C 62 • How to Avoid Contract Disputes with Your Customers

June 2012
Permian Basin
Corpus Christi
San Antonio
No. 6
How to Avoid Contract Disputes with Your Customers
BBB has advice to help make the details of your work clear
ontract disputes are one of the most common
types of complaints received by BBB. Often,
consumers believe a business has not fulfilled
its end of the bargain or they are unclear about
a section of the contract. Because many contracts can be
worded in a way that may be confusing, BBB recommends
business owners make sure all terms and conditions in
their contracts are easily understood.
4. Itemize all costs involved
Include the specific materials used to complete the job,
the labor costs, taxes and any discounts you may have
offered. Make sure to set a timeframe for when payment
is due if the customer can pay in installments. List the
types of payment you will take, whether it is check, credit
or debit card. Consider using an escrow company for
larger jobs.
Take a look at the way your contracts are written. BBB
provides these tips to help keep your customers and your
business on the same page.
5. Include any warranties or guarantees
Your business should stand behind its work, so make
sure to include information about warranties, as this is
a common consumer complaint. Specify what is covered
under warranty, such as materials and/or labor. Make
sure your customers know if they should contact you or
the manufacturer for repairs or replacement parts.
1. Keep the language simple
Legal jargon can confuse many consumers. Use short
sentences, small paragraphs and clearly labeled headings
that highlight what is in each section of the contract.
2. List every detail
Include every task that is to be performed, no matter
how long it will take to be completed. This allows your
customers to know step-by-step what is being done, how
it is being done and what materials are being used to get
it done. It may be wise to leave space in the contract for
items that are negotiable with your customers, or items
that can be customized. This ensures anything that is
verbally agreed upon will also be in writing.
3. Be specific about the timeframe
Your customers need to know when to expect your work
will be completed. Some projects can be time consuming,
but putting an expected timeframe for each phase of the
job in the contract can help keep you and your customers
on the same page throughout the process. Be sure to
communicate with your customers should anything fall
behind schedule. If the completion date is delayed, make
sure it is communicated to your customers in writing.
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Local Custom Sign Company Fails to Deliver a Quality Product
Business owners complain they have nothing to show for orders with Everything Neon
s a business owner, nothing is more important
to your storefront than an eye-catching sign.
Signs can help attract new customers and
strengthen your brand. Unfortunately, BBB
continues to receive complaints from business owners
across the country regarding custom neon and LED signs
from Austin-based Everything Neon.
Confirm your online purchase is secure
Always look in the address box for the “s” in “https://”
and in the lower-right corner for the “lock” symbol before
paying. If there are any doubts about a site, right-click
anywhere on the page and select “Properties.” This will
let you see the real URL and the dialog box will reveal if
the website is encrypted.
Specifically, business owners complain they purchased a
sign online for several hundred dollars from Everything
Neon and received a broken or defective product, or a
product that did not match their order. Other business
owners complain the sign they purchased was not
delivered on time, if at all.
Pay with a credit card
Under federal law, you can dispute a charge if you do not
receive the item. You also have dispute rights if there are
unauthorized charges on your credit card.
The company has failed to answer or resolve numerous
complaints received by BBB in the last three years.
BBB contacted Everything Neon in March to request
the company address its pattern of complaints and
substantiate “best quality” and “lowest price” claims on its
website. The company has yet to respond.
Dan Yarbrough, owner of WineStyles Montgomery
Plaza in Fort Worth, has yet to get his $475 back from
Everything Neon after the company sent him the wrong
Keep documentation of your order
After completing the online order process, there may be
a final confirmation page or confirmation e-mail. Save a
copy of the webpage and any e-mails for future reference
as a record of the purchase.
Know your rights
The Federal Trade Commission’s Mail or Telephone
Order Merchandise Rule requires that orders made by
mail, phone or online be shipped by the date promised.
If no delivery time is stated, the order must be received
within 30 days. If the goods aren’t shipped on time, you
can cancel and demand a refund.
“The company promises to send a refund after the product
is returned, but the refund doesn’t come,” Yarbrough said.
BBB reminds business owners to keep the following
advice in mind when making expensive purchases online:
Use other BBB Accredited Businesses
Start your search with BBB to check for companies who
are BBB Accredited. All BBB Accredited Businesses agree
to meet and maintain high standards for trust. Always
look for the BBB seal and click to confirm the company’s
Accreditation status.
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