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marketing splash
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this book
Congratulations on your new affiliation with Coldwell Banker
Commercial® (CBC®). Successfully marketing your company
begins before your doors officially open as CBC. This guide walks
you through the marketing process and informs you about helpful
resources offered to CBC affiliates by; describing the items,
explaining why you need to utilize them, and how to execute. This
book is not meant to be read in one sitting; there is too much
information and your brain will go into sensory overload. It is
meant as a guide for you to refer to when necessary.
Should you have any questions, please call the Help Desk at
800-222-2162 and ask to speak to someone in the Marketing
It is important to note that many of the items listed in this book
can be found on our local intranet site,,
including a downloadable PDF version of this book with easy to
use bookmarks to take you directly to any section of the book and
hyperlinks that can lead you directly to the items discussed in this
Note: If you are not already set-up in Blueprint, you need to stop
reading now, and get set-up in Blueprint. That way, you will be
able to poke around when you see something of interest.
Blueprint set-up: The responsible broker of your company must take the
initial training in order to get a Blueprint Super User account. This
Super User account is used to set up all individual users.
If your company isn’t set up, call the Help Desk at 800-222-2162
and they will be able to direct you to the initial training.
table of contents
What to do First
1. Prepare your Firm a. Knowing the CBC Value
b. Marketing Plan
c. Business Advantage Program
b. Other Discounts and Tools
c. Programs You Should Have
d. Useful Websites
2. Utilize the CBC Brand Name
a. ID Standards
b. CBC Logo Usage
c. Templates
d. Order Stationery
e. Business Cards
f. Signs
Public Relations
1. Step-By-Step Guideline for PR
2. New Company PR
3. Press Releases & Media Alerts
4. “Hot” News and “Not” News
5. Social Media & Online Blogs
6. Opening Event
1. Your Company’s Intranet Site
3. Brand your Site as CBC
4. Re-Market Your Listings under your
Coldwell Banker Commercial DBA
a. Re-market on CBC Website
b. Free Listing Sites
Make your presence known to other
CBC Affiliates
1. Top Notable Transactions
2. Contact CBC and CB Residential Offices Near You
3. Reach out to International Affiliates
4. Submit referrals within CBC
5.Join Specialty Practice Groups
6. My Network on Blueprint
7. BlueMail
8. Attend CBC Events
Miscellaneous Marketing
Advertisements, Marketing Materials & E-mail Campaigns
1. Advertising Campaign
2. Regional Advertising
3. Online Advertising Directories
4. Flyer Creation-e-Presentations
5. Announcements/Direct Mail
6. Company Collateral
1. List of Your Company’s Professionals
2. External Professionals Database
3. Client Database
4. Comps Database
5. Market Data
6. CBC Blue Book
7. Industry Events & Sponsorships
8. Promotional Items
table of contents (cont’d)
Continual Marketing
1. Stay in front of Clients
a. Holiday Cards or E-mails
b. Newsletter
c. Announcements
2. The Simple Things Go a Long Way
3. Tracking your Efforts
4. Stay in tune with CBC Information
5. Keep Website Updated
6. Be Tactful with Marketing
7. Other Helpful CBC Documents
8. Next Generation Marketing
PR and Advertising Tools
1. PR Do’s and Don’ts
2. Small Business Advertising Basics
3. Advantages / Disadvantages of Media Outlets
4. Where to Advertise: Helpful Websites
5. National Advertising Discounts
Coldwell Banker Commercial Tools
1. Win Business & Marketing Packages
2. Enhanced Graphics
3. Project & Communication Management
4. Financial Analytics
what to do first
Branding is one of the most important things
a new company can do. This section takes
you through some of the processes to help
your company brand themselves within the
Coldwell Banker Commercial organization.
The topics in this section include:
1. Prepare your Firm
a. Knowing the CBC Value
b. Marketing Plan
c. Business Advantage Program
d. Other Discounts and Tools
e. Programs You Should Have
f. Useful Websites
2. Utilize the CBC Brand name
a. ID Standards
b. CBC Logo
c. Templates
d. Order Stationery
e. Business Cards
f. Signs
Knowing the Value
of CBC
One of the first things you need to do is know and understand
the value of this international brand that you have become
affiliated with. You should also know the company’s vision.
You’ve joined a great organization. Make sure you utilize or at
least know about everything that is offered to you. You may not
use some of the tools and resources; but they can be used as
selling points when talking with clients and may be the aspect
that helps you win the business. It is important that you also
know the vision of the company.
Although much of the Value of the Coldwell Banker Commercial
organization will be covered in this document, You can
download the entire document dedicated to the Value of CBC.
— Library
— Keyword: Value
Marketing Plan
Before you start going down the path of making your
company branded Coldwell Banker Commercial, you should
have a marketing plan in place.
When it comes to marketing, many businesses are eager
to skip the “legwork” and proceed directly to pursuing
clients. After all, the goal of any commercial real estate
business is to get more business, right?
But before you dive headfirst into developing
advertisements, postcards and promotions, it’s wise to
first do some in-depth preparation, and determine the
who, why, where, what and how of your marketing – in
other words, to develop a marketing plan. The more
preparation you do in advance, the more successful your
marketing efforts will be.
Download the vision brochure
The Coldwell Banker Commercial organization has
developed a sister “How to Guide” to assist in creating
— Library
— Keyword: Vision
your company’s marketing plan.
— Library / Keyword: Plan
how to create
a marketing plan
Pillars of Success
part ic i pat ion g ui de
Value Proposition for
Winning Business
Coldwell Banker Commercial
Business Advantage Program
The Business Advantage Program can assist in preparing your
There is some preparation your firm needs to do for quality
product development. A good printer is essential for highquality products. Binding materials should also be considered,
as they create a professional look for your presentations.
Your firm may be small, and sending documents to
professional printers could be costly. At times, there is a
need for on-demand or short-run printing that can be done in
house. Spending a little extra money up front ensures that all
products produced in house are of professional quality.
As a Real Estate Professional you need to know everything from how to run an office to the latest market statistics to managing
your business. Your job is about making the right choices. from identifying the right staff to helping your clients and business
thrive. The Coldwell Banker Commercial Business Advantage program is a matchmaker — finding the best companies to help
you improve you bottom line. It is about offering you choices. With more than 80 nationally recognized companies — you can
choose from an extensive selection of companies that understand your business to help you reach your potential.
To learn more about these programs, click on the Business Advantage link under the Tools section on
(888) 226-7404
The #1 Commercial Real Estate Information company
that provides building-specific knowledge through a proprietary database
of commercial transactions. CBC affiliates receive a 15% discount.
(800) 873-0699
Create stunning Internet, CD and diskette-based virtual tours.
Custom Marketing Solutions → Tools Tab
Order affordable on-demand enhanced graphics
such as 3D Floorplans, Flyers, Stacking Plans, Maps, Labeled Aerials, 3D
Building Models and even Offering Memorandums (Marketing Packages).
Listings Domain
Premiums and Awards
individual property websites
(800) 826-5123
where a HOME gets a WEBSITE of its own
Create a beautiful website for any property in just a few minutes! Building
a single property website is a simple and effective way to win listings,
keep sellers happy and keep buyers interested!
(888) 567-7442
LoopNet operates the largest and most heavily trafficked
online commercial real estate listing service. CBC affiliates receive up to
55% discount!
Lowen Sign Company
(800) 545-5505
Lowen Sign Company designs, manufactures and screen
prints real estate signs and job site signs, including photo signs, for sale
signs, riders, photo riders, site signs, construction signs, commercial
signs and banners.
Oakley Sign
(800) 373-5330
Fast, durable, and affordable quality signs.
Marketing Tools
º Printing
º Premiums, Awards & Apparel
º Signage
º Listing Websites
º Promotional Items
Wall Street Journal
(212) 597-5989
Take advantage of advertising discounts in the Wall Street Journal, with
a worldwide circulation of 2 million.
(800) DEE-SIGN
Complete sign packages, frames, signs and more, from the largest yard
sign manufacturer in the United States.
A sample of the Business Advantage Program:
• Office Solutions
º Supplies & Equipment (Staples, binding materials,
printers, computers, UPS, AT&T Wireless, Verizon, Sprint)
• Travel - Hotels, Vacation Certificates,
Rental Car
(888) 732-5249
Easily create High Resolution Virtual Tours and Slideshows with the
exclusive iVuZoom immersive, interactive viewing experience.
View all the Business Advantage Programs at under the Tools Section
The Coldwell Banker Commercial® Business Advantage
Programs are a compilation of various products and services
provided by nationally recognized companies offering cost
savings, specialized tools and high-quality services.
American Image
(800) 385-9223
Quality name badges and awards–FAST!
Clayman Promotional Group
(800) 545-1113
Huge selection of promotional products for your
Recognition Express
(800) 457-7030
Badges, Signs, Awards and Promotional Products in
one convenient place.
We Make America's Badges, Signs, Awards & More!
Professional Resources
AON E&O Insurance
(215) 773-4531
An affordable and extremely comprehensive Real Estate
E&O product. Coverage is available in all 50 US states, but
excludes Canada. General liability coverage is also available.
**Another simple device your firm can buy
is a universal paper scorer / cutter. You can
purchase something like this at any office
store (Staples, OfficeMax) for under $20.
This machine allows you to print full bleed flyers (by printing
on 11 x 17, then trimming the edges) and it allows you to
produce a folded piece with a professional score mark down
the center.
Other Tools & Discounts
% Discount
Blueprint (Local Intranet)
CREST (enter listings/financials)
FREE - Tools
Listings Manager (Enhance Listings)
FREE - Tools
Local Worldwide (Company Website)
FREE - Tools
Teamwork PM: Project & Communication Mgmt
FREE - Tools
REIS (Market Reports)
FREE - Tools
CBC Template Center
FREE - Tools
Transaction Database
FREE - Tools
FREE e-mail (forwarding)
Argus Leasing Suite (Financial Analytics)
Automatic with Blueprint login
([email protected]) - Tools
Speak with a CoStar rep and say that you work Costar
for Coldwell Banker Commercial. 301-215-8300
95% (manager level)
Commercial University (Training)
FREE - Learning
CCIM Training
Varies - Library
Continuing Education
30% - Commercial University
Emerging Broker Training
FREE - Commercial University
Platinum Producer Training
FREE - Commercial University
Lipsey Training Webinars
FREE - Commercial University
Business Planning Series
FREE - Commercial University
Wall Street Journal
78% - Library, Ad Discount
Wall Street Journal Online Featured Property
16% - Library, Ad Discount
Black's Guide Ad
15% - Library, Ad Discount
Real Estate Forum 25% - Library, Ad Discount
Lead Router* (Lead Communication)
Education & Training
Advertising / Listings
Programs You Should Have
Optional Programs
Here is a list of essential programs (or alternatives) you
should have if you are going to do marketing.
This is a list of optional programs to get if you need them.
They aren’t as important as the programs you should have,
they just might make you more efficient.
• Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher,
Outlook, Picture Manager)
• Free Alternative - Open Office
• Google Docs
• Most Popular - Adobe Acrobat Professional
• CutePDF Writer - Free PDF Writer
• Primo PDF - Free PDF Writer
• Graphics Editor (should have one)
• Most Popular - Photoshop, or go for the cheaper
($99) Photoshop Elements; you can do almost
everything in it.
• MS Picture Manager (free with MS Office
• GIMP - Free Photoshop like devise
• Adobe InDesign
• Microsoft Publisher - free with MS Office
Professional Suite
• Create .eps files (for signs, large graphics)
• Most Popular - Adobe Illustrator
• PDF Generator
• Advanced Layout
Online Graphics Editor (like Photoshop) - Free
• Photoshop Express
• Splashup
• Pixlr
• Foto Flexer
• Mapping
• Bing Maps 3D
• Google Earth
• Free Alternative - Inscape (can save as .eps, but not
open .eps files. Can edit Illustrator files.
• Scan in Business Cards (creating database)
• Cardscan - best one I have used - $150
• Transfer PDF to Word
• OmniPage Scan - Best one I have used - $150
• Some PDF - Free alternative
• Create 3D Buildings - for more advanced users
• 3dvia Create 3-d buildings for the Microsoft Maps Free
• Google Sketch-up Create 3-D buildings - Free
• File Extension Viewer
• IrfanView - view AutoCad, PhotoShop, Illustrator and
other file formats - Free
• Create Video from Pictures
• Photo Story 3 (Microsoft)
Useful Web pages
Here is a list of useful web pages.
