How To Act Like A Leader Presented by: Marcia Donlon RN,BSN,MS

How To Act Like A
Presented by:
Marcia Donlon RN,BSN,MS
Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer
Holy Family Memorial
A little information about me….
• Started as a nursing assistant a long time ago
• Continued nursing education
• Did not consider a leadership position until I
was in my 40’s
• Only when someone else told me they
thought I’d be good at it…
• Held several different progressive leadership
positions over 20 years
• Relevance to presentation?
So What Are We Going To Talk About?
Self Awareness
Relationship Building
Applies if you are a leader now, or may be
thinking about it
Let’s get going
• Importance of stories…..
First Story
• Breakfast with Katie
• How do you act like a leader?
• Hmmm? What was she looking for?
Katie’s Story
• Practical advice on how to interact,
communicate, react
• Employees
• Other leaders in same organization AND
• Outside of organization
• Really, everyone
• How do you know what to do, or ACT?
Looking for Behaviors to • Model
• Learn from
• Develop
• Into own personal style
What Advice Did I Give Katie?
• Be yourself – unique gifts, talents and
• Trust your instincts –
• Don’t burn bridges behind you –
• Is that it?
Yes, and No….
There Is A Lot More To It
Takes time and experience to learn skills
Need fundamentals to develop
Self awareness
Relationship Building
Emotional Intelligence
• How adept am I at recognizing my own
emotions and my reactions to others….
• What areas do I struggle with when
interacting with others….
– Social Intelligence and Awareness
– Article discussion
Listening…….REALLY listening
Be Present
Listen first, speak last
Insight and understanding
“The most important thing in communication
is to hear what isn’t being said.” – Peter
Self Awareness and Style
“Whenever two people meet there are really six
people present. There is each man as he sees
himself, each man as the other person sees
him, and each man as he really is.”
William Jones, Psychologist
• Knowing who you are and liking it
• How you present yourself to others
• Knowing how you communicate and receive and
interpret communication from others
• Shows Respect
• Builds Trust
• Listen to self and those gut instincts
Relationship Building - Roots
10 – Environment
9 – Metrics
8 – Processes
7 – Talent
6 – Strategy
5 – Structure
4 – Culture
3 - Leadership
11 – Pride 12 ‐ Joy
12 Variables of Sustainable Relationships and Success
1 – Trust 2 ‐ Respect
Trust and Respect Aspects of
Relationship Building…..the Roots
• Common to every relationship
• If removed, will cause destruction
• If developed and leveraged, will create
unparalleled success in all aspects of life
From: The Trust of Speed by Stephen Covey Jr.
Time for another story….
Leadership Retreat activity
Objective: Team that completes puzzle first wins
Teams given puzzle pieces
One envelope per player
Individual pieces may not make a square
Transfer of pieces may be needed to another player
But…no talking or signaling
No grabbing or dumping
May hold out or offer
Accept or decline pieces offered
Work only on “your” team square
Trust - Broken Square Puzzle
• Aha moments
• We don’t have a monopoly on the truth!
• Many different ways to see things
• Not a right or a wrong
• Conflict can be healthy based on point of
“Is not a matter of technique, but of
character; we are trusted because of our
way of being, not because of our polished
exteriors or our expertly crafted
Marsha Sinetar, Author
Final Thoughts on
How to Act Like a Leader
Be a person first, a manager second
Assume good intent
Be kind to yourself
Be kind to others
Keep growing personally and