, exhibits, local
nonprofits, and a fine lunch served up by the Young Marines, and more!
This event raised funds to help support Dogs for the Deaf’s mission of rescuing and professionally
training dogs to help people and enhance lives, maintaining a lifelong commitment to all the dogs
we rescue and all the people we serve throughout the United States. Our programs include
Hearing Dogs, Autism Assistance Dogs and Program Assistance Dogs.
Dogs for the Deaf is grateful to all of the businesses and organizations below that helped to
make Dog Walk and the work we do a resounding success.
Rogue Valley Pet • Alpha Dog Marketing • AmericanWest Bank • Coquille Economic Development
• Jacksonville Veterinary Hospital • Little Caesars Pizza • Mercedes-Benz of Medford • Mini Pet
Mart • Ram Offset • Safeway • Walmart Foundation
Ausland Group • Bank of the Cascades • Central Point Rotary • Crater Lake Ford Lincoln Mazda
• Grange Co-op Pet Country • In & Out Gardens • Jacksonville Review • Lithia Honda in Medford
Aiken & Sanders • Beecher Carlson Insurance • CenturyLink • Corey Robbins Painting Co. •
Evangers Food for Dogs & Cats • Hale Signs • Hap-E-Dog Grooming • Garrett Hall - State Farm
Agent • Home Pet LLC • InfoStructure • Mountain View Veterinary Clinic • Pressure Point Roofing
• Professional Dog Training • Quality Fence • Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty
Center • SkyOak Wealth Management - Jennifer Davis • Tamara K. Abbett, DDS • Umpqua Dairy
Scott Lewis - Coldwell Banker Pro West • Custom Automotive & Alignment • Cut n Break
Construction • Erickson Air-Crane • Jacksonville Inn • June Lee - Fidelis IM • The Iris Inn • Nupro
(Nutri-Pet Research, Inc.) • Umpqua Bank
Abby’s Pizza Central Point • Blue Dog Bakery • Britt Festivals • Brookside Inn & Suites • Butler
Automotive • City of Jacksonville • Cammy Davis • Coca Cola • Coming Attractions • Costco
• Fidelity Quick Print • Jane Glidewell • Medford Jazz Festival • Noel Leslie Event Services
• Jacksonville Lions Club • Jacksonville Elementary School • Oregon Shakespeare Festival •
Organic Elements Spa • Petco • Rainey’s Market • Rogue Canine Agility • Rogue Symphony •
Rogue Valley Kennel Club • Rogue Valley Disposal & Recycling • Sanitech Building Maintenance
• ScienceWorks Museum • Segway of Jacksonville • Southern Oregon No. 1 HOG Chapter •
Western States Insurance • The Young Marines • Wildlife Safari • Gayle Wilson • Wolf Creek Inn
• AND all the volunteers that helped make this very special event happen!
Spring 2013 • Canine Listener • Page 9
Benefits Dogs for the Deaf
Iron Horse Run • August 23 - 25, 2013 • Lake Selmac, Oregon
The Iron Horse Run is an annual 3-day motorcycle charity event held
at Lake Selmac in southern Oregon. 2013 will be the 20th annual for
this GREAT event! Event includes poker run, bike show, 2 nights of
live music, tattoo contest, vendors, camping, and more.
This event is hosted by
Southern Oregon #1 HOG
and, every year, they pick a
local charity and donate a
portion of the proceeds to the organization. This year, they’ve
chosen Dogs for the Deaf as their designated charity! In
addition, Southern Oregon #1 HOG will also be volunteering
at our Dog Walk this year by staffing our poker walk. We’ve
dubbed them the “Yellow Brick Roadies.”
For more information, visit: and
It’s what’s inside
that counts...
All our foods
contain NO corn,
wheat, soy or no place
like DoGs for
• Locally owned
The Deaf”
• Featuring made in
Oregon & USA
• Raw diets
(541) 857-5000
In Winco Shopping Center, just behind Jack In The Box
Page 10 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
Dogs for the Deaf staff and volunteers arrived in the Big Apple eager to
reveal our extraordinary organization to NYC and revel in the fanfare
of our special dogs’ recognition for all they do. From the moment
we arrived we could feel the energy and taste the excitement of the
country’s largest stage, Manhattan.
The Helen Mills Event Space amazed us with its chic sense of dizzy
style. The building itself seemed alive with its blazing, larger-than-life
banners enticing all of NYC to enter this world of a larger-than-life
cause: Dogs for the Deaf. The scene ‘to be seen’ was set and the
green carpet rolled out to welcome our new friends.
Once inside, Dogs for the Deaf immediately came to life for our special
guests, with photos of our amazing dogs and clients smiling down at them from every vantage point. Canine-themed table
center pieces whispered, “This bone’s for you!”
Our guest of honor was Ginger, a beautiful and classy black Lab. A dually trained Hearing Dog and Autism Assistance Dog,
Ginger was the perfect pooch to represent Dogs for the Deaf. She’d done an amazing job at our 2012 event, Hooray for
HollyWOOF, showing off her stuff for Betty White and she brought her class act to the event in NYC, as well.
An elegant mix of supporters and celebrities began flowing in. There was no shortage of striking new friends who were
all abuzz about our dogs, our clients, and our programs. Our delightful emcee, Julie
Klausner, welcomed everyone and kicked off the program. For our new friends we painted
a picture of how we rescue, train, and place our magnificent dogs. But, words can only
paint so much of this grand picture. When it was Ginger’s turn in the spotlight, she did not
disappoint in illustrating the life-changing impact a dog can have on a client. On cue, she
demonstrated the amazing work our dogs do every day, all over America. Waking a client
in the middle of the night when their baby cries or a smoke alarm sounds are just two
examples that made evident the importance of dogs like Ginger. Great work, girl! If ‘to see
is to believe,’ Ginger created many believers (and supporters) that evening.
As our new friends were leaving after our spectacular evening, it didn’t feel like the end of
an event. It felt like the beginning of many beautiful, long-term relationships. Relationships
that will have amazing positive effects for the dogs we rescue and the clients we serve for
years to come. Thanks, Manhattan!
Danielle, Ginger & Cameron
give their presentation
A note from a guest...
Well, there was no Lorne Michaels behind the production of
this event, but there was a musical act, a talented host, and
plenty of laughs and moving performances--especially by
DFD Hearing Dog, Ginger. Dogs for the Deaf also delivered
on several components SNL doesn't: it brought awareness
to two very significant and real needs--finding loving homes
for rescues and providing some peace of mind to individuals
living with challenges.
Top left: DFD CEO/Pres. Robin Dickson & Demo Dog Bonsai with
Ms. New York, Stephanie Jill. Top right: Ryan Lane & Katie Leclerc.
Bottom: Katie Leclerc, MC Julie Klausner & Ted Leo perform “Cold
Nose, Warm Heart” (music & lyrics by Carol Welsman and Jo Perry)
This was my first encounter with Dogs for the Deaf and I was
taken aback, and impressed, by the level of passion and deep
caring by the leadership, staff and board members. Everyone
I met that evening was genuinely passionate about DFD's
mission, and expressed a humble and gracious, yet tenacious
spirit. I'm looking forward to getting more involved with this
group. It's rare to find a nonprofit or mission that solves two
societal challenges at once.
Beth Cochran, owner at Wired PR, Arizona
Spring 2013 • Canine Listener • Page 11
Page 12 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
Thank you for your letter and the honor of being able
to do what we can for DFD. We all believe very much
in you. Thank you for being there for the folks that
need you and all you do for them. We will see you in
July for a tour and visit.
Pete P., Caldwell Ramblers, Idaho
Enclosed please find the $15,000 check that
completes the $45,000 commitment made to DFD by
the Good Sam Club. We appreciate your efforts.
Christy C., Good Sam Club Senior Marketing Manager
Rock Valley Sams is sending this club donation, along
with a memorial donation from Annabelle W. Thank
you for the work you do!
Carlos Z., Rock Valley Sams, Illinois
Enclosed is our annual donation check to help with
your great work in helping those who are deaf. At each
monthly meeting, our little “doggie” bank is passed
around and members deposit spare change. The total
amount plus a little from our chapter funds is sent at
the end of the year to you with love and thanks for all
you do for so many people in our country.
Carla H., Royal Neighbors of America
Chapter #10748, Oregon
The enclosed check is sent in memory of Jeannie
Diederich, who passed away in February. It is sent by
the Southern California Good Sam Organization on
behalf of Jeannie’s husband Dee.
Dennis R., S. California Good Sam State Director
On behalf of the Deer Island Grange, please find
enclosed our annual check. We believe in your
organization and feel honored to be able to help.
Alberta C., Deer Island Grange, Oregon
Enclosed you will find our donation to DFD from the
Shanty Shakers of Delaware. This is from the prize
money our club won at the Delaware Samboree for
parade entry and table decoration. Our club has won
the DFD “Top Dog” award for the last several years.
Donna H., Shanty Shakers, Delaware
Please use the enclosed donation from the
Pennsylvania Twin Rose Good Sams as you see fit.
Do not send us any patches or certificates. We want
our money to help you to train dogs to help others.
Gary S., PA Twin Rose Good Sams, Pennsylvania
Please find enclosed a check for $5,000. We, as
a chapter of the Good Sam Club, have earned the
money through several Campout for Charity events.
Gerald H. and Harold C., Prairie State Sams, Illinois
I am enclosing two additional checks from two of our
chapters. The funds were raised at our Fall Samboree
during our carnival theme games. Thanks for all the
good work your organization does.
Stephen S. Sr.,
Pennsylvania State Good Sam Director
I want to give you a special
note of thanks for the “give
aways” you sent for our
Dog Walk at the Fall Samboree in Eustis, Florida. I am
attaching the list of donations that were given at the
Samboree. The Good Sam Seahorses again made
the largest donation. Next year I hope to do much more
for your organization. I will not be the State Director’s
wife and will have more time to promote DFD.
Reba W., Florida
On behalf of the Gold Nugget Sams, please accept
the enclosed check as a symbol of appreciation for
the support and assistance you provide. We commend
you for all you do for them and know this small token
will be used in very special ways.
Betsy P., Gold Nugget Sams, California
It is time again for our camping club Tenn-Ten Travelers
of Columbus, Mississippi, to give to DFD. Our group is
dedicated to your very worthwhile services. God Bless
and keep up the good work.
Ruby B., Tenn-Ten Travelers, Mississippi
Enclosed is a check from the Santa Fe Sams Chapter
of Good Sams. It is our contribution to your General
Fund allowing you to continue your valuable work.
I am pleased to send you this donation from the
Maryland Good Sam Organization. It represents
proceeds from the Brown Bag Auction conducted at
our Fall Samboree. We are pleased to support your
fine organization.