CBC Sites & Tools
Image Resizer - Free
State & County Property Tax Assessor Links
People Look-up - Free
High Resolution Logos - Free
Free Web Hosting (At Space)
Free Web Meetings (VYEW)
Upload Large Files to Send - Free
You Send It
Covert File to Another Format - Free
Online Classified Ad Creator - Free
Stock Photos (free or cheap)
List of Stock Photo Sites
Stock Xchange - free
Flickr - free
Can Stock Photo
Commercial Real Estate Forms
Virtual Tours
Identity Standards
CBC Logo Usage
The Coldwell Banker Commercial® organization has created a
series of identity standards for every affiliate to follow regarding
the use of logo, signs, advertising, etc.
The CBC logo should be on everything your
firm utilizes: website, letterhead, fax cover sheet,
memo, signs, business cards, internal business signs,
announcements, advertisements and flyers.
In order to establish and maintain international brand
recognition, it is imperative that each Coldwell Banker Commercial affiliate in every marketplace adhere to the exact and
correct use of the brand’s service marks,
trademarks and logos.
If you do not have a printed copy of the Identity Standards
Manual in your office, please call the Coldwell Banker
Commercial Headquarters at 1-800-222-2162,
or download the PDF version from Blueprint. Periodically check
to see if you have the most up-to-date version as new standards
are constantly, being added.
— Library
— ID Standards
The CBC logo is a widely recognized logo in the
commercial real estate business. The power of our brand
has global reach. The use of the CBC logo also creates the
illusion that your firm is larger than a “one-office small
Some general rules of using the logo include:
• If it is used on a background other than white, it must
have a white border around it as shown below.
• It should not be used without your designated
company name. The company name should be ALL
CAPS, Book Antiqua Font, and not larger than the C in
the bug and the L in Commercial.
• Please see the identity standards for further instructions.
Download CBC logo
— Library
Identity Standards
Identity Standards For Franchisees Of Coldwell Banker Commercial
Affiliates and Franchisees Outside Of The United States
Revision Date: 08/09
3D Logo Option
The CBC logo is also available as a 3D version. The 3D
version follows similar rules to the tradtional logo with a
few exceptions listed in the Identity Standards Manual.
Download CBC 3D logo
— Library
A series of templates have been created for affiliates to use and are available through the Blueprint Tools.
When trying to create a marketing splash, it is
important not to waste time trying to reinvent the wheel. We
make your job easier by having relevant documents stored in
one central location. Using templates also creates a uniform
look among all Coldwell Banker Commercial® offices.
Sample Templates Available:
• PR
• Advertising
• Flyers
• Fax/ Memo
• Available Properties
• Case Study
• Branding Templates
— Tools / Template Center
Stationary: Xpressdocs Business Cards
Xpressdocs is the leading provider of printing
services and marketing solutions for the real estate
industry. Xpressdocs can assist with your branded marketing
The Coldwell Banker Commercial® organization has a strategic
alliance with Xpressdocs offering national volume discounted
roducts and online services for all marketing,
prospecting and self-promotional needs
ompliant with brand standards including color logos and
award designations
remiere customer service representatives who know your
business and are dedicated to serving you
asy ordering via phone, fax or online. Online ordering
offers speed and greater accuracy. Order goes directly to
production, saving up to 3 days in delivery.
• Fast turn-around time
roducts include: Business cards, stationery, note cards,
marketing brochures and postcards, and
recruiting tools. Other services include: mailing,
personal marketing and bulk purchases.
www.cbcblueprint / Tools / Xpressdocs
Everyone knows what business cards are, we use
them every day to generate new contacts. One of
the first things you should do when affiliating with
the Coldwell Banker Commercial® organization
is to have your business cards created.
By following the ID Standards set by the Coldwell
Banker Commercial® organization, when you hand out
your business cards, clients will know that you are
with the Coldwell Banker Commercial organization
and will have instant brand recognition. It doesn’t
look professional if you have business cards with old
contact information, and have written your new contact
information on the back. Make sure everyone within your
company has the same look to their business cards.
Business cards can be ordered through Xpressdocs.
An office sign creates a welcoming atmosphere for your clients
and gives them the confidence of brand recognition.
By having standards for office signs, we create a message in
the marketplace that although we are individually owned, we
are united by our “One Voice” message. If you walk into one
Coldwell Banker Commercial® office, it should have the same
welcoming atmosphere as the next.
Property Signs
The Coldwell Banker Commercial® organization has
strategic alliances with many sign companies:
Aztec Marking Company, Inc. 800-835-2548
Barlo Signs 800-227-5674 x356
Dee Sign® Company 800-DEE SIGN
Lowen Sign Company 800-545-5505
Oakley Signs and Graphics 800-373-5330
Reichert Signs 800-513-9199
Reprographics 800-777-3776
Sign Experts 800-874-9942
You can download all the sign templates including
3D logo versions from the Blueprint Library in Adobe
Illustrator format to send to your sign vendor.
If you don’t use one of these listed companies, be sure
to review the ID Standards for Signs.
— Library
— ID Standards
— Sign Templates
Reproduction of the Office Signage
One of the most effective ways to promote buildings
for sale or lease is with a building sign. Building
signs attract potential clients that otherwise might
not be reached. If you have current listings with your
previous affiliation, it is important to change the
signs to Coldwell Banker Commercial brand signs.
Otherwise, you will be sending mixed messages to the
Signage Size: 60" x 8.75"
(142 Grid Units to 21 Grid Units)
These displays are for demonstration only. The Scaling
Grid provides the correct size and spacing relationships
for all elements of the Mark. All measurements are in Grid
A correct Mark is 21 Grid Units in height and 142 Grid
Units in width. The correctness of the aspect ratio may
be verified by measuring the height of the field and
multiplying it by 6.7619. The result should equal the
The grid should never be reproduced as part of the
signage or the Mark!
Scale 1/8"
DBA Letter height is 2 Grid Units.
Disclaimer height is 1 Grid Units.
Colors: Coldwell Banker Commercial ® Blue & Black
on White Background.
Commercial signs are available in 24 gauge steel,
.090 Polyethylene and 10 mil corex plastic.
Scale 1/8"
Colors: Coldwell Banker Commercial Blue & Black
on White Background.
Commercial signs are available in 24 gauge steel,
.090 Polyethylene and 10 mil corex plastic.
Scale 1/8"
In order to create a uniform appearance, the Coldwell
Banker Commercial brand has created standards for
building signs. Also, property signs are a great form of advertising. The more building signs you have up, the more
your firm is recognized as an industry leader.
public relations
Generating PR is one of the first things your company
should do after affiliating. In this section, we will
provide you with the tools for effectively generating
PR to publicize your office.
1. Step-By-Step Guideline for PR
2. New Company PR
3. Press Releases & Media Alerts
4. “Hot” News and “Not” News
5. Social Media & Online Blogs
6. Opening Event
Step 1: Establish your local image.
Step 2: Develop your own media relations tools.
Step 3: Create a list of media contacts.
•Determine what sets you apart from competition.
•Create a mission statement that will provide the
undertone for your communication with the press.
•Boilerplate for press releases — A boilerplate should
be used as the last paragraph of every press release
your company generates. It creates consistency of
message, and, in one paragraph, should describe key
facts about your company and your company mission.
•Press Kit — Create materials for a press kit including:
1. Fact sheet: one-page description of your company
2. Biographies: background on key personnel
3. Services fact sheet: brief overview of the services
your company provides
4. Press releases: news about your company
• Call your local real estate editors. CBC
can assist you with identifying these people.
• Update the list every six months.
Step 4: Establish positive relationships with
your local media.
•Announce your affiliation with CBC to your list of
contacts; invite local media to your office opening
•Cultivate relationships with editors the same way
you would a business contact. Send them a press kit
and follow up. If you have big news, take an editor to
Step 5: Continue to distribute press releases
about your company.
Step 6: Merchandise publicity!
•Whenever there is news to report, e-mail or fax
a press release to your media list.
•Whenever you secure coverage on your office, create
a binder of the press clippings or get reprints for
display; consider framing really
great stories for your office.
New Company PR
Corporate can assist you with your PR efforts when you first join the CBC organization. The “Press Release Preparation” form should be
filled out by new affiliates.
Press Release Preparation / New Affiliate Form Please send completed form to Coldwell Banker Commercial,
ASAP to: PR Dept.
[email protected] or Fax 973-407-6615;
NEW AFFILIATE CBC NAME __________________________________________________
PREVIOUS COMPANY NAME _________________________________________________
ADDRESS & PHONE ___________________________________________________________
NAME OF PRESIDENT _________________________________________________________
ACTIVATION DATE (TENTATIVE) ______________________________________________
COMMERCIAL SPECIALTIES ___________________________________________________
NUMBER OF BROKERS IN AFFILIATE ___________________________________________
INDUSTRY AFFILIATIONS, MEMBERSHIPS ______________________________________
NUMBER OF YEARS OF COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE ______________________________
CLIENT LIST __________________________________________________________________
RECENT DEALS OVER $10 MILLION ONLY ______________________________________
(a quote about how pleased you are; what the CBC brand means to your business)
Completing the “Press Release Preparation” form
streamlines the process so that corporate can assist you
in generating PR for your firm. Corporate will generate a
press release that will be sent to the national real estate
publications. This form will also generate the information
needed to create press releases at your local level and can
be used as the foundation for your company’s web text.
Fill out the “Press Release Preparation” form located in the
beginning of your “New Affiliate Binder.” Send the form
back to [email protected]; attention PR Dept. A
representative from our PR Dept will call you to confirm and
get any additional information necessary.
Press Release
A press or news release is the main PR tool to describe the news you’re promoting. A release is written in journalistic style and should
be written so that an editor can take the release and publish it without making significant changes.
• T o the point: The release should have a direct and clear-cut headline.
• T op Heavy: Start with a first paragraph that includes a summary of all the important facts. If you look at a newspaper, you’ll notice
that you can get the entire gist of the story through the headline and first paragraph.
Subsequent paragraphs should provide details.
• J ust the Facts: Include relevant facts and be articulate and accurate.
• T hird Person: Press releases should always be written in the third person.
Sample Press Release Template
City, State, Date – Coldwell Banker Commercial <DBA> today announces a record setting year
for transactions in 2007. In fact, the company’s sales increased by an astonishing 56% from the
previous year. Positive word of mouth about the company in regional publications as well as a
continued focus on providing the best in customer service, are the keys to the company’s continued
success in a competitive industry.
According to SPOKESPERSON, “We are delighted to have had such an incredible year in sales.
The commercial real estate industry has always been first and foremost a people business and
we must continue to respect the needs of our customers, listen to their feedback and implement
the processes that will provide the best personal service. This will enable us to continue to grow
upon all our current successes.”
About Coldwell Banker Commercial <DBA>, Inc.
Include boilerplate information about your office.
•News coverage increases the visibility of your office in your
market — and it’s free
• Editorial coverage is a third party endorsement
ews coverage can tell a whole story where advertising
focuses only on a “message.”
• It is a powerful way of reinforcing
CBC brand awareness
How do I get news coverage about my office?
• Be proactive and contact the press
eep things in perspective and send quality news stories
to the media. While all of your office’s progress or success
is great for your business, it may not all be newsworthy.
Think about it from a reporter’s point of view.
Use the Sample “Fill-in-the-Blank” Press Releases, located on
Media Alerts
Media alerts are another effective way of quickly spreading the word, particularly if you are hosting an event.
Sample Media Alert Template
A good media alert is a one-page “call to action” document
that presents just the facts: who, what, where, when and
Issue a media alert a few days before the event, either by
e-mail or fax. Don’t forget to include directions to your event
(particularly useful for broadcast outlets).
Use the Sample “Fill-in-the-Blank” Press Releases, located on
– Library
Below is a list of items the media will consider important enough to cover and worthy of a press
release. Consider the following:
New CBC Affiliation: if you’re a new affiliate to the
Coldwell Banker Commercial organization, announce the
affiliation to local press; include why you joined.
Notable Transactions: any major transaction that
your company has closed or won (typically $1 million
and above).
Personnel appointments: promotions, new hires.
