cnh news How to contact us:

How to contact us:
In person
By phone, fax or email
We are located in the Charnwood Borough Council Offices on
Southfield Road, Loughborough.
tel: 01509 634 666
fax: 01509 634518
email: [email protected]
Opening hours
8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am to
4.30pm on Friday.
Please note that no tickets to see a Customer Advisor will be
issued after 4.45pm (4.15pm on Fridays).
The cash office is open from 9.00am to 4.30pm Monday to
Thursday and from 9.00am to 4.00pm Friday
cnh news
Spring 2009
for the residents of Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing
By post
All letters should be addressed to:
Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing Limited
PO Box 8749
Council Offices
Loughborough LE11 2TN
There is an On-line Contact Form where you can send us
enquiries, comments, compliments, complaints or suggestions
Planting the Seeds of Success
CNH launches its first Gardening Competition
Following on from the success of the daffodil bulb
planting across Charnwood last October the Board of
CNH is pleased to announce we will be holding our first
Gardening Competition this year.
Calling ‘budding’ gardeners of all ages, whether you have your
own or a shared garden, a window box, a hanging basket or a
football field. Whether you like sweet peas or sour grapes it
doesn’t matter - you are all invited to take part in the
gardening competition. This is your opportunity to take part
and make your home and neighbourhood a more beautiful
place to live!
Please return entry forms to us by no later than June 8th in
order for us to organise the judging.
Good luck to everyone and remember –
‘Plants mean Prizes’.
There are four categories which will be judged:
• Individual Garden
• Communal or Shared Garden area
• Sheltered Court Garden
• Window Box or Hanging Basket
The winner of each category will receive £100 in Garden
Centre Vouchers, with £50 to the Runners-Up. The judging will
take place between 15th and 22nd June with the prizes being
awarded at the CNH Tenants Conference in July. The prize
winners will be announced in the Summer edition of CNH
News. The judges will be a panel of CNH Board Members
and residents.
If you are interested in entering please contact Nick Jones on
01509 634900, email [email protected] or Emily Clarke
on 01509 634931 email [email protected] We will send
out an application form and rules of entry for you to complete
and return to us.
Neighbourhood Housing
Unlocking a brighter future
this issue...
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You’re hired!
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FREE Swimming
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Neighbourhood Housing
Unlocking a brighter future
You’re hired!
Do you have a pet?
Are you a responsible
pet owner?
It is fair to say that the majority of our tenants who
own pets are responsible and show consideration to
other residents, however, complaints are received
involving animals and anti-social behaviour. In order
to prevent complaints and show respect for the other
residents of the community please follow the simple
rules listed below.
• Keep dogs on a lead when you leave the property
• Pick up any excrement after your dog when it has been
to the toilet
• Think about whether or not your pet is appropriate for
your property size
• Ensure pets have regular flea and worming treatments
• Don’t leave animals alone for long periods of time as
other residents are often disturbed by continuous
barking, whining, etc
• Don’t leave animals unattended in communal areas
• Don’t allow animals to go to the toilet on balcony areas.
• Remember that you are responsible for anyone visiting
your property with a pet
If these simple rules are followed it will prevent a breach of the
terms of your tenancy and will lead to a nice environment for
the community to live in.
CNH has entered into partnership with HomeSwapper to
allow the greatest chance of mobility for the tenants of
Charnwood. HomeSwapper’s professional mutual
exchange service is the UK’s largest community of tenants
actively looking to swap home. Everyday HomeSwapper
automatically searches for potential swaps.
You can register for HomeSwapper today at If you do not have access to
the internet, you can fill out a paper application at
CNH’s offices based at the council offices, Southfields,
Loughborough, Leicestershire.
Registration for CNH tenants is FREE!!
If you register with HomeSwapper, you could receive alerts for
potential swaps as often as twice a week.
You can look for mutual exchanges both locally and nationally.
Look at some of the success’s HomeSwapper has had since
its launch in 2007.
• Over 130,000 tenants have joined.
• HomeSwapper has partnership agreements with over 300
landlords; representing over 25% of social rented stock in
the UK.
• 77%+ of members are automatically found potential swaps
within 24 hours of joining.
• On average each swapper receives a total of 37 potential
• Over 50,000 tenants of partnering landlords are using
HomeSwapper for free.
• Since launch, over 4.4 million property searches have been
performed on the HomeSwapper website.
• To date more than 6,800 households have told us they have
swapped by using HomeSwapper
A paper copy of the up to date HomeSwapper is available on
our Southfields reception.
CNH is seeking to recruit two trade apprentices
this year to work within the Repairs and
Maintenance Service. Steve Wilson,
Director of Investment, Repairs &
Regeneration said "As an excellent
employer, we wish to "grow our
own" trades people of the future
and we feel that the
employment of Apprentices is
a great way to ensure we
maintain the same quality of
staff delivering front line
services for many year to come.