Sheila N., Santa Fe Sams, Texas
William R., Good Sam State Treasurer, Maryland
The enclosed check is the yearly donation from Rogue
River Rooster Sams RV Club. The club has fund
raising events throughout the year to raise money for
this donation.
It is with great pride that I am able to send you the
enclosed donations from Sam’s Radio Hams. We are
requesting that our 2012 donations be used to help
with construction of the proposed paved walking path
for volunteers and staff to walk the dogs in training.
Thank you for your help this past year.
Dick G., Rogue River Rooster Sams, Oregon
On behalf of the Swinging Sams, I would like to
present DFD with the enclosed donation. We raised
money all year specifically for DFD.
Earl M., Swinging Sams, Nevada
We are a small Good Sam Chapter, and with age
and the cost of fuel causing low or no attendance, we
are disbanding the 2nd Chance Chapter and wish to
donate a portion of our bank account to DFD. Keep up
the excellent work.
Enclosed is a check from the Ashland Lions Club.
This donation is made in recognition and support of
the contributions DFD makes in the quality of the lives
of its clients, their families, and the dogs it saves. It
is a pleasure to support an organization that brings
independence and happiness to so many.
Kathrine K., 2nd Chance Chapter, North Dakota
Peter N., Ashland Lions Club, Oregon
Roger K., Sam’s Radio Hams, California
Enclosed is a donation in memory of Bill Bevis, Jack
Bowen, and Barbara Cobble. We raised our money by
playing bingo and having our DFD auction.
Patricia S., Norwega Sams #38, Georgia.
The enclosed checks are in memory of Betty Woehlke,
long-time Foxchase Sams member and Freddie’s
George K., Virginia
Spring 2013 • Canine Listener • Page 13
We are the Bay Area Sams RV Club, a Texas Good
Sam Chapter. Because of the incredible work you do
with the dogs you train to help the disabled, we would
like to make a donation to your wonderful organization.
Sherry H., Bay Area Sams,Texas
We all lost our dear Steve Wise of West Virginia and
past West Virginia Good Sam State Director. The
family listed DFD to make memorial donations to. We
have lost a great and noble friend.
George and Freddie K., Virginia
We recently celebrated our 50th anniversary and
instead of receiving gifts, we asked for voluntary
donations to DFD. We have enclosed the amount we
received. We know it will be used for a good cause.
Donna L., Trail Dusters, Oregon
We love visitors...
The Southern Oregon Good Sam Chapter tours DFD
Top Dog & Top Ten
Page 20
continued . . .
Page 14 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
“Ears to You”
Spring 2013 • Canine Listener • Page 15
Pippy and I are doing really well, and every
day with her is such a blessing. DFD made
an excellent choice in pairing the right fourlegged friend with the right person, and she
is such an alert dog. Her ears are always up
and turning at any sound. She does almost
everything perfectly—name call, doorbell,
oven timer, smoke alarm—her one weak
spot is the alarm clock. We practice and
are working on it. I love her so much—
thank you.
Letters from partners of our special DFD dogs
How many dogs get to go on a cruise? Alia
has accompanied me on two cruises now.
She loves it. Everyone thinks Alia is an
amazing dog, and an amazing dog she is!
Addie M. and Alia, Nevada
Alia & A
Alice & Cinci
I want you to know how much Cinci
means to me. She is such a joyful
little soul. Thank you again for my
little friend.
Alice V. and Cinci, California
Christen & Rio
Rio is GREAT! She is such a cuddle
bug and a good worker.
Ryan D. and Pippy, New Jersey
Bonnie & Na
Thank you for placing Nanuq with me.
He gives me unconditional love and
constant companionship and loves to
alert me to sounds with gusto. He is
wonderful and helps so much.
Ryan & Pipp
Today is my 2nd anniversary with
Loops! Yeah! He is a cracker jack
and a good boy. I love the way he
rolls on his back in bed. He makes
me laugh, and he gets so much
love. He loves to play with his toys
when he has alerted me to a sound.
He works great! Jim and I love him!
Bonnie H. and Nanuq, Oregon
Christen S. and Rio, Tennessee
Alice & Cinci
I love my little Hearing Dog, Chiebe. It’s been
twelve years since you brought him to me. He
is all the world to me. Each morning he greets
me with a wake-up kiss. He’s my life-sunshine.
A truer friend I’ve never met. I can’t imagine
life without him. Thank you DFD for such a
wonderful dog.
Josephine B. and Chiebe, Florida
Jodi & Loops
Josephine &
Since 1979 I have had balance issues along with my hearing loss and
have been so blessed to have had three of your Hearing Dogs. They all
have had different personalities and were all so smart and helped so
much. I loved all my dogs, and I know they loved me—unconditionally. I
do miss the security they provide by hearing what I cannot. I am anxious
for my next Hearing Dog to arrive. Robin placed my first dog with me, and
my regards to you, Robin.
Polly & Gracie
Tango did a great thing last night. Our
fireplace lit up out of control during
my birthday dinner, and the smoke
alarm went off. Tango not only alerted
me, but also ten other people in the
house! Luckily we got the blaze from
the fireplace out before having to call
the fire department. We were all OK,
but the walls are still a little black. I
thought he might freak out because
there were so many people there, but
he didn’t. He was GREAT!
I am so proud of Gracie and just love
having her. We work on everything
every day, and she is happy practicing
and working the sounds for me. She has
been working the phone great. The oven
timer is always 100%. Deb came over
yesterday, and we worked the smoke
detector and the name call. Gracie is
such a wonderful and happy little dog.
I’m a happy person to have her. I really
love this dog.
Polly D. and Gracie, Georgia
Nikki S. and Tango, California
Nikki & Tango
Jodi A. and Loops, Washington
Jane & Elvis
Roger S., Tennessee
Even though Elvis is retired, I haven’t told him, and
he still believes he is a valuable Assistance Dog. He
does his darndest to keep up with the sounds. There
is no stopping him! The medications are keeping
him comfortable and relatively active. While his
muscles in his rear legs are becoming weaker, he
is still a very happy fellow with a great disposition.
Wherever I am, he is right there with me.
Jane L. and Elvis, New York
Editor’s note - We’re sad to report that Elvis passed
away shortly after we received this letter.
Lady is a charming and
dedicated partner. She
makes friends wherever we
go, and she always works
great for me. She is still the
Diva you nicknamed her!
Karen C. and Lady, Virginia
Karen & Lad
continued . . .
Page 16 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
“Ears to You”
continued . . .
DB alerts me to the door knock, phone, timer,
and smoke alarm. He is fabulous. He has
been going shopping for groceries with me
ever since he arrived. He is well accepted
in all stores. If he is not with me, many ask
where he is. One senior always stops to
talk and pet DB. He said he looks forward
to going shopping so he can see DB. Thank
you for him.
Nan F. and DB, Michigan
There are special stories with Josie every day! She’s a very great dog and people are
amazed by how sweet she is and how she follows me everywhere and is constantly
staring at me. She alerts me to the microwave, doorbell, alarm, smoke alarm, name call,
and phone. She is perfect!
Jennifer B. and Josie, Wisconsin
The always charming, intelligent, clever, and fast learner Dazzle now helps with
meals and laundry. He brings me his food bowl at mealtimes when I ask him to.
Also, I was taking the laundry out of the washer and I dropped a wash cloth. I
asked him to pick it up for me. He zealously did so, and now I can say he helps
me with the laundry, too. Of course, he always alerts me to sounds flawlessly.
Thank you for the many wonderful years of being Dazzle’s human.
Stephanie W. and Dazzle, South Carolina
Dog Training Bible
by Andrea Arden
This complete guide
was written for all who
have just taken a pet
dog into their household
or for prospective pet
parents who are about
to acquire a canine
Barbara & Atlas
To all of you Angels at DFD—congratulations on Dogs
for the Deaf Day! For 35 years you have proven that
you are doing everything right! May you and your
wonderful work continue for at least another 35 years.
You are a blessing to our world. Thank you all for all
you do.
Barbara B. and Atlas, Oregon
Find your copy at!
Author Andrea Arden is a well-known
trainer who currently works on
Animal Planet’s shows, Underdog to
Wonderdog, Dogs 101, and Cats 101.
Visit Andrea’s website:
Spring 2013 • Canine Listener • Page 17
Mimi is always so loving and adorable. I do not have words to express my thanks to
DFD. Everywhere I go, I meet people and I always tell them our story. Mimi faithfully
works the alarm clock, the telephone, and someone calling my name. A few weeks
ago, in the middle of the night she jumped on my bed. I looked at the clock and it was
1:20 a.m.—way too early for the alarm clock. I told Mimi to get off the bed and go
back to sleep. She did this four times and I told her to go back to sleep each time; I
couldn’t figure out what she was doing. When she jumped on the bed again, I finally
got up and followed her. She took me to the smoke alarm. It was going off full blast.
There was no fire, but the alarm had malfunctioned. The police came, and we got it
fixed. I was so excited that Mimi alerted me and was so persistent. I not only have
my Mimi to alert me to sounds but also my beautiful and adorable “Guardian Angel.”
I love her so much. I feel so well protected and secure with her.
Isaura M. and Mimi, Puerto Rico
This may sound crazy, but it’s true—
every day is special with Shadow!
Some of our most special moments
are when we are out in town. We
get stopped by so many people
who want to pet Shadow. When I
tell Shadow “free,” he knows he can
go to the person. When they see
his Hearing Dog vest, the questions
and stories begin. I love telling
them about DFD and everything
Shadow does for me. I never get
tired of telling the people how Shadow was rescued from a shelter and
then trained to help me because of my hearing loss. So many people have
never heard of Dogs for the Deaf, so I make sure I answer their questions
and sometimes even show them what he does for me. We are a great
team together! Shadow is aging. Do you have any books or information
that can guide us through this? I want to prepare for the future with the best
information possible. He is the best.
Isaura & Mimi
Murphy still is a wonderful dog and
really helps me a lot as I have lost
more hearing. He watches me more
closely and everyone remarks about
how well behaved and attentive he is. I
am the main caregiver for my husband
Ed, and Murphy knows when Ed is
depressed and goes and sits on his
lap. I just love him so much.
Sheri A. and Murphy, Minnesota
Sheryl N. and Shadow, North Carolina
My Effie was a perfect partner and helper for me ever since you brought her
to me in 1999 until she died. I thought I could get along by myself, but that
has not been the case. I have missed a number of doctor’s appointments
because I did not hear the alarm. I have missed a lot of other things, too,
and I miss her gentle touch on my leg alerting me to different sounds.
Thank you for Effie and for your help and understanding.
