October 3-4,2012
Marriott Hotel and Conference Center in Albany, NY
About This Event
The Adult Abuse Training Institute (AATI) presented by the Brookdale Center for Healthy Aging
on behalf of the NYS Office of Children & Family Services (OCFS), brings together over 400 participants from a variety of public and private service providers where networking and sharing
expertise will be facilitated through an assortment of formal and informal activities.
This year, the focus of the AATI will be Financial Exploitation. We will bring together the perspectives of social services workers, law enforcement, attorneys, bank staff and others to find a common voice in recognizing and responding to this issue.
Learning Goals of the AATI
• To build networks, collaboration, skill and knowledge of professionals working with
vulnerable adults;
• To promote the exchange of information, innovative thinking and best practices to improve
the provision of services to protect and nurture vulnerable adults;
• To nurture and sustain all service providers who are engaged in the effort to prevent and/or
end abuse to adults in New York State
Who Attends the Event
Protective Services for Adults staff; EISEP case workers; attorneys; law enforcement officers; nurses; physicians and other healthcare professionals; social workers in the fields of aging, health,
mental health, housing, domestic violence intervention, legal, law enforcement and justice. The
commitment and energy of participants and presenters is the most critical element to the success
of these annual events.
AATI Steering Committee
Maria Andriano, Mike Cahill, Christine Coons, Deborah Greenfield, Pamela Kelly,
Shelley Lambert, Alan Lawitz, Lisl Maloney, Kim Thomas, Jill Tobin, Paula Vielkind
Rose Mary Bailly
NY State Law Revision
Lisa Harris
Division of Consumer
Protection of NYS
Department of State
Kathleen Platt
Suffolk Co. Office for
the Aging
Patricia Bomba
Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
Mary Hart
NYS Department of Health
Paul Caccamise
Lifespan of Greater Rochester
Marie Philip
NYC Human Resources
Jenny Hicks
Vera House, Inc.
Jean Callahan
Brookdale Center for Healthy
Aging of Hunter College/
Robert Higgins
NYS Office of Alcohol &
Substance Abuse Services
Mary Ann Corasaniti
MACH Consulting Services
Kathleen Crowe
Brookdale Center for Healthy
Aging of Hunter College/
Debra Darby
NYS Office for the Prevention
of Domestic Violence
John Fella
Rockland County Dept. of
Social Services
Martha Gulley
Clinton County Office for
the Aging
Charlene Hrachian
NYS Office of Mental Health
Helen Jenkins
NYC Dept. for the Aging
Patricia Jennings
NYC Human Resources
Gary Kelly
New York State Police
Elizabeth Loewy
Manhattan District
Attorney’s Office
Art Mason
Lifespan of Greater Rochester
Ken Onaitis
Carter-Burden Center for
the Aging
Erin Purcell
NYS Office for the Aging
Geoffrey L. Rogers
Brookdale Center for Healthy
Aging of Hunter College/
Martha Schunk
NYS Office of People with
Developmental Disabilities
Lin Shannon
NYS Department of Health
Josh Vinehout
NYS Division of Criminal
Justice Services
Patricia Watson
Erie Co. Dept. of
Senior Services
Marjorie Windheim
Rockland Co. Dept. of
Social Services
8:00am - 5:00pm........................................................................................................ Registration
10:30am - 12:00pm..................................................................................... Workshop Session #1
12:00pm – 1:30pm........................................................................Welcome Luncheon & Keynote
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Alan Lawitz, Director, Bureau of Adult Services, New York State Office of Children & Family Services ;
Sheila Poole, Executive Deputy Commissioner, New York State Office of Children & Family Services,
New York State Office for the Aging
Keynote Address
Daniel Marson, J.D., PhD
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Brief Remarks
Andrew Borchini on behalf of
Senator Kristen E. Gillibrand
1:45pm – 3:15pm........................................................................................ Workshop Session #2
3:15pm – 3:30pm.................................................................................. PM Break (coffee served)
3:30pm – 5:00pm........................................................................................ Workshop Session #3
5:00pm – 6:00pm.............................................................................................. Networking Hour
Dinner (on your own)
7:00am – 8:30am...........................................................................Continental Breakfast (served)
8:30am – 10:00am................................................................................................Plenary Session
Plenary Speaker
Lisa Harris-Eglin
NYS Division of Consumer Protection
10:00am – 10:30am.............................................................................. AM Break (coffee served)
10:30am – 12:00pm.................................................................................... Workshop Session #4
12:00pm – 1:15pm.......................................................................................Lunch (on your own)
1:15pm – 2:45pm.......................................................................................... Workshop Session 5
Session 1 Workshops
Wednesday, October 3rd | 10:30am-12:00pm
Services and Resources for Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury
This workshop will provide fundamental information about traumatic brain injury (TBI), the
effects of TBI, and services and resources available to adults who have sustained brain injury and
their families.