I started my own career as an
Apprentice Plumber, which gave
me an excellent introduction to
work and I feel that this is a fantastic
opportunity for someone willing to
learn a trade in a modern and forward
thinking organisation that considers its people
as its greatest asset."
We are shortly going to advertise for 1 Apprentice
Plumber and 1 Apprentice Electrician, both of
which will be supported by a mentor from
within the existing trade team
throughout their apprenticeship and
will be fully funded to gain an
appropriate formal NVQ
We would very much welcome
applications from women and
minority ethnic groups in particular
as both groups are currently
underrepresented within the
existing workforce.
Please call 01509 263258 (24 hour
answerphone) for an application pack or
visit our web site for
more information.
Are you safe? Get your gas appliances
safety checked every year
Carbon Monoxide kills between 30 – 40 people each year in
the UK. The East Midlands is recorded as being one of the
areas with the highest number of carbon monoxide fatalities.
Because carbon monoxide is invisible and odourless, it is
known as the Silent Killer, the old and the very young
being most at risk.
Carbon monoxide is a killer. It can infiltrate your
home through the most apparently harmless
devices, like your boiler or cooker. It is
impossible to see or smell, yet it is easy to
protect yourself and your family from the risks.
A few simple steps, including an annual gas
safety check could prevent needless deaths or
illness as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning.
“It’s a very important issue”, explains CNH’s Gas
Contract Manager, Shaun Plant. “Every unchecked gas
appliance is a serious danger to the tenant, to their family, and
to their neighbours.”
CNH’s 2009 annual gas servicing programme has commenced
and safety check is free of charge to CNH tenants.
Don’t put lives at risk. CNH has a legal duty to check the gas
appliance in your home annually and you have a responsibility
to allow us access. A letter will be sent advising you of an
appointment 14 days before the actual date of the planned
visit. Please allow PH Jones access to your property.
Failure to allow access will lead to a court
injunction being issued and a warrant for arrest
being issued by the Court. Last year two
tenants were committed to prison as a result
of not allowing access.
There are currently 54 properties that still
have not had the annual gas safety checks
carried out in the last 12 months. If your
home is one of the 54, please contact P H
Jones urgently on free phone 0800 587 8099 to
arrange a mutually agreeable access date.
For general safety advice regarding gas issues further
information can be obtained from the Health and Safety
Executive’s Gas Safety Advice Line on free phone 0800 300
363 or online to
Rothley walkabout
The Rothley walkabout took place on the 20th November
2008. It was bitterly cold, but we were very lucky and the
rain held off for our stroll around Rothley. The sun even
managed to shine on us a little bit!
The residents from Greenway close were very well represented
by Mrs Barnard and Mr Collins who highlighted problems with
access to the village by the residents.
Inconsiderate drivers parking cars across pavements and
speeding cars are making the trip to the shops a hazardous
experience for our elderly residents. There are also problems
with drivers parking on double yellow lines and there have
been a number of accidents involving pedestrians crossing
the road. Councillor Wise and Councillor Osborne agreed
that they would take action to try and
improve the safety of local residents.
We also looked at an empty private
property which is falling into disrepair
and causing concern to the neighbours.
Enquiries found that it was being dealt
with by the Private Housing Section of
Charnwood Borough Council who are currently in
contact with the owners to discuss all the possible options
available to them to bring the property back in to use.
Otherwise, Rothley is a lovely village and other than a few
gardens which need a bit of loving tender care, the village and
council housing are all in good order and looking good.
Estates walkabouts
Estate walkabouts are organised to identify issues on estates
ranging from untidy and overgrown gardens to external
building problems. They are attended by tenants, officers and
other agencies.
If you would like to join an estate walkabout, raise any issues
if you cannot come along or for further information please
contact us on 01509 634666.
See list below for future walkabouts:
Meeting Place
2nd April
10.00am - 12.30pm
Stavely Court
and Waterside
Waterside Close
Car Park
Stavely Court,
Meadow Avenue,
and Bottleacre Lane
Chris Blackford
Senior Housing Officer Tenancy Services
01509 634716
21st May
27th May
10.00am - 12.30pm
10.00am - 12.30pm
Town Centre
Meeting on the
corner of Wanlip
Lane and
Lambourne Road,
outside shops
Lambourne Road,
Blenhim Road,
Bramley Road,
Wanlip Lane,
Windmill Avenue,
Acadia Avenue,
Myrtle Avenue
Residents car park
on Victoria Street
Victoria Street
Wendy Playle
Housing Assistant Tenancy Services
01509 634981
Efit Karim
Housing Officer Tenancy Services
01509 634957
Liam Coulson
Housing Assistant Tenancy Services
01509 634958
Claire Westrup
Senior Housing Officer Tenancy Services
01509 634953
Keith Henson
Housing Assistant Tenancy Services
01509 632541
11th June
10.00am - 12.30pm
Ashby Road
Meeting outside
the entrance
to the Hut
Ashby Road)
Old Ashby Road,
Val Wilson Court,
Hermitage Road,
Sharpley Road,
New Ashby Road
and Schofield
Michelle Thomas
Senior Housing Officer Tenancy Services
01509 632544
Richard Smith
Housing Assistant Tenancy Services
01509 632547
Does your vehicle have
current road tax?
