Volunteer Coach: Application How To Creating an Applicant Login Account:

Volunteer Coach: Application How To
Creating an Applicant Login Account:
Thank you for your interest in applying to be a volunteer coach in the Seattle Public School District. These
instructions are meant to guide you through the process of creating an account and applying to be a
volunteer coach. If you already have a job account in our system, please start at page 4 of this document.
Remember that you must apply online through our online jobs system in order to be a volunteer coach.
Creating an Account:
Visit this link to go to our job opportunities page.
On the lower left, follow the instructions for “First Time Users” and start with “Step 1: Go to
Applicant Login.”
You’ll end up at a new link that says to create an account. Click that link:
Follow the steps on this page to create a new account (You can see a sample here: you want
to make sure to pick a password and username that you will remember, and don’t forget to
write down your password so you remember it for later). Once you’ve filled it out, hit “save”:
Now that you’ve created your account, click “Create Application.” This will allow you to create
your account that you will use to apply to the job(s) that you are interested in.
Name your application: Since you are applying for a coaching position, you can name it “coaching
application.” The name is not extremely important, but it will help you reference the job in the
future. Once you’ve decided on a name, click “Create Application.”
You’re now taken to a new page, and you can see that most of your information is included
already. Double check to make sure it’s correct, and hit “Save and view application.” You’re not
actually applying for a job yet, you’re just creating the profile that will get you there. Click on
“Save and View Application.”
Now that your basic information is entered, it’s time to enter in specific information. Click the “Add
Attachment(s)” link to upload your CPR Card and First Aid Card (make sure they’re in word or
.pdf form). It is not necessary to paste a text resume, but you are welcome to if you want.
When you click “add attachments,” it takes you to the page where you can upload your CPR
Card, First Aid Card, and any other additional files you may want for the position. Again, this is a
page you will revisit if you want to apply for a specific job later and change your cover letter to
reflect that application. Click browse to find the file you want and then upload to upload the file.
After that, click “attach another file” to add additional files:
Remember that you do not need to recreate a new application every time you’re applying for a
position, but you will want to revisit and update your resume and cover letter to reflect the specific
job you are applying for.
CONGRATULATIONS: Your profile is now complete.
Now that you’ve created your account, here are the instructions to apply to be a volunteer coach:
Remember that you must submit an online application in order for your application to be received by the
school. If you have not applied, please refer to the top of this document for application instructions.
You must apply online through our online jobs system in order to be a volunteer coach on the field.
Visit this link to go to our jobs listing page.
Below you will see a list of current jobs. You are looking for the “Volunteer Athletics Coach”
position. You can either “search” for it or find it in the list of jobs. Click on the link.
Once you’ve clicked on the position and read through the information, hit “apply” in the upper right
hand corner.
When you click “apply” it will take you to a page asking you for your login. Login with your account
here. If you do not have an account, please review the “Creating Applicant Login Account”
Once you’ve logged in, close the window. You should be back to the job description. Click “Apply”
The first page includes your contact information. Click “Save and view application” to continue.
You may see a red box at the top that tells you to add additional information that was not listed in
your original account. This box may also tell you to upload your CPR Card and First Aid card. You
can add those by clicking the “Edit” link. For example, this page says that my file is missing
personal information needed for the job, so I click “edit personal Information” and add the
additional information needed. For attachments, scroll down to “Add Attachments” to attach the
appropriate files:
Now that you’ve added your personal information, it will allow you to go to step 2: district-wide
questions. These questions are specific to Seattle Public schools, and include questions in
citizenship, past employment history, criminal history, etc. Once you have filled out this page,
click “Save and proceed.”
This next step includes supplemental questions. Please respond to the questions asked.
Once you’ve hit “save and proceed” a screen may come up asking you if you wish to submit
without adding additional fields. Be sure to read and act on this carefully, as you may be missing
important work history information in your application.
You are now on the “Confirm Application” page. This page summarizes your application, and this
page is also a final chance to upload a resume and cover letter specific to this job.
Once you have submitted your job, it is final and you will not be allowed to return to or edit your
job application.