How to Set-Up & Run the Hwacheon Fanuc Controller

How to Set-Up & Run the Hwacheon
Fanuc Controller
Powering On the Hwacheon
Turn on the circuit breaker in the rear
of the machine.
Next release the Emergency
Turn the dial clockwise.
Finally press the ON button
Take the X & Z axis out of alignment
Make sure the machine is in handle mode.
Move the switch to the Z axis and using
the jog handle move the tool head in the
negative direction. Once the tailstock is
avoided then switch to the X axis and
move the tool head in the negative
Zero Retuning the Machine
Once the X and Z axis are out of
alignment put the machine in
Zero Return mode and then hold
the X-axis first til it stops then
hold the Z-axis til it stops. Now
push the check the Position
button and all axis should read
Send Program to Hwacheon
Make sure the controller is
in the Memory Mode
Then to get to the program
screen press the program
Send Program to Hwacheon Cont.
Open Predator
Editor on the
Computer and
change the baud
rate to 4800.
Turn the
dial on
box to
letter D
Send Program to Hwacheon Cont.
After you press the program button you
will come to this screen now press the
I/O soft key
Your next screen will be the program library in the bottom right corner you will see LSK this
means the machine is ready to receive data. Now you can press Send to CNC on the computer.
Chucking the Material
To open or close the chuck use an allen
wrench to loosen the two screws in each of
the chuck teeth then set them equally
spaced off the material. Now tighten the
screws back and use the foot petal to open
and close the chuck teeth on the material.
Setting Tool and Wear Offsets
Press the offset button to get to
the offset screen. Press it once to
get to tool offset screen and push
the soft key to switch between the
* Wear offsets is for
tool wear, tool
offsets is for moving
the tool off the
Setting Tool Offsets/G54
When setting G54 touch the tool off the diameter of the part then subtract that diameter
from the contact point coordinates to get correct offset coordinates. Enter radius and tip
offset on this screen as well.
Changing Tools
To put the tool in the tool head just slide it in the tool slot and tighten the two outer screws
there is a taper to keep the tool tight. To remove the tool unscrew the two outer screws and
screw in the middle screw then remove the tool.
Changing Tools Cont.
You must be in MDI mode and you
can change the tool by pressing the
turret button. Just make sure the at
tool head is clear of the tailstock
and the part otherwise you can
damage the tool or the part.
You can also enter M6 T? to change
the tool in MDI mode. The mode and
screen look like so.
Run Program
Once the program is in the machine and it is in
memory mode you can push the cycle start
button to start the program.