Please be aware that if you park your vehicle in a resident and
visitor’s car park a Statutory off Road Notification (SORN) is
not valid and a valid tax disc must be displayed at all times.
If a vehicle is identified which
displays an expired tax disc a
notice will be placed on the
vehicle advising that the
vehicle must be removed. If
the vehicle is not taxed or
removed by the owner CNH
will arrange for the vehicle to
be removed and disposed of.
Top 10 energy
saving tips
1. Wherever possible, dry your clothes outside.
Drying them on a radiator lowers the
room temperature, making your boiler
work harder, costing you more to heat
your home.
2. Turning your central heating thermostat
down by 1°C could save you up to 10% on
your energy bills.
3. Shop around for your gas and electricity, you may find
that there are cheaper suppliers out there.
4. When boiling vegetables use just enough water to
keep them covered and always put lids on your pans.
5. Draw your curtains at dusk and tuck them behind the
radiator to stop heat escaping and reduce draughts.
6. Don’t waste water by overfilling a bath, taking a
shower is even better – you will use less than half the
water used when taking a bath.
7. Check the immersion heater or thermostat settings to
ensure that water is not too high. For most of us 60°C
is ideal. Turning the temperature down is not only
safer but you could save money too.
8. Keep windows and internal doors closed to stop heat
escaping from the room.
9. Used rolled up blankets or sausage-shaped cushions
to keep out draughts under doors and on windowsills.
10. If you have cheaper off peak electricity try running
your washing machine during these off peak times.
Hamper Winners
The following tenants were winners of the
Christmas Hamper Prize Draw, for having a
clear rent account by 19 December 2008. This
demonstrates that it pays to pay your rent on time!
Mr & Mrs Derbyshire, Latimer court, Anstey
Mr & Mrs Else, Newton Close, Barrow
Mrs & Mrs Lay, Manor Road, Loughborough
Mrs Cope, Lacy Court, Shepshed
Mr 7 Mrs Checkland, Herrick Road, Woodhouse Eves
Two more prizes worth £250 will be offered at the
beginning of April 2009 to encourage tenants to
pay regularly to have the chance of winning a
prize. More information will be sent to tenants
nearer the time.
Home Contents
Do you have home contents insurance? NO
Could you afford to replace all your possessions if
the event of a fire, flood or theft? NO
Can you afford to pay an additional £0.81 per week
on top of your rent to give you up to £9,000 worth
of cover? YES
Would you like to be included in a prize draw to win
£100 in high street gift vouchers. YES
If you have matched the answers to the above questions,
why not contact the Housing Income Team on 01509
635548 for an insurance proposal form.
CNH offers an affordable insurance policy via Aon
Insurance, which starts from as little as £0.54 per week
for over 60s insuring up to £6,000 worth of cover, or
£0.81 per week for working age tenants, insuring up to
£9,000 worth of cover. Accidental cover is also available
at an extra cost. These charges can be paid along with
your weekly rent to ensure you have piece of mind
throughout the year.
If you are accepted onto the scheme by 1 May 2009 you
will be included in the prize draw to win £100 in high
street gift vouchers.
Cash office closes
As a result of falling numbers of customers using the cash
office to make payments and the introduction of
alternative payment methods, Charnwood Borough Council
are to close their Cash Office from 30 April 2009.
Customers who have previously used the Cash Office to
make payments towards their rent and Council Tax, are being
encouraged to pay by Direct Debit or use their Swipe cards to
pay their rent and new bar-coded bills to pay their Council Tax.
Swipe cards can be used at any outlet displaying the Paypoint
or Payzone sign and all Post Offices through out the UK.
If you would like to switch your payment method to Direct
Debit or Swipe card, please contact the Housing Income Team
free from any landline on 0800 6335548.
The cheapest and easiest way
to pay your rent!!
Everything costs money even paying your rent. CNH’s Housing
Income Team has recently analysed the costs incurred for the
most popular methods of payment by our customers.