Company or sales professional extracurricular
involvement: community service, a concerted effort
to work with local charities or events, speaking at or
joining a professional society, etc.
Introduction of new programs: such as the
launch of new marketing programs and campaigns; or
a new service line.
Awards: company and sales associate awards from
Coldwell Banker Commercial or from other real estate
and community organizations.
Office achievements: such as quarterly sales
volume or number of transactions.
Yearly anniversaries of office openings. Only significant
anniversaries (5, 10, 20 years, etc.) should be
If a CBC professional closes their first deal (this
is internal company news).
Exiting employees (could be perceived as negative).
Inconsistent volunteerism — Any professional or broker
that doesn’t participate on a regular basis with the
When you receive new programs from Coldwell Banker
Commercial. (It’s only news when you put the item into
action or when you can report results of the program or
Make sure your competition hasn’t placed higher
in a particular category.
Watch out for low numbers — use percentages
in case actual numbers “sound” low.
Make sure that when you state your numbers, they are
higher than the last set of numbers you released.
Don’t “bash” or name the competition — be positive
about your success.
Social Media & Online Blogs
Social Media is conversation online. Sites such as LinkIn,
Twitter and Facebook are currently the forerunners.
Social Media is here, and it is taking over traditional
marketing campaigns. It is important to incorporate Social
Media into your marketing plans.
You don’t have to be on all the sites, but choose one or two
to have a presence on. These sites aren’t meant for hard
selling, they are meant for developing relationships. You
can use them to become known as subject experts.
Download the compete How to Use Social Media for
Business from Blueprint / Library / keyword: “Social”.
An example of an affiliate with a blog is:
An affiliate with an Online Blog is: Michael Levinson of
Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT in Pittsburgh. You can
check out his site:
If you do a Google search: “commercial real estate, hill
district, Pittsburgh”; his blog shows up #1 (changes daily).
You can’t buy search engine placement like that.
There are thousands of online blog sites available. One of the
most popular is It is free and easy
to use. You can sign up and create a blog for your company.
Wordpress allows you the ability create as many tags as you
like for your blog to ensure optimal search engine traffic. is another free site that is popular.
Whenever your company generates any PR: closes a deal,
hires someone new, or any of the aforementioned “Hot
News”, someone should post it on your company’s blog site.
You can also “re-purpose” information released by the
corporate office.
The key thing with blog sites is to continually edit or add
content so your site stays fresh and will get more search
engine optimization.
Take the test: Do a Google search for your company (use “ “
Online Blogs
A blog is a website where entries provide commentary or
news on a particular subject. A typical blog combines text,
images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media
related to its topic. The ability for readers to leave comments
in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs.
An online blog is a cost-effective, easy way to generate
search engine traffic about your company. They can be
maintained in a matter of minutes.
Several affiliates already take advantage of Online Blogs.
Coldwell Banker Commercial Trademark Properties, NC,
takes full advantage of blogs and their information is posted
through-out the web.
to limit your search) and see how high your website shows up;
or what else shows up about your company. Create a blog
site for your company, posting anything pertaining to your
company. In about two or three days, do a Google search for
the topic you blogged should have a high search
engine placement. It is as simple as that.
Then, take it a step further and send your blog to your clients,
especially when you close a deal with them and encourage
them to comment or follow your blog.
Opening Event
Opening Events help new companies generate awareness in
the business community.
An opening event is great PR to let clients and business
communities know that you have joined CBC, and what your
company is about. It provides a chance to reach your clients
on a more intimate level.
Event Suggestions
• Banquet
• Amusement Park Picnic
• Outdoor Event – Concert, Show
Date/Time Selection
• Allow plenty of time for preparation. If possible,
plan the event 3-4 weeks in advance.
• Avoid holding the event on the weekend or a major holiday.
• Determine the type of special event you will conduct.
Morning functions, for example, will have an entirely
different atmosphere and style than an evening cocktail
reception. Luncheon gatherings usually
require food and beverage.
• Avoid late evening functions. Few people will want
to go home to change clothes and go out again.
• Morning events should begin no earlier than 8am.
• “Soft Open” your company first, don’t hold an opening
event on the first day your doors open.
Who to Invite
• Current, past and potential customers
• Friends and family along with your employees’ families
• Media
• Anyone who helped you get started: bankers, lawyers,
architects, advisors
• Neighboring business people
• Chamber of commerce staff members
How to Invite
• Send out a Save-the-Date in advance to give
attendees a “heads up.”
• Include all critical information in your invitation:
who, what, where, when, why.
• Be sure your contact database is up to date before sending
the invite.
• Always have a way of confirming attendance so you can
plan food & drink requirements.
• Send a follow-up or reminder e-mail when the date
gets closer.
• A brief program will add focus to your event.
• Check with the town if you plan to hang banners or have
any extravagant outdoor decorations or activities.
• Plan for the media - have press kits available.
• Have a backup plan for bad weather, such as moving
indoors or to a local restaurant/hotel.
• Consider having a door prize or raffle to lighten the
business atmosphere and increase enjoyment.
• As a rule, no ceremonies should run past 15 minutes, and
10-15 minutes is ideal.
• Limit the number of speakers and length of their speeches.
• Only introduce those people who need to be introduced
rather than acknowledging everyone in attendance.
• Conclude the event with a ceremonial or symbolic activity
to let the guests know the program is over.
• Send thank you notes to all who helped you arrange or
participate in the event. A thank you in the local paper to
all attendees may also be appropriate.
materials &
e-mail campaigns
It is important for new companies to create marketing
materials that are consistent and relevant to your firm.
The following items should be considered:
1. Advertising Campaign
2. Regional Advertising
3. Online Advertising Directories
4. Flyer Creation-e-Presentations
5. Announcements/Direct Mail
6. Company Collateral
Advertising Campaign
Your company should develop an Advertising Campaign. An
advertising campaign is a series of advertisement messages
that share a single idea. Advertising campaigns appear in
different media across a specific time frame.
The value of an Advertising Campaign is to hit the masses. A
targeted message such as an Ad speaks to your clients and
asks them to take action (call you to list their property, view
your website, respond about a property)
Before you advertise in any medium, consider the region
your office is in and your competitive position. What sets
your office apart in your market? What are the key benefits
of your services? Advertising shouldn’t focus on features but
on the benefits of what your product or service will do for
your customers.
The CBC National Advertising Campaign is designed to be
flexible and broad enough that CBC affiliates can take the
brand ad templates and create similar looking ads within
your own marketplace.
Apply the following criteria to test the effectiveness of your
advertising message:
1. The ad states a single message.
2. The ad evokes a specific, acute emotion.
3. The ad is being presented in a space where it will likely be
4. The ad has a “call to action,” such as “contact our office
Download the advertising templates from
— Library
The ad templates are available in a variety of formats
including Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Publisher.
Be creative and effectively consider your target audience:
where they live, work and play, etc.
** If you need assistance, the Coldwell Banker Commercial
marketing team offers assistance with copy writing,
layout, and final output.
National Campaign
Sometimes, standing tall requires plenty of collaboration and support. That’s why it helps to have the vast global
reach of the Coldwell Banker Commercial® system behind you. By providing unmatched resources to our local offices
and empowering them to make independent decisions, we help eliminate the obstacles that stand in the way of your
success. For the backing of a powerful national presence and the agility of a local market innovator, put your trust in a
Coldwell Banker Commercial professional.
©2007 Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation. Coldwell Banker Commercial® is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation.
An Equal Opportunity Company. Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.
CBC_RealShareCG_Ad8.5x11.indd 1
12:04:39 PM
JUST ONE3/14/07
The real estate professionals at UNITED REALTY recognize that Fayetteville is a developing marketplace: the population is growing
and the service industry is expanding. Our affiliation with Coldwell Banker Commercial® (CBCsm) presents UNITED REALTY with
a perspective on the commercial real estate climate in markets nationwide, giving us the knowledge necessary to help clients adjust to
change. But because each CBC office is independently owned and operated, we will still offer the same level of exceptional service our
local clients expect from us.
Commercial bldgs
Industrial bldgs
Office Space
Retail Space
Commercial Land
Industrial Land
Retail Land
Short Term Investments
Long Term Investments
1031 Tax Deferral Investments
Land Partitioning
Property Management
Selling Entire Residential Subdivisions
(developed and undeveloped)
(910) 483-9420 Main Office
© 2007 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker Commercial® is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.
An Equal Opportunity Company. Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated
Regional Advertising
Regional advertising is the concept of collaborating
with other Coldwell Banker Commercial® affiliates in your
overall marketplace to share the cost of advertising.
Find offices near your marketplace by doing an office search
on Contact them for potential
collaboration. Locate a newspaper, magazine, or trade
magazine that covers the markets of everyone involved and
create an ad that works for each of your firms. It can be as
simple as listing your combined services or areas served.
Pooling ad dollars and resources together has significant
value including:
• Increased exposure
Download the advertising templates from
— Library
• Significant cost savings
ollaboration with other offices can generate
business between the offices
**If you need assistance, the corporate marketing team
offers assistance with copy writing, layout, and final
CBC® has California Covered
Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill
Coldwell Banker Commercial MECA Brokerage
Coldwell Banker Commercial TradeMark Properties
Coldwell Banker Commercial United Realty
Coldwell Banker Commercial Sun Coast Partners
One of
o the largest commercial real estate brokerage
organizations in the world, the Coldwell Banker
Commercial® System (CBC), is committed to providing
exceptional commercial real estate services for all
property types and service lines.
CBC iin California:
• Ove
Over 600 professionals
Covering over 30 markets
• Cov
Closed over 2,400 transactions (7/06-6/07)
• Clo
Visit to locate a professional today.
©2007 Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation. Coldwell Banker Commercial is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation.
An Equal Opportunity Company. Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated.
©2007 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker Commercial® is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.
An Equal Opportunity Company. Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated.
Online Advertising Directories
There are many online or print directories such as Yellow
Pages that allow you to be listed for free. It is important to
make sure your firm shows up in these directories.
The value of using these directories is simple: free exposure.
Most of these guides offer business listings at no cost, so
the only cost to you is the time it takes to put your business
listing in them. There is no reason not to have your business
listed. Putting your company in Online directories also
gives you better search engine optimization. Plus, if you are
meeting with a client, they may call directory assistance for
The following chart can assist you to make sure your
company is listed properly.
Internet Sites
SuperMedia is the nation's most advanced Internet Yellow Pages, with more than 17 million U.S. businesses.
Super Media also sends listings to:,,,SuperTradeExchange.
com,,,, Verizon Yellow Pages
Yellow Book is an online search engine to locate businesses or people by name, category, phone number, or
distance. EXECUTE – is a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T that offers searchable directory listings of businesses.
EXECUTE-, click advertise with us. Also sends to
* Must contact local Yellowpages to be added to print version
Google Places is the driver of the Google Maps platform. List your company on the #1 search engine.
Google+ aims to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life. They’ve added company pages.
YELP’s purpose is to connect people with great local businesses.
Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. It has
more than 800 million users. Without doing anything else, you can list your business on the site.
LinkedIn as over 135 million members, and is the place where professionals connect. Make a company page,
and make sure your employees link their profile to your company page.
Magic Yellow is an online business search engine searchable by name, keyword, or location. Provides the business
name, address, phone number, along with reviews from other users.
EXECUTE - to add your business listing for free.
Bing also lists business on their maps.
Yahoo! Local is a search engine to locate businesses. It gives the names and phone numbers of local services and
businesses, and also shows information related to them.
EXECUTE - Click on Sign Up.
Citysearch is the essential local guide for living bigger, better and smarter in your city. Covering more than 75,000
locations nationwide. Citysearch partners with a variety of other sites.
EXECUTE - Must sign up for an account. enables consumers to find local businesses, products and services. Its search engine and related
products deliver the industry’s most relevant search results. EXECUTE –, click Advertise with Us.
Best of the Web is a comprehensive directory of categorized websites, and is the internet’s oldest search engine.
EXECUTE -, add a business at the bottom.
Hotfrog is a place for you, the small business owner, to tell the world what you do differently.
FLYER CREATION ­­— e-presentations
E-Presentations is a tool offered to Coldwell Banker
Commercial® affiliates that provides the ability to create
“push-button publishing” completely free of cost!
Generate Interested Client Lists with e-Presentations. You
can create a marketing campaign that allows you to not
only track who opened your email, but also track who clicks
through. If they click through, they are at least somewhat
interested. You can generate a report that shows the
interested parties, thus creating an instant “warm” client list
for you to follow up with.
