From the Editors

Volume 10, Issue 1
Winter 2011
Taft Elementary to remain open!
From the Editors
Happy New Year and welcome to the
winter issue of the Mt. Auburn Town
Crier! As the New Year begins, many
people reflect on the past as they make
resolutions for the coming year. In
similar fashion, in this issue we’ll look
at the great things our community was
able to accomplish in 2010 as we look
forward to the exciting opportunities
and surmountable challenges that our
community faces in 2011.
Additionally, we’ve included helpful
information on ways to lower your
heating bills, photos from past events, a
heart healthy guide to eating and much
Whatever your goals and resolutions may
be, we wish you a healthy, happy and
prosperous New Year!
How to Contact Us
We welcome your comments and story
ideas by U.S. mail, e-mail, fax or by
Dona Grant, The Christ Hospital
2139 Auburn Avenue,
Cincinnati, OH 45219
513-585-0017 FAX
[email protected]
Annulla Linders, 513-421-2757,
[email protected], or
Antionette Jones,
In December, Cincinnati Public Schools
(CPS) recommended closing William
Howard Taft Elementary at the end
of this school year. However, after a
series of meetings with Mt. Auburn
community members and businesses, CPS
Superintendant Mary Ronan announced at
the Cincinnati Board of Education meeting
held Monday, January 24 that “Taft STEM
will remain open and enhanced.”
The following measures were outlined by the
1. Taft will remain open as a K-6 STEM
2. Students in grades 7 and 8 will be
transferred to Hughes STEM High
School in September 2011. Taft
will not be penalized for the drop
in enrollment, but will have an
opportunity to recruit new students.
3. Other activities outlined for Taft:
·The STEM curriculum will be
enhanced in collaboration with UC;
Taft will remain as a “magnet school”,
therefore it will receive district-wide
transportation support. In addition:
·CPS will start the process to select
a new principal (currently there
is an interim principal); school
improvement grant funds will be used
to enhance the program
·CPS will recruit student interns
from UC to work in the school and
CPS will work with the community
partners to develop marketing
strategies to attract new students and
parents to the program
·CPS will develop and intensify
efforts to enhance engagement of the
community partners to increase their
involvement with Taft STEM; explore
closer collaborative relations with the
Cincinnati Recreation Commission
with whom the school shares the
building; review the Facility Master
Plan for options for improving the
facility; and upgrade the schools
The Superintendant stated that CPS will
need the support of the community partners
to implement this plan. The official list
of implementation strategies from the
Superintendant’s office will be available in a
few days and posted on the Mt. Auburn Web
site. The community is very appreciative of
all of the efforts to support Taft Elementary!
A huge congratulations Taft STEM School
supporters, staff, parents and students!!
New At Mt. Auburn Center “Preschoolers and Parents”
It’s cold outside and it gets dark way too
early! Need a place to play with your little
Bring your toys and play at Mt. Auburn
Mondays and Wednesdays
6 – 7:45 p.m.
5:30 – 6:45 p.m.
The Chamber News
Mt. Auburn Chamber
of Commerce Officers
Holly Dorna, MA, LPCC, President
Heather Adkins, VP of Marketing
Jenny Heizman, SPHR, Secretary
Stanley Broadnax, MD, Treasurer,
Laurie Housemeyer, VP of Business
How to contact us:
Holly Dorna, MA, LPCC | President
2404 Auburn Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45219
513-333-4770 • [email protected]
Great things happened in 2010
In 2010, the Mt. Auburn Chamber of Commerce were able to accomplish many things
with the help of Mt. Auburn residents and businesses. Below are just a few of those
great accomplishments:
• Many new businesses opened, including Last Minute Catering and Independent
Living Options
• The first crop was harvested from the new Mt. Auburn Community Garden
• Way-finding sinage was installed in Mt. Auburn
• Uptown Consortium completed and disseminated Mt. Auburn Safety Survey
• Demolition of blighted property
Ways to Join
If you are considering joining as a member,
we invite you to visit one or two meetings
to become acquainted with our group and
the work we do on behalf of Mt. Auburn
businesses and our community. Meetings
are held on the 1st Thursday of every
month, noon to 1 p.m. (lunch is served),
at the Hamilton County Mental Health
& Recovery Services Board, 2350 Auburn
Avenue, 3rd floor (corner of Auburn &
• Auburn Avenue was repaved.
For a complete list of the 2010 accomplishments, please visit the Mt. Auburn Web site
Membership dues are based on a 12-month
calendar, beginning Jan. 1 of each year.
For more information, please contact
Holly Dorna at 513-333-4770 or by
e-mail at [email protected]
Individual Member (no business affiliation/
resident): $15
Businesses, Community Organizations
& Churches:
$25 Under $249,000 in annual revenues
$50Over $250,000 and under $499,000
in annual revenues
$75Over $500,000 and under $749,000
in annual revenues
$100 Over $750,000 in annual revenues
Residents came together on a snowy Saturday in December to decorate the Mt. Auburn
Community Christmas tree. Additionally, over 300 electric candle lights for Auburn
Avenue facing windows were distributed to Mt. Auburn residents for the annual Light
Up Mt. Auburn festivities.