We currently offer payment methods of:
• Direct Debit
• Swipe cards
• The cash office
• Standing orders
• Telephone payments
• Internet payments
• Postal payments
The three most popular payment methods are Direct Debits,
Swipe cards and the cash office. We found for every payment
made had the following cost to CNH:
• Direct Debit cost £0.03p
• Swipe Card payments cost £1.00
• Cash office payments costs £1.34
This shows that if more customers pay their rent using direct
debits or with their swipe cards, there will be more money to
spend on improving our service to you.
Customers who pay by Direct Debit are able to choose from the
5th, 15th or 25th of each month to pay their rent. We will also
be introducing an option to pay rent by weekly Direct Debit
from Summer 2009.
If you would like to pay your rent using a Direct Debit, please
contact the Housing Income Team, free from any landline on
0800 6335548 or download the mandate from our website:
Annual Rent increase
from April 2009
The annual rent increase will take effect from 13 April
2009 following the first non-collection week of the
year. Tenants are reminded to make the necessary
adjustments to weekly, fortnightly or monthly
rent payments.
Customers who make payments by Standing Order must
forward the new standing orders sent by CNH, to their
banks to ensure they are set up for payment.
Direct Debits will be automatically updated and the
correct amount will be requested from accounts on your
normal payment date.
All customers will shortly receive a letter outlining full
details of the rent increase.
An Xmas Thank you
to the TRG
During the countdown to the break last year CNH provided
a Christmas dinner at the Town Hall for members of the
Tenant Representatives Group (TRG), the Board of Directors
and all tenants and leaseholders involved in improving the
services and homes we provide.
The dinner was just a small way of CNH saying thank you for all
the time, support and commitment given by tenants and Board
members in helping us in our aim to
achieve a two star standard and to
deliver the best service possible.
The dinner was a huge success
and the raffle afterwards
helped raise around £100
which went towards CNH’s
overall donation for the
Leicestershire Rainbows
Ian Saville, Chief Executive
said ‘We know how valuable our
tenants and board members time
is and this dinner is hopefully a way of
recognising it. It is also a fantastic opportunity for
Officers, Residents and Board Members to get together, put
names to faces and, of course, enjoy themselves.”
Cheque for
Childrens’ Hospice
Zoe Wortley, Chair of CNH’s Board and Ian Saville,
Chief Executive started 2009 by presenting a cheque
for £1540.59 to the Rainbows Childrens’ Hospice
in Loughborough.
The presentation took place at the Hospice on Friday
13 February 2009.
The money was raised through a number of charity events
throughout 2008 organised by staff at CNH’s Limehurst
Depot including weekly bonus ball draws, dress down day and
numerous raffles. Further funds were raised at a raffle and
auction at CNH’s staff Christmas Party. Raffle prizes were
kindly donated by CNH staff, key partners, P H Jones and FHM
and other suppliers and sub-contractors. A signed Leicester
City football shirt was offered as the star auction prize and
eventually sold for £110 to the most enthusiastic and
generous bidder of the evening, CNH’s Plumbing Repairs
Team Leader, Andy Brown.
Pictured left to right: Ian Saville, Zoe Wortley and Kate Golding - Corporate Fundraiser,
Rainbows Childrens’ Hospice.
Zoe Wortley said “I am delighted that CNH has been able to
support Rainbows Childrens’ Hospice. Rainbows undertakes
tremendous work to meeting the needs of the children and
young people from the East Midlands who are affected by lifelimiting conditions. Thank you to everyone who have
supported the events so generously, and a special thank you to
Jill Mayes and Alan Pickering from CNH’s Limehurst depot for
their huge efforts organising the events throughout the year.”
Do it yourself!
In January, we piloted a Do It Yourself training course with
some tenant volunteers. The course covered things such as
replacing a door handle, wallpapering and painting and
basic Health and Safety.
Diane Lockwood, a tenant from Loughborough, who attended
the training course, said “I found it really useful. The course
was really friendly and informal and I learnt lots of new tips
that I’d now have the confidence to go and try.”
Glenn Cockle, Housing Maintenance Manager said “We wanted
to be able to provide our tenants with some basic, practical
skills to help them do the small jobs in their homes that are
their responsibility. We are pleased that the course went well
and have used the feedback from the tenants who attend to
develop a programme of further courses for other tenants.”
Decorating workshops
Tuesday 12 May, 9.30 am – 4.00 pm
Wednesday 8 July, 9.30 am – 4.00 pm
Thursday 8 October, 9.30 am – 4.00 pm
Thursday 18 February 2010, 9.30 am - 4.00pm
The courses are free and if any tenant is interested in
attending any of the courses please contact the Tenant
Participation Team on 01509 634931. Places are limited and
will be given on a first come, first served basis.