A brief summary of the product:
• Easily create marketing materials within minutes
• Information automatically populates from CREST EDG/
Listings Manager
• Download and print flyers or create blast e-mail
• Use when “Obtaining the Listing” to show clients exactly
how you will market their properties
• Easily upload your contacts from Outlook, ACT or Excel
or copy/paste them into the program
• Utilize templates that automatically link directly to your
listing on
• Upload PDF files from your computer into Marketing
• Wow clients with an e-book version of your piece
Enter your listing into CREST EDG, then go to
—Click on Tools
—Click on Epresentations
—Follow Instructions provided
Check out training webinars or download the Tips, Tricks &
Limitations document.
Recommended Templates:
• Advertisements
• Announcements
• Property Flyers
• Multiple Property
• Recent Transactions
• Postcards
• Flash Templates
• Biographies
• Newsletter
Announcement/Direct Mail Campaign
When you first affiliate with the Coldwell Banker
Commercial® organization, it is important to do
an announcement campaign. This is a series of
announcements sent to your current clients, future
clients, industry leaders and competition. It can be either
incorporated into your advertising campaign, a direct mail
campaign (inexpensive postcards), or a cheaper electronic
If you don’t tell the world, how will they know? People aren’t
mind readers. Yes, you know that you have joined the CBC
organization, but do your clients or competition know. By
sending it to your existing clients, they know how to reach
you for future business. It also reassures them that you are
still here to serve them; your company’s name changed,
not the service. By sending it to your competition, they will
know that you are a new player in the marketplace. They will
understand that they need share their information with you
and you need to share information with them.
It is suggested that you do a three-pronged approach
1) You’ve joined CBC
a. B
e specific as to why you joined: national
support, enhanced market knowledge, regional
collaboration, brand name, tools, etc.
b. Inform them that your service quality hasn’t
changed, only improved.
Then follow the first announcement with a second
2) Services you offer
a. New Services
b. Existing Services
Finally, send a third announcement
3) Professionals within your firm:
a. List of Brokers
b. Their specialty
c. Their contact info
When doing an announcement campaign, be sure to hit
current clients, potential clients, industry leaders and
competition. Marketing to one just isn’t enough. Also,
create your announcements with a similar look and feel.
Always include your firm’s contact information, website and
telephone number, a call to action and a clear message
** Stagger the campaign out, sending
an announcement every 3-4 weeks.
** Make sure your contact lists are
up-to-date before sending the
announcements. An announcement
campaign is only as good as the list
it is sent to.
— Click on Tools
— CBC Template Center
For Postcards: Xpressdocs / Tools / Xpressdocs
(Offers discounted rates on postcards)
Company collateral
Collateral consists of marketing pieces that provide
information to your clients.
Through Xpressdocs, the Coldwell Banker Commercial team
offers several brochures for affiliates to order.
The Capabilities Brochure (Client Services) is an 8-page
brochure that includes a back pocket for inserts and die cut
for your business card. The Capabilities Brochure is great to
use for prospective clients as a follow-up piece highlighting
the Coldwell Banker Commercial organization and what
separates us from our competition. It has recently been redesigned.
Collateral is an easy way to leave behind important
information about your company, capabilities and the
Coldwell Banker Commercial® organization. It allows the
client to read the information on their own time. Collateral
can also be e-mailed or mailed to potential clients to help
win business.
A template has been created that can be downloaded from
Blueprint that will allow you to fill in your individual company
information in a format that matches the new design of the
Capabilities brochure. / Library / type
in Client. It is called: Client Services Brochure – About Your
Company Template Page
Affiliates are encouraged to create their own collateral as
well. After all, each office has different client services. It may
also be helpful to contact other CBC offices near you to see
what collateral they are using, since there is no sense in recreating the wheel.
When creating your own piece, we ask that
you kindly e-mail the marketing team at
[email protected] for a quick
approval. Remember to follow ID Standards.
You can also reference the affiliate library which has various
samples created by affiliates all stored in one location. / Tools / Affiliate Library
Now that your company has handled
print materials, it’s time to consider the web.
1. Your Company’s Intranet Site
3. Brand your Site as CBC
4. Re-Market Your Listings
a. Re-market on CBC Website
b. Free Listing Sites
Your Company’s Intranet Site
Blueprint is the Coldwell Banker Commercial® intranet site
that hosts many of the tools discussed throughout this
book. Only members of the CBC organization have access to
Each company is offered a free “private” intranet site on
Blueprint. Documents can be uploaded to the Library that
are relevant to your company and only you would have
access to; such as forms, deal documents, templates,
company PR or calendars.
Intranet sites are extremely valuable to companies.
You can post necessary forms and documents that
can be downloaded from any location. The nature of
the real estate business is to be off-site dealing with clients.
Even if you are off-site, you can download the proper forms
to help you complete the deal. It is also
a central location to post News, Events or other
general company information that otherwise may
get lost when e-mailed.
* Make sure your company is set up in Blueprint. The
responsible broker of your company must take the initial
training in order to get a Super User account. This Super
User account is used to set up individual users
in Blueprint.
If your company isn’t set up, call the Help Desk at
1-800-222-2162 and they will be able to provide the
link for initial training.
The person from your company that has administrative rights
can control what is entered into your individual intranet site
on There is also training available
on Blueprint regarding the individual company intranet site.
One way to create a marketing splash is to have accurate profile
pages on A profile page is a brief
summary of your company, notable clients and transactions, a
list of professionals, etc.
Whenever a client is searching for an office, they can click on
the office to get more information. If you don’t have accurate
information on your profile page, you may miss out on attracting
that particular client. The metrics of CBCWorldwide for 2008
that are listed below show why you should have a profile page:
Over 15,000 listings
Over 200,000 yearly visits
Over 1,000,000 annual page views
The Super User for Blueprint of each company must complete
the Office Profile Page located on Blueprint. Each individual
should also accurately complete their Profile Page in Blueprint,
since that info will show on www.cbcworldwide.
Also available is a mobile version of the national site that you
can download in the app stores (Android & Iphone) or go to
Brand Your
Website as CBC
A website is a place where you can easily store
information about your company. Large audiences
can access the information quickly and easily. Your
company should have a website. If you have a current
website with your previous affiliation, it is important to
change it to the Coldwell Banker Commercial brand.
Otherwise, you will be sending mixed messages to the
marketplace. If your company doesn’t have a website,
you should get one developed.
In today’s business world, it is essential to have a website.
Consumers don’t use telephone books to
get information, they head straight to the web.
Local Worldwide
Because you are part of the Coldwell Banker Commercial
organization, you have the ability for your site to mirror
the look and feel of, at no additional costs. We
have created a tool that simplifies the process of creating
a website.
Your company administrator can login to Blueprint and
use the Web Developer Tool. Your website will be hosted
on the national server.
For some tips on how to easily generate traffic to your site: Download the How to Generate
Traffic and & SEO for your website: Blueprint / Library / Keyword: Traffic.
Re-market listings Under your CBC DBA
One of the most effective ways to market listings is to post
them on websites. Everyone is on the web seeking product.
If you have current listings with your previous affiliation, it is
important to change the listing information to the Coldwell
Banker Commercial® brand. Otherwise, you may be sending
mixed messages to the marketplace.
All of your listings should show on cbcworldwide. By entering
your listing into our CDX system, it is automatically pushed
to Listings Manager,, Local affiliate sites,, Catylist, Realup and more.
Each property has it’s individual Property Website. The
individual property website includes tabs:
Demographics (automatically populated)
Financials (optional)
Media (flyers, video, etc)
You can directly link to the web page which allows clients to
immediately e-mail the responsible broker for the property.
You can also send your listing directly in the e-mail body to
potential clients.
Value attracts 1 million property searches per
year. You have a better chance of hitting more clients if you
post your listings on as many sites as possible.
At the current time, CBC affiliates are required to enter
their listings into CREST EDG. CREST EDG is a tool that was
adopted from the residential side of the business; thus some
of the information isn’t relevant for commercial properties.
This is where Listings Manager comes in. Listings Manager
is an easy to use tool that allows such enhancements as the
addition of unlimited photos, attachments and streaming
Log in to CREST
— Listing for Sale – Commercial TR
— Listing for Lease – Commercial Lease
— Property Mgmt – Commercial PM
Then go to:
— Tools, Listing Manager
— Manage Listing
— Select the Listing that
you want to edit
The more information you enter into one of these programs,
the better you listing will show to the public on it’s individual
property website on
*If you don’t have your CREST login – you must first be set
up by your company’s data entry person into CREST (usually
Office Manager or Responsible Broker). Once you are setup, they will be able to e-mail your login, and the password
is “password!”
One way to ensure complete data is to send your brokers
the “Listings Manager Entry Forms” located in the
Blueprint Library: keyword: Listing
Free Listing Sites
In addition to the sites CBC automatically pushes your
listings to, there are many sites that offer free listing for your
The more exposure you get for your listing, the better the
opportunity you will have to sell / lease the property.
There are many local sites that you can list your property...
too many to mention here, but you can locate those local
sites and post your listings. Your listings don’t have to be on
all the sites, just the ones that work for you. Here is a list of
some of the national free sites:
CoStar — The industry’s most comprehensive commercial
real estate database with more than 2 million properties
representing more than 38 billion square feet of inventory
and over 760,000 for-sale and for-lease property listings.
Many people don’t know that although CoStar is a paid
service, it is free to list with them, you just have to call
in your listing. They always encourage new listings.
LoopNet — LoopNet operates the largest and most heavily
trafficked commercial real estate listing service online with
more than 2.4 million registered members and 915,000
unique visitors monthly.
LoopNet is one of the easiest programs in which to enter
your listings. You can enter a free basic property without a
Xceligent - A newer property listing site. Xceligent has
learned that the best way to understand the ever changing
market is to have their local Client Services teams in the
field every day. You can enter a free listing without a
CIMLS — The leading online commercial listing service with
unlimited property listings and national coverage for free. - Many real estate professionals are starting to
post their properties on Craigslist. You get a more localized
audience, and you reach potential clients that you may
have not thought of reaching. It is free to post to your local
Craigslist, and there are some sites that will automatically
build your craigslist ad. and search for your local Craigslist.
Utilize to generate Craisgslist templates.
Choose Your item — Offers a free listing service for
all commercial property types with up to ten photos
and around-the-clock editing availability.
For Sale or For Lease - is a privately
owned company dedicated to providing a low cost effective
way for property owners, brokers and agents to advertise
and market their available properties to nationwide buyers
and investors.
make your
presence known
to other
coldwell banker
As you meet other CBC firms, the opportunity
to cross reference your services increases.
This business is about sharing information,
collaborating and scratching each others’ backs.
There are several ways to make your presence
known to other CBC affiliates.
1. Top Notable Transactions
2. Contact CBC and CB Residential
Offices Near You
3. Reach out to International Affiliates
4. Submit referrals within CBC
5. Join Specialty Practice Groups
6. My Network on Blueprint
7. Use BlueMail
8. Attend CBC Events
Top Notable Transactions
The Top Notable Transactions Public Relations Program is a means of communicating affiliate announcements to industry-leading
news outlets and to educate prospective clients/affiliates about Coldwell Banker Commercial® organization accomplishments in the
local, regional and national marketplace. Affiliate achievements will be communicated to commercial beat writers at the Top 50
newspapers, business magazines and commercial trade/online publications. The Top Notable Transactions news advisory will highlight
the following affiliate announcements:
• Closed sales/lease transactions of $1M or more
• New or national assignments
• Property management assignments
Please fill out the following form to include your company’s accomplishments in the monthly Top Notable Transactions
PR program. The transaction must have taken place within the last four weeks.
Each entry must be filled in completely or it will not be used.
Today’s date: _________________
CREST TR # / Agreement # _________________________
Transaction type (check one):
Represented (check one):
Property Management Assignment
Closing date: ________________________________
Name of seller or lessor: ____________________________________________________________
Represented by: ________________________________Company: _____________________________________________
Name of buyer or lessee: ____________________________________________________________
Represented by: ________________________________Company: _____________________________________________
Permission to publicize? Seller _________ Buyer_________ (both approvals are necessary to issue a press release)
Property type:
Details: (# of apartments if multi-family; what land will be used for if land; anchor stores if retail)
Address of property: ______________________________ City: __________________ State: ___________
Length of lease: __________________ Square footage: _____________________________
Amount of sale or lease ($1,000,000 minimum): ___________________________________
Coldwell Banker Commercial DBA: ____________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________
City_______________________ State________________________ ZIP_______________
Contact Person: _____________________________________
Telephone: ______________________________ Email: ________________________________________
OPTIONAL DETAILS (attach separate page if necessary):
Provide a description or further information about your deal and its background.