Nita G., Texas
Sheri & Murphy
Please continue to support the special work and mission of Dogs for the Deaf
You can donate... • through our website: or shop
• over the phone with a credit card: 541-826-9220
• through the mail: 10175 Wheeler Rd., Central Point, Oregon 97502
Your donation will enable us to continue making the miracles you read about in this magazine.
Summer 2011 • Canine Listener • Page 19
Page 18 • Canine Listener • Summer 2011
Cavalia with Betty White
Congratulations to online auction winner
Allan W. of Washington state, winner of
a lifetime experience for two to meet and
join Betty White at the afternoon performance of the internationally-acclaimed
Cavalia’s Oddysseo in Burbank, California,
on April 6, 2013.
Janice N., Betty White’s Executive Personal Assistant, had this to say about
their day at Cavalia: “Mr. & Mrs. Walker
were lovely people and we all had a
great time at Cavalia. I think, of course,
that Betty had the best time. If she could
have put that horse in her pocket and
gone home, she would have.”
Special THANK YOUs to Betty White for
the generous donation of this auction
item, to Betty’s Executive Personal Assistant, Janice N., and to the wonderful
folks at Mitch-Stuart, Inc., who put the
trip package together and made all of the
travel arrangements.
Dogs for the Deaf Ranks in Top 50 Best Nonprofits to Work for 2013 by The NonProfit Times
The NonProfit Times Best Nonprofits to Work for 2013 list was released this week. Nationally, Dogs
for the Deaf placed 40th overall and 14th for organizations with 15-49 employees.
“Dogs for the Deaf is truly honored to be included among this group of nonprofit leaders. One of our
goals is to provide the most rewarding and supportive work environment so that our team can fulfill
this mission of rescuing dogs, professionally training them, and placing them with clients needing
assistance. Our most valuable asset is our talented staff and I am pleased that we have been
recognized for our efforts to reward and encourage them,” says Dogs for the Deaf General Manager
Vaughn Maurice.
Best Companies Group (BCG) of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, conducted the survey and prepared the
rankings in conjunction with The NonProfit Times. Each nonprofit provided information on such areas
as benefits and employment practices. Employees were given a confidential survey of statements
with which they could agree or disagree covering eight general categories: Leadership and Planning,
Corporate Culture and Communications, Role Satisfaction, Work Environment, Relationship with
Supervisor, Training and Development, Pay and Benefits, and Overall
Employee Engagement.
“Organizations that make the list have been successful in creating unique
cultures where employees love to come to work,” says Peter Burke, BCG
president. “The leaders of the winning organizations understand their culture
values and they live their culture values.”
We need your help in spreading the word about our programs so
that people who might benefit from one of our dogs will know about
Dogs for the Deaf and apply if they are interested.
We want to help your relatives, friends, neighbors,
and associates.
We want to help anyone who might
benefit from one of our specially trained dogs.
We train dogs to help people with hearing loss, deafness,
and children on the autism spectrum. We also train and
place dogs with full-time professionals such as physicians, teachers, counselors, and licensed therapists.
These Program Assistance Dogs go to work with
the professionals and can provide a calming effect,
allowing the professional to better serve or treat their
patients, students and clients.
Use this Coupon to Remember a Special Occasion or Friend!
m Person m Pet m Living m Deceased Name________________________________________________________
Gift made by: (Give complete name & address: please print clearly)
m Mr. m Mrs. m Ms. m Miss m Club
Phone Number:______________________________________________________________________
Gift Amount: $______________
Donor ID #_____________
Payment Method:
m Cash m Check m MC m VISA
m American Express m Discover
E-mail Address:______________________________________________________________________
Send notice of this Remembrance to:
(Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss)__________________________________________________________________
Relationship to person/pet being remembered:______________________________________
Account #_______________________
Expiration Date:___________________
Mailing Address:____________________________________________________________________
Send to:
City, State, Zip:______________________________________________________________________
Dogs for the Deaf
10175 Wheeler Road
Central Point, Oregon 97502
Honoring: m Christmas m Anniversary m Get Well m Birthday
m Memorial m Other___________________________________ Would you like to receive our magazine & special news updates via email?__________ YES
Page 20 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
Spring 2013 • Canine Listener • Page 21
Good Sam Top 10 Chapters
1. S. California
2. N. California
3. Illinois/Nevada TIE
4. Washington
5. Oregon
6. Washington
7. Oregon
8. Idaho
9. Georgia
Sam’s Radio Hams
Square Samers
Prairie State Sams/Vegas Hi-Rollers
Sammamish Sams
Clackamas Campers
Get Along Sams
Trail Dusters
Caldwell Ramblers
Norwega Sams
Tired and Retired’s
Good Sam Top Dog Chapters
N. California
S. California
New Mexico
New York
South Carolina
Cotton Patch Sams
Northern Lights
Phoenix Phun Phinders
Square Samers
Sam’s Radio Hams
San Juan Good Sams
Shanty Shakers
Good Sam Seahorses #55
Norwega Sams
Caldwell Ramblers
Prairie State Sams
4-F Sams
Cenla Roadrunners
Tenn-Tom Travelers
Three Rivers Good Sams
Rocky Mountain Rollers
Logan Valley Sams #39
Vegas Hi-Rollers
Pajarito Sams
Seneca Sams
Lima Area Smiling Sams
Clackamas Campers
Blue Mountain Sams #31
Sams of Beaufort
Collin County Travelers
Utah Deer Sams
Foxchase Sams
Sammamish Sams
Apple River Drifters
Together we make miracles happen
EDITOR’S NOTE: In an effort to enable all of our staff and volunteers to meet and hear
from one of our clients, we invited Karen B., her husband Larry, and her Hearing Dog
Cherelle to visit DFD and talk to the staff about how Cherelle has improved their lives. We
want everyone involved in DFD to realize the importance of their work and efforts to the
end result of helping both dogs and people. It was a very beneficial experience for all, and
we thank Karen and Larry for taking the time to help in this special way. The letter below
is from one of our faithful volunteers who participated in this opportunity.
Hi Robin,
I just wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude for the opportunity
today to meet Karen and Larry and their Hearing Dog Cherelle. It was
truly inspiring.
I first learned of Dogs for the Deaf sometime in the 1980’s and have been
a fan and supporter ever since. I have seen two demonstrations at the
facility and have always enjoyed reading the magazines, especially the
stories of recipients and how their wonderful Hearing Dogs have changed their
lives for the better. When I became semi-retired last year, it was not hard to decide
to become a kennel volunteer at DFD, and I consider it a privilege to take a small
part in helping to improve the lives of both the dogs and their eventual partners.
However, today, after meeting Karen and Larry and Cherelle, hearing about
Karen's history, and hearing how Cherelle has impacted their lives, I must admit
I was overcome with a teary-eyed emotional reaction when I realized YES, this is
what it is all about. It brought everything into deeper meaning.
Well I guess this is more than a minute... but thank you again!
Kindest regards,
Geri O., DFD Kennel Volunteer
Top - Karen & Larry give a
presentation to DFD staff &
volunteers. Above - Cherelle
relaxing in her favorite spot--the
dashboard of Karen & Larry’s RV
Thank You, CFC
We want to extend a very sincere thank you to all Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) donors who have
supported DFD in the past year. The CFC is an annual fundraising drive held by federal employees and
military personnel each year to help charities. These government employees decide which charity/charities they want their
donations to go to, and then the donations are done through payroll deduction. For the year 2011, CFC donations totalled
over $122,000.00.
CFC members have generously supported the work of DFD, and we greatly appreciate their willingness to help. We are listed
in the “Animal Charities of America” section, #10969.
Take a FREE Tour of
Dogs for the Deaf
We would love to have you visit our facility in Central
Point, Oregon. We will show you a video, take you on a
tour of the facility, and give you a demonstration of one of
the dogs actually in training.
Please call ahead to make a reservation. Regularly
scheduled tours are at 11:00 am and 1:00 pm Monday
through Friday, except for holidays. Tours take approximately one hour. RV parking is available.
For more information about our tours, visit the Take a Tour link on our website.
We’ll be looking forward to meeting you!
Page 22 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
Spring 2013 • Canine Listener • Page 23
We receive some of the nicest thank you cards and
letters from students who take our tour as part of a
classroom field trip...
Thanks to Miss Laurie’s, Miss Nilda’s, Miss Brenda’s, and Miss Jennifer’s classes at Crystal River Pre-School
in Beverly Hills, Florida. These children have been collecting aluminum cans since last August and will continue
through the rest of school year and are donating the money from recycling these cans to DFD. In their last
letter they said, “We are happy to donate the money from these cans to DFD. Thank you for all the wonderful
work you do with dogs to improve the lives of adults and children.”
We greatly appreciate their support. Not only are they helping DFD, but they are also helping the environment.
From left: Zack N., Emma M., Alyssa R., Nastaja W., DFD Demo Dog Bonsai,
Ashley G., Silas K., & Soraya T.
The students at Orchard Hill Elementary School in Medford, Oregon,
had a penny drive for one month for DFD. Robin Dickson and Bonsai
went to the school and told the students about how we rescue and train
the dogs, and then the students began collecting pennies. A few short
weeks later, Robin and Bonsai returned to Orchard Hill to accept their
generous check for $438.68! That is a lot of pennies in a short time!
Thanks to the very generous students at Orchard Hill Elementary.
Page 24 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
Spring 2013 • Canine Listener • Page 25
Comments from our DFD Facebook & Twitter Fans
“Thank you for the wonderful addition to our family!” ~ Desiree’ F., new dog-mom to Leda, a
DFD Career Change Dog, via Facebook
Here is what your
contribution will provide...
$100 Initial vaccinations
$300 Rescuing a dog from a shelter
$500 Evaluation and tests plus
$1000 Initial testing of the dog for alertness and aptitude for training
$1,500 Taking a dog through the quarantine/
evaluation period in preparation for training
$2,000 Follow-up visits of five teams
$3,000 Costs for placement week, going to applicant’s home with the dog,
training the applicant, and transferring
the dog to the person
Dear Emily,
I enclosed a picture of Nanuq and the new train car ride
advertising Dogs for the Deaf. We will have brochures
and the Canine Listener magazine to pass out at the
Medford Railroad Park (799 Berrydale Ave, Medford,
Oregon) for those who are interested.
Last year alone the park had approximately 40,000
people come to ride the trains. Last Sunday, the first
day open for the year, had close to 1,600 people.
Hope this generates more interested donors for Dogs
for the Deaf.
Nanuq likes riding in the gondola section in between
Lee and I. He is a good boy most of the time.
Lee is now in the process of making a caboose for the
train. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.