CNH has now arranged some more training dates. These are:
DIY Workshops
Thursday 23 April, 9.30am – 1.00 pm
Tuesday 23 June, 1.00pm – 4.00 pm
Wednesday 9 September, 9.30 am – 1.00 pm
Tuesday 19 January 2010, 9.30 am – 1.00 pm
Pictured left to right: Tenant Ann Watkinson, Lorraine Brundle and CNH’s Simon Wardle.
FREE swimming for elderly and young
A NEW scheme to offer free swimming for elderly and
young people at Charnwood Borough Council-owned
pools has been backed by one of the world’s best longdistance swimmers.
Dr Julie Bradshaw MBE (pictured right) is encouraging as many
people as possible to take advantage of the initiative
when it is launched at the beginning of April.
The Council has successfully bid for a share of
Government cash to allow people aged 60
and over and 16 and under to use the
Authority’s swimming facilities without
paying. It will be available at Loughborough
Leisure Centre, Soar Valley Leisure Centre
and the South Charnwood Swimming Pool.
Julie, who is known as Madfish and trains at
Loughborough Leisure Centre, has been swimming
since the age of six and currently holds 17 world
records. She is in the Guinness Book of Records for completing
the faster-ever swim of the English Channel using only the
butterfly stroke - recording a time of 14 hours and eight
minutes in August 2002.
Julie, who trains for up to 14 hours a week, said: “It’s a very
good idea to offer free swimming and I hope this offer will
encourage people to take it up. “You will gain the full benefits,
even if you swim for just 20 minutes. It helps keep the body
Silver service
and mind fit and healthy and it’s also
an exercise that’s good for mobility.
“Swimming gives people a focus and it
can be a fun and sociable activity. “The
incentive is there now to go and do it and
enjoy the benefits from it.”
Cllr Peter Lewis, Charnwood’s Cabinet member for
Leisure, said: “It’s so important we ensure that
the people we live with maintain a sense of
well-being physically and mentally and
swimming is one sure way to achieve that.
“If you’re over 60, water offers you the
freedom to take the burden off your limbs and
feel incredibly young and fit. “If you’re under
16, then leap into clear bright water to
simply ‘play’ - and then hopefully
develop swimming skills.
“We have splendid Leisure Centres and
swimming pools here around
Charnwood - I would urge both young
and old to make the most of them.”
To find out more, log on to: leisure
For further details about Julie, log on to:
Santa comes to the Senior Citizens
Forum Christmas Party
The peace and quiet of Wednesday afternoon Shepshed was
disturbed by the celebrations of the Senior Citizens Forum
Christmas Party at Beresford Court on Wednesday 17th
December! 25 members of the forum from nearly
all of CNH’s sheltered courts across
Charnwood met for sherry and mince pies,
some carols and of course a visit from
CNH’s very own Santa……
The carols were sung by 30
members of the ‘Winnie’s Wonders’
choir from Saint Winefride’s
Primary School in Shepshed.
‘It was wonderful to hear the choir,
even those amongst us with
hearing difficulties enjoyed it!’ a
member of the forum said.
‘The Senior Citizens Forum’ is the group
that represents all fifteen of Charnwood
Neighbourhood Housing’s Sheltered Courts. The forum was
formed a year ago and has around 30 members meeting every
three months with senior officers and Directors from CNH to
discuss and debate the services provided to our Senior
Citizens and the Courts.
‘The Forum is one of the liveliest and well
attended forums we have.’ Lesley Kiayias,
Warden Services Manager said ‘It is a great
opportunity not just for consultation and
the sharing of information but also for
residents representing their courts to let
us know their thoughts and concerns. It
is the voice of our Senior Citizens’
Many thanks to CNH’s Repair Team
Leader, Graham Duckworth for being
Santa’s little helper for the day!!
CNH has recently secured a new 4 year lease contract for
the supply of vehicles to be used to deliver the Repair and
Maintenance Service to our tenants.
To guarantee we got the best value we used
“Procurement for Housing” (PFH), a
nationwide organisation which has a
national framework contract in place to
ensure the best possible cost savings
can be achieved. This new deal has
saved CNH over £100k to invest into
frontline service for customers.
The company chosen to supply
CNH with the new vehicles was
Automotive Leasing, one of the UK's
leading providers in the housing sector.
The lease arrangement covers all aspects
of vehicle maintenance and breakdown at
no additional cost.
To ensure they are easily recognisable, our new
vans will be silver and will have new livery as chosen by
the Tenants Representative Group. The new fleet will be diesel
engines offering us 10% fuel economy savings, and due to
improved performance and fuel economy reduced fuel
To further enhance the Repairs service and to further
complement Opti-time” work scheduling system,
we have decided to fit “Tracker” Vehicle
Satellite tracking across the fleet. This will
assist greatly in despatching operatives
to emergency repairs quicker than ever
before and will also help us to ensure
we always know the location of our
staff. This will help CNH ensure we
address “Lone Worker” concerns that
a becoming more prevalent.