By packaging affiliate news and distributing to targeted
Fill out the online form located atand send form back to
Send completed form and required attachments to:
media, the Coldwell Banker Commercial brand will maintain
on Blueprint / Tools
Coldwell Bankercorporate
Attn: Tom Nolan
regular communications with top-tier media outlets, increase
1 Campus Drive, Wing 2A
awareness of the platform’s achievements and recognize
or 07054
mail to:
(973) 407-6615
[email protected]
1 Campus Drive, Wing 2A
Attn: Marketing Department
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Or try the new electronic form found under
Tools on Blueprint.
Contact Coldwell
Banker Commercial
Offices near you
Contact Coldwell
Banker Residential
Offices near you
With over 200 companies across the US, there is a good
chance another CBC office is located near you, or near your
With over 4,000 offices across the US, there is a good
chance a Coldwell Banker residential office is located
near you, or near your marketplace.
Once you have located these offices near you; you can leverage
your needs, wants and haves vs. the other company’s needs
and wants.
Coldwell Banker firms deal with clients that also have
commercial needs. If CB agents don’t know you exist in
their marketplace, they may be referring this business to
a competitor.
You may have a client looking for land, the other company may
have the land. Collaboration breeds business.
Search for offices in your area on
Search for offices in your area on
Schedule a meeting with the local offices and
present your capabilities and services. Offer them
an easy-to-use referral system by creating a referral form
and a streamlined process.
reach out to international
The Coldwell Banker Commercial organization is truly global
with presence in over 20 countries. Don’t forget about these
other countries when marketing your properties
— Library
— International Category on Left
— CBC Affiliate Directory
You may have a property that will attract foreign buyers. By
reaching out to the international affiliates within CBC, they
may bring potential purchasers that you didn’t previously
have access to.
Map is available for download to use in presentations: Blueprint / Library / Keyword: “International”
Keyword: “Locations” for a US version
The Coldwell Banker Commercial organization has a system in
place to submit referrals to affiliates.
Part of the reason for joining the Coldwell Banker Commercial
organization is to receive referrals from any of the 200 offices.
Submit your referrals:
— Tools
— Referral Form
Join specialty practice groups
Coldwell Banker Commercial® (CBC®) organization
has formulated a series of Advisory Groups for various
property sectors throughout commercial real estate to
discuss emerging trends, identify best practices and
ultimately secure assignments and close deals. The
groups are: Office, Retail, Multi-Family, Industrial,
Investment, Property Management and Marketing (MAC).
The value of a specialty group is everyone within the
group shares a similar interest. Plus, you can market your
properties through the specialty groups.
— Go to the Library Tab
— Click on the Special Practice Groups on left
All of the groups have specific membership criteria. fill
out respective form for the group you wish to join.
After reviewing the specific qualifications for membership to the Industrial Advisory Group, please complete the following application
and submit along with a current resume or biography. Application and information should be sent via fax to Industrial Advisory Group
Membership at (866) 223-9325 attention: William F. Hinson. The co-chairs, Greg Barsamian and William Ostlund will review.
All membership applications will be reviewed by the specific Industrial Advisory Group and responded to in writing within 30 days of
Business Phone:
Cell Phone:
Email Address:
Web URL:
Area of Expertise:
Tenant Rep
Specific Niche:
In order to qualify for membership, you must answer the questions below:
Do you possess three (3) years of Industrial brokerage experience?
Have you closed at least ten (10) Industrial transactions over the past two (2) year period?
Are you an active member of SIOR?
If no, are you planning on becoming a member?
Please provide list of major Industrial clients represented in the past two years:
My Network on Blueprint
Blueprint offers the My Network system, which can be used
to locate other CBC professionals. It has more advanced
search features than those offered on the public website:
You are trying to win business with a national client, however
you do not have an “established” relationship with them yet.
By using the My Network tool, you can do a search for that
client, and find a CBC professional who has a long standing
relationship with that client. Then, you can leverage that
relationship to get your foot into the door and win the
Using My Network, Affiliates can:
• Make connections with other CBC professionals
nable others to find you by completing your Blueprint
earch for CBC professionals by their major clients,
specialties, languages, designations, and years of
onfidently refer your client to an experienced professional
within the CBC platform
You have a retail client that needs space in a market you
don’t cover. You can easily search for a qualified affiliate
in that location using My Network. Now, when you contact
that affiliate, you aren’t just randomly contacting an office
looking for the proper person that handles retail. It becomes
a “warm” call to that office.
— Go to the My Network Tab
— Make sure you fill out an accurate profile page,
as this is what drives the search capabilities of
My Network
Blueprint offers an e-mail system internal to Coldwell Banker
Commercial called BlueMail.
You are part of an organization with over 3,000 professionals.
By leveraging BlueMail, you can send targeted e-mails to get
your properties sold faster.
BlueMail allows affiliates to:
• Distribute properties to the entire CBC network of
• Target your e-mails by specialty or state.
• Send general text e-mails about haves / wants or other
• Send e-mails on behalf of another professional within
your company
Rules of BlueMail
The Coldwell Banker Commercial organization had similar
programs like this in the past that didn’t do so well. Affiliates
complained of receiving too many e-mails. When building
this tool, we took that into consideration, that is why each
professional is allowed 2 e-mails per month. They don’t roll
into the next month, if you don’t use your 2, they disappear.
It is also a great selling point to be able to tell your
clients that with the push of a button, you can reach
every professional with the Coldwell Banker Commercial
— Go to Tools
— Make sure you fill out an accurate profile page,
as this is what drives the e-mails within BlueMail.
Download the BlueMail FAQ: Library / keyword BlueMail
Download the Quick Guide: Library / keyword BlueMail
Attend CBC Events
There are various events that CBC affiliates can attend to
meet other CBC affiliates.
Attending these events provides valuable information that
you can share with clients, and it is a great opportunity to
network. Hand out plenty of business cards and let everyone
know that you have recently joined the CBC organization.
GCC — Global Commercial Conference
Regional Meetings — Events held throughout the year in
various locations to foster collaboration between CBC
ICSC — the major retail event held in Las Vegas, along with
smaller regional meetings held throughout the year
You can check for the dates on these events on:
There are many other forms of marketing
that firms may not think about. The
following miscellaneous marketing
opportunities are covered in this section:
1. List of Your Company’s Professionals
2. External Professionals Database
3. Client Database
4. Comps Database
5. Market Data
6. Blue Book
7. Industry Events & Sponsorships
8. Promotional Items
List of your company’s professionals
This is a list of people that work
in your office. It usually contains:
•Title / Area of Specialty
•Contact Info: phone, e-mail
•Company contact info: address, phone, fax, website
Create it in Word or Excel format, one that is easy for your
competition to use for their own purposes. Have one person
control the content, so everyone isn’t changing the format.
Update it as necessary and re-send it to the competition
when changes are made. If it’s just a simple title change, no
need to re-send to everyone. If you have two new employees,
that would be a time to re-send the list.
The value of having a professionals list is to send it to
competition so they can share information with your
team members. The real estate business is about sharing
information. If they have a property for sale, you may have
the client interested in that property and vice versa. If you
don’t maintain an up-to-date broker list, you or someone at
your firm may be missing out on valuable opportunities.
James Johnson
Senior VP Investments
(212) 555-5554
[email protected]
John Doe
Senior VP Retail
(212) 555-5553
[email protected]
Jane Doe
Director Marketing
(212) 555-5552
[email protected]
External professionals Database
Jones Lang LaSalle
An external professionals database is a list of people that
work for your competitors.
Lee & Associates
It usually contains:
• Company
• Address
• Name
• Title / Area of Specialty
• Contact Info: phone, e-mail
• Company contact info: address, phone, fax, website
The value of having an external professionals
database is to:
• Send properties to competition
• Send announcements
The real estate business is about sharing information. If
your competition has a property for sale, you may have the
client interested in that property and vice versa. If you don’t
maintain an up-to-date broker database, you may not be
reaching all of your competition.
Create it in Excel, so it is easy to use and sort as necessary.
Have one person control the content, so everyone isn’t
changing the format.
The initial creation:
Start with the national real estate firms first. If these firms
are located in your market, contact them and ask for a list
of their professionals. Tell them why you want the list: to
share information. Be sure to send your company list to
Coldwell Banker Commercial (other offices)
CB Richard Ellis
Colliers International
Cushman & Wakefield
Grubb & Ellis
Marcus & Millichap
Prudential Commercial
Remax Commercial
Sperry Van Ness
Studley, Inc.
Once you have tackled all the national firms, move onto
smaller, local firms. It is important to get their contact
information as well. Sometimes these smaller firms have
brokers that are really engaged in the market. You can
easily find these smaller firms in the Yellow Pages or online.
e as thorough as you can when creating your database.
If a company gives information about specialties, be sure
to include it. It will come in handy when you are seeking
proper contacts.
pdate the database at least once a year, calling all firms
on the list for updated information. When you get their
updated list, forward your list as well.
** Note: I always get asked the question, should I purchase
a list. My answer is no. You don’t know how good the list
is and usually they have to be scrubbed anyway. If you do
purchase, make sure you check what you got.
Client Database
A client database is a list of professionals your company has
worked with.
It usually contains:
• Company
• Address
• Name
• Title / Area of Specialty
• Contact Info: phone, e-mail
• Company contact info: address, phone, fax, website
• What you know them from
• Move in date (tenants)
• Personal Information about them
• Last Contact Date
• Type of product that interests them (investors)
The value of having a client database is to:
• Send thank yous
enerate business
• Send announcements
• Maintain contact with your clients
• Know what your clients are looking for
You shouldn’t think of only working with a client on a one-off
basis. That isn’t good business practice. Your clients should
be your clients for life. Sometimes maitaining simple
contact with your clients will bring in business just because
you are fesh in their minds.
Also, your clients know people as well. Your relationship
with a particular client can branch out to their circle of
If you don’t have a contact management system such as
ACT or REA, create your client database in Excel, so it is
easy to use and sort as necessary. Have one person control
the content, so everyone isn’t changing the format.
Outlook isn’t the best program to use because only you
can see updates you’ve made. It is important to have a
shared client database within your company to generate
collaboration and to avoid duplicates. Your firm will not look
professional if two associates are contacting a client at two
different times, and neither of them knew the other was
talking to the client.
The initial creation:
et yourself a program called CardScan (www.cardscan.
com). This unique item allows you to scan in business
cards. It is fairly accurate and will save tremendous amount
of time.
Maintain your database. Get as much information as you
can, you never know what connection you may have with a
client. You should contact all your clients on a regular basis
in some format.
Some simple ways to maintain contact with your clients
• Newsletters
• Thank You
• Year Lease Anniversary
• List of local restaurants near their new space
• Holiday Messages or Gifts (not just for Christmas time)
• Gift / Breakfast on Move-In Date
• Buildings that sold near their building (investors)
• Birthday e-mail
• Deals you have closed
• Interesting Sales / Leases in the market
• Market info
Comps Database
A comps database is a list of transactions that have
occurred in a particular market, over a certain time frame.
At the bare minimum, it should contain:
• Building or Site Address
• Size
• Price
• Date of sale or lease
such a group. Contact the local broker shops to see if they
would be interested in meeting. Everyone wins when the
information is shared.
Maintain your database. Get as much information as
you can on each transaction. Also, be sure to cite your
information, for info can be different from various sources.
If you can get the data, you should include the following
• Buyer info
• Seller info
• Brokers Contact Info: phone, e-mail
• Previous Sales of that building / site
• Cap Rate
• Lease Amenities
• Lease Info
• Sale Info
• General Building data: Year built, # of stories, ammenities
Google Alert
Another good thing to do is set-up a Google Alert. A google
alert allows you to choose key words, then every day, will
update you as to what articles / websites it found based on
your search parameters. It’s a good alternative to starting
a comps database.