Presenter: Judith Avner, Esq., Executive Director, Brain Injury Association of New York State
Human Trafficking in Indian Country
Some reports on human trafficking suggest that 12.3 million people have been trafficked
worldwide with some sold for labor, and others for sexual exploitation. Native Americans are not
excluded from this horrendous and offensive practice. This session will cover human trafficking
issues, victim intervention, and specific issues facing Native Americans.
Presenter: Keahi Kimo Souza, MS, LMSW, PhD, Behavorial Health & Social Services Director/Senior
Research Associate, Jemez Pueblo/California State University
Alzheimer’s Care --Another Approach-- Montessori-based Activity
The four “A’s” of Alzheimer’s – anxiety, agitation, aggression, and apathy are frequent roadblocks
in a care plan. This presentation will focus on Hearthstone’s I’m Still Here™ Montessori-Based
Activity Program (MAP) ™, an innovative method of working with persons living with cognitive impairments based on the educational philosophies of famed childhood educator, Maria
Montessori. This methodology has been researched for over 15 years and has been shown to significantly increase levels of engagement, participation, satisfaction, success and quality of life.
Presenter: Sharon Johnson, MA, Vice President and Director of Marketing, Hearthstone Institute/
Hearthstone Alzheimer Care
NYSOFA update
Change is constant. Offices for Aging are growing and adapting to the changing health care
landscape. Get the latest information on the Expanded In-Home Services for the Elderly program
(EISEP), consumer directed care, and Medicaid redesign from NYSOFA staff.
Presenter: Erin Pucell, Aging Services Representative, NYS Office for the Aging
Session 1 Workshops
Wednesday, October 3rd | 1:45pm-3:15pm
Identity Theft: Prevention and Mitigation
This workshop will present a panel of experts on identity theft prevention and mitigation. The
presentation will provide background and New York State and national statistics on the crime of
identity theft and will present strategies to help prevent vulnerable adults from falling victim
to this and related crimes. We will discuss different types of identity (ID) theft, ID theft in the
context of elder abuse and the impact of ID theft on victims. In addition, we will discuss how
identity thieves obtain and use personal information for fraudulent purposes. We will take a
look at ID theft coalitions that have emerged in New York City and upstate New York to combat
ID theft. Participants will get a roadmap on what to do in response to identity theft and offer
resources available through public and private entities to prevent and mitigate this growing
form of criminal activity.
Presenters: Lisa Harris-Eglin, Director, NYS Division of Consumer Protection; Carlos Rodriguez, Esq.,
Chairperson, Finger Lakes ID Theft Coalition / Lifespan; Anne Smith, Coordinator, Finger Lakes ID Theft
Coalition / Lifespan
What You Always Wanted To Know About Prescription Drug Misuse
A 90 minute overview of prescription drugs that are misused and what we can all do about
the problem
Presenter:s Steven Kipnis, MD.FACP.FASAM, Medical Director, NYS OASAS; Marjorie Windheim, LMSW,
Supervisior, Rockland County Adult Services
Guardianship in the Context of Elder Abuse
This workshop will cover the legal standard and the principles of guardianship. Using case
examples we will discuss how guardianship can be helpful in the context of elder abuse cases, its
limitations and when it is appropriate to apply for guardianship.
Presenter: Jean C. Callahan, JD, MSW, Director, Brookdale Center for Healthy Aging of Hunter College
Session 1 Workshops
Wednesday, October 3rd | 10:30am-12:00pm
Western Union Interdiction Program: How it Helps Adult Protective
Services (APS), Police and Victims
This session will provide participants with an overview of common wire fraud scams. Discussion
& case examples will highlight the efforts Western Union has taken through their Consumer
Protection Program to address this growing problem.