In addition to the improved safety of
the workforce and more speedy
response to repairs, the introduction of
“Tracker” will also provide an excellent
management tool that will assist us to
monitor speed, driving styles, time recording,
and inappropriate journeys.
Don’t forget the number to call for a one stop shop for your
repair service is 01509 634666.
Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing
says ‘No to Knives’
On 23 February, CNH was successful in gaining a 28 day
custodial sentence against a tenant from the Shelthorpe area
for serious Anti Social Behaviour. The tenant, who was found in
possession of three large kitchen knives, was arrested by
Shelthorpe Beat Officer Glen Reid in the early hours of
Saturday 21 February. The tenant was charged with breaching
a County Court Injunction which had been sought by CNH and
granted at the beginning of February due to a previous
incident of threatening behaviour with an offensive weapon.
Officers from CNH, Charnwood Borough Council, and the
Police attended court where the tenant was committed to
custody and the previous injunction order was amended to
exclude him from the Shelthorpe area.
CNH Director of Housing Operations Isobel Rickard said, “CNH
and our partners will work swiftly where there is evidence of
serious anti social behaviour. Our residents have the right to
live in decent, safe neighbourhoods free from the fear of
nuisance, harassment and crime”.
neighbourhoods. Expect to see a lot more of them in
the future”.
ASB co-ordinator for the Borough of Charnwood, Wendy
Brown, who attended the court hearing said “The fast multi
agency response delivered in this case provides a powerful
example of how agencies can work together to effect positive
change in local communities.
We take a staged approach when dealing with complaints of
anti-social behaviour. Between October and the end of
December 2008, CNH entered into 6 Acceptable Behaviour
Contracts with those causing anti-social behaviour, referred 4
complainants to a mediation service, gained one injunction
and served one eviction notice.
If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour, please contact
the CNH Tenancy Services Team on 01509 634666. You do not
have to give us your name although action is more effective if
you do.
Citizen Focus Sergeant Paul Kear said “civil injunctions are
powerful and far-reaching tools designed to protect
Spotlight on our
Resident Board
Following a challenging first year in business, our longest
serving tenant and leaseholder Board members reflect on
their experience so far.
Marie Hannabuss
Marie Hannabuss is a Tenant Board
Member. Marie is a skilled multi-tasker
and is actively involved in voluntary and
community work and is an advisor for
Pregnancy Crisis. She is a member of
the Ashby Road Estates Community
Association and helps at Church and the
Boothwood School PTA. Marie also runs
two toddler groups in the local area
Helen Isaac
Helen Isaac is our Leaseholder Board
Member. Having worked in Consultancy and
Human Resources for Central Government,
Helen has a strong interest in the 'people'
side of the business, customer services and
communications within the new
organisation. She has been active in the
tenant participation movement in
Ann Watkinson
Ann Watkinson is a Tenant Board
Member. She is a former company
director. Ann is active in the community
and Chair of Shelthorpe Community
Association. She runs a Drop In Centre
situated at The Hunters Moon public
house for the residents of Shelthorpe.
Ann is also a member of CNH’s Tenants
Representative Group.
You’ve all been Board members since
CNH went live in December 2007 and
you were founder member of the
Shadow Board during the set up of
the company. What have you enjoyed
the most?
Marie: I’ve actually enjoyed everything! Most of
all, being positively involved and seeing how things
have changed for the better. I’ve also met lots of
new people and learned new skills.
Helen: I have enjoyed meeting and working with
new people and great development opportunity
that being a Board member brings.
Ann: I have enjoyed being part of a team and
helping to make decisions on behalf of tenants.
What have you found most challenging
about being a Board member?
Marie: For me, learning all the new Housing and
Finance terms and acronymns has been a challenge
but it soon comes naturally! I’ve enjoyed learning
how the Board functions and how my role as
Deputy Chair contributes.
Helen: My biggest challenge is the mountain of
reports and papers to read and digest before
meetings, particularly in the early stages, and
trying to fill in the gaps in my knowledge.
What have you learned from your
experience as a Board member?
Marie: Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Board
members are there to challenge and should make
sure they have all the information they need when
making important decisions. I think it’s important
to be a team player and not just to be an onlooker.
Most of all, I’ve learned that being a Board
member is a worthwhile role as we really can make
a difference.
Helen: I have learnt that CNH is an excellent
organisation, with a strong customer focus,
striving to improve social housing and the
environment for its residents. This can only bring
back some dignity and respect particularly as
residents are actively encouraged to get involved
and participate in decisions that affect them.