To set up your google alert: you need a free google account.
Once you have a google account, login to your account, click
“My Account”, “Manage” under “Alerts”.
The value of having a comps database is to:
• Have a good working knowledge of what transactions
happen in your marketplace
now when leases may be expiring
• Know the price since the last transaction
• Know how much buildings are worth based on similar
When setting up your account, choose any competitors in
your marketplace. Put quotes around their name to further
filter the results: “CBRE, VA”. Or you can get more specific if
you choose.
Then, when you get a google alert, check to see if there are
any deals being announced. Record those deals into your
Comps Database. You may need to contact the broker for
more information, if they are willing to give it out.
If you are lucky enough to be in a market where Reis,
CoStar, Real Capital Analytics, LoopNet or Xceligent are
offered and you subscribe to such a service, start there.
These programs provide detailed comps about transactions
that occur in certain marketplaces. Realup also offers free
However, don’t rely on this data as being gold. The data
isn’t always accurate. It’s important to maintain your own
comps database, that way, you can combine data from
these sites, and mix it with data you have extracted on your
own; whether talking with a client or with another broker.
Many times, if there are several people from different
companies doing research in a marketplace, they may
meet regularly to discuss comps, etc. If there isn’t anyone
meeting in your marketplace, you may want to start up
You can build as many Google Alerts as you like; searching
for your main competitors in your market.
Tax Records:
You can also use tax records when creating a comps
database. However tax records differ from state to state
and from county to county. Some will allow you to search
by recently closed, etc. Find your tax records at www.
CBC Transaction Database
You can also utilize the CBC Transaction Database searchable database of over 140,000 transactions
completed by CBC professionals from 2000-present. Fill out
the form under Tools on Blueprint to submit your request.
Market Data (REIS)
It is important for your company to have some form of
market data.
The Coldwell Banker Commercial organization has an
agreement with Reis, giving affiliates access to the tool.
Reis is one of the most trusted providers of impartial
commercial real estate information and analysis at the
metro, submarket and property level. Each affiliate company
receives a complimentary quarterly allotment to run Reis
• Sales Comps (Buyer, Seller, Cap Rate, etc.)
• Rental Comps (Rent, Vacancy, Expenses, Concessions)
• Rent, Vacancy and Inventory Data
• Market Reports
• Sub-Market Reports
• Trends & Economic Forecasts
• Construction (Planned, Proposed and Underway
• Asset Advisory Report (encompasses many of the above
• Also view the free Quarterly Briefings webinars or
Capital Market sessions
Win Potential Business with the Asset Advisor Report
The Asset Advisor is a comprehensive 60-page report
containing all metro, submarket, and property-specific
information Reis has on the address you enter. In most
cases this will include history and forecast information on
rent, vacancy, and concession data, class cut analysis at
the submarket and metro level, detailed new construction
projects, and a quarterly narrative overview of conditions in
the market.
Imagine how prepared you would look to your client if you
brought the Asset Advisor Report in when trying to win the
— Go to Tools
— Reis
Sales Comparables
Property Location and Physical Characteristics
Make sure your company is utilizing this free tool. Reis
covers many markets (complete list available on Blueprint).
Property Name
Property Type Multi-Tenant
Address 660 Madison Ave
Building Area (SF) 254,474
City New York
No. of Bldgs./Floors 1 / 13
State/ZIP/County NY / 10021 / New York
Year Built/Renovated 1958 / 1993
Metro (Submarket) New York (Plaza)
Asset Class A
Comments Masonry exterior walls.
The value of having market research:
Sale Details and Analysis
Sale Date 30 Aug 2007
Sale Price $375,000,000
Sale Price PSF $1,474
Vacancy at Sale
Reis Cap Rate Analysis Proforma
All per square foot figures are on an annual basis
Rentable Area Assumption
Potential Rent Revenue
Vacancy Loss/Rate
Seller 1. C/O Broadway Real Estate Partners, LLC / (212) 319-7100 / 375
Park Ave, Ste 2107, New York, NY 10152
2. Broadway 660 Madison Fee LLC
• Become a local expert
• Gain insight on unfamiliar markets
• Observe all perspectives by viewing multiple sources
Keep up with your competition
Effective Rent Revenue
$98.35 In Place Rent x 239,969 SF
Expense Reimbursements
$182,507 [$0.72 PSF]
($21.69 PSF Exp. - Avg. Stop @ $20.93)
x 239,969 SF
Free Rent Concessions
Credit Loss
Additional Income
Buyer 1. Luigi Zunino / Italy
Comments Reportedly, the p/sf set a record high for NY real estate.
Effective Gross Revenue
Operating Expenses
Capital Reserve
Net Operating Income
Estimated Going-in Cap Rate
($310,664) [$1.22 PSF]
($263,880) [1.0%]
$0 [$0.00 PSF]
($5,519,541) [$21.69 PSF]
($25,447) [$0.10 PSF]
Based on Sale Price of $375,000,000
Reis Indexed Metro Off Cap Rate
Reported Cap Rate, This Sale
Reis provides information for more professional looking
sales packages and proposals:
See samples at
254,474 SF
($2,175,753) [5.7%]
$150.00 Market Rent x 14,505 SF
6.3% (Q3 2007)
Additional Details When Available
Seller's Broker
1. Douglas Harmon, Eastdil Secured, 40 W 57th St, 22nd
Other Broker Fl, New York, NY 10019, (212) 315-7200
Interest Purchased
Buyer's Broker
Lot Size
Time on Market
Key Tenants
Parcel Number 1375-1102
Deed Reference
Financing Details Property leveraged at a more modest 70 percent, with Deutsche Bank providing the financing.
Previously sold in May 2006; see Reis Sales Comparable ID 132927
Copyright 2007 Reis, Inc.
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the blue book
The CBC Blue Book is a market intelligence report that is
powered by affiliate data. It is published two times a year,
for year end and mid year.
The Blue Book offers the following benefits, each of which
helps both you and the CBC national brand:
• Increased visibility in the national and local marketplace
• Market information on a primary, secondary and tertiary
market basis, a strategic differentiator for the CBC
• Real time market information to help clients make
informed decisions
• The Blue Book can be used as a tool to position your
company as a thought leader in your respective market
• The Coldwell Banker Commercial Blue Book is also a
great resource to show to your clients or to post to your
social media offerings using the public link above.
Submit your Market
All we need you to submit is the following:
• 3-4 bullet points about your individual market(such as
new tenants, developments, construction projects, major
transactions, etc)
• Market data on rental, vacancy and absorption rates
(have the numbers moved up, down or remained static
since the previous quarter -- and please note, exact
numbers are not required)
And that’s it! All CBC companies who participate will receive
full credit in the Blue Book report for supplying the market
— Go to Tools
— Market Intelligence Section
competitive Market Data
Jones Lang LaSalle
Just like seeking out your competition for their comps, you
should also focus on gathering their market data. Market
data is a source of market information for reference for
property packages. Many reports contain:
• Market Highlights / Snapshots
• Vacancy & Absorbtion Rates
• Opportunities
• Challenges
• Forecasts
The value of having competitive market research:
• You can compare your data to your data to get the most
up-to-date data
Price Waterhouse Cooper
Other Sites
You should make sure you review the market data of all of
your competitors. They may have access to information that
you don’t have access to. Here are some of the competitive
sites that have market data.
• (pay site)
CB Richard Ellis (must register)
Colliers International
Cresa Partners
Cushman & Wakefield / Knowledge Center (must register)
Grubb & Ellis
Attend Industry and
Local Events
Every city has local industry events that you can attend or real
estate organizations you can join.
One of the best ways to create a marketing splash
is sponsorships. The very same industry events you
attend, your company could also sponsor.
Attending industry events not only provides valuable information
that you can share with clients, it is a great opportunity to
network. Hand out plenty of business cards and let everyone
know that you have recently joined the Coldwell Banker
Commercial® organization.
Go to some of the major industry websites to find
schedules of their local events.
NAIOP — National Association of Industrial and
Office Properties
SIOR — Society of Industrial & Office Realtors
CCIM Institute — experts in commercial investment real estate
CPN — Commercial Property News
CoreNet Global
Real Share Conferences
BOMA — Building Owners and Managers Association
IREM — Institute of Real Estate Management
ICSC — International Council of Shopping Centers
Sponsoring an event or activity with a particular audience
is widely recognized as an effective way to make that
audience aware of your capabilities, products, or services.
Often, it is an important supplement to print or electronic
Seek out local industry events (listed on the left)
or charitable organizations for various sponsorship
The Coldwell Banker Commercial organization has a
national charitable partner: Big Brothers Big Sisters of
America. Your company may be able to sponsor one of
their events. A guide has been created to further help
affiliates with participation in the BBBS program.
—Click on Library
—Download the BBBS Participation Guide
Promotional Items
Promotional items are items imprinted with your company
logo or symbol.
There are thousands of websites that sell promotional items.
A simple google search for promotion items will list several
good sites.
Promotional items are inexpensive items that are great for
introducing a company, reinforcing your corporate identity,
thanking customers for past business and encouraging
prospects to become customers.
Xpressdocs (as explained earlier) offers several promotion
items (as seen below). / Tools / Xpressdocs
Throughout the previous sections of this
book, we have explained “How to Create
a Marketing Splash.” The final step in this
process is continual marketing. Even when
you have completed all the tasks in the
previous sections, your job isn’t complete.
It is important that you continue your
marketing efforts. This section covers the
following ideas for continual marketing:
1. Stay in front of Clients
a. Holiday Cards or E-mails
b. Newsletter
c. Announcements
2. The Simple Things go a Long Way
3. Tracking your Efforts
4. Stay in tune with Coldwell Banker
Commercial information
5. Keep Website updated
6. Be tactful with marketing
7. Other helpful CBC documents
8. Next Generation Marketing
Stay in Front of Your Clients
Holiday Cards/E-mails
Send cards or e-mails for holidays. This doesn’t just apply to
the holidays in December. Send an e-mail for other holidays:
Thanksgiving, 4th of July, etc.
Simply creating holiday messages allows your company to
stay in front of your clients. Your clients will appreciate the
gesture and you may even get responses to your friendly
e-mail. This response could spark a conversation between
you and your client where you may discover that they have a
service need.
A simple e-mail with a graphic in the body of the e-mail
would do the trick (attachments are not recommended
because they can be filtered by junk mail filters). When
sending an e-mail, be conscious of the file size. Sending a
1MB graphic to 500 clients will really clog up your server. If
you are using an image, reduce the file size or resolution of
the image. Since it is being e-mailed, screen resolution (72
dpi) works fine.
Create the graphic in Photoshop (if available).
Go to File, Save for Web and other devices (this will create a
much smaller file for e-mailing). Save the file as a jpeg, and
you can experiment with the settings to create the desired
size. Then, open an e-mail, click on the body of the e-mail
and insert your image. Tip: if you want text written above the
graphic, either type the text 1st, or hit enter once, then insert
the image.
If you don’t have Photoshop, you can create the graphic in
Powerpoint, but do a “save as” and save it as a jpeg. The file
size may be larger.
To create an animated GIF e-mail if you have a release of
Photoshop earlier than version CS3: save as a Photoshop
File, Click/Open in Image Ready. Click on Window/
Animation tab. Click on duplicate current frame. Hide or
show layers that you want visible by clicking on the eye next
to the layer on the layers box. Make as many animation
frames as you like. Change the delay time as necessary. You
can also add “tweeners” (fade objects between transitions).
Click File/Save Optimized as, save as a .GIF
Photoshop CS3
Click on Window/Animation, Click on duplicate current
frame. Hide or show layers that you want visible by clicking
on the eye next to the layer on the layers box. Make as
many animation frames as you like. Change the delay time
as necessary. You can also add “tweeners” (fade objects
between transitions). Save for Web or other devices, save as
a .GIF
A Market Newsletter is a source of market information to send to
clients and is a good way to stay in front of them. Many reports
• Market Highlights / Snapshots
• Vacancy & Absorbtion Rates
• Opportunities
• Challenges
• Forecasts
• Completed Transactions
• General Info about your Company
Announcements are an easy way to stay in front of
clients. They can be used to announce closed deals,
new hires, etc.
If you don’t tell them, they won’t know. How else do you
think clients/competitors will find out what is going on
within your company? Announcing deals will get people
thinking, “that company is really busy, they are hot right
now. I think we need to be doing business with them.”