Presenters: Christian C. Hinckle, Consumer Protection Program Educator, Western Union; Art Mason,
LMSW, Director, Elder Abuse Prevention Program, Lifespan
Animal Hoarding and Animal Welfare Issues in
Adult Protective Services
Adult Protective Services (APS) is charged with protecting vulnerable adults. But sometimes
numerous animals, are often a feature and/or risk factor in APS cases. Hoarding behavior can
include animals. Neglect of pets can be a sad consequence of declining physical capacity or
cognitive ability. The disposition of pets is often a real barrier to placement of APS clients from
the community to a higher level of care. This workshop will focus on Adult Protective work from
an animal welfare perspective. Learn what resources and creative solutions have been used in
the service of APS clients and their pets.
Presenters: Paul L. Caccamise, LMSW, ACSW, Vice President for Program, Lifespan;
Jennifer Coffey, LMSW, Consultant, Special Projects, Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals
Keynote Presentation
Wednesday, October 3rd | 12:00pm-1:30pm
Daniel C. Marson, JD, PhD
Daniel C. Marson, JD, PhD is a clinical neuropsychologist and tenured Professor in the Department of Neurology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). He has directed the
UAB Alzheimer’s Disease Center since 2005, and has directed the Department of Neurology’s
Division of Neuropsychology since 1995. On a personal note, Dr. Marson has played the diatonic
harmonica for over 40 years and is a lover of blues and jazz. For his own amazement he recorded
a CD in 1999, and has published in the jazz magazine Downbeat. He plays in a small contemporary worship band.
In his clinical practice and research, Dr. Marson focuses on geriatric neuropsychology, primarily
treating and studying patients with neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease,
Parkinson’s disease, and frontotemporal dementia. He also sees forensic cases involving issues of
financial capacity, testamentary capacity, and personal injury.
Dr. Marson has lectured nationally and internationally regarding competency and other
medical-legal and ethical issues in dementia and other neurocognitive disorders. He has been
principal investigator on multiple National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded studies of decisional and functional capacity in neuropsychiatric disorders. He has recently received funding
through the NIH to study the effects of Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s disease on
everyday financial abilities, and hopes to establish guidelines to determine when individuals
with Alzheimer’s disease can no longer manage their personal and family finances. His work on
financial capacity in dementia has been featured in the New York Times, USA Today, the BBC, the
Kiplinger Report, and on NPR.
Brief Remarks
Wednesday, October 3rd | 12:00pm-1:30pm
Andrew Borchini on behalf of
Senator Kristen E. Gillibrand
Senator Kristen E. Gillibrand A voice for the people of New York
Kirsten E. Gillibrand was sworn in as United States Senator from New York in January 2009,
filling the seat of the current Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton. In November 2010, Gillibrand won election to the seat with 63 percent of the vote. Prior to her service in the
Senate, Gillibrand served in the United States House of Representatives, representing New York’s
20th Congressional District, which spans across ten counties in upstate New York.
From her seat on the Aging Committee, Senator Gillibrand is committed to fighting on behalf of
seniors, working to lower the cost of prescription drugs, make long-term care more affordable so
seniors can remain independent for as long as they are able, and protecting seniors from financial fraud. Senator Gillibrand is also working to lower property taxes, co-sponsoring legislation
that would give New York residents a full federal tax deduction for their property taxes.
Senator Gillibrand attended Albany’s Academy of Holy Names, and graduated in 1984 from
Emma Willard School in Troy, New York, the first all women’s high school in the United States.
A magna cum laude graduate of Dartmouth College in 1988, Gillibrand went on to receive her
law degree from the UCLA School of Law in 1991 and served as a law clerk on the Second Circuit
Court of Appeals.
Born and raised in Upstate New York, Senator Gillibrand now lives in Brunswick, New York, with
her husband, Jonathan Gillibrand, and their two young sons, eight year old Theodore and four
year old Henry.
Session 2 Workshops
Wednesday, October 3rd | 1:45pm-3:15pm
What the Irish National Study of Elder Abuse and Neglect Can Teach Us
In 2010 the Irish National Centre for the Protection of Older People undertook a national study of
the prevalence of elder abuse in Ireland. At roughly the same time, New York State was conducting its own prevalence study of elder abuse. The results of both studies demonstrate that elder
mistreatment is a universal phenomenon. Corina Naughton from University College Dublin, one
of the researchers in the Irish study, presents on the methods used to survey the Irish population
and on the findings of the national study. She will discuss the patterns of elder mistreatment
uncovered and how they compare with the findings in New York State. She will also present on
what social institutions and programs are in place in Ireland to assist victims of elder abuse. This
workshop will provide insight into the differences in victim profiles and risk factors for elder
abuse between Ireland and the United States but will also highlight the toll that mistreatment
takes in the lives of victims in both cultures.