Ann: Being a Board member has given me a clearer
understanding of how a Housing organisation
operates. Sometimes, I have asked for things to be
made clearer in order for me to understand and
participate more fully.
What skills and experience do you feel you
Marie: I’m a very practical person and can see if ideas will
work or not. I see the ideas and from a service user’s point
of view. I’m always willing to listen and take part in team
Helen: Having formerly been a tenant, I have personal
experience of their needs and aspirations. From my work in
Consultancy and HR I bring interpersonal, organisational and
analytical skills.
Ann: My life experiences include living as a Council tenant for
thirty years and being a director of my family business. These,
along with other experience gained throughout my life have
enabled me to empathise with a wide spectrum of people.
What future initiatives would you like to see at
Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing?
Marie: I’d like to see the appearance of our estates improved.
I’d also like, as a Board member, to get the chance to meet
more tenants and leaseholders – its important that as much
encouragement to get involved is given. I also think we need
to work on feeding back how we are changing our service in
response to our customers suggestions.
Helen: I would like to see Sustainable Communities, more
Partnership working with community groups etc and although
there are many new incentives for residents, perhaps more
vouchers to encourage creativity and reward those who make
a difference. I would also welcome more publicity on the
successes of CNH in the local press.
Ann: Giving CNH tenants a better responsibility towards
their homes and surroundings, thus imbibing a sense of
added pride.
What does it mean to be a Board member? What
do you do?
Helen: It means that I can be involved in the process of
gaining 2 stars to bring in the much needed funding for
improving the homes and lives of CNH residents. This is long
overdue. I attend and contribute to all meetings,
constructively challenging where appropriate.
Ann: Being a Board member means that I am a part of
decision making teams, Remuneration, Audit, Appeals,
Editorial etc. These, along with careful study and absorption
of papers prior to meetings enables me to play a more
active role in Board meetings and to challenge Board papers
and reports.
We need to know what you
think of our service
At CNH we are committed to providing the best service
we can to our customers. To be a successful business we
know that we must listen to the views, comments and
suggestions of all our customers.
- Email us online at – click on the
“Contact Us” tab
- Or visit us in person at our offices on Southfields Road
If we get things wrong we need to know how to put it right
next time. If you have any suggestions about how we can
improve our service or compliments on anything we’ve
done well, we would like to hear those as well.
We may be able to put things right straightaway or we may
need time to investigate. You will receive an
acknowledgement within three working days which will tell
you who is dealing with your complaint and give you their
contact details.
If you do need to make a complaint, or a suggestion,
you can:
We will respond to your complaint within ten working days
or will inform you if we need longer to investigate.
- telephone our free phone complaints line on
0800 3289488
Your response will give you information on what to do if
you are dissatisfied with the outcome.
- write to us at our usual Southfields address
Full details of our Complaints procedure are available in our
Compliments, complaints and suggestions leaflet. If you
would like a copy please contact us on 01509 634666
- complete the form in our Compliments, complaints and
suggestion leaflet and post it back to us (Freepost).
These forms are available in the reception area of the
Council offices.
Tenancy Services and Income
Management Contacts
With so many changes over the last 12 months
at CNH and new members of staff, we thought
we would tell you about the Tenancy Services
and Housing Income teams for your area.
All staff are contactable by e-mail:
us. [email protected]
A duty officer is always available in Tenancy Services to discuss
any problems if your Area Housing Officer is unavailable.
You can phone, write, visit the office or ask for home visit if
you would prefer.
Tenancy Services West Team (Area 3 & 4)
Area Housing Manager West - Alison Newby
Tenancy Services East Team (Area 1 & 2)
Area Housing Manager East – Clare Holford
If you live here:
If you live here:
Warwick Way Estate, Braddon Road Estate,
Meadow Avenue Estate
Town Centre: Peel Drive Estate, Chapman Street Estate,
Tuckers Road, Victoria Street
Burleigh Road, Palmer Estate, Clifford Estate and
Tyler Estate, Knightthorpe Road Nos 1-79 and 2 –154,
Alan Moss Road Nos 1 –123 and 2 –156, Barrow, Burton,
Cotes, Hoton, Seagrave, Sileby, Walton on the Wolds,
Barkby, Beeby, Cossington, East Goscote, Queniborough,
Ratcliffe, Rearsby, Syston, Thrussington, Thurmaston,
Your area team are as follows - Area 2
Your area team are as follows - Area 1
Senior Housing Officer
Claire Westrup 01509 634953
Senior Housing Officer
Chris Blackford 01509 634716
Housing Officer
Kenneth Gill 01509 634954
Housing Officer
Helen Clarke (Job Share, Mon, Tues, Wed AM)
01509 634956
Housing Assistant
Keith Henson 01509 632541
Housing Officer
Lance Clarke (Job Share, Wed PM, Thurs, Fri )
01509 634956
Housing Assistant
Wendy Playle 01509 634981
Housing Income Officer
Dawn Knight 0800 633 5548 (Freephone)
Money Management Officer
Bindu Parmar 0800 633 5548 (Freephone)
If you live here:
If you live here:
Shelthorpe, Park Road, Anstey, Birstall, Cropston,
Mountsorrel, Newtown Linford, Rothley, Swithland,
Wanlip, Thurcaston.