The Council News
Neighborhood Support Program
Neighborhood Support Projects for 2011
will be presented at the Feb. 22 meeting of
the Mt. Auburn Community Council
The Neighborhood Support Program
(NSP) is a program designed to foster
resident initiative and involvement in
the city’s communities. Funded by the
City of Cincinnati, the program provides
resources for projects aimed at building
and strengthening the community in a
variety of ways.
Over the last several years, the Mt
Auburn NSP has funded a range of
projects, include youth sports program,
the community newsletter, membership
support for children joining the Mt.
Auburn Recreation Center and several
beautification projects. At this time, the
amount of money that will be made
available to Mt. Auburn is uncertain.
However, all indications point to a
reduction in the grant from $5,000 to
$2,500. If this is the case, our ability
to fund programs in the future will be
constricted; which means that some
projects will not be able to receive funding
for the coming year.
We strongly encourage all residents to
come to the meeting and share their
thoughts about which projects should
receive the reduced funding this year. All
Mt. Auburn residents are eligible to vote
on the proposals, whether or not they are
members of the Community Council.
If you are interested in submitting a
proposal for the funding and need
more information, please contact Kelly
Gunn, the new NSP manager for Mt
Auburn at 513-381-2912 or via email,
[email protected] Or you may
contact the former NSP manager, Anna
Linders at 513-421-2757 or via email,
[email protected]
MACC Election News
The following community members were recently elected as Officers and Trustees of the
Mt Auburn Community Council. A few of the positions not filled at the election have
subsequently been filled by appointment (they are designated by an asterisk).
Freeman McNeal
Stanley Broadnax (Chairman)
Vice President:
C.J. Gunn
Sandi Allen*
Anthony Thompson
Andrea Pressley*
Corresponding Secretary:
Rhonda Lindsey*
Hershel Daniels, Jr.
Kelly Gunn
Anna Linders
Jay Nachod
Pauline Van der Haer
A big thank you to everyone who ran for
an office; your willingness to serve the
Mt Auburn community is greatly
Mt. Auburn Community
Council Board
President: Freeman McNeal
Vice President: CJ Gunn
Corresponding Secretary: Rhonda Lindsey
Secretary: Andrea Pressley
Treasurer: Anthony Thompson
Board of Trustees:
• Stanley Broadnax, Chair
• Kelly Gunn
• Anna Linders
• Jay Nachod
• Hershel Daniels, Jr.
Council Meetings: The third Monday of each
month, except in January and February when,
due to holidays, the Council meets on the
Tuesday following the third Monday.
Board Meetings: The second Tuesday of
each month.
Meeting Place: William Howard Taft National
Historical Site, 2038 Auburn Avenue, south of
The Christ Hospital, 7 p.m.
How to Contact the Community Council:
P.O. Box 19138, Cincinnati, OH 45219
President: [email protected]
Board Chair: [email protected]
Newsletter: [email protected]
513-421-2757 or 513-684-9115
February Date
Change for
Community Council
Due to the holidays falling on the third
Monday in February, the Mt. Auburn
Community Council Meetings will change
to Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011 at 7 p.m. at
William Howard Taft National Historic
Site, 2038 Auburn Avenue, Cincinnati,
Ohio 45219.
MACC 2010 Annual
Report now
available on the Web
Please visit for
the complete report.
Non Profit Org.
US Postage
Cincinnati, OH
Permit # 9952
PO Box 19138 | Cincinnati, OH 45219
community features
God , s Bible school and college students spread Christmas
cheer at The Christ Hospital
A group of fifteen students from God’s Bible School & College spent
their Sunday afternoon on December 5, caroling to the patients at The
Christ Hospital in Mt. Auburn. They wished to spread the Christmas
spirit to those around them, especially those spending the holiday season
away from home. The students enjoyed going from floor to floor singing
about Christ’s birth and ministering to the sick. In their attempts to
cheer others, they were blessed themselves and plan to continue the
tradition. These students love Cincinnati and want to make it a merrier
community as they sing from hearts filled with God’s love.
Save Energy in Your Home or Apartment
If you are interested in having your home or apartment weatherized to save on energy bills, you should attend the February meeting of
the Mt. Auburn Community Council. There will be a presentation by the Community Action Agency on a federal grant they have to
assist low-income home owners and renters weatherize their homes. They will conduct an energy inventory to determine if you are losing
energy through windows, doors, inefficient furnaces, refrigerator, etc. Through these grant programs, they can replace furnaces, refrigerator,
weatherize windows and doors, etc. Be sure to attend the meeting Feb. 22 to hear more about the program and see if you qualify.
New High School Opening to Serve Students
from Around Cincinnati
Students, parents, educators and community leaders from all over the area are welcoming the news that a new Catholic high school is
opening in Cincinnati – a school that will bring the benefits of private, college-prep education to students with limited economic means.