You can also announce deals that you have won.
The value of sending a Newsletter:
• Your clients may seek you for advice on the market based on what
they read in your newsletter.
However, you don’t want to send out every transaction
you complete. You should group a couple of smaller
transactions together, and you can be vague about the
information. Recently brought X tenant to building at,
rather than Recently leased 1,500 SF at building X.
The Coldwell Banker Commercial organization offers a template to
create your own newsletter.
Download the Viewpoint template to create and send to your clients
—Keyword: Viewpoint
You can look at various examples from some of the competition that
was previously mentioned in the “Competitive Market Data” section
to gain their spin on your market.
National 2008 Q3
Q3 News Stories
$835M Manhattan Project Scores Approval
A planned $835 million hospital development won a key approval when city officials reversed an earlier decision not to raze a
hospital building currently on the Manhattan site.
Florida Real Estate Experts Staying Calm
Florida real estate experts are not panicking in response to the national economic crisis, according to a recent survey by the
University of Florida. Florida’s housing crisis is worse than in other states, Archer said. But respondents to the survey think the state
will benefit the same way it has in the past, by capitalizing on retirees. But the recent drops in the stock market and the tightening
of credit will probably delay the plans of retiring baby boomers, Archer said.
Collapsing Fundamentals Drag Down California Economy
The forecast for 2009 is substantially more pessimistic than the outlook presented by UCLA Anderson in its third-quarter 2008
report on the economy, released at the end of September. That report did not forecast a recession but suggested that economic
growth had stalled at about 1 percent growth in gross domestic product in the third quarter and would likely decline to 0 percent in
the fourth quarter.
Everything’s Bigger in Texas? Not When It Comes to Real Estate Slumps
Indeed, industry folks in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin seem to feel just a little bit blessed lately. Even though the capital
market’s tougher restrictions have drastically slowed down land transactions here, the Lone Star State’s diverse industries and
healthy job growth have helped insulate Texas somewhat from a slump that has stymied much of the rest of the country.
—Click on Tools
—CBC Template Center
The Simple things go a long way
You’ve spent a lot of time creating your databases and
marketing the properties, but don’t forget about the simple
When trying to retain existing clients, it doesn’t hurt to ”Go
the Extra Mile”. By doing any of these things for your clients,
it may spark additional business in the future. Your clients
will appreciate the gesture. Just like you appreciate when a
waiter / waitress goes the extra mile, your clients will share
the same gratitude.
Here are some examples of inexpensive “simple things” you
can do:
For Tenants
• Create an amenities map for new tenants you place
into a building. Their workers may not know the area or
where to eat lunch. For instructions, See How to Create a
Marketing Package.
• Provide breakfast for tenants or something simple when
they move into their new space
• Remember the tenant’s 1 year anniversary from when
they moved into the space
• Keep tabs on all tenants you place. Keep track of when
their lease expires. Send them a friendly notice about a
year before their lease expires and ask if they are happy
in the space; or do they need to find alternative space.
• Pay attention to all tenant information you find out. Keep
track of lease never know when you
might have some inside info on another tenant vacating
a space and your tenant would fit perfectly in that space.
• A nice gift is a water-color painting of a tenant’s new
space or a building purchased by an owner; they
typically cost about $200, and can be ordered from our
relationship with ReBackOffice. / Tools / Custom Marketing
In General
• Stay in front of your clients with business. Tell them about
transactions you have closed or anything going on with
your company, new hires, new services, new website, etc.
• You probably get things from your personal real estate
agent or your mortgage agent for your house. You
always think it is a nice gesture, even if you don’t use the
product they send you. Don’t you think your clients would
feel the same thing if you sent them something? It could
be anything.
• Go the extra mile with your public information. Use
CBCworldwide as your personal webpage and personal
property webpage. The information is only as good
as what you put in. Look at your listings / bio and ask
yourself. “Would I buy / work with this professional?”
• Send them the “Client Centric Pieces.” We’ve created
a series of documents called Client Centric Pieces that
are meant for your clients for the purpose of staying in
front of them. Download them from the Blueprint library:
keyword: Centric.
• Get creative with sales. Approach owners that might not
be currently selling their property; run some numbers
and show how much they could make if they sell now.
Also show how you would market their property, and find
them an alternative to put their money back into.
• Keep accurate databases: property, clients and other
• Turn your transactions into referrals. Ask your client if
they have an additional needs: Construction Mgmt, other
locations, Property Management, etc.
• Don’t re-invent the wheel; utilize what is given to you
and speak with other Coldwell Banker Commercial
professionals. They may have already mastered the
thing you are struggling with.
• E-mail a “Thought of the Week.” It doesn’t have to be
industry related, but if you do it consistently enough,
people may start to look for your “Weekly E-mail” and
this will begin to establish yourself as “thought leader.”
• Send a brief recap of industry events. Or classes you
attend, especially if you think your clients will find the
information useful.
• “Catch up” with them. Take them out to lunch; even if
it’s just to “catch up” or stop in their office to say “hello.”
Keep it simple, it doesn’t have to be business related, in
fact, it shouldn’t be. Drop in to see how their business is
doing and keep the conversation casual...tell them about
a “hot tip” you heard regarding a tenant or a building.
Track your efforts
Tracking Social Media
Tracking is figuring out what is working by using some form of
You should track the success of your social media:
It is something that is often overlooked, and takes minimal
time & effort.
• # of Re-Tweets
• what style of writing is generating the most interest
• # of followers / friends / likes
• # of direct contacts
Why you need to track:
You can use Klout to track your Twitter usage.
• See what is successful
Facebook pages give you insights
• Weed out unnecessary work
• Play to your strengths
You should track your marketing efforts. Each effort may
require a different tracking mechanism.
Tracking URLs
It is important to track URLs. You can show the client how
many hits it received, etc.
You can use a URL shortener such as to track your URLs.
Tracking Website Traffic
Tracking Closing:
To track what helped you close the transaction, ask the
broker that represented the buyer / seller - “How did you
initially hear about the property?”
This will give you an idea of what marketing efforts are
working and will help you focus your efforts.
Tracking Procurement
To track how you won the business, survey clients:
• Why did you use my services?
• What did you like?
• What can I improve on?
Create a form on Google Forms and send it to clients you
have represented.
If you utilize the Local CBCWorldwide tool, you receive
monthly metrics to track your website traffic.
Stay in tuned with Coldwell
Banker Commercial
This may sound like a no brainer, but corporate often changes or
updates tools (adapting them based on feedback received from
affiliates) or offers new systems or tools. It is your job to stay in
tune with these changes.
You may have tried to use a particular tool, and found a bug with
the tool, discouraging you from using the tool again. However,
corporate also learned of the bug and promptly fixed it. Now the
tool does exactly what it is supposed to do, but you will not know,
unless you check again.
Corporate sends out e-mails, such as “What’s New on Blueprint”
or mailings to all affiliates notifying them of new things and uses
Blueprint to disseminate information about what is new. Make
sure you check Blueprint once in a while to see what’s happening
as the carousel is changed weekly. Also, whatever your login is to
Blueprint is the e-mail all communication is sent to. Make sure your
information is up-to-date.
If you have a single point of contact that disseminates info
throughout your company, please advise the corporate
office at 800-222-2162 as this ensures information is received in a
timely manner by all affiliates. Also, if a tool needs to be updated or
changed, please call the help desk at
The best way to stay in tuned with what the CBC organization offers
is to have someone from your company join the Marketing & Admin
Committee (MAC). There are bi-monthly calls that discuss new
items and give you a first-look as to what is being released.
Keep website up
to date
Information that resides on your website changes. New
deals close, new people are hired or new services are
Keeping your website updated maintains a professional
image for your company. If a client is meeting with a
broker that is relatively new to your company, the client
may check out the broker’s resume online. If that
person isn’t even on your website, then the company’s
professional image is tarnished. Or, you tell a client about
a listing that you have. The client goes to your site to get
more information, yet the listing isn’t on your website yet.
How does that look in the client’s eyes?
This is just a simple maintenance issue. Once in a while,
hand out current resumes to everyone in
your firm and ask them to edit as necessary. Then, post
these updates on the web.
Also, check listing data. If it has changed, make
sure you update it on your website.
Be Tactful with your
Throughout this book, we’ve offered several suggestions
on how to successfully market your firm. However, you
need to be tactful with your marketing. Don’t become
the firm that is automatically deleted because you send
many e-mails.
Tactful marketing allows your messages to get across,
without losing any credibility for your company. If your
messages are targeted and concise, your clients will
view your messages
as helpful information.
Send out announcements, but don’t announce
everything individually. Combine several
announcements into one. Choose your messages wisely.
other Helpful CBC documents
Other How to Guides
• Marketing Package
• Win Business (Obtain the Listing)
• Thrive in a Challenging Market
• Marketing Plan
• Business Plan
• Generate Traffic & SEO to your Website
• Get Involved with Brand Charity
• Use Social Media for Business
Presentation Enhancers
• CDX Slide
• Map of CBC US Locations
• Map of CBC International Locations
• Recruiting Guide
• Stock Building Photos
• Client Centric Pieces
• 3rd Party Free Tools
• Flyer, Postcard, Announcement
• Cash Flow Analysis
• Property Signs
“Sign T”
• PR
Advertising / PR, then Templates
• New Listing Checklist
• Listings Manager Entry Forms
• Awards
Award Category
• Specialty Group Applications
Other Documents of Notete
• Capabilities Brochure (Client Services)
• CBC Affiliate Directory
• Marketing and Technology Brochure
• Global Client Solutions Brochure
Next Generation marketing
In this digital age, marketing is changing. What typically
worked to market properties in the past may not work five
years from now.
It’s important to stay “in tune” with what new technologies
are out there. You may not need to know all of them, or even
how to use them, but you should be aware of them. You
should also start trying to incorporate some new technologies
into your repertoire before other brokers may pass you by.
The “Old School” way of doing business is fading. A
handshake simply isn’t good enough anymore.
Youtube Ads or Videos of properties
Everyone knows what Youtube is (if you don’t, it is a video
depository of just about any topic) The videos are uploaded
by individuals. You can create videos of your properties and
surroundings and host them here.
Sharing Information
The “Old School” way of thinking was, my information should
remain close to my heart. The Next Generation knows that
information is more readily available. You have to share
information to get information. If you aren’t sharing your
information, you may be missing out on details that you never
knew you had access to.
The residential companies are starting to create websites
such as “Open” where it lists all open houses
for all companies. OK, so there aren’t open houses in
commercial real estate, but the concept of all information for
all companies on one site doesn’t seem to far off.
Here are some examples of “Next Generation Marketing”:
Residential Marketing
It’s good to stay in tune with what the residential companies
are doing. At first, it may not seem relevant to commercial,
but remember, just like it is in the “real world”, commercial
always follows what happens in residential. Residential
booms, commercial booms two years later. Residential
slumps, commercial slumps two years later. The same
should apply to marketing techniques. If it works for them, it
MAY work for you, but not always.
The information portrayed are examples of marketing done by
Residential Agents, and will be the next generation marketing
for commercial properties.
“Virtual” tours of properties
This is common in the residential side of the business, but
there should be no reason it cannot be incorporated into the
commercial side. Digital cameras and certain programs
make this even easier in today’s world.
Through the Business Advantage program, CBC affiliates get
discounts from Realbiz 360
Web Presence
You need to have a web presence. Not just on your website,
but elsewhere on the web. Sites such as Linked In,
are good places to start.
A typical flyer just doesn’t cut it in today’s marketing scheme.
Utilize the individual property webpage on Worldwide. You
can even take it a step further and buy a specific URL for your
property (less than $10): and redirect it to the page on Worldwide. Again, residential agents
are currently doing this, why shouldn’t commercial agents.
in conclusion
We hope you found the information in this
book valuable to your firm. We have tried to
simplify the process based on findings from
an actual office opening. There may be some
things we missed. As you go through the
process of “Creating a Marketing Splash” and
come across something that wasn’t in this book;
please forward your feedback to the Marketing
Dept. at corporate by calling 800-222-2162.
We are always looking for feedback to improve
the products we offer to our affiliates.
© 2013 Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates. A Realogy Company. All Rights
Reserved. Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates fully supports the principles of the
Equal Opportunity Act. Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated. Coldwell
Banker Commercial, the Coldwell Banker Commercial Logo, CBCWorldwide and
Blueprint are registered (or unregistered) service marks licensed to Coldwell Banker
Commercial Affiliates.