Take care,
Bonnie H. and Nanuq
We offer 3 different types of dog sponsorships:
• 1/4 sponsorship for $5,000
• 1/2 sponsorship for $10,000
• Full sponsorship for $20,000
Dogs are placed with applicants nationwide.
The total cost of operating DFD comes from
contributions from individuals, service clubs,
businesses, foundations, memorials, and
bequests. DFD is a 501(c) (3) non-profit
organization approved by the IRS. Donations
are tax deductible according to current laws.
NO TAX DOLLARS support this program.
for all the latest news
Visit us online today at - the hub of our active
online community.
While you’re on our website...
• Sign up for the online or print version of our magazine
• Make a donation in honor of a friend, loved one or pet
• Read recent DFD news & learn about upcoming events
• Learn all about our different programs
• Send a special occasion card or memorial card
• Watch one of our videos
• Shop our online gift shop
• Send a free e-card
• And much more!
“@DogsForTheDeaf - Thanks DFD. Love you guys & appreciate the support. Looking
forward to doing more work with you & helping more dogs!.” ~ John Basedow, Creator
of Fitness Made Simple, Author, and Motivational Speaker, via Twitter - check out John’s
Twitter feed @JohnBasedow
“Just found out about & donated to @DogsForTheDeaf thanks to @julieklausner’s podcast.
Awesome organization for animal (and people!) lovers.” ~ @BeckyWS, via Twitter
“I love DFD those dogs are so well trained and taken care of before they go their new
owner homes. I surely do miss my Sherman, he gave me so much confidence and security.
Missing you Sherman wherever you are.” ~ Joyce J., via Facebook
JOIN US on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Linkedin to join in the conversation, see photos
of our newest dogs, read about recent placements, participate in great contests, and get up-to-the-minute
event information. Make sure to check out our YouTube channel, too.
How to Give without Giving
Do you love to shop online? What if you could shop online AND give to DFD at the
same time?
How? It’s simple--just download and activate the free Dogs for the Deaf shopping
compass. Then, start shopping. It’s that easy and there is no additional cost to you.
The Dogs for the Deaf Compass is a tool that enables you to easily support Dogs for
the Deaf through qualifying online purchases. It’s a great way to help you continue
your giving every time you make a purchase.
It’s a simple way for you to “give without giving.” The shopping compass won’t make
any changes to your online experience and you don’t have to visit any special pages or websites to make your purchases.
Just shop online like you normally do. The compass will let you know if you are visiting a participating online retailer.
There are over 1,000 popular participating merchants to choose from including Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Sears, Staples,
Expedia... and many more!
Visit our website today to get started -
Now you can shop online at eBay AND help DFD at the same time! Just use the
eBay “Give at Checkout” feature, which allows eBay users to add a donation to any
purchase for their favorite non-profit organization when they pay using PayPal.
Page 26 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
No HOT DOGS this Summer!
By Dee Perez, Dogs for the Deaf Grant Writer
It’s that time of year again – the time we all enjoy getting
out and being outside in the warm sun. Our dogs enjoy
it, too. My dog stands at the door and wags her tail, just
itching to go for a car ride. But sometimes, I have to say
no. Sure, it’s hard to disappoint my dog. After all, I want
her to be happy and have fun, but it’s my job to make
sure she is safe, and a car in warm weather is no place
for a dog.
Even when the temperature outside is mild, say 68 degrees, the temperature in a car – even parked in the
shade with the windows cracked – climbs to 90 degrees. If the car is parked in the sun, the temperature
in the car can climb much higher. On a 90 degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can reach 119
degrees in just 20 minutes. That temperature is deadly to dogs – causing damage to the nervous system,
cardiovascular system, and other bodily systems, leaving you dog comatose or even dead within just a
few minutes.
Remember, too, that your dog is wearing a fur coat all the time. Dogs can’t sweat like humans can. They
can only cool themselves through panting. If the only air available is hot air inside a car, the dog cannot
cool himself and will become dangerously overheated in just a few minutes. Never leave you dog in the
car – even if you’ll only be gone for a few minutes. Those minutes can mean tragedy.
So what about leaving your dogs in the car with the air conditioning running? While that seems like a good
idea, it can also be dangerous, because when the car engine gets too hot, the air conditioning system’s
compressors kick off and begin blowing only hot air. Two pet parents in North Carolina lost their beloved
dogs inside a car with the a/c running during their shopping trip of less than 30 minutes!
Don’t let a quick trip to the store cause the loss of your beloved fur-babies. Look into those sweet dog
eyes, and remember how much you love them and want to be with them forever. Be strong, and leave
your dogs at home during the spring and summer.
Watch for DFD in Print and on TV
If you see one of our ads, either on TV or in a magazine, we would appreciate it if you would let us know. Either clip the
print ad and send it to us, making sure we know what publication it was in and the date, if possible, or let us know the city,
channel, and approximate time you saw the ad on TV. This will help us greatly and enable us to say thanks.
Spring 2013 • Canine Listener • Page 27
Love... at the end of a leash
I just finished reading my copy of the Canine Listener that arrived in today’s mail.
As always happens to me, I am teary-eyed reading of the successes of our DFD
pups once they are placed with their people. It is so very good to see them once again—so many
fond memories of so many terrific dogs! I always felt the love at the end of my leash whenever I
walked them. It’s a heartfelt blessing to read of their partnerships with the people they have been
placed with. Ever so much thanks to you, DFD.
Windy S., Oregon
Editor’s Note: Windy S. is one of our always-faithful volunteers. Rain, snow, or shine, Windy is always at DFD on Thursday
mornings to walk the dogs in training and give them lots of love, too. She sent us the e-mail above after receiving her
Canine Listener. Windy, we thank you for your dedication to helping our dogs. There is love at both ends of the leash.
A Valentine’s Day Gift
Look what Dogs for the Deaf received for Valentine’s Day – a check for $510!
Justus Productions, a fabulous group of performers, put on a show in Salem, Oregon, to benefit Dogs for the
Deaf. And what a success it was!
Justus is a newly-formed, seven-member group of performers with several guest entertainers from many
alternative life paths. They formed their production company with the main objective of helping others in need.
We want to give them a big THANK YOU along with our best wishes for success.
Chris - CD ROXX
Michael - MT ROXX
Richard - RIRI ROXX
If your group would like to do a fundraiser for DFD, it’s
easy. Just contact 1-800-990-3647 or send an e-mail to
[email protected] to get more information. You
can also visit our website at
support-us for lots of creative FUNdraising ideas.
Volunteer for DFD in your local community!
We have a wonderful volunteer opportunity and you don’t have to live near DFD to participate! It’s fun, it’s easy, you can volunteer
from home, work alone or get a group of friends involved.
Help us to spread the word about what we do here at DFD—rescuing and professionally training dogs to assist people, enhance
lives & provide greater independence.
Contact your local television stations and ask them to air our PSA (Public Service Announcement) starring Oscar-winning actress
Marlee Matlin. You can find our television PSA on our website’s “PRESS ROOM.” Email a link to the person in charge of PSA
programming at the television station and let them know that you’d like to see our PSA aired. Be sure to share your results with us!
Mercedes-Benz of Medford
3240 Crater Lake Ave. Medford, OR 97504
541-774-1000 •
Parts & Service OPEN Saturdays 9am - 5pm
Page 28 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
Follow Up Highlights
Forget Your Dog!
Insure your dog a loving home for a lifetime
You know that Dogs for the Deaf has a lifetime commitment to
all of the dogs that we rescue. And we know that you have a
lifetime commitment to your dog.
An important part of DFD is that we do regular follow up with all of our clients and their dogs to make sure they
are doing well together and are gaining maximum benefit from each other. We do this follow up in a variety of
ways—via e-mail, phone, mail, and in-home personal visits.
Have you thought about what will happen to your dog when you
are gone? In a recent survey 32 percent of Americans would
rather do their taxes or get a root canal than create or update
their will. As a result, only 35 percent of Americans have a will,
according to Forbes. Sadly, even fewer people have plans for
their dogs.
Recently Emily, one of our DFD trainers, made a trip to Texas to visit our teams there. A few highlights from
Emily’s trip are below:
Hearing Dog Sissy and Patricia L.
have been together for over ten years.
Sissy has been helping her by alerting
her to everything going on around
her, and they have been best pals.
Now Patricia has Alzheimer’s and
recently moved into a care facility. Of
course, Sissy went with her and still
alerts her to the door. Sissy also helps
Patricia find their room if Patricia gets
disoriented while they are out walking.
Stephanie C. and Hearing Dog Rover have been together for nine years.
Even though Rover is getting older, he still responds and works the sounds he is trained for. Stephanie also
enjoyed sharing some of the tricks she has taught Rover. He is always by her side and never takes his eyes
off of her.
We placed Nickel with Ron G. about a year
ago. Nickel is still young and excitable at
times, but they are doing well together.
Nickel loves his big yard and alerting Ron
to things going on around him. When Ron
and his wife Thelma go into town, Nickel is
well behaved, and most of the people in their
small town know them by name.
Yolanda V. and her Hearing Dog Casper
have been together for about a year and a
half. She loves the help he gives her and
the companionship he provides. She proudly told Emily that he even alerts
her to the buzzer on the clothes dryer. Yolanda and her husband are both very
grateful to have Casper in their family.
We placed Hearing Dog Arby with Natalie H. almost eight years ago, and they are
a well-connected team. Arby seems to understand everything Natalie tells him.
In addition to sound work, Arby is known around their community as the “Finder”
because he has found an earring and prescription sunglasses on their walks. Their
community newsletter even included an article on Arby’s second job.
Spring 2013 • Canine Listener • Page 29
Now you can guarantee your beloved fur friend a loving home for
life. If you include Dogs for the Deaf in your will for $25,000.00
or more, we will insure that your dog receives the same lifetime
commitment that we give to the dogs that we rescue. Your generous gift will not only help your dog, but
it will help fund Dogs for the Deaf so that we can rescue more dogs and train them to assist people.
Criteria for accepting dogs at the time Dogs for the Deaf is added to your will:
Dogs only, no other pets
Not over 10 years old at the time that you include Dogs for the Deaf in your will
No bite history
Must be current on all vaccines
No sick dogs
For more information, please call or send an email to [email protected]
Treat Your Dog to the Best!
Pet-O-Bed has generously donated their wonderful beds for the dogs in training to
use. We can unequivocally say that the dogs love their Pet-O-Beds!
