Komencnm.org – Race for the Cure Registration Instruction How to Register

Komencnm.org – Race for the Cure Registration Instruction
How to Register; Online, by mail or in paerson
Congratulations, you are about to register for the September 21, 2014 Susan G. Komen
Central New Mexico Race for The cure! Follow the guidelines below and use the
images to make your registration process quick and easy.
Tips to make this all a bit easier.
Give yourself enough time to complete the registration.
Have your method of payment and all participant information on hand when
starting the registration process.
1) Enter www.komencnm.org into your browser
You're in! The first image on the page should say "Register for the Race!" after you
have clicked on the large pink DONATE button you are on your way to a quick
registration. It should look like the image below.
2) There are three options for ONLINE registration under, “How do you want to
Start a Team
Join an Existing Team
Register as an Individual
You will need to select one of the options to continue online registration.
1 All of the online registration options require you to create an account. You will see;
If you select “I don’t have a login” you can create a login or go to your
AOL, Facebook, Google, IN-Linkedln, MySpace, Twitter, or Yahoo
account to complete registration
Review information carefully before selecting “Next Step”
If you select “I have a login or need a user name or password reminder”
Proceed by entering your user name and password.
Review information then select “Next Step.”
Creating an account will be the same for all three registration types.
1. Select either the “Start a team or Join an Existing Team” button
• Follow "Create an account" instruction above.
• If you select “Start a Team" you will need a team fundraising goal and you
will need to create a team name.
Once you have created a team name and password save it! Your team
mates will need that information to register as your team member.
If you select "Join an Existing Team" you will need your team name and
password to register with your team.
2 •
You will be able to "Search for a Team" after entering your team name or
Company/ Corporate information.
If you see an existing team name select “Bring Team Back”
Review entered information then select “Next Step.”
2. Selecting “Register as an Individual”
Review entered information before selecting “Next Step.”
A box with "Participation Options" will appear.
Read through the text then select an option for participation.
After you have selected your participation category proceed to answer the
following questions;
Do you have a discount code?
Would you like to associate your participation with a company?
Would you like to make an additional gift along with your
registration fee?
What is your individual fundraising goal?
If you don’t understand the choices to select then you can return to the
previous page or contact our office at 265-4649 or go to
http://www.Komencnm.org to review the website
Review information entered for corrections then select “Next Step.”
Now You are ready to officially register! Follow "Create an account"
instruction above.
Enter the registration information requested
Review information entered for corrections then select “Next Step.”
Congratulations, you are now registered online! We look forward to seeing You
and/or the team on September 21, 2014 at Wilson Stadium at Manzano High
3 To MAIL IN or FAX a registration form along with payment
Repeat the first step then scroll down and click on the "Race entry form" link found
under "HOW TO REGISTER". Print out the PDF, complete and mail with payment to:
Susan G. Komen Central New Mexico
8200 Mountain Road NE
Suite 106 Albuquerque, NM 87110.
Or Fax to; 505- 265-4651
The screen should look like the below image;
If you would like to REGISTER IN PERSON please call to schedule an appointment at
505-265-4649 before stopping by the office.
To REGISTER THE DAY OF THE RACE come to the registration booth on September
21, 2014 at Wilson Stadium Manzano High School.
Thank you! We look forward to seeing you on September 21st, 2014.