Watch a video to quickly learn how to

Watch a video to quickly learn how to
setup and understand your scale.
Table of Contents
Important Safety Notes 2
Introduction 3
Scale Description 4
Physical Features
Measuring Units
Setting the Measuring Unit
Things To Know Before Using Your Scale 5
User Setup 6
SYNC With Your Scale 7
Reading Your Results 8
Switching Modes
Tips and Tricks 9
Reset Weightless
For Best Results
Troubleshooting 10
Cleaning, Maintenance, and Disposal 11
Technical Specifications 12
Manufacturer’s Warranty 13
Important Safety Notes
Do not step on the edge of the scale while getting on or off,
otherwise it may tip.
Do not jump on scale.
Protect scale from hard knocks, temperature fluctuations and
heat sources that are too close (e.g. Stoves, heating units)
Do not drop scale or drop any objects on it as this may damage
the sensors.
Do not step or stand on the scale when your body and/or feet
are wet. For example, after taking a shower.
Do not step on the scale when the surface is wet. There is a
danger of slipping.
Do not step on this scale if you weigh more than 400 lbs.
Place the scale on level flooring, otherwise it may tip.
Clean the scale with a slightly damp cloth, DO NOT immerse the
scale in water or use chemical/abrasive cleaning agents.
“The past does not predict, nor does it dictate your future.”
That’s the inspiration behind the design of The Weightless Scale.
Traditional scales can be demotivating as they reduce past eating,
exercise and lifestyle habits into one stigmatizing number.
The Weightless Scale lets you decide how to view your weight.
Traditionally like other scales, or Weightlessly to make weighing
Free Smart Phone App Included
Use the smartphone you love to Set Goals, Track Progress and
Achieve Results. To automatically sync your results to your
smartphone, download the free Weight GURUS app.
Available in these app marketplaces:
For more product information, please visit
Scale Description
Physical Features
SYNC key
Up key
SEL key
Down key
Measuring Units
Setting the measuring unit
By pressing the button on the back of the scale, you can switch
between lb. (pound) and kg (kilogram).
Things To Know Before Using Your Scale
Measuring your weight is easy. Simply step on your scale and
evenly distribute your weight.
Auto-on is the easiest way to use your scale. Simply step on the
weighing surface with both feet and evenly distribute your weight.
Once you complete user setup (page 6), Auto-Detection will match
you to your profile automatically. If no match is made to a user
profile, then the scale will only display your weight information.
Weightless Mode requires a user to be setup in order to display
weight information as changes over time.
Once a profile has been setup, your scale will automatically match
you to your correct profile by weight. The scale determines who
the user is by a range of 10 lbs. and in some cases a conflict may
arise if two or more users are within 10 lbs. of each other (see
“Troubleshooting” for resolving an auto-detection conflict).
Another easy way to turn on your scale is to briefly step-on, then off
the weighing area of your scale. “Press-Awake” allows you to enter
setup mode to create or edit a new user (see User Setup, page 6).
If needed, it also allows you to select your user profile manually.
User Setup
IMPORTANT: Place your scale on a hard flat surface, and be ready to
record your first weight entry on the last step.
This scale can be customized for up to 8 users.
Setup User
1. Press-Awake your scale ON
2. Press and hold SEL
3. Use and
to make selections, then tap SEL to select and
continue for each option below.
User Number
Choose a user profile number
Weight Mode
Choose “#” for Traditional or “+/-” for Weightless
Step on the scale with bare feet, evenly
distribute your weight.
*At any time in the setup process, if you have to leave or the screen shuts off due to
inactivity, just start over from number one above.
Weight Modes
Traditional Mode displays your actual weight
Weightless mode displays your + or - changes in
weight relative to your first time weighing.
Sync With Your Scale
Syncing your results to your smart phone is easy.
1. Get the App
2. Step on the scale
3. After the scale completes measuring, your barcode will
automatically display after showing you your results.
4. Use the Weight GURUS App and your smart phone’s camera to
scan the barcode. Make sure to align the brackets on your phone’s
screen to the scale’s barcode screen.
ZOOM: Use the zoom buttons on the left to get closer or further
away to properly align the app screen’s brackets with the scale’s
GLARE: Lean from side to side when scanning to avoid direct glare
from overhead lights. If a bright reflection is blocking your view of
the barcode, the scanner may not detect your results.
Learn more at
Reading Your Results
Once you have properly weighed yourself, the scale will display your
measurement for you.
Traditional Mode (#)
Traditional Mode displays your actual weight in either pounds (lb)
or kilograms (kg) just like a traditional scale would.
Weightless Mode (+/-)
Weightless Mode displays your weight as progress, allowing you to
weigh without actually seeing your absolute number. Over time,
you’ll see your changes in weight shown as + or - numbers, relative
to your starting weight entry.
