July 21, 2014 Costs July 23, 2014

July 21, 2014
Our Keynote Speaker
Check in from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
The Westin Mission Hills
July 23, 2014
Check out at 3:00 PM
Registration Fee - Before June 1, 2014
Students $435
Advisers $499
Adviser single room $725
Late Registration Fee -After June 1, 2014
Students $460
Advisers $524
Adviser single room $750
Don’t miss the chance to rub
elbows with this GUY! With over 30
years experience, and simply too
many awards to list, you and your
yearbook staff will laugh, listen and
learn from a true yearbook legend.
Your registration is complete when we have your completed insurance
form AND payment or purchase order. You will receive email
confirmation once we have all your information. In late June/early July
you‘ll receive detailed information on what to bring, where to be and
when to be there. You can call or e-mail us if you have any questions.
How to Pay:
Contact your rep or a workshop coordinator:
Chris Joy
758 Pescadero Circle
Corona, CA. 92879
[email protected]
Register online at: www.CampYearbook.net
Mail your insurance form by June 19, 2014 to:
Camp Yearbook • 758 Pescadero Circle • Corona, CA 92879
at The Westin Mission Hills Resort
71-333 Dinah Shore Drive
Rancho Mirage, California 92270
We can accept personal checks, money orders, and school checks made
payable to Camp Yearbook. We can not accept checks made out to
Jostens and will return any registration forms that come with a check
made out to the rep or to Jostens. School purchase orders will be
accepted until June 11th. Purchase orders must be paid before the start of
camp, July 21, 2014.
July 21-July 23, 2014
Palm Springs, CA
Yearbook Tracks
When you register, each camper chooses one of the different tracks below
where they get in depth instruction in the specific area. Here are the
awesome choices available for each camper :
Leadership - There is more to yearbook than just photographs and layouts!vNothing helps a yearbook
When you are at camp, you also get to choose what you would like to learn more
about. These electives occur twice during camp. We suggest you try to attend a
different one each time. (You do not need to sign up for these in advance.)
Advisers and the 7 Minute Starters - Come check out how we are helping save you
staff bevmore successful than great leadership. Once you have completed leadership you will know how to
edit proofs accurately and easily, prevent and deal with conf lict, build staff morale and teamwork, form
systems of communication and expectations, learn how to delegate effectively, and establish a solid working
relationship with your adviser. You will be able to create the best environment to make the production of the
yearbook as smooth and successful as possible.
Photography - Campers bring their own digital cameras and practice taking better candid and action
photographs. Students learn how to take great group shots and how to plan for better pictures. It's time to
get the most out of the cameras you have. This is a must-take class for photo editors and staff photographers. Don‘t forget to bring plenty of extra batteries.
The Westin Mission Hills Resort
What better place to meet other advisers and staffs, share ideas,
and set your sights high than a world class resort set aside
exclusively for Camp Yearbook? The Westin Mission Hills is considered one of the top resorts in the world. It is the perfect place to
plan, organize, and create all the things that matter in your
Layout and Design - Using examples from today‘s hottest magazines and yearbooks, students will
learn what’s in and how to get more trendy designs into their books. This is a very hands-on, cutting-edge, “think
outside the box ” approach to getting more into and out of every double page spread. This is a great class to
take if you are tired of pre designed layouts and you want to take your designs from OK to WOW!!!
New Adviser - A full 12 hours of instruction for first - time advisers. New advisers get lots of training
and tools to make them more prepared during that tough first year. It includes an introduction to desktop
publishing, classroom management techniques, deadline planning, and things to expect as a first year adviser!
Many 2nd year advisers take this track.
Requirements for YearbookExtreme
(students must have the following with them at camp)
• At least one laptop per school
• Top 3 theme/concept ideas from your staff
• COMPLETED page ladder ( it might change, but you
need it to start)
• Cover ideas
• Collected ideas from magazines and web that you are
using as inspiration
There is an additional charge of $300 per school to take this class.
