How to Use Stainless Steel Crowns in Paediatric Dentistry

How to Use Stainless Steel Crowns
in Paediatric Dentistry
CPD Credit:
Friday 7 September
9:00am - 5:00pm
Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
250 - 290 Spring Street, East Melbourne
6 Hours Scientific CPD
Lecture and Hands on Workshop
Presenter: Dr Mala Desai
Registration Limit:
Management of the pulpally involved or severely broken down primary tooth and adequate restoration poses considerable
challenges for clinicians involved in the care of the child patient. The use of prefabricated crowns provides the optimal and
most successful form of restoration from compromised teeth, whether resulting from caries and pulpal breakdown, or relating to developmental defects of tooth structure. Stainless steel crowns are an excellent restorative treatment option in the primary dentition as a means of maintaining the space for the permanent successor. The placement of stainless steel crowns in
primary teeth minimises retreatment by providing restorations of high quality that will function until the natural exfoliation of
the tooth.
Stainless steel crowns may be indicated as an interim restorative treatment option in permanent molars where there has
been significant breakdown of the crown and pulpal sensitivity e.g. hypoplastic first permanent molars. The procedure is
more complex than for primary crowns but the results are
again reliable and predictable.
Case selection through appropriate diagnosis is essential to
the long term success of the procedures. In this practical and
informative program, participants will be exposed to a background on the types of stainless steel crowns as well as indications and clinical techniques for the placement of stainless
steel crowns. Hands on experience in restorative techniques
involving placement of stainless steel crowns on replica teeth
will be a key component in the course.
At the conclusion of this workshop participants should be
familiar with:
appropriate diagnosis
correct placement of stainless steel crowns
predictable restorative options
Dr Mala Desai Paediatric Dentist, Melbourne
Dr Mala Desai graduated with a Bachelor of dental science from
the University of Melbourne in 1990. She spent several years’ sin
private general practice in both Melbourne and abroad before
completing her Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry in 1997
from the University of Melbourne. Dr Desai has a busy private
specialist practice restricted to paediatric dentistry. She is past
executive secretary for the Australasian Academy of paediatric
Dentistry and past president of the Australian and New Zealand
Society for Paediatric Dentistry (Victorian Branch). Dr Desai is a
consultant paediatric dentist at the Royal Children’s Hospital
where she treats children with salivary drooling and other oromotor dysfunction. She is also a clinical demonstrator and lecture
in paediatric dentistry and is involved in both undergraduate and
post graduate training at Melbourne Dental School and the Royal
Dental Hospital.
How to Use Stainless Steel Crowns in Paediatric Dentistry
How to Use Stainless Steel Crowns in
Paediatric Dentistry
Friday 7 September
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