Presenters: Paul L. Caccamise, LMSW, ACSW, Vice President for Program, Lifespan; Corina Naughton,
MSc, Dip Stat, PhD, Lecturer, University College Dublin, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Health Systems
Human Trafficking of the Elderly
While violence can be a harsh reality for elderly people, it is especially true for those who are
trafficked. Human trafficking of the elderly exploits a highly vulnerable population and has been
seen in forced begging, domestic servitude and other scenarios. As the elderly are especially
vulnerable, any practitioner who works with the elderly needs to know about human trafficking
laws and their impact on the elderly. Panelists address the legal and service frameworks with
which many practitioners operate, as well as provide an overview of the phenomenon of human
trafficking, its key indicators, and available resources.
Learning Objectives:
1. Provide an overview of the phenomenon of human trafficking
2. Identify key indicators of trafficking
3. Identify how resources are managed in New York State
Presenters: Christa Stewart, Esq., Coordinator, NYS Response to Human Trafficking Program, OTDA; Avaloy
Lanning, MSW, Senior Director, Anti-Trafficking Program, Safe Horizon; Suzanne Tomatore, Esq., Director,
City Bar Justice Center
Session 2 Workshops
Wednesday, October 3rd | 1:45pm-3:15pm
Hoarding-Understanding the Numerous Conscious and Unconscious
Behaviors that Motivate Hoarders and how we may be Able to Assist
This workshop will concentrate on recognizing the difference between hoarding and collecting.
We will review the types of psychiatric disorders and cognitive and physical disorders that may
play a part in hoarding. In addition, we will consider community resources and strategies for
assisting clients who are at risk of personal harm or who may be facing eviction.
Presenter: Mary Anne Corasaniti, BA, CEO, MACH Consulting and Training Group
Note: This is the first of a two-part workshop.
After a short break at 3:15 pm, the workshop will continue.
Assessment of Financial Capacity in Cognitively Impaired Elderly
This workshop is intended to provide practical guidance and training in the assessment of financial capacity in older adults with cognitive impairment. The workshop will present a conceptually based method and training videos to educate the conference audience about key aspects
of such assessments. At the end of the workshop, participants will have a better understanding
of financial capacity as a set of skills in an environmental context, of impaired financial skills in
older adults with dementia, and of approaches to assessment.
Presenter: Daniel Marson, J.D., Ph.D., Professor, Director of Neuropsychology, Director of the Alzheimer’s
Disease Center, Department of Neurology, The University of Alabama at Birmingham
How to conduct Financial Exploitation Investigation/Assessment for
Individual, for agent (Broken Trust brochure)
Adult Protective Services workers and other professionals who work with vulnerable adults have
to be skilled in many contexts. One of the most challenging roles is engaging adults who may
be victims of financial exploitation or financial abuse. This workshop is designed for professionals who may need to assess allegations of actual or possible financial exploitation or abuse.
The workshop will explore definitions of financial exploitation; participants will learn how to
evaluate questionable transactions, personal or professional relationships and what steps can
be taken to protect the vulnerable adult. In addition, participants will learn when it is necessary
and/or appropriate to continue monitoring a PSA case when there is no ground for legal action.
Presenter: John J. Fella, MSW, Deputy Commissioner, County of Rockland Dept. of Social Services
Session 2 Workshops
Wednesday, October 3rd | 1:45pm-3:15pm
Wellness Care For Workers: Taking Care of the Caregiver
This workshop will present a Wellness Care model implemented in a residential shelter setting to
promote healing and wellness for clients and staff impacted by abuse and trauma. Case studies
will be presented and demonstrated to familiarize participants with interventions and safe
techniques practiced to engage traumatized clients to learn to modulate and express feelings
safely. In addition, attendees will be encouraged to participate in relaxation and stress reduction
techniques that are offered to workers to aid in management of vicarious traumatization.
Presenters: Monica Celeste Johnson, NYS Certified Recreational Therapist & Yoga Instructor, Clinical Wellness Care Consultant, NYC Human Resources Administration; Marie B. Philip, MHS, Executive Director, NYC
Human Resources Administration/Emergency Intervention Services
Part A- “Mom Has Dementia: Is that Why She’s so Gullible?”