Yearbook for Middle School(2 part elective) - There are MAJOR differences in doing a high
school yearbook and a middle school yearbook. This 2 part elective will cover what standards a middle
school book must achieve, and share several examples of books so your staff feels like it knows what you
expect. We will cover how to get the photos you need, single page layout design, what coverage you
should have, and why every page DOES NOT need a background.
Make Your Deadlines - Open to all editors and advisers. How to create a plan and stick to it,
so that you turn in your pages ON TIME! How to set and achieve page goals with your team and what
to do if they don’t. If your staff struggles to make their deadlines, you NEED to come to this.
Google Docs for Yearbook - There has to be an easier way to keep track of stories and
interviews.There is!! If you haven’t considered using Google Docs in your Yearbook Program, you are in
for a treat.Full of tips and tricks and philosophies, even the most experienced advisers should consider this
Copy Writing - Students will learn the latest trends in copy writing and the techniques required to make
Chronological Yearbooks - If you have ever wanted to try doing a chronological yearbook, this is the
place to start. Learn the tricks and tips of how to place coverage in your book in a logical manner and then how to
divide the workload so you can make your deadlines. It’s a totally different world when you do a chronological book.
- Rosse, Patriot HS adviser
Due to the intense nature of this course, there will only be 8
students per school allowed to attend . As soon as this
class is full, it will be closed
so you can get the best photos out of them. Learn how to set up for sports, inside gyms, and all about
resolution. Then we’ll explain how to get those picture onto your layout using Jostens Picture Placer and
how to get the pictures onto Yearbook Avenue.
Yeartech Online - This is the class for schools who are creating a book online. This next year, the
the stories in their yearbook matterto today’s teens. We’ll also practice interviewing techniques and learn to
develop a plan for each section of the yearbook.
You asked and we listened. If you are looking
for a rigorous designing and planning
experience to take your book to the next level,
this is for your staff. You will be working
almost non stop on your theme and concept
and developing it throughout your book.
Working closely with some of our BEST
designers, you’ll leave with your Theme/Concept clearly laid out along with completed
Dividers, Section layouts, folios and Opening
and Closing sections. School will still have the
opportunity to attend all the general sessions.
Basics of Digital Photography - This elective will explain how to set your digital cameras
Marketing Your Book - Hope is NOT a strategy. Every staff MUST have a team dedicated to the
marketing of your book. This is not just about sitting at a table at lunch, hoping kids will bring you money.
Each participant will leave with a written, month by month plan of how they are going to reach more
students and let them know about the great book you are creating! Participants will leave with tons of marketing
ideas. From social networking, to creating giant wall sized posters, this class is designed to help you sell more books.
tons of time! We have put together lesson plans for you and tied them all back to the Common Core
Standards. So often we get too focused on the project that is the yearbook, we forget to take a few
minutes each day to make sure we are improving our students skills.
More Yearbook Tracks
Photoshop - This is the class for schools who want to do more than just take pictures. We’ll teach
you how to cob, brighten photos, apply cool filters and a lot more. We will show you how to integrate
Photoshop and other cool tricks into your book whether you are using InDesign or YTO
(Maximum of 2 students per school and each school must bring 1 laptop and mouse)
YTO interface is going to be getting some awesome upgrades and we want you to be able to make the
most of them. We’ll teach you how to make the most of this program . From designing pages, to
uploading pictures. Your staff will be able to work live on the web and actually practice creating pages.
(Maximum of 3 students per school.)
Vinney Williams, Silverado High School.
Taking a GREAT Group Shot- Getting great group photos is harder than you think. Come learn how
to set up and shoot groups quickly, effectively and in an organized way. Don’t just wait for the group to organize
themselves, this elective will save you tons of time!!
Artist Session- Each school will have a 45 minute staff appointment with our AMAZING plant
artists designed to give each staff the opportunity to plan the upcoming cover design. Be prepared !
Bring all preliminary ideas and sketches to this session. No charge to schools for this.
