1. Click the Connection Manager icon in the system tray (icon closest to the clock)
2. Select Manage Location Profiles
3. The IBM Access Connections window will appear on your screen
4. Click the
5. Name the location profile
6. Select Wired Broadband connection through a DSL, ISDN, or cable modem and
click Next
7. Select a network adapter (If it is not already selected for you). Click Next
8. Click the Create a New DSL Account button
9. In the Name of Phonebook Entry field, type in the phone number that your DSL uses.
Type in your Internet Service Provider in the ISP Name field (Verizon, TimeWarner, etc.).
Enter DSL phone
number and ISP name.
Enter DSL User name.
Type DSL password in
the Password and
Confirm Password fields.
10. Click the Save user name and password check box. In the username field, type in
your DSL Username. Next, enter in your password in the Password and Confirm
Password fields.
11. Click OK and you will see your DSL information in the Phone Book entry list. Make sure
the new phonebook entry you created is selected, then Click Next.
12. In the My Internet Explorer home page for this location field, type in the homepage
you would like to use for this location. If you would like to go to the Remote Weil page,
type in http://remote.weil.com (which is the WGM Remote access page). Keep in
mind that if you change the homepage, this will cause the default homepage to
change for the WGM Office location and the Modem location.
13. Select I want to use the following Internet Explorer proxy settings with this
location profile.
14. Select I don’t need to use a proxy server with this location profile. Only Select
the “I don’t need to use a proxy server” if there is no proxy server. Click Next
15. In the Edit Your Security Settings screen, click all 3 checkboxes and click the Next button
16. Select I don’t need to use a default printer with this location profile, if you do not
want to use a default printer. You can also select I need to use a default printer with
this location profile, if you have a printer associated with your home PC that you would
like to make your default printer.
17. If you would like Internet Explorer to automatically open upon activating this new DSL
profile, click the Add Program button.
Note: You will be able to select other programs to automatically open, but it is
recommended that you select Internet Explorer. Remember before you use any WGM
applications remotely , you must connect to WGM Remote via Internet Explorer first!
18. Select Internet Explorer and click the Open button. Click the checkbox next to the
program in the program name box. Click Next
19. The Save Your Location Profile screen displays a brief summary of the locations
settings you selected. Click the Save button to save your profile.
20. You will then be prompted to apply this location file now, click Yes to connect now. Click
No if you plan to connect later. Whether you choose Yes or No, the DSL location you
created will appear in the IBM Connection Manager menu.
21. When you select the new DSL location from the IBM Access Connections menu, it will
automatically begin to connect.
To Continue to Access WGM Remote:
22. After connectivity, click on the Start menu and select Internet Explorer
23. Go to http://www.weil.com and click the Employees Only link
24. Click the WGM Remote icon
25. In the username field, type in your Network username (usually your last name followed
by the first initial of your first name)
26. In the password field, type in your Network password
27. Click the Log In button
28. Click on the Office desktop icon. You are now connected to the WGM Network
remotely. Click the grey Start button to access your applications.