Part A: Part one of this two-part workshop will provide an overview of Alzheimer’s disease, the
most common form of dementia, as well as other forms of dementia. We will discuss what to
look for in determining whether a person has some form of dementia. We will also explore the
stages, symptoms, common behaviors and challenges associated with dementia.
Presenter: Wendy Rudder, LCSW, Care Consultant, Alzheimer’s Association, Hudson Valley Chapter
Note: This is the first of a two-part workshop.
After a short break at 3:15 pm, the workshop will continue.
Preventing Medicaid/Medicare Anti-Fraud
There will be a panel of experts from National Government Services, Centers for Medicare and
Medicaid Services, AARP, State Office of Medicaid Inspector General and the Federal Office of
Inspector General. The panel will be moderated by Tim Kovarik from NYSOFA and each panel
member will talk about what his/her office does to prevent Medicaid and/or Medicare fraud. $68
billion dollars is lost each year directly related to health care fraud and examples of these scams
will be discussed as well as discussions involving scam takedowns by law enforcement. There
will also be time allotted for questions from the audience.
Presenter: Tim Kovarik, BA, Aging Services Program Coordinator, New York State Office for the Aging
Session 2 Workshops
Wednesday, October 3rd | 1:45pm-3:15pm
Financial Exploitation Among the Elderly: Identification,
Intervention and Response to Victims
As the proportion of seniors within the populations of New York State and the US continues to
increase, financial exploitation has been identified as an emerging unique issue for seniors with
substance abuse conditions. The goals of this workshop are to: 1) Describe the incidence and
prevalence of the problem of financial exploitation in NYS and nationally; 2) Offer an instructive
conceptualization of exploitation that discusses how the loss of meaning and purpose in life
becomes a vulnerability for the older adult who is victimized and an opportunity for potential
perpetrators; 3) Provide useful tools to identify, intervene and respond to victims and perpetrators of exploitation based on the current research available on the topic; 4) Present true stories of
financial exploitation from the perspective of law enforcement; and, 5) Describe how this issue
impacts recovery and family involvement in treatment from the perspective of a local substance
abuse program specializing in substance abuse treatment of older adults.
Presenter: Nicole S. MacFarland, LCSW-R, CASAC BA, MSW (Ph.D. Candidate), Executive Director, Senior
Hope Counseling Inc.; Joseph Hunter, PhD, LCSW, ICADC, Executive Director, Universal Meaning & Purpose,
LLC; Steven H. Heider, Chief of Police, Town of Colonie, Police Department, Public Safety Center
Session 3 Workshops
Wednesday, October 3rd | 3:30pm-5:00pm
Evidence-based programming! Client outcomes! Performance-based budgeting! Whatever you
call it, it means one thing—you need to show someone evidence that your programs are working. In this workshop you will be presented with examples of how to use data you already collect
to demonstrate the need for your services and the impact they are having. Whether you are assessing PSA interventions in areas such as financial exploitation or evaluating the effectiveness
of EISEP services, these techniques will work for you.
Presenters: DIane Oyler,PhD, Research Analyst, Erie County Department of Senior Services;
I-Hsin Wu, Performance Outcomes Measures Director, New York State Office for Aging
Session 3 Workshops
Wednesday, October 3rd | 3:30pm-5:00pm
Working with Reluctant Clients: Building Trust
Elderly adults with mental health challenges may be reluctant to accept assistance and/or
services. This workshop will present strategies to engage impaired, vulnerable adults. We will
also discuss when it’s appropriate to consider involuntary interventions, such as the Assisted
Outpatient Treatment program.
Presenter: Pat Gilchrist, LCSW, Clinical Risk Manager/AOT Coordinator, Ulster County Dept. of Mental
Hoarding-Understanding the Numerous Conscious and Unconscious
Behaviors that Motivate Hoarders and how we may be Able to Assist
Note: This is the second half of workshop #203.
Successful Intervention Models in Cases of Financial Exploitation
This workshop will give successful strategies and actual scenarios to help prosecutors, law
enforcement, and advocates pursue cases of financial exploitation.
Presenters: Candy Vogel, Assistant District Attorney, Erie County District Attorney’s Office; Elizabeth
Loewy, Esq., Assistant District Attorney, Elder Abuse Unit, NY County District Attorney’s Office
Elder Abuse in the LGBTQ Community
This workshop will enable participants to provide a more culturally competent response to cases
of elder abuse in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) community. Discussion will help participants recognize particular barriers encountered by LGBTQ victims, and how
abusers can use someone’s gender identity and sexual orientation against them as weapons for
control and abuse. A case study will be used to enhance the discussion.