Shepshed , Hathern, Woodhouse Eaves, Quorn, South
Croxton. Ashby Road Estate, Thorpe Acre and Poet’s
Corner Estate.
Your area team are as follows - Area 3
Your area team are as follows - Area 4
Senior Housing Officer
Nicola March 01509 634958
Senior Housing Officer
Michelle Thomas 01509 632544
Housing Officer
Efit Karim 01509 634957 (Job Share, Wed pm, Thurs & Fri)
Housing Officer
Nick Bale 01509 634951
Temporary Housing Officer
Sat Dhadli 01509 632547 (Job Share Mon, Tues, Wed)
Housing Assistant
Richard Smith 01509 632547
Housing Assistant
Liam Coulson 01509 632547
Housing Income Officer
Dan Hall 0800 633 5548 (Freephone)
Housing Income Officer
Liz Moody 0800 633 5548 (Freephone)
Money Management Officer
Bindu Parmar 0800 633 5548 (Freephone)
Money Management Officer
Bindu Parmar 0800 633 5548 (Freephone)
The harsh reality is that 400
people die in accidental house
fires each year in the UK
caused by smoking materials,
candles, unattended cooking
utensils and factors such as
faulty electrics.
The good news is that you
can reduce the risk of fire
by taking a small number
of fire safety steps, and
communicating with your
landlord organisation if you
have questions or concerns.
Your landlord is there to help.
However, you have responsibilities
too for ensuring your home
remains safe from fire. For
example, you should always
ensure that your upholstered
furniture has the fire-resistant
permanent label.
To help, the Fire Kills campaign has the following advice:
…and make sure
everyone knows it
and where door and
window keys are kept
…keep to one plug
per socket
…weekly. Never
remove the batteries
…to stop fire from
…avoid placing
them on top or near
materials that could
catch fire
…extinguish all smoking
materials properly and
never smoke in bed
…never leave cooking
unattended or throw
water on cooking oil if
it catches alight!
…don’t try to tackle
fires yourself
…on each level of
the property
Housing Income Officer
Sally Porter 0800 633 5548 (Freephone)
Money Management Officer
Bindu Parmar 0800 633 5548 (Freephone)
Social Housing landlords have a
responsibility to you and your home
and must ensure that gas and
electrical appliances they supply are
safe and in good working order.
Your landlord may also fit smoke
alarms in shared accommodation
and communal areas.
Your local fire and rescue service offers free Home Fire Risk Checks and may be able to fit free smoke
alarms in your home. To get details on how to request one or for more information on fire safety, visit
Overall Performance April - December 2008
% emergency repairs completed in timescale
CNH is showing good progress on the majority of these six
indicators. The results at the end of the 3rd quarter of the
year, from April to December 2008 are shown below.
3 of the 6 indicators are showing performance above the
annual target and one indicator is meeting profiled target.
Two indicators show performance below target.
Below Target
On Target
Above Target
Summary of progress on 6 key performance
indicators against the annual targets for
2007/08 Actual
YTD Actual
Quarter Targets
2007/08 Actual
YTD Actual
Quarter Targets
Performance Summary
end of year target = 100%
% urgent repairs carried out within timescale
% rent collected as a proportion of rent due
CNH is committed to keeping you informed about how
we are performing. This report concentrates on the key
areas of rent collection, repairs and voids and the graphs
summarise our performance in these areas.
How did we do in April to
December 2008?
% of responsive repair appointments kept
Performance Summary
end of year target = 90%
Average time to complete non urgent repairs
Average time taken to re-let properties
73.5 days
66.5 days
23.6 days
19.6 days
16 days
40 days
41.41 days
10.3 days
25 days
2007/08 Actual
YTD Actual
Quarter Targets
Rolling 12
month measure
7.62 days
2007/08 Actual
YTD Actual
Quarter Targets
2007/08 Actual
YTD Actual
Quarter Targets
2007/08 Actual
YTD Actual
Quarter Targets
Performance Summary
end of year target = 98.6%
Performance Summary
end of year target = 96%
Performance Summary
target = 16 days
Performance Summary
end of year target = 25 days