How to Compile a Successful Application Wildlife at Work

How to Compile a Successful
Wildlife at Work Application
Wildlife Habitat Council
24th Annual Symposium
November 7, 2012
Corinne Lackner Stephens
Wildlife Habitat Council
Certification Manager
What is Wildlife at Work?
Certification Program
• Designed to recognize a wildlife habitat enhancement
program on your site or an adopted site.
• Employees encouraged to participate in a wildlife team
at their place of employment.
• Where possible, community organizations, university
students, conservation groups, and local, state, and
federal agencies should be invited to participate in the
wildlife team.
Minimum Requirements for
Wildlife at Work Certification
Grifols Therapeutics Inc. - Clayton Facility
Anheuser-Busch, Inc. –
Jacksonville Nutri-Turf Land Application Site
• Site visit with a Wildlife Habitat Council Biologist
• At least one project that addresses all four components of a
habitat must be actively maintained and monitored for at
least one year
• At least one project must go above and beyond mitigation
• The site must be in compliance or working towards compliance
with environmental regulations, including the Clean Water Act,
Clean Air Act, & RCRA
4 Essential Habitat Components
Application must explain how food, water, cover, and
space are addressed
e.g. native plants
e.g. vernal pool
e.g. rock pile
e.g. nest sites among
prairie grasses
OPG - Niagara Plant Group
D. Stephens, MNCPPC
Example: Habitat Components
for a Nest Box Program
Vulcan Materials Company - Graham II Quarry
Example from Waste
Management’s Lake
County Recycling and
Disposal Facility
Application Deadlines
• Early Bird: postmarked by May 1
• On-time: postmarked by June 1
• Late: postmarked by July 1
Chevron – Cincinnati Facility
Titan America LLC - Pennsuco Complex
Required Application Components
use the application checklist as your guide
Application Fee
Signed Application Form (must be signed)
Site Overview Questionnaire
EPA ECHO Compliant? (Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and RCRA
compliance documentation, if needed)
Wildlife Management Plan and/or Project Summary Sheets (PSS),
including a monitoring plan and current project status
Updated Species Inventory (include common/scientific names
and where/when the species was observed)
Reference Interview Questionnaires
Media Information Sheet
JPG Digital photos (don’t only embed photos in a PowerPoint,
Word document, or PDF)
Documentation for all projects
Monitoring Plan
Describe the short and long-term monitoring plans (how
will projects be monitored and why) for the project using
tools such as:
• Monitoring log for each project
• Wildlife Journal
• Before and after data
• Photos
Waste Management - Northwestern Landfill
Include ALL documentation in your application and
indicate which project the documentation applies to.
Documentation may include:
•project monitoring & activity logs
•seed mixes
•receipts and invoices
•Wildlife Team meeting minutes/ emails
•Wildlife Team project journal
•program flyers, pamphlets/checklists for visitors,
event information
Example Documentation
Weather Species
6/25/09 All
50’x50’ section Sprayed
East Plant/
Nursery Area
6/25/09 All
Canada thistle 10 acres
7/10/09 All
50’x50’ section Manual Pulled
prior to being
East Plant/
Nursery Area
7/22/09 10:00
30’x30’ section
East by
Found new
growth will
spray next
week due to
rain in area
Oldcastle Materials - Montpelier North Wildlife Habitat Site
Characteristics of Strong Applications
• Include ALL required documents and information in the
proper format
• Provide as much up-to-date information as possible to
illustrate projects
• Organized and well documented
• Help the WHC reviewers imagine they are there; we only
know what you tell us in the application
• Ask your partners and interns to help write or review the
Albemarle Corporation - Orangeburg Facility
Contact your WHC Biologist
GOOD applications start with GOOD projects
A WHC Biologist can:
•Help to ensure that your project addresses the 4 habitat components
•Review seed mixes
•Recommend outreach opportunities
•Help to ensure your projects are ecologically appropriate
•Assist with your Wildlife Management Plan
Asbury Methodist Village
WHC Biologists are always available to
assist with project development and
Wildlife at Work Certification Criteria
• Understanding and Management of Habitat
(based on Wildlife Management Plan/PSS)
• Project Scope
• Commitment to Program
• Understanding and Management of Native
and Non-native Species
• Education and Outreach
• Partnerships
• Credibility
• Supporting Documentation
Benefits of a Strong Application and Program
Koch Industries, Inc./The Matador Cattle Company Beaverhead Ranch
Sears Holdings Corporation –
Hoffman Estates Support Center
• Strong programs with strong recertification
applications are eligible for 3 year recertification.
• High quality applications representing the strongest
programs are nominated for Rookie of the Year (ROY)
and Corporate Habitat of the Year (CHOY) awards.
Certification Awards
Nominated by WHC
• Corporate Habitat of the Year
• Rookie of the Year
• Corporate Lands for LearningSM
of the Year
• Corporate Lands for Learning
Rookie of the Year
• William W. Howard Conservation
Education and Outreach (CEO)
Apply for these
• Bat Conservation Action
• NAPPC / WHC Pollinator
• Prairies for Tomorrow
• Upland Wildlife Management
• Wings Over Wetlands
• Community Partner of the Year
Award Applications
• Program must be certified or applying for Wildlife at
Work and/or Corporate Lands for Learning (CLL)
certification to be eligible
• Review checklist for award application
• Required materials for award applications must be
submitted as a separate file, folder, or CD
• Community Partner of the Year is always $100
• Partner award fees waived with Wildlife at Work/CLL
– If submitting without a certification application, partner
awards have $100 application fee
Contact Us
WHC Biologist Main Number
(301) 588-8994 ext 2
Certification Department Main Number
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Corinne Lackner Stephens, Certification Manager
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[email protected]
Emily Voldstad, Certification Coordinator
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