DePaul Cristo Rey High School is located at 1133 Clifton Hills Avenue near Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, and will
open to a freshman class of 100 students in June 2011. Sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, this school is opening for students
in our community not well-served by the public options, but unable to afford Catholic high school tuition. Most of DePaul Cristo Rey’s
students will qualify for the Federal Free or Reduced Lunch Program and all will participate in the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP)
through which they will finance a portion of the cost of their education. Through the CWSP, all students will work five days a month in
entry-level clerical support positions. Already 25 Cincinnati area companies have signed on as CWSP Partners.
Cincinnati’s new school is part of the national Cristo Rey Network, a group of 25 schools transforming urban education in American cities
through a proven model of educational success. All 704 graduates of the Cristo Rey Network Class of 2010 were accepted into college. The
goal is that all DePaul Cristo Rey graduates will graduate from high school college-ready. A longer school day and year, academic assistance,
and counseling will be used to prepare students with a broad range of academic abilities.
For more information on enrolling a student, becoming a CWSP partner, or supporting the school, visit
or call the school at 513-861-0600.
Do Right! Mt.
Auburn Campaign
Over 250 residents came out to enjoy light refreshments and holiday entertainment at
the annual Mt. Auburn Christmas Gala on Friday, Dec. 17 at Taft Elementary.
Join the Center for Closing the Health Gap
(CCHG) as they launch the Do Right!
program in Mt. Auburn on Saturday, Feb.
12 from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. in The Christ
Hospital Auditorium. The mission of
the Do Right! Campaign is to empower
communities to improve nutrition and
increase physical activity to fight family
obesity. Obesity is closing in on smoking
as the nation’s number one underlying,
preventable killer. It is a major risk factor
for heart disease, high cholesterol, blood
pressure, type 2 diabetes, and other serious
health conditions. For more information,
contact the CCHG at 513-585-9877.
Relay For Life
Relay For Life is an 18-hour, overnight event that brings community members togetherunited in their will to fight back against cancer and raise money for the American Cancer
Society. UC’s Relay For Life event is in its ninth year and has distinguished itself as the best
collegiate Relay in Ohio and Pennsylvania and the largest student-led community service
event on campus. One of UC Relay’s current goals is to do a better job of reaching out to the community.
Relay For Life is a family friendly event and there are numerous ways for community
members to participate.
Ways for Community Members to Participate in UC’s Relay For Life Event
1. Form a Relay For Life team. Get together a group of 8-15 neighbors, co-workers,
friends and family and commit to raising money for the American Cancer Society while
partaking in our April Relay For Life event.
2. Help us identify and honor area cancer survivors that would be interested in joining us
for our “Survivor” lap to kick-off relay and attending our special survivor and caregiver
dinner. 3. Support the cause by making a donation through our event to the American Cancer
4. Donate a luminaria in honor of a cancer survivor or in memory of a loved one who has
lost their life to cancer. 5. Attend our Relay For Life event on Friday, April 29 at the University of Cincinnati
(McMicken Commons). Relay begins at 5:45pm. Family, friends, and community
members are welcome! We will have entertainment the entire night from 6 - 10 p.m.
Teams will have small fundraisers including food, games, face paint, and caricatures. Key
times are: Opening Ceremony begins at 5:45pm, Survivor Dinner (RSVP needed) at
6 p.m., Luminary Ceremony at 10 p.m.
More information can be found on our website at
Mt. Auburn
Christmas Gala
was huge success!
by Rev. Floyd T. Johnson
Our 14th Annual Mt. Auburn Community
Gala was a huge success in bringing cheer
for those in need in our community. We
served, entertained and gave gifts to almost
225 residents of Mt. Auburn this year.
We made a conservative effort to make
it known that the event is for the Mt.
Auburn residents only and not a city-wide
invitation. Although our numbers were
smaller than previous years, things were a
bit more manageable. We were able to give
away 39 family baskets of household items
and hundreds of toys. The Mt. Auburn
residents in attendance were blessed and
pleased to be a part of our annual event.
Thanks to those that played a part in
making our 14th Annual Mt. Auburn
Community Christmas Gala a huge
success. Those organization and people
include: William Howard Taft Elementary
School staff, Mt. Auburn Community
Center, The Christ Hospital, Center for
Closing the Health Gap, Holy Name
Church, Dr. Jerry Kirby, First Christian
Assembly of God, First Baptist Church
of Mt Auburn, Mt Auburn Community
Council, Mt Auburn Chamber of
Commerce, Kroger Corryville Branch,
Coach Tim McCollum, Cincinnati Hill
Christian Academy (Genesis Jazz Band),
The Johnson Family and community
The event was hosted by Friends of Mt.
Auburn Director, Rev. Floyd T. Johnson
Sr. and Coordinator, Cora J. Blakey. We
would like to wish everyone a prosperous
and blessed New Year. Please contact Cora
Blakey or Rev. Floyd T. Johnson Sr. at
[email protected] or [email protected] if you would like to
participate or support our 15th Annual
Mt. Auburn Community Christmas Gala
in 2011.
Employees of The Christ Hospital donated over 400 boxes of breakfast cereal to the
students of Taft Elementary before the holiday break. The cereal was collected to provide
the students with a breakfast option while the school was closed for the holidays.