Pet-O-Beds have six inches of polyurethane foam with a unique contoured sleeping (nesting) area, making
them the ultimate in comfort. Pets scratch other beds because they are trying to create a nesting area. Pet-OBed has a built-in nesting area. These beds also have durable covers that can be machine washed over and
over and slip on and off like a contoured sheet — no zippers. Pet-O-Beds come in different sizes, and several
cover options are available. For more information on these great pet beds, contact:
Tell them you heard
(1-800-738-6233) P.O. Box 582, Myersville, MD 21773 •
Nupro Dog Supplement
Nutri-Pet Research, Inc. first donated 30 ounces of Nupro All Natural
Dog Supplement in March, 1997, for us to try on the dogs in training.
We were immediately impressed with the quick effect it had on their
coats and overall appearance. We contacted them requesting more,
and they have been donating a 20-pound tub of the supplement every
three months. They have also offered to sell the product to our clients
at a special “rescue” price.
For more information on Nupro contact:
Janice at 1-800-360-3300
or 732-786-8822
Nutri Pet Research, Inc. 227 Hwy. 33 East
Manalapan, NJ 07726
email: [email protected] website
about this product from
Dogs for the Deaf.
The KONG Company
Donates Over 100 KONGS!
The KONG Company has generously donated over 100 KONGS to
DFD. Our dogs now enjoy a daily dose of mental enrichment by chewing and licking their way through such delicacies as banana KONGS,
KONGSICLES, cream cheese KONGS, and turkey and mashed potato KONGS. Our dogs also get part of each meal from a KONG that
keeps them busy between training sessions. This helps alleviate barking, boredom, and chewing. Thanks to help from
friends like KONG, we are able to continue our
efforts for mental enrichment for the dogs in
Get a KONG for your favorite canine. Check
them out at and thank them
for their generous support of DFD.
Page 30 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
Spring 2013 • Canine Listener • Page 31
Memorial Tributes in Memory of . . .
Memorial Tributes in Memory of Pets
Donations have been received in memory of the following people who lived lives of
love, compassion, and concern for both people and animals:
If your donation was received:
April 1 to September 30
October 1 to March 31
Daryl and Tim and Buster
Dianne Aquilino
Carol Bennett
Willaim Bevis
George Bonds
Lynn Bonvini
Lorraine Briggs
Barney Bush
Bill Bybee
Joanna Carr
Susan Cation
Vikki Cayford
Wilma Combs
Nicole Cooper
Winnie Crawford
Bill Dahn
Genevieve Elizabeth Davison
Jennie Diederich
Andrew ‘Henry’ Dufala
Glad Duncan
Donna Lorraine DuSold
Joan Erspamer
Pat Fitzsimmons
Purv Freese
Lela Grime
Doc Guyer
Susie Hale’s mother
Alice Harvey
Francis Harvey
Chester Haynes
Mary Hill
Lucille Hills
Eileen Hinton
Sharon Hoffman
Jimmie Ray Hopson
Georgia Jackson
Harold ‘Pee Wee’ Justice
Wilma Kavanagh
Dave Knox
Marie Kommalan
Joann Koperski
Richard Landsheft
Hertha Lenz
Curtis Lindell
Betty Luzovich
Joseph L. McShane
Paulette Marshall-Vigil
Dolores Martin
Randall Meyer
Richard E. ‘Dick’ Michael
Bill Miller
Charles Morgan
David O’Conner
Eleanor Orson
Margaret Ann ‘Margie’ O’Shea
B. J. Otte
William C. ‘Bill’ Parton
Al Polakoff
Lyle Reed
Toby and Reilly
Ethel Richardson
Duane Robinson and Bingo,
and in honor of Toby
Gary Jay Rosen
~ B e q u ests
Mary Ellen Bell Charitable Trust
Mabel M. Brown Trust
Lucille H. Edgerton Trust
Marilyn J. Franey Estate
George William Kirkpatrick Estate
Audrey Marion Kluck-Woods Estate
Memorial will appear in the:
Spring/Summer issue
Fall/Winter issue
We would like to pay tribute to those beloved, departed pets who have been remembered by their families.
Which is mailed in:
Brandy-Kissy Kat
Charlie, Sunni, and
Benny Sadler
Leo Sanchez
Helen Sauser
Jerry Sessions
Patrick M. Shipley
The Sirotti Family Carmelo Rocca
Giuseppina Smilovich Rocca
Renato Tito Rocca
Gianfranco Rocca
Salvatore Similovich
Lucia Zuillia
Claudio Zuillia
Fabrizio Zuillia
Baron Sirotti
Trina Sirotti
Willa Sirotti
Mercedes Giannini
Merlynn B. Sorrenson
Joseph Spiguzza
Alice Stewart
Clare Stewart
Betty Surber Becker
Donna Thompson
Joy Troesch
Anna Warner
James Winters
William ‘Steve’ Wise
Betty Woehlke
Marion Young
Thomas and Geraldine Sobocinski
Living Trust
Wilda Van Wagenen Estate
Mary E. Wehtje Estate
Patrick Howard Williams Estate
Margaret A. Woodside Estate
Linda’s special cat
Opie Bug
Shea, Frieda, Thor, Bealreal, Coco, and Weiler
Trickie Woo
Zia who helped our son
Pope grow in many ways!
O bituaries
It is with great sadness that we report the passing of any of the dogs we rescue, train, and place.
These wonderful friends have provided many years of faithful service and love, and they will be
fondly remembered by those who loved them. They also received a wonderful, loving life in return.
• BERG, a Shepherd cross, was placed with Winona S. in California in 2002 and
served faithfully as her Hearing Dog for over 10 years. Winona said, “The very
best thing Berg did for me was to give me confidence. Before I had him, I was
more or less “in the closet” with my hearing loss. With him by my side, I again
started hiking, camping, and doing so much more.”
• MR. WIGGLES, a Yorkie/Pomeranian cross, was placed in Missouri and alerted
Denise R. to many household sounds and provided love, independence, and
confidence for over twelve years.
October 1, 2012 through March 31, 2013 ~
Louise Marion Knight Estate
Olga D. MacCuspie Trust
Dorothy G. Neugebauer Trust
Shirley Anne Nichols Estate
Eleanor Patricia Noble Trust
Michelle Palmer-Reich Trust
Collette ‘my little heart’
Hero Dog Harley
• HIGGINS, an Australian Shepherd mix, was placed in 2001 with Janis B, in
Florida. He alerted Janis to sounds and they shared lots of love and fun for
eleven years. Janis said, “He made my life so much better every day!!!!”
• TASHA, a Labrador mix, was the constant companion of Roger S. in Tennessee
for ten years and one day. Tasha provided sound awareness faithfully, always
letting Roger know what was happening around him, and they shared a deep
bond and lots of fun times, too.
Page 32 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
Spring 2013 • Canine Listener • Page 33
In Honor Of...
People and pets who have been honored by friends and relatives with a donation to DFD for a special occasion.These
people and pets are very much alive, and the donation is honoring a special occasion or achievement. Special occasion
cards from DFD are a great way to honor a special occasion or achievement in your favorite animal lover’s life. It’s
easy to send one - just visit our website at to send yours today!
Candy and Pablo
Carla and Jennette
Patrick Anderson
Dr. Philip Arnall and Staff
Allyn Arnold
Sybil Banford
Judy Barber
Betsy and Anna Barnhardt
Richard J. Barr
Patty Bednarik
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bieber
Josephine Blum
David and Aurellia Bolen and Betty and Minnie
Mrs. Afton Brabham
Karen Brocksbank
Allyson Brown
Sidney Bucher
Deirdre Burns
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Buttrick
Bud and Anne Buttrick
Ili Chiang
McKenna Christmas
Shannon Cockayne
Marcy and George Collins
Sandy and Tommy Collins
Denise Combs
Terri Cornell
The Dahmen Family
Ila Dalrymple and Joan Bullington
Mrs. Dorothy Delicate
Isabel Dow
Bill Drake and Glenda Sikorski
Nada Dusslier, Trixie, Little Bit, and Snicker
Ruby and Curt Edwards
Marjorie Evans
Floyd and Virginia Farrier
Ed Garrison
Deborah Glassman
Myrtle Glynn and Dory
Kelly Gonzales and Michelle Hill
Grandma, Grandpa, and Cider
Richard Gray
Beverly Greason
Richard Gregory
Tom and Diane Hackney-Smith
Barbara Hammond
Al and Joan Harmer
Earl and Betty Harriss
Constance Harvey
Susan Homberg
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hoyt
Jeannine Hubbard
The Jolly Family
Dr. and Mrs. Sam Jordan
Anita Jury
Barbara Kallman
Katherine Kameshka and Marie Dithrich
Nancy Kane
Ellen Karsh
Art and Marilyn Keller and Bud and Leslie Cullison
Maureen Killoran and Peter Hyatt
Bob and Wendy Kirchoff, John and Julie Kirchoff
Timothy and Lynnette Krieger
Kennedy Catholic ASL teacher Ms. Lawrence
The Members of LCHOA
Donna and Melvin Lee
The Libante Family
Virginia Lindsey
Amber Maccari
Charlene MacKenzie
Larry Magid
John Malak
Ross and Delise Mark
Matthew Marsteiner
Gerald Maxwell
Victoria McBrien
Bill McCaw
Mr. and Mrs. McKenna
Joseph McShane and in memory of Fanci
David Meeker
Lin Melton
Mrs. E. V. Meyerding
Andrea Miller
Chris Minniear and Carrie Brooks
Marjorie Monroe
Louise Montgomery
Aaron Mose
Gail Muldoon
William Munday
Alan and Nancy Nevi
Jean Nichol
Steph Noll
Robin Nydam and Gloria Fuson
Lucy Oakman
Mary Oberg
Chelsea Ocel
Barb O’Donnell
David and Liza Okamoto
The four Oolas
The Paulissen Family
Jim and Nancy Pauly and Diablo
Bounders Good Sam Chapter
Dixee Partee
Eve Pellettiere
William Perkins
Mrs. William Perkins
James Phelps and Tim Baldwin
Mike Poznansky
Belinda Reynolds
Sandy Roberts
Jane Rodgers and Ken Brown
Cort Roop
Rosalie Rubanks
Janet Ruef, Walter A. Rueff, Mike Ruef and Kate Kasprzyk
Nancy Rush-Yates
Ann G. Safley
Glenn and Charlotte Schmitt
Mrs. James V. Sharp
Jim and Debbie Sharp
Norma Shearer
Michael Shepherd
Wendee and Bob Shuell
Alice Silverblatt
Mary Smith
Roger Lewis Snell
Nancy Snow
Daniel Spears
Joann Spence
Lauren Sperry
Betty Sutherland
Kellee Taylor
Joanne Temperly
Dana Thompson
Janet Thompson
Sioux Thompson, Betsy Gressler and Jo Mann
Stacy Tollie
Dr. Sallye Toniette
Joyce and Peter Ullman
Sally Vandervoort
Mom and Dad Weismann
Dottie Wellman
Anne and Ira Worden
Sarah Wrike
Our Corgitales Friends
Finley and in memory of Rico
Shamus, Ceildi, Sable, and Sonsi
Pieces of our Hearts
Working at Dogs for the Deaf, we’re often asked, “Isn’t it
hard on you when the dogs leave for their new homes?”