* NOTE: Staffs will be assigned artist sessions prior to registration. At registration, see school packet for dates and times.
InDesign - If you have used InDesign for a year or two and want to take your program to the next
level, or are new to the program, this is the class for you! We’ll review Jostens Yeartech and all the basic
skills required to create pages and then you’ll learn shortcuts and tricks that really matter and that will help
you create the yearbook of your dreams in less time than ever.
Theme Creatives - These are special 50 minute brainstorming sessions with our Creative Gurus for
you and your staff to help you get more complete theme development. You will spend the time creating
carefully crafted ideas to help carry through the theme of your book. When you are done, you will have
your cover theme carried throughout your book on division pages, folios, and quick reads. We have a very
limited number of appointments available so you must reserve quickly. You MUST have ideas for your theme,
cover and ladder ready.
Additional $50 charge per school.
School use only. Give this completed form to your adviser. Gather all these
together before you register.
I am a
Student ($435) Adviser ($499)
Adviser (single room ($725)
( additional $25 per person if registering after June 1, 2014)
First Name
Last Name
Shirt Size
sm m l xl xxl
My address
My Cell Phone
Parent or Guardian name
Home Phone
My Email
Date of Birth
Special Diet Needs
sVegetarian sVegan sGluten Free sOther__________________________________
1st Track Choice
sLeadership sPhotoshop sInDesign sPhotography sMarketing Your Book
sCopy/Caption Writing sLayout and Design sNew Adviser
sYearbook EXTREME ( $300 additional PER STAFF, up to of your staff)
2nd Track Choice
sLeadership sPhotoshop sInDesign sPhotography sMarketing Your Book
sCopy/Caption Writing sLayout and Design sNew Adviser
Give this completed form to your adviser to mail.
Camp Yearbook Code of Conduct
Please read carefully each of the items listed below. In order to make sure that our camp provides a safe, positive atmosphere
for all in attendance, we require that all campers follow the rules as set forth herein. Failure to comply with any of the items listed
in the code of conduct will result in the camper being sent home immediately. Campers sent home early will not be entitled to a
refund of any portion of their camp fees.
1) No illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco products are allowed. Camp Yearbook is a nonsmoking camp. Any
campers needing prescription medication must bring written consent and directions for use signed by a
parent or guardian. This information must be presented at registration.
2) Campers will refrain from using profanity or obscene language.
3) Campers are required to attend all sessions and be in their assigned locations at all times.
group activity. Students who drive themselves to camp are required to turn in their car keys upon arrival
and will receive them back at the time of departure.
5) Campers are expected to dress appropriately and conservatively in accordance with traditional school
6) Campers must be quiet and in their assigned beds at “lights out” each evening. The time will be desig
nated on the schedule students will receive upon registration.
7) Boys and girls will be assigned separate sleeping quarters. Members of the opposite sex are not al
8) Campers will behave in a respectful manner to all other campers and to all camp staff.
9) No public displays of affection between campers are allowed.
10) By registering for this workshop, you and your parents allow the use of your photographic likeness
us this permission we must receive a typed and signed letter denying us said permission.
I have read and understood the items listed above.
School Name
Signature of parent or guardian:
Print Name
Signature of student:
Print Name
Jostens, Inc., Camp Yearbook, the involved Jostens Sales Representatives and camp employees and their agents
from all claims, demands, liability, actions, causes of actions, attorney fees, and expenses on account of damages to
personal property or personal injury, which may result from causes beyond the control of, and/or without the fault of
Jostens, Inc. the involved Jostens Sales Representatives and camp employees during the camp.
I/we also give permission that medical attention be administered to the above named or myself in case of emergency.
I/ we understand that any medical assistance of a more serious nature will be brought to my/our attention as condi
tions permit.
In case of emergency treatment is required, my/our health insurance plan number and carrier are:
Health insurance provider:
Parent/Guardian Signature
group or policy number:
Please sign and mail completed Conduct Form to:
Camp Yearbook
758 Pescadero Circle
Corona, CA 92879