Presenters: Tiffany Braley, MVP Educaton & LGBTQ Outreach Coordinator, Vera House, Inc.; Dan Mullins,
MSAS, Volunteer, EMV Associates and The Center of Cortland County
Session 3 Workshops
Wednesday, October 3rd | 3:30pm-5:00pm
Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs): What are they?
Why do we need them? Will they add value?
Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs) are groups of professionals who come together to provide
comprehensive assessment and consultation in elder abuse cases. The primary purpose of an
MDT is to help team members resolve difficult cases, identify service gaps in coordination or
communication between service providers. In this workshop you will learn how an MDT can
enhance your capacity to find resolutions to tough cases, how to get an MDT up and running,
who should/must be part of your MDT.
Presenter: Jean C. Callahan, Esq., MSW, Director, Brookdale Center for Healthy Aging of Hunter College
Part B-“Mom is Still Gullible; But at Least I Know What to do About It.”
Part B: In the second session of this two-part workshop, we will identify strategies to help prevent financial exploitation of people who suffer from dementia and improve communication and
interviewing skills to make caregivers and professionals more effective in protecting vulnerable
adults from financial exploitation.
Presenter: Wendy Rudder, LCSW, Care Consultant, Alzheimer’s Association, Hudson Valley Chapter
Note: This is the second-half of workshop 207.
Discovering Financial Exploitation
When and Where You Least Expect It!
This session will shine a bright light on low-level, subtle exploitation. It will provide field-based
workers with the tools needed to help identify financial exploitation while also providing
outreach, benefits counseling or case management services.
Presenter: William F. Mosher, Jr., Senior Investigator New York State Police Financial Crimes Unit, New York
State Police
Using Breath and Meditation for Stress Relief
This workshop will be an experiential program with facilitated breath and meditation practices.
Participants will learn how to use simple breath and meditation techniques to alleviate stress in
all areas of life.
Presenter: Joy Solomon, Esq., Certified Yoga Instructor
Plenary Speaker
Thursday, October 4th | 8:30am-10:00am
Lisa R. Harris-Eglin
Mrs. Lisa R. Harris-Eglin received her B.A. in Political Science from Fredonia State University in
1990 and received her Juris Doctorate from Ohio Northern University College of Law in 1993.
Lisa began her legal career in Buffalo, New York as a staff attorney for Prisoner’s Legal Services.
In 1995, Lisa was appointed Assistant Attorney General for the State of New York where she
worked in the Litigation and Civil Recoveries Bureaus until 1999. In 1999, Lisa was appointed
Legislative Counsel, to the New York State Department of Correctional Services.
In 2001, Lisa was appointed Deputy General Counsel to the New York State Consumer Protection
Board (CPB). In January 2004, Lisa was promoted and named General Counsel of the CPB. In
April 2006, Lisa was promoted again and named, Executive Deputy Director and General Counsel
of the CPB.
In April 2011, the New York State Consumer Protection Board was merged with the New York
State Department of State; and, the new Division of Consumer Protection was created. In June
2011, Lisa was appointed Director of the Division of Consumer Protection.
Lisa is a member of the Albany County Bar Association; the Black and Hispanic Bar Association;
the Capital District Women’s Bar Association; and, is an active member of her community who
participates in volunteer supported projects. Lisa resides with her family in the Capital Region.
Session 4 Workshops
Thursday, October 4th | 10:30am-12:00pm
Medical Records 101: Why You Want Them! How to Get Them!
What to Do With Them!
Two financial exploitation cases will illustrate how medical records can help you make tough
decisions! Learn ways to quickly communicate with healthcare providers, make sense of the
information you receive, and manage your interventions. This session focuses on financial exploitation of older people with memory and other cognitive losses.
Presenter: Sally White, M.D
Note: This is the first of a two-part workshop.
After a short break at 12:00 pm, the workshop will continue.
Evaluating Undue Influence in Civil and Criminal Proceedings
Undue influence can have a significant impact on an elderly person’s financial status, quality
of life and estate planning. This workshop will feature case studies focusing on how to identify
signs of undue influence, with viewpoints from a civil attorney and an elder abuse prosecutor.