*When in Weightless Mode, recording an initial reading will display
zeros because you haven’t recorded any changes over time yet.
At any time, press the SEL key to see weight results in Traditional
Switching Modes
After weighing, In order to switch between modes, tap SEL. If you
want to switch modes permanently, go through setup again on
page 6 to change your user profile selections.
Tips and Tricks
Reset Weightless
When in Weightless Mode, you may want a fresh start to begin at
0 lbs again. To do this, clear your user profile (see page 10) and resetup your user again (page 6).
For Best Results
For best results, remember to place your scale on a hard level
surface. Step on the scale with bare feet, evenly distributing your
Using this scale on carpet will not give accurate results.
It’s important to follow a routine. We recommend weighing daily
around the same time each day. Alternatively, you can weigh
weekly. When weighing weekly we recommend weighing on the
same day each week.
Weighing under the same conditions will help ensure accurate
results. Weight can vary due to different clothing selections,
weighing at different times of day, weighing before or after meals,
etc. Following a routine will help achieve accurate results.
Low battery
“Lo” is displayed when the batteries need to be replaced. Open the
battery door on the back of the scale, and remove and replace the
batteries with four AAA batteries.
Overload occurs when the scale has too much weight (Capacity:
180kg / 397lb). Please remove the weight on the scale to protect
the scale sensors.
Measuring error
If the scale has trouble measuring your weight, it will show “Err”
and turn off. This is most likely due to not settling on the scale fast
enough. Make sure that the scale is placed on a flat hard surface
(not carpet), and you distribute your weight evenly while holding
Failed to auto-detect your user profile while weighing
The weight data is shown only and the scale will turn off after a few
seconds. Please manually select your number and measure once
again (Press-Awake, select user number, Tap SEL).
Resolving an auto-detection conflict
An auto-detection conflict will occur if two or more users are within
10lbs. of each other. When an auto-detection conflict occurs, your
scale will give you a chance to select your profile number manually.
Use the arrows to select your profile, tap SEL, and step on the scale.
The scale will now proceed measuring for the profile you have
How do I clear a user profile?
First, Press-Awake the scale on, then press and hold SEL. Now,
select the user to delete and press SEL. Once selected, press the up
arrow to change Clr to “Y.” Now press SEL to clear the user. The user
is now removed.
Cleaning, Maintenance and Disposal
Your scale is not waterproof. Never immerse the scale in water
or place it in a dishwasher. To clean the scale platform, use a soft,
slightly damp cloth or sponge. For stains or other residue, use a
mild dish washing soap. Never use harsh cleaners or treated cloths.
Changing the batteries
Your scale uses 4 AAA batteries. To change the batteries, open the
battery door on the bottom of the scale, remove the old batteries
and replace them with the + end oriented as shown in the battery
Batteries should be disposed of separately from household waste.
Always dispose of batteries as per your local regulations.
Dispose of this device in accordance with your local regulations.
Technical Specifications
Weight unit: lb / kg
Capacity: 397lb / 180kg
Division: 0.1lb / 0.1kg
Minimal weight: 5kg
Function keys: SYNC,
, SEL,
Display: Positive LCD, Optional Backlight
Batteries: 4 AAA
User No.: 8
Working temperature: 32ºF-104ºF / 0ºC-40ºC
working humidity:≤90% RH
Storage temperature: -4ºF - 140ºF / -20ºC - 60ºC
Manufacturer’s Warranty
Your scale is warranted by the manufacturer against defects in
materials and workmanship for five (5) years from the original
purchaser from the date of purchase. Proof of purchase is required.
The warranty is void if the product has been subjected to
mechanical damage or mistreatment, such as immersion. This
warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, and limits the liability of
the manufacturer. This warranty gives you certain legal rights and
you may have other rights depending on which state the product
was purchased.
If your scale is defective, please contact DMD, LLC toll-free at (866)
991-8494 or email [email protected]
Become Gurus LLC
Remove the plastic pull tab from back of scale.
Tap-Awake the scale on. (Briefly step on, then off the scale.)
Press and hold SEL.
Use & to make selections, then tap SEL to select.
USER NUMBER - Your personal user profile number (Select user 1-8)
WEIGHT MODE - Select Traditional or Weightless – #: for Traditional mode, see
your weight (125.6lbs) or +/- for Weightless, track your weight progress (-12.3lbs)
Step on the scale evenly distributing your weight.
*If desired, press SEL to toggle between Traditional and Weightless modes
when viewing results.
A Press SYNC on scale as it’s showing measurement results.
B Open the Weight GURUS App’s Camera/Sync function.
C Align the brackets on your phone’s screen with the scale’s LCD.
When the display shows the barcode, results will be automatically
transferred to your smartphone. Press ENTER to store your results.
For more info visit: