How  to  Complete  a  Course  or  Workshop  Assessment  in  KapLearn  

 ©2011 Kaplan University – Center for Teaching and Learning How to Complete a Course or Workshop Assessment in KapLearn Before you attempt to complete a workshop assessment KapLearn, please note the following: 1. All sections of the workshop should have the status of “Completed.” Please see the example below: 2. If all sections of the workshop do not have the status of “Completed,” then you will not be able to complete the workshop assessment. Launching the Workshop Assessment: 1. Log into KapLearn 2. After you log in, click on the link view transcript, which is located in the “Your Inbox” portlet on the top left of your screen: 3. You should now see a transcript of all courses or workshops you have completed or are in the process of completing. ©2011 Kaplan University – Center for Teaching and Learning 4. Click on the course or workshop you wish to complete a course or workshop assessment for. Remember that you can complete assessments for courses or workshops where you have completed all of the sections. 5. Scroll down until you find the course or workshop assessment. The assessment section of any course or workshop will have the word assessment at the end of the title. Click on the word “Activate,” to start the assessment. 6. The activate command will now say “Launch Test.” You will be taken to Examination Instructions Screen. Click on the continue button. 7. The assessment should now be displayed in your browser window. ©2011 Kaplan University – Center for Teaching and Learning 7. The amount and type of test questions will vary, depending upon the specific course or workshop you have completed. 8. You have the option to save the assessment and finish the assessment later. To do this, scroll down to the bottom of the assessment and click on the save/return later button. 9. If you choose to not save and return later, then complete the assessment. When you have completed the assessment, click the summary button at the end of the assessment page. 10. The test review page will now be displayed. The test review page displays the questions which you have answered. Click the submit final answers page to submit the assessment. ©2011 Kaplan University – Center for Teaching and Learning 11. Your course or workshop assessment results will be displayed. You will have the option to review your test results, by clicking on the results link. If you select this option you will be able to review the specific questions you may have missed on the assessment. 12. If you passed the assessment then you can complete the course or workshop evaluation. If you did not pass the assessment, then you can complete steps 1 to 12 in these instructions to retake the course or workshop assessment.