We will cover statutory provisions, case law synopses, and practical tips for anyone working with
elderly people.
Presenters: Elizabeth Loewy, Chief of Elder Abuse Unit, NY County District Attorney’s Office; Louis Pierro,
Esq., Partner, Pierro Law Group
Global Perspectives on Elder Abuse
Elder abuse knows no cultural or national frontiers. The misuse of an ATM card in the US, the
isolation of older women as “witches” in Nepal is proof that mistreatment of vulnerable older
adults is a global tragedy. In this workshop, we will discuss elder abuse trends from a global
perspective with an emphasis on financial exploitation. Workshop presenters will discuss the
dynamic impact of culture on how elder mistreatment is defined societally and how it’s
perceived by victims. We will be reviewing some of the national and international efforts to
stop elder abuse and prevent the financial exploitation of older adults. Dr. Patricia Brownell will
address the role of the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA) in
education and advocacy activities around elder abuse issues.
Presenters: Patricia Brownell, PhD, LMSW, Associate Professor Emerita of Social Service, Fordham
University; Paul L. Caccamise, LMSW, ACSW, Vice President for Program, Lifespan; Corina Naughton, MSc,
Dip Stat, PhD, Lecturer, University College Dublin, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Health Systems
Session 4 Workshops
Thursday, October 4th | 10:30am-12:00pm
The Changing Landscape of Elder Financial Exploitation
The presenters will discuss recent research on financial exploitation and innovative initiatives to
address this growing problem. Hear from experts on the topic of financial abuse and what
sorts of preventions, interventions and effective education initiatives are being used to combat
financial exploitation of vulnerable adults.
Presenters: Andrew Capehart, Assistant Director, National Adult Protective Services Association (NAPSA);
Art Mason, LMSW, Director, Elder Abuse Prevention Program, Lifespan; Joe Snyder, Director of Older Adults
Protective Services, Philadelphia Corporation for Aging; Kathy O’Brien, R.N., M.S., Senior Gerontologist, MetLife
Mature Market Institute
Fiduciary Abuse: How Do We Respond?
There will be a panel discussion of experts on financial exploitation by fiduciaries such as guardians, powers of attorney, trustees, and other fiduciaries. The panel will use actual cases to guide
the conversation on how to respond when individuals who have been entrusted with financial
responsibilities for an older adult abuse those powers.
Presenters: Jean C. Callahan, Esq., MSW, Director, Brookdale Center for Healthy Aging of Hunter College;
Alan Lawitz, Esq., Director, Bureau of Adult Services; Gary S. Brown, Assistant Attorney General-in-Charge,
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s Westchester Regional Office; Lin Saberski, Esq., Deputy Commissioner, NYC Adult Protective Services
The Face of Abusive Behavior; Working with Abusive Individuals
Working with an abuser is as important as working with the victim. This workshop will discuss
the social, political and clinical principles of working with abusive behavior and facilitate a
discussion on increasing/ improving engagement skills vital to working with abusive individuals.
Presenter: Steve Stitt, LMSW, Director of Clinical Consultation Program, Jewish Board of Family & Children
Session 4 Workshops
Thursday, October 4th | 10:30am-12:00pm
What does Adult Protective Services (APS) do and how can we
intervene in Financial Exploitation cases?
Using successful models/case outcomes this workshop will present practical examples from
three communities on awareness campaigns and innovative intervention strategies that could
be replicable to your community.
Presenters: Jenny Hicks, MSW, Elder Abuse Educator, Vera House, Inc.; John J. Fella, MSW, Deputy Commissioner, Adult Special Services, Rockland County DSS
Mental Health/Substance Abuse Among Older Adults: An Overview
The goal of the presentation is to develop an awareness and understanding of mental health and
substance abuse issues that affect elderly people. This is a presentation for non-clinical social
services workers and caregivers. In this workshop, we will discuss issues relating to mental
health/substance abuse disorders, stages of change, barriers to treatment, screening Instruments and warning signs of suicide. After this presentation, participants will be able to
recognize signs that may point to the need for a referral for screening and assessment of mental
health and substance abuse.
Presenter: John Rooney, MS, CRC, Dual Recovery Coordinator, Community Connections of New York
Session 5 Workshops
Thursday, October 4th | 1:15pm-2:45pm
Medical Records 101: Why You Want Them! How to Get Them!
What to Do With Them!