For trainers, foster parents, and many of the staff, it’s the
reality we all face when a dog heads off for placement,
especially when we have grown particularly fond of a
special canine friend-in-training. When we say “Goodbye”
it means that there is someone on the other end saying
“Hello” to a new life of sound awareness, a canine partner
in the classroom, or much needed assistance with a child
with autism.
In a previous article, we introduced you to Dane, along
with his foster parents, Tara and Randall Grealish (pictured
at right). Tara, a Dogs for the Deaf employee, and her
husband, Randall, fostered Dane during his recovery from
surgery and while he was in training.
In late April of this year it was time for us to say goodbye to Dane. Our big, lovable, black lab mix had fully
recovered from surgery, completed training, and passed his certification as a Hearing Dog. He was ready
to go to his new home in New Mexico with client Laurel P. For foster Mom, Tara, saying farewell was a
bittersweet experience, “Dane licked my tears and let me cuddle him as I said my goodbyes. I loved being
a foster parent, but now it‘s time to let him go be the hero he is meant to be.”
For Dane’s trainer, Carrie Brooks, this is something that she’s experienced many times over the years.
While it is a part of her job, there is a kind of maternal pride when she speaks about Dane’s placement—or
any of her dogs, for that matter—“By the last day, Dane seemed to really understand why he was there. He
was looking to Laurel. It was very sweet. He made himself at home from the beginning.”
As each one our dogs heads off for placement week to begin their new career, every person involved in the
process of rescuing, training, and placing our dogs sends a little piece of their heart with them as they go—
from the staff at the shelters to the Dogs for the Deaf trainers, kennel staff, office staff, volunteers, and foster
families. Our donors, who make it all possible, send pieces of their hearts, as well. And letters like the one
below that Tara received from Laurel, Dane’s new partner
(pictured with Dane, at right), illustrate the reasons why
each person makes that investment:
My name is Laurel and I received Dane as my
new Hearing Dog and partner. He is beautiful
and unbelievably smart. I wanted to thank you for
the care and love you both gave him during his
recovery. I am beyond grateful for all you have
done for him. He is in a good loving home. I will
cherish him as long as I have him. Thank you
again from the bottom of my heart.
Laurel and Dane, New Mexico
Page 34 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
Field of Memories
Our Field of Memories project began in 2005 offering all of our Dogs for
the Deaf family the opportunity to contribute to a permanent memorial in
honor of a loved one or pet. Each spring, on our beautiful grounds at the
base of Lower Table Rock Mountain in southern Oregon, hundreds of flowers bloom in the gardens surrounding large river rock memorial stones
inscribed with the names of people and pets that you have honored.
For a contribution of $150.00 or more you can memorialize your person(s)
or pet(s) with their names on your own individual stone to be placed in
the Field of Memories garden.
To contribute to a permanent memorial to honor your loved one, visit our
website’s Field of Memories page. Field of Memories contributions can
also be made by calling Dogs for the Deaf at 1-800-990-DOGS.
"I think the Field of Memories is a grand idea
to remember your best friends who have passed on to
the Rainbow Bridge." ~ Pam H. California
A Story Under Every Stone...
At the Dogs for the Deaf facility in southern Oregon, our Field of Memories is a place where people can place a beautiful,
permanent memorial stone engraved with the names of their loved ones. Under every single one of the Field of Memories
memorial stones are touching tributes and we’d like to share two of those stories with you…
Carol’s Story
Carol visited the DFD facility, accompanied by her sister, to personally place a
memorial stone in the Field of Memories for her beloved husband, James, and
their dog, Lobo.
Lobo started off his life with Carol in Arizona, later moving to Oregon with her.
When Carol met James, the three of them became a family. James owned
a construction company while Carol worked for a veterinary office. And, even
though James was battling illness, life was good for the little family.
In 2010, 15-year-old Lobo got sick and passed away. As Carol drove Lobo to
the vet for that final visit, Lobo sat with James and laid his head on James’
shoulder. After they lost Lobo, Carol and James were heartbroken. And then,
later that year, 52-year-old James’ condition worsened and he passed away.
Earlier this year, Carol decided that she wanted to do something to honor James’
and Lobo’s memory. She felt that getting a memorial stone at DFD would be a
very fitting way to memorialize James - a very kind and giving man who loved
dogs - and Lobo, a rescue dog. Also, being local, she wanted to have a place to visit, and our Field of Memories is a very
peaceful and beautiful place where she can come to place flowers or just sit and remember. Roses have a special meaning
to Carol. James was a big giver of flowers… she says he brought her flowers a LOT! She dried all of the flowers and kept
the rose petals. She still has them today.
Continued on page 35
Spring 2013 • Canine Listener • Page 35
Continued - “A Story Under Every Stone” ...
Placing a bouquet of roses, along with the
stone, is just what Carol did on Tuesday,
December 11th. She personally chose a place
for the stone and laid red roses beside it.
We were honored to be a part of this moving
ceremony and to meet Carol and her sister.
Losing your husband and best friend is hard
and devastating. Losing your beloved canine companion is so difficult, too. Carol
lost both in one year. We are amazed by her strength and resiliency in addition
to her generosity to Dogs for the Deaf. James and Lobo live on… their memories
make a difference in the lives of dogs we rescue from shelters and the people in
need they go on to partner with.
Noni’s Story
Dogs for the Deaf brought Berg to me in March 2002. He arrived at a time in my life that could not have been more
meaningful for me. I had just gone through a divorce and finished up chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer. I had
come to the conclusion that I had two choices: 1.) I could ‘fold’ and withdraw into a shell, or 2.) I could be open and honest
about my hearing problem and come out of the closet and start living life again. I chose the latter.
Berg was my assistant in this endeavor… and a most willing one at that! Having this adorable little ball of fur alongside me
helped with my confidence and was an ice breaker whenever we were in public. I began to hike once again and Berg was
a willing companion on all my hikes… including the training hikes
for Mt. Whitney in 2003. He would always ‘signal’ when another
hiker wanted to get past by looking in that direction, and he was
a well-trained and very polite hiker; he easily learned to pull to
one side of the trail to let others pass. He alerted me to sounds
wherever we went.
In 2009 I bought my RV and I promised Berg we would visit lots
and lots of places together…and we did! We put over 33,000
miles on the RV, including one 12,000 mile trip to Nova Scotia and
back. Together we visited over 26 national parks and monuments.
The RV’s wheels never left the driveway without Berg at my side.
Over the years, I have had five surgeries, including a knee and
shoulder replacement. During my recovery, Berg never left my
side. This even got to be a problem because when I let him out
to go the the bathroom, he would just stand at the door and wait
to come in. I finally figured out how to negotiate the threshold on
crutches and would go outside with him!
Berg left me on October 30, 2012, after a battle with congestive
heart failure. On his deathbed, I promised Berg that I would finish
visiting all the places on our list. Berg gave me the confidence to
travel and hike alone, and I cannot imagine how my life will be
without him.
I am sending a Field of Memories form and donation to honor Berg.
Page 36 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
Since the beginnings of DFD, we have offered the option of “sponsoring” a dog.
This “sponsorship fee” was never intended to cover the entire cost of everything
related to the dog’s rescue, care, training, placement, follow-up, and aftercare
for the life of the team. It was intended to be a way to recognize a significant
donation toward all of these necessary expenses. This recognition included
receiving a picture of the dog, being named in the publicity at the time of
placement, and being thanked in our Sponsors’ section of the Canine Listener.
Thus, we had to raise the additional funds to make up the difference for every
dog placed. Over the years we developed a list of sponsors who were waiting
for their sponsorships to be used. We know this is frustrating so, in an effort to decrease this waiting list,
we have developed the following plan:
• For those of you who are already on our Dog Sponsorship List, we will honor those sponsorships and
place those dogs as quickly as possible, while still maintaining our highest quality standards.
• Effective January 1, 2013, we want to encourage all of our donors who want to “sponsor” a dog to
consider having your donation go to our General Fund rather than for dog sponsorship. Because of
our Endowment Fund and the income we receive from this fund, all of our administrative and fund
raising expenses are covered by the income from the Endowment Fund; consequently, ALL general,
non-restricted donations are already used for expenses directly related to the rescue, care, training,
placement, and follow-up/after care of the dogs.
• If you or your group prefers to donate to a specific area or project, we do have specific projects
available. Because these projects change with our needs and projects being completed, please call and
talk with Kelly Gonzales about current projects we are trying to fund.
To give you an idea of what those projects might be like, some of the specific projects we are currently
working on are:
• Improved and additional walking paths on our property for the volunteers and staff to use daily for
walking the dogs and spending quality time with them outside of the kennels.
• Training arena improvements: We have a horse arena on our property that we are converting into a
dog training arena. In order to make this area safe, secure, and usable for the trainers and dogs, we
need to make a variety of improvements in fencing, ground surface, etc.
• Agility equipment for this training arena. This will provide additional opportunities for training and
stress relief for the dogs, thus increasing their chances for success.
• An RV or rental-type truck that we can convert into a vehicle to take multiple dogs and trainers to town
for training the dogs in the mall, stores, and other public places. This vehicle will allow us to do in-town
training much more efficiently, saving on gas and vehicle costs and staff time.
• Two new vehicles for long-distance travel to shelters to rescue dogs and to clients’ homes to place
dogs. Once a vehicle gets 100,000 miles on it, we do not want staff driving it long distances. We
currently have two vehicles that can no longer be used for long-distance travel and need to be replaced.
All of the above projects have opportunities for “naming/recognition” at different donation levels.
For any questions or more details on any of these projects, contact Kelly Gonzales, 1-800-990-3647,
or [email protected]
THANK YOU to Morgan George, one of the owners at Northwest Pizza & Pasta of
Ashland, Oregon.
Each week, Morgan donates chicken to use as training treats for our dogs in training.
We can’t thank them enough for this great donation.
Open every day at 1585 Siskiyou Boulevard in Ashland, Northwest Pizza & Pasta is a
locally owned, family restaurant with amazing food. If you live in the southern Oregon
area, or are visiting, please stop by and thank them for supporting Dogs for the Deaf.
Spring 2013 • Canine Listener • Page 37
Ginger is doing really well adapting to her new jobs in the clinic! Kanha, a patient who came for hyperbaric
treatment, has a hard time concentrating, and Ginger helps a lot. She helped an anxious 3-year-old get through
his first checkup at our office with some smiles even though he was quite wary of getting examined. He lit up a
lot seeing Ginger, and she was my example, too, about getting ears checked and that seemed to intrigue him.