Public Relations and Advertising Tools
1. PR Do’s and Don’ts
2.Small Business Advertising Basics
3. Advantages / Disadvantages of
Media Outlets
4. Where to Advertise: Helpful Websites
5. National Advertising Discounts
Coldwell Banker Commercial Tools
1. Win Business & Marketing Packages
2. Enhanced Graphics
3. Project Management
4. Financial Analytics
Following are some guidelines for responding to the media:
• Do understand the needs of the media.
on’t make “off-the-record” statements. There is no
such thing — they will become on-the-record and get
o speak with one voice consistently through a
designated and experienced spokesperson.
• Don’t debate subjects.
e accessible to the media so they don’t feel that
they need to utilize other sources.
on’t feel obligated to accept the reporter’s facts and
figures or answer hypothetical questions.
o follow up with the journalists to determine if they
need anything further and when the article will run.
• Don’t attempt to assess blame.
o collect and keep track of your press clippings as
well as those of your competitors.
eprint (with permission from the publication)
prominent clippings about your office and use
as a promotional tool.
o send photos whenever possible — and try to
position the Coldwell Banker Commercial logo or
signage so that it will appear clearly in the frame of
the photo. Do identify each person in the picture by
writing the names of the people on the back of the
shot or attaching a list to the picture.
o try to send releases to the press at least once a
month. This ensures momentum and keeps you top
of mind with the media.
• Don’t overreact or exaggerate a situation.
• Don’t deviate from your company policy.
on’t provide any internal material or documentation
to the media.
on’t berate or scold the journalist if they
misinterpret or misprint your information in an article.
You may call to gently remind them of the correct
data. They may print a correction or take heed for the
next article they write about you.
When asked to do an interview:
o your own research — Make sure to research and
confirm any facts or figures you are uncertain of, and
try to identify any area you may be uncomfortable
• T alking points — Write down some talking points so
that you have them in front of you.
• Don’t come unprepared, try to make up stats or lie to the media. If you are put on the spot about a situation, either offer the truth, or explain that
you are unable to provide the information at the
present time and offer them alternate information.
• If you are uncomfortable talking about a topic, offer
alternative, positive information without feeling
pressured to answer any particular question directly.
on’t just say “no comment.” It is often perceived
negatively by journalists as well as the public. If in
doubt, feel free to call the CBC Public Relations team.
Small Business Advertising Basics
Ad Measurability
Many offices face the challenge of how to start their
marketing launch. Should you run quarter-page ads in your
local paper? Should you pay a Search Engine Optimization
firm to get you better Google rankings? Should you sponsor
your kid’s little league team shirts?
The answer isn’t about where to spend money, it’s about
what order to spend it in.
Presumably all of these placements will produce
some visibility for your company. But businesses
like Coldwell Banker Commercial® affiliates don’t just need
visibility; they need a financial return
as quickly as possible.
Time to Action
Time to Action is a measure of how quickly our advertising
results in an action. CBC affiliates
need to turn ad dollars into actions very quickly,
so comparing how quickly your media performs
is critical.
While we want to produce quick results, we need to track
those results as well. If we don’t know what’s working, we
don’t know how to respond effectively.
Since most of your initial marketing will be a test of itself,
you need to put those items you can measure at the top of
your list. Even if they don’t produce the best results, the fact
that you can measure their efficacy will allow you to finetune your message and adapt to your customers earlier.
Return on Investment
Of course we want our marketing dollars to produce a
healthy return on investment. But if the return takes 2 years
(Time to Action) and we have no idea where it came from
(Track-ability) it doesn’t really help us!
All marketing should be accountable and provide a
measurable return on investment.
Always remember, if you can’t build a clear and obvious
model for return on ad investment dollars, walk away. Don’t
get lured into thinking that just because it builds awareness
it’s a good way to spend money.
You can build awareness until you’re blue in the
face, but unless you’re bringing in business, it just
doesn’t matter.
The idea is to find out what works best, move it to the top
of the stack, and then exploit it until it can’t provide any
further results.
Advantages and Disadvantages of the Major Types of Media
It is important to understand the different types of media before choosing which one
will be the right one for your firm. Adapted from Bernard Hodes Group, 2001 and Joscon Networks, 2001
• Most personal form of advertising
• Mailing can be pinpointed to precise
geographic area
• Can target specific groups
• Evaluate its effectiveness
by calculating response rates
• Difficult to find home address mailing
list of prospects by occupation
• Cost for reaching each
prospect is high
• Many people don’t like
unsolicited offers
• If the right mailing list can be found,
this is potentially the most effective
medium – no other medium gives
the prospect as much a feeling of
being specially selected
• Particularly valuable in competitive
• Specialized audiences
• Long life
• Not timely
• Often have competitive clutter
• Only appropriate to have your
company listed.
• Relatively cost-effective
• Target types of viewers
• Messages can be timely
• Ads can be interactive
• Able to reach a global audience
• Difficult to gauge impact of Internet
• Range of costs can vary dramatically
• It is still new to consumers
• Appropriate for ongoing campaigns,
especially as a resource for additional
• Banners, Ezines and links can help
drive traffic to your website.
• Select targeted audiences
• Ad size flexibility
• High quality printing
• Prestigious editorial environment
• Long life – prospects keep
magazines and reread them
• Wide geographic circulation –
• Long lead time for ad placement
• Costs can be high
• When it is a specific property that
tailors to a unique audience
• When time and geographic
limitations are not of utmost
• Easy to ignore
• Considerable competitive clutter
• Circulation not specialized –
you pay for unwanted readers
• Poor printing quality
• Targeting specific audiences is
• When you have a very local property
• When sufficient numbers of clients
are clustered in a specific area
• Short deadlines
• Ad size flexibility
• Circulation concentrated in specific
geographic areas
• Reach a diverse audience
Outdoor (roadside
billboards) and
Transit (posters on
buses & subways)
• Difficult to ignore. Can reach clients
as they are traveling
to their jobs
• Precise geographic selectivity
• Reaches large numbers of people
many times at a low cost
• Only very brief message is possible.
• Requires long lead for preparation
and must be in place for long period
of time (Usually one to three months)
• When you want to have an ad for a
long period of time
materials at
recruiting location)
• Quickly recognize brand
• Creative flexibility
• Inexpensive
• Shelf-life, kept at their desk or in
their home
• Limited usefulness: every company
gives them out and clients don’t act
on call to action
• When you sponsor an event.
• At your front desk in your office
• When you want to stay in front of your
existing clients.
Radio and
• Can be limited to specific
geographic areas.
• Creatively flexible, can dramatize
employment story more effectively
than printed ads
• Only brief, uncomplicated messages
are effective
• Lack of permanence; client cannot
refer back to it. (Repeated airings
necessary to make an impression)
• Creation and production of
commercials – particularly TV – can
be time-consuming and costly
• Lack of special interest selectivity;
paying for waste circulation
• When a large impact is needed; a
“blitz” campaign can saturate an
area in two weeks or less.
• Useful to call attention to printed ads
or web site
Direct Mail
Where to Advertise: Helpful Links
Start with local publications for your advertising. You can also
use the following links to assist you in finding more publications.
Newspapers by State
Magazines by State
Trade Magazines
City and Regional Magazines on the Web
Radio Stations
TV Stations
Media Contact List (Paid Service)
National Advertising Discounts
The Coldwell Banker Commercial® organization corporate
has negotiated discounts on behalf of affiliates with national
and regional publications, for both print and online.
Review the chart below displaying some of the discounts
offered or download the most current list
of Advertising Discounts from
Because the Coldwell Banker Commercial brand advertises
with certain vendors nationally, we can negotiate a
discounted rate for placements. We pass these discounts
down to the affiliates.
Contact Name
Black’s Guide
2,000- 4,000
(varies by region)
15 percent
Keith Davis
6X Rate
John Davis
(770) 973-5216
Property News
3 percent
Paul Hayes
(646) 654-4588
Heartland Real
Estate Business
10 percent
Scott France
France Publications
(404) 832-8262
Hotel Business
50 percent
Allen J. Rolleri
ICD Publications
(631) 246-9300
Hotel Journal
50 percent
Allen J. Rolleri
ICD Publications
(631) 246-9300
Midwest Real
Estate News
24 percent
Tricia Haddon
RE Communications Group
(312) 644-7168
5 percent
Rich Davis,
Multi-Family Executive
(215) 794-8252
National Real
Estate Investor
10 percent
Matt Butcher
National Real Estate Investor
40 percent
(Classified Section)
Russ Freyman
Managing Director
(866) 364-6114
(212) 204-4240
New York Times
Northeast Real
Estate Business
10 percent
Scott France
France Publications
(404) 832-8262
Real Estate Forum
25 percent
Greg Christensen
Real Estate Media
(212) 929-6900
Shopping Center
Scott France
France Publications
(404) 832-8262
The Wall Street
10 percent
Varies by region
(42.5% in
Geoff Madden
Dow Jones Advertising
(212) 556-4618
(212) 597-5650
Other Useful Coldwell Banker
Commercial® tools
It is important to create professional-looking listing packages
and packages to win business. CBC offers a variety of tools to
assist you in creating your packages.
Win Business Package & Marketing
Package Templates
A Win Business Package is a proposal that is used when
trying to “win the business”.
A Marketing Package is a proposal you create after
you have won the business to market the property to
prospective clients.
Both templates can be downloaded from in the Library tab.
Type “Package” in the search.
Templates have been created in a variety of formats for
both of these packages.
They are available in three formats:
• MS Word
• MS Publisher
• Adobe InDesign
Accompanying the templates is a How to Guide that
explains how to get the proper information.
The templates were created due to high demand from
Coldwell Banker Commercial® (CBC®) affiliates seeking
help with their proposals. The contents of the template
were thoroughly examined to determine what methods
should be used to best portray your company. Many
of the recommendations come from proven packages
that have won listings for some of our affiliates or have
successfully marketing the listing.
how to create a
win business proposal
part ic i pat ion g uide
The templates were also created to generate consistency
among affiliates. We wanted to make it easy for you
to create a professional Win Business proposal and
Marketing Packages.
Enhanced Graphics
Project Management
RE Back Office is a pay-per-item solution center
offered at a discounted rate to the CBC organization
of affiliates.
It is important to keep all of your listings organized. It is also
important to keep your client apprised as to where you are at
with marketing their listing.
A brief summary of the product: • 3D Maps
• Artist Renderings
• Floorplan Recreation
• Stacking Plans
• Map Recreation
• Flyer Design
• Website Design
Purchasing these products at significantly discounted
rates improves the quality of marketing packages.
You can also purchase a gift for your client. If they
recently sold or bought a building, you could have a nice
watercolor done for about $250.
Keeping your client in the loop is the first step in customer
CBC affiliates receive access to a communication and project
management tool: Teamwork PM.
This web-based communication and transaction
management tool enables professionals to connect with their
team members or clients and share information at any time.
This tool offers immediate access to project files, including:
lease contracts, floor plans, project timelines, task lists, team
rosters, property data and all project communications
- allowing you to easily keep your team members and clients
informed. in the Tools section. in the Tools section.
Financial Analytics
As an affiliate in the Coldwell Banker Commercial®
organization, you have a unique opportunity to get a
substantial discount on financial tools to analyze all the
rents, improvements and other occupancy-related costs in
detail via Argus Leasing Suite.
Argus Leasing Suite is offered as a paid service through the
CBC organization. We have negotiated an 87% savings on
behalf of our affiliates.
ffice, industrial, retail, mixed-use and
multi-family analysis
• Cash Flow, Tenant Reporting, Returns and Valuations
• Real-time Calculations
• Instant sensitivity for acquisition,
management and disposition
xpense Recovery Calculations with
Instant Auditing Capability
• Reporting and presentation tools
• Exchange with Excel, Argus and other industry tools
• Lease vs Buy Analysis
— Click on Tools
— Financial Analytics
We do offer an excel template to run financial numbers as
well...not quite as robust as Argus, but you can run a 10
year financial projection by simply entering in a couple of
— Click on Library
— Financial Analysis Resources
Prepare “Argus” like runs with this simple program to create
more professional Marketing Packages for your listings, and
it isn’t as difficult to use as the main Argus program.