Two financial exploitation cases will illustrate how medical records can help you make tough
decisions! Learn ways to quickly communicate with healthcare providers, make sense of the
information you receive, and manage your interventions. This session focuses on financial exploitation of older people with memory and other cognitive losses.
Presenter: Sally White, M.D
Note: This is the second half of workshop 401.
Financial Exploitation in Indian Country
This will be a panel presentation that will identify the various Tribal communities in NYS and
provide some examples of how financial exploitation is increasing against Native American
elders. A national expert will also be a part of the panel to discuss what has been observed in
tribal communities across the country and how some tribal Nations are dealing with it.
Presenters: Brian Mohr, B.S., Domestic Violence Coordinator, Erie County Sheriff’s Department; Keahi Kimo
Souza, MSW/MS, Behavioral Health Director, Santo Domingo Pueblo
Technology Safety: Navigating the Landmines
How can clients and families be safe from financial exploitation through technology systems?
Learn how cyber systems are utilized to target and stalk victims of financial abuse. Navigating
the landmines of technology is key to safety planning. Presenters will provide state-of-the-art
information on technology systems, current programs and legal services available to keep clients
safe and assist those who are financially exploited/abused.
Presenter: Erica Olsen, Trainer, National Network to End Domestic Violence
Session 5 Workshops
Thursday, October 4th | 1:15pm-2:45pm
Preying on the Old and Vulnerable: Taking Action against
Fraud and Scams
Scams and fraudulent activities that target vulnerable and older adults are very prevalent. This
workshop will provide an update on the most common scams and fraudulent schemes that
can affect all of us! Home improvement scams, telemarketing fraud, lottery scams, credit card,
smartphone and e- mail scams will be covered. The presenters are actively involved in public
education and other initiatives to prevent scams and fraud. They will discuss concrete strategies
to avoid becoming a victim and what to do if victimization occurs.
Presenters: James Lynd, Fraud and Scams Prevention Program Coordinator, Lifespan; Melanie Grossman,
Outreach Coordinator, NYS Division of Consumer Protection; Paul L. Caccamise, LMSW, ACSW, Vice President
for Program, Lifespan
The Financial Advisor and the Caseworker:
A Team Approach to Combat Financial Exploitation
Often representatives of the banking industry and other financial advisors may be the first line of
defense in identifying potential financial exploitation. This workshop will focus on the cooperative relationship that can develop when a financial advisor and a caseworker collaborate to assist
vulnerable adults who are at risk for abuse. Actual cases will be used to illustrate this collaborative approach.
Presenters: Marjorie Windheim, LCSW, Adult Services Supervisor, Rockland County Department of Social
Services; Alfie Schloss, MS, Reverse Mortgage Loan Originator, Associated Mortgage Bankers,Inc.;
Lori Gifford, BA, Caseworker, Adult Protective Services, Rockland County Department of Social Services
Integrating evidence-based mental health interventions
with elder abuse victims
This workshop will describe the development of a program that integrates evidence-based
mental health programs within traditional elder abuse services. Data will be provided on the
prevalence of elder abuse in New York State and the rates of mental health symptoms in this
population. The development and format of the mental health intervention in the integrated
and coordinated service programs will be discussed.
Presenters: Jackie Berman, PhD, Director, Research, NYC Department for the Aging, Jo Anne Sirey, PhD,
Associate Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry, Weill Cornell, Medical College; Aurora
Salamone, MPS, Director of Elderly Crime Victims Resource Center, NYC Department for the Aging
Session 5 Workshops
Thursday, October 4th | 1:15pm-2:45pm
Increased Vulnerability for Financial Exploitation of
Older Adults Resulting from Substance
Substance abuse can play a serious role in increasing the vulnerability of older adults to a variety
of problems, including financial exploitation. This workshop will review three key aspects of the
dynamics of older adult substance use and financial exploitation: (1) relationships with spouses,
other family members, friends and caregivers in which financial vulnerability can occur; (2) the
risks and realities that older adults face involving various types of substance abuse including
ongoing and sudden onset of problems tied to alcohol, medications and other drugs in relation
to physical, mental and social well-being; (3) treatment procedures and outcomes related to
older adult substance abuse, with a focus on decreasing financial vulnerability.
Presenter: Christopher Barrick, Ph.D., Senior Research Assistant, Research Institute on Addictions/University at Buffalol; Robert Higgins, MPP, MSWHon, Addiction Program Specialist/Coordinator of Older Adult
Services, NYS, Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS)
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