Ginger helped a little girl whose kitty was in the hospital. She was lonesome for her kitty, and it calmed her to
stop and pet Ginger.
Another day Ginger helped with shots. Her wagging tail really helps the kids have less stress about the
vaccinations. One of our nurses says the “Ginger remedy” really works! The kids always light up when I tell
them that Ginger can help with the shots if they want.
Tuesday we had a 2-year-old who is having problems with
language delay and social interaction delay. Her mom, dad,
grandmom, and baby brother were all in our 8 x 8 room for
a consult so I did not have Ginger in that visit. They were
saying how worried they were because the little girl did not
run up to her parents for affection. As we were discussing
the process for evaluation for hearing and speech therapy,
I mentioned that they might want to meet Ginger because
she is a Hearing Dog. The mother said, “Oh, she loves
dogs,” and we had time so I called Ginger out of my office
to the hall to meet “Amy” (not her real name) and “Amy” just
lit up. First smile I had seen in the 40 minutes we had been
together! She had not been happy with me during our exam.
But now she looked at me and put her arms out wanting me
to hold her so I gave her a big hug. The family was staring
at us incredulously saying, “She never does that!”
Ginger helps me and so many others, too.
Danielle R., North Carolina
My patient seeing Ginger for the second time. While I was
talking with the parents, this little girl who does not talk and
is behind in her language chattered away at Ginger for
about 15 minutes. Maggie’s parents are thrilled that Ginger
is helping their daughter talk. ~ Danielle R.
Dear Mr. Maurice,
Dear Cindy,
I am enclosing another check
in memory of Curt. I can
hardly believe so much of
his memorial was for DFD.
As you stated, “Yes, he was
a great guy!” I am sending
the check in the memorial
envelope so you can see his
great smile and how handsome
he was. We celebrated our 60th
anniversary last July.
I appreciated very much the check you sent to
help with Tybo’s kidney stone surgery. How
wonderful that the Ed Cauduro Emergency
Veterinary Fund is available for us who love our
special dogs and take good care of them but find
it hard to pay for an
The fund has made it
possible for me to be
able to keep Tybo in
good health. Tybo is
such a loving dog and
so well trained. He
goes with me many
places, and I am so
proud of him.
Jean L., Nebraska
Editor’s note: As Good Sam members and long-time DFD
Ambassadors, Curt and Jean L. gave countless presentations
promoting DFD in the course of their travels throughout
Nebraska, and other states.
Joyce G. & Tybo,
Tybo - retired DFD Demo Dog
Page 38 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
Your commitment makes these life-changing partnerships happen...
“Deaf”inately the Cause to give you “Paws”:
Spring 2013 • Canine Listener • Page 39
Introducing the Dogs for the Deaf ...
36 years ago, Roy Kabat started Dogs for the Deaf because he had
a vision. We tend to use the word ‘vision’ loosely these days, as
everyone likes to think that they possess one. A vision makes life
worth living, it makes a cause worthy. And it sounds, well… like a
beacon in the night that we can look to when we flounder, lose our
footing, or simply plateau. We go back to: THE VISION.
And so, you are probably asking, “Why remind us of Dogs for the
Deaf’s vision?” Dogs for the Deaf has never experienced any
shortfalls of mission. But, lest we forget the driving force behind
every realized vision and the vision that motivated Roy Kabat’s,
we will continue to explore higher possibilities for Dogs for the
Deaf. Possibilities that enhance and further that vision: to be
known throughout America for rescuing and training dogs to
assist people with hearing loss, autism, and other challenges.
$ 50,000
$ 25,000
We realize that vision every day when we hold to our standards
of excellence in partnering those in need with these miraculous
dogs. Now we stand atop our magical vision--realized in the most
amazing ways--look out at the horizon, and ask, “What next?”
Dogs for the Deaf, eager for growth, strives to build a vet clinic that will benefit all of the dogs we rescue from
shelters. As with any new area of growth, the growing pains can be just that… painful. Just like that tiny little
pain in your wrist as you write out that huge donation check for our cause! (Laugh here... and then reach for
your checkbook, please.)
Many of the funds and donations we receive are used for taking our
dogs to private veterinarians. Dogs for the Deaf can save valued
time and money by having a vet clinic. This has a dual purpose (we
love having multi-beneficial ideas here at Dogs for the Deaf) in that it
would serve those who are in need of low cost spay/neuter, as well
as bringing in additional revenue that goes directly back to furthering
our mission.
If you believe in our mission, our vision, here at Dogs for the Deaf
and support our proposed goal of a vet clinic that will enhance our
program, as well as meeting the community’s needs, then please
donate what you are able to get us to that finish line! We have raised
$360,000 and have $140,000 to go! Even though Dogs for the Deaf
is honored to have a list of celebrity supporters, we think of EVERY
donor as a celebrity. You make what we do possible. Because of
that, no list of supporters is complete without you.
Support a cause that has ‘deaf’initely gone to the dogs and become
an integral part of our mission: training dogs to enhance lives (both
theirs and the ones they serve.)
Teams pictured: top-left - Bev & Jude; top-right - Apple Pie & Judy; middle-left - Bonnie & Nanuq; middle - Karen & Cherelle;
middle-right - Nikki & Tango; bottom-left - Jennifer & Finley (with Jennifer’s daughter); bottom-right - Ron & Nickel (with Ron’s wife)
A special THANK YOU to Gerald L. of Tucson, Arizona for kicking off
the Vet Clinic Fund by donating $10,000 in honor of his wife, at our
New York City event, “Live from New York, it’s Dogs for the Deaf.”
Page 40 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
Sponsor our Magazine
for YOUR business in the Canine Listener!
Coquille Tribal
Community Fund
• The Canine Listener has a national USPS mail circulation of
almost 15,000
• Our Canine Listener has a world-wide e-mail circulation to over
3,000 subscribers and our magazine is available electronically
on our website 24-7-365. We also share our magazine on our
social networking sites.
• Dogs for the Deaf’s website receives 8,000-10,000 visits a month
• Dogs for the Deaf’s Twitter feed has over 23,000 followers
• Dogs for the Deaf’s Facebook page has over 6,500 fans PLUS
our fans have over 1,700,000 friends that they share things with!
Grants for eligible organizations in Coos,
Curry, Douglas, Lane and Jackson Counties.
Grants Focused On:
Arts & Culture • Education Environment
Health • Historic Preservation
Problem Gaming • Public Safety
The Coquille Tribal Community Fund is dedicated
to providing assistance to organizations that
make lasting contributions to the communities we
serve. We believe through the spirit of giving we
allow our communities to grow and prosper.
• Full page $2,000.00
• 1/3 page $900.00
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• 1/4 page $700.00
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SUBMIT YOUR content by e-mail to [email protected], or call us at (541) 826-9220 ext. 321
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3050 Tremont St. • North Bend, OR 97459
541-756-0904 • 1-800-622-5869
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promote financial services, travel services, or insurance service. All copy to be provided by sponsor. We accept
PDF or EPS format ONLY. Please make sure that all photos/graphics are high-resolution 300dpi, CMYK color.
Must be approved by the General Manager or Chief Executive Officer.
Providing compassionate care
for over 25 years
Marlee Signs©
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Dogs for the Deaf
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Jacksonville Veterinary Hospital
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937 N. 5th St. | Jacksonville
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Spring 2013 • Canine Listener • Page 41
• 6 Color 40” Sheetfed
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Download Marlee Signs©
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Page 42 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
To Alex, My Dear Hearing Dog,
You are 11 years old today and what a blessing you are to me--always near, ready
to lend a helping paw. Whether it’s the phone, a beeper, knock at the door, or just
maybe I dropped a pill on the floor while taking my medication. Instead of looking for
the pill, I look at you because I know you are looking where the pill landed. That is
a simple thing, but to me it’s amazing. By you showing me where the pill went, what
really eases my mind is knowing my two-year-old granddaughter is safe and I don’t
have to stress out from having to crawl around to hunt for the pill until it’s found. It’s
the little things you do to make my life a whole lot better.
Spring 2013 • Canine Listener • Page 43
Proud to Support
Dogs for the Deaf
Tomorrow you are going to have a special test to see why you are coughing so much
and losing weight. You can’t afford to lose weight. They will take good care of you
during the test, and I will be waiting for you.
Right now you are asleep in front of my bed as you always do. I rest so much better
when you are near. I don’t know what I would have done without you, Alex, and I will
always be here for you, too. We’ve been through so much; you know all of my secrets.
Alex, all these years you have been my antidepressant, my cheerleader, and a dream
friend. I supposed I could write all day and never run out of good things to say about
you. We will just keep on loving each other. We both have our health issues, and
we will keep going on—hand and
paw—together. I wouldn’t have it
any other way.
At last year’s Good Sam State Samboree in Alaska, members continued to celebrate their generous
annual Good Sam benefit project in support of DFD. On hand were DFD Ambassadors Charlene
MacKenzie and her Hearing Dog Lola, who not only joined in the activities, but provided workshops
showing the benefits and service DFD provides through our specially trained dogs.
The Alaska Good Sam project generated both national and state interest and was an excellent
opportunity for our Ambassadors to be highly visible and involved. They served at our information/
resource table, circulated informally among the RV’ers and locals, joined local TV and Iditarod
personalities to judge a pet show, presented our DVD, and showed how Lola helps Charlene by
alerting her to sounds.
Granted, when you get sick, it can be expensive and that is hard. That is why I am
so thankful for the donor to DFD who gave money for the emergency veterinary fund
to help with these kinds of things. I am so thankful to each and every one of those
unsung heroes for sharing their blessings and for helping us and other DFD clients
and dogs.
You are back from the veterinarian. Sadly the findings are not very good, but rest assured I will always be there for you. Alex, I want to thank you for all the little things you
do, like waiting for me to come out of the bathroom. Thank you for letting me know
when something is burning on the stove and when the mail truck just left. You even
let me know when I forget to turn off the water faucet. Yes, you do the big sounds, but
you also do the little things you were not even trained to do. It is the ADDED BONUS
you give me for loving and caring for you, and I want you to know I love you very
much, little guy.
Alaska Samboree Report
Charlene’s testimonial as a two-time recipient of our Hearing Dogs evidenced the significance of our
commitment to rescuing dogs and helping people. Her story of serious hearing damage at a young
adult age (caused by a “wonder drug”) followed by decades of struggle to cope in the hearing world
(using the best hearing technology), evolved into a story of success. Haley’s Angel, her first Hearing
Dog, arrived in 1998 and introduced Charlene to the critical support and unique camaraderie that
DFD dogs can provide. Lola, in 2008, took up the job where Haley left off.
Investing in community
for over 35 years. • Member FDIC
Lithia Honda
Proud Recipient
Charlene’s encouraging account of managing her hearing loss with the unique help both from DFD
and a Cochlear Implant was well received at the Alaska Samboree. As a result, Good Sam members
accepted her invitation to meet individually with her, ask questions about DFD, and learn more about
how to cope with their own hearing limits.
Thanks to generous donors such as the Good Sam family, the help of our DFD Ambassadors, and
many others who help in a great variety of ways, we are able to continue our mission of improving the
quality of so many lives, both canine and human.
Dear Friends,
Love, your human friend,
Doris W., North Carolina
2012 Honda
And Sponsor of
700 North Central Ave. Medford, OR 97501
Sales [541] 326-0991 | Service [541] 770-3785
My parents were members of the Good Sam Club until my father died in 1987. At that time,
Mom made sure that a good portion of the memorials went to DFD. Recently, Mom passed
away at the age of 96. DFD always remained close to her heart. My siblings and I decided part
of the memorials donated in her name should go to your wonderful organization. Enclosed is
a check for $500 in memory of Remona G. Roth. We know it is only a token in the training of
a dog, but we also know it all helps.
Thank you for all you do.
Lorraine H., Iowa
For those of you who donate through the Combined Federal Campaign, we are
listed in the “Animal Charities of America” section, #10969.
Page 44 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
Gift Shop
Spring 2013 • Canine Listener • Page 45
This wonderful hard-cover book is written
and illustrated by Christine Davis. It is the
perfect way to remember that timeless
connection to your special four-legged
#BK EVRYDGANGEL........ $8.75
Chew On Things - It Helps You Think:
Words of Wisdom from a Worried Canine
This humorous, inspirational book by
Iris Bell, MD PhD, is about coping
with life, as “told” by a fretful, softcoated Wheaten Terrier dog, Casey B.
Worrywart, Dogtor of Philosophy, to a
human mom, his psychiatrist.
#BK CHEWONTHNG .................... $12.50
#MC BSTTHNG RED - Red..........$12.50
A fun book for children
and adults with a
beautiful story about a
lonely dog in a shelter.
Cajun is rescued by
DFD and becomes a
very special Hearing Dog and
best friend of Janice, a woman who is deaf.
Fabulous color pictures with both English and
Spanish wording.
#CL Apron 1SZ............................. $16.25
100% cotton twill 6 panel “hugger” shape cap. Has cloth
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Dual wall construction, including a
stainless steel outer shell and a plastic
liner, keeps drinks at optimal temperatures.
The rubberized trim allows you to hang on tight!
Comes in purple and red with our adorable “The Best
Things in Life are Rescued” graphic. Holds 16 oz.
DFD’s official apron has pockets across the
bottom and is great to use for everything
from BBQ’ing to crafts. This apron comes
in Natural color and has our logo with the
words “Everything Tastes Better with Dog
Wear unique jewelry that shows your support of
Dogs for the Deaf’s mission of rescuing dogs and
helping people. Two Charity Charms® - one a paw
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jewelry bag. Each recycled, lead free, pewter
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#PK GIVINGBNDSET............. $18.75 (for the set)
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This PAWsome dual-tone shoulder tote with top zipper closure comes in
lime green, red, & blue. The tote also has a front pocket with zipper closure
and mesh side pocket perfect for holding a water bottle. With our great
DFD “I’m All Ears” graphic on the front pocket, this tote is handy for travel,
play or work. 15” tall x 17” wide
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This comfortable ladies long-sleeved t-shirt comes in
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paw prints running up one arm of the t-shirt. Made of
comfy 100% cotton.
Available in sizes M-XL.................$12.00
CL BSTTHNGT EGP - (eggplant/silver)
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This handy knife
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Page 46 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
Spring 2013 • Canine Listener • Page 47
As a gesture of my support, I have enclosed my donation to rescue dogs and help
people. My donation helps defray costs of this non-profit organization and helps make
possible a trained dog for someone who needs its help. My donation is tax deductible
according to current laws. BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Chair: Mr. Marvin Rhodes, General Manager - KEYC-TV
Ms. Susan Bahr, Vice Chair
Certified Public Accountant
Ms. Lyn Boening, Past Chair
Financial Consultant
Ms. Robin Dickson,
Pres./CEO Dogs for the Deaf
Mr. Ron Holzkamp,
Retired Certified Public Accountant,
Yergen & Meyer/Moss Adams
Please send me information about obtaining a Hearing Dog
Please send me information about obtaining an Autism Assistance Dog
Please send me information about obtaining a Program Assistance Dog
Please send me information on leaving a bequest to Dogs for the Deaf
Mr. Ken Reeder, Secretary
Commercial Real Estate - Oregon
Opportunities Real Estate
Mr. Geoffrey Riley, Past Chair
Producer/Host, Jefferson Public Radio
Mr. Steven Weber,
City of Phoenix, Oregon
Ms. Gayle Wilson,
Media Productions
Name_______________________________________________________ Donor ID#____________________
Address______________________________________________________ *Daytime Ph: ( ) _____________
City______________________________________________________________ State____Zip____________
Would you like to receive our
E-mail Address:___________________________________magazine & special news updates via e-mail?______ YES
Ship to Name & Address (if different) ___________________________________________________________
City______________________________________________________________ State____Zip____________
*Please don’t forget to include a phone number where we can reach you about your order!
ORDER FORM – Dogs for the Deaf Gift Collection
or FAX your order to: (541) 826-6696
email: [email protected] website:
Credit cards, checks or money orders are welcome for donation and/or sales.
Enclosed is a check or money order made payable to Dogs for the Deaf
Your Credit Card Number ____________________________________________
EXP. ____/____
Signature _______________________________________________________
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Net proceeds from all sales are used for rescuing dogs and helping people.
MAIL TO: Dogs for the Deaf, Inc., 10175 Wheeler Rd., Central Point, OR 97502-9360
Ms. Sue Bray,
Benefits Director/Good Sam Club
Mr. Tony Dow,
Actor, Producer, Director
Joyce Guymon,
Dogs for the Deaf Ambassador
Ms. Janice Justice
Doctor of Chiropractic and
Hearing Dog Client
Ms. Barbara Meyers,
Grief Therapist
Ms. Marilyn Quayle,
Attorney at Law
Mr. C.W. Smith,
Chief of Police - Retired
Jackson County Commissioner - Retired
Ms. Sue Thomas
Hearing Dog Client
Mr. John Watt,
Government Relations
Ms. Betty White,
Ms. Heather Whitestone/McCallum
Miss America 1995
Mr. James Wickre,
Attorney at Law
For faster service call: (541) 826-9220
Chair: Mr. Bob Tull, Dept of Education - Retired
It is Dogs for the Deaf’s policy to never sell,
trade, or rent the names and addresses on our
mailing list. All of you who receive this newsletter are a very special part of our family and
you are essential to us in achieving our goal of
enabling dogs and people to enjoy more love,
freedom, and security in their lives. We promise
never to jeopardize your trust by giving your
name and address to others.
CHANGE OF ADDRESS: If you change
your address, please let us know. Every newsletter that is returned to us costs DFD money.
Let us know when you move and help us save
precious dollars. Thank You!
JUST A REMINDER - We want our donors
to have access to information about DFD in
order to answer any questions they may have.
Pursuant to this, copies of our annual audit are
available from DFD and from many state Attorney General offices.
receiving more than one newsletter? If so,
please clip the labels off both newsletters and
send them to us so we can correct the error
and save postage costs. Thank you for helping
in this way.
Please continue to support the special work and mission
of Dogs for the Deaf
DFD Legal/Financial Information
Dogs for the Deaf, Inc. makes every effort to maintain required charity registrations at state and federal levels.
Our philosophy at Dogs for the Deaf has always been to be extremely diligent in following state and federal rules and regulations. In order to continue this due
diligence, we are enclosing the information below because various states are now requiring that we include it in all informational correspondence we send out.
FL - A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Florida Division of Consumer Services by calling 1-800-435-7352 toll-free within the state.
Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state.
MD - A copy of the current financial statement of Dogs for the Deaf, Inc. is available by writing 10175 Wheeler Road, Central Point, Oregon 97502 or calling 1-800-990-3647.
Documents and information submitted under the Maryland Solicitations Act are also available, for the cost of postage and copies, from the Maryland Secretary of State, State House,
Annapolis, MD, 21401, 410-974-5534.
MS - The official registration and financial information of Dogs for the Deaf, Inc. may be obtained from the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office by calling 1-888-236-6167. Registration
by the Secretary of State does not imply endorsement by the Secretary of State.
NC - Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at 1-888-830-4989. The license is not an
endorsement by the State.
NJ - Information filed with the Attorney General concerning this charitable solicitation and the percentage of contributions received by the charity during the last reporting period that
were dedicated to the charitable purpose may be obtained from the Attorney General of New Jersey by calling 973-504-6215 and is available on the internet at
lps/ca/charfrm.htm Registration with the Attorney General does not imply endorsement.
NY - A copy of our latest annual report may be obtained, upon request, from Dogs for the Deaf, Inc. or from the New York State Attorney General’s Charities Bureau, Attn: FOIL Officer,
120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271.
PA - The official registration and financial information of Dogs for the Deaf, Inc. may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania,
1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.
VA - The official registration and financial information of Dogs for the Deaf, Inc. may be obtained from the Virginia State Office of Consumer Affairs in the Department of Agriculture and
Consumer Affairs at PO Box 1163, Richmond, VA 23218 upon request. Registration does not imply endorsement.
WA - The official registration and financial information of Dogs for the Deaf, Inc. may be obtained from the Washington Secretary of State’s office by calling 1-800-332-GIVE.
Registration by the Secretary of State does not imply endorsement by the Secretary of State.
WV - West Virginia residents may obtain a summary of the registration and financial documents from the Secretary of State, State Capitol, Charleston, West Virginia, 25305.
Registration does not imply endorsement.
Page 48 • Canine Listener • Spring 2013
Dogs For The Deaf, Inc.
U.S. Postage
10175 Wheeler Rd., Central Point, OR 97502
Permit No. 5
Medford, OR
“ Ginger brings me so much peace
having her to help explain
my hearing loss to the world.
Danielle R. and Ginger,
North Carolina
Train ...
Moved? Changed your e-mail address? Let us know...
Help us conserve donor dollars by making sure we have your most up-to-date contact information.
Send address changes to:
[email protected]
or mail to Dogs for the Deaf, Inc.
10175 Wheeler Road, Central Point, Oregon 97502