How to fetch MJPEG stream on the FI9821W/02W and view...

How to fetch MJPEG stream on the FI9821W/02W and view these in Synology
Fetching MJPEG stream by URL
There are two steps needed to fetch the MJPEG URL stream.
Step 1: Set one of the streams to MJPEG.
As the current chipset on the FI9821W only supports two H.264 streams (Mainstream and
Substream), we need to set one of the streams to an MJPEG stream, as the chipset does
not support three streams. After we set one of the streams to an MJPEG stream, we can
fetch the videostream using an HTTP URL.
Here is an example URL on how to set one stream to an MJPEG stream, please use your
own IP and port + user and pw:
http://ip address:port/cgibin/CGIProxy.fcgi?usr=admin&pwd=xxx&cmd=setSubStreamFormat&format=1
When inputting this URL and pushing "Enter" in your browser, it will return the following
Step 2: After setting the MJPEG stream, it can be fetched using an HTTP URL.
See the example HTTP URL you would use to fetch the MJPEG videostream. Note that this
differs from older MJPEG cameras like the FI8910W, but the videostream result is the
Simply replace the IP address, port, username, and password into the above URL to access
your camera's MJPEG stream.
You can refer to the CGI document on setSubStreamFormat and GetMJStream if you wish.
The new CGI documentation can be found here: cgi-sdk-for-fi9821w-fi9801w-fi9802wt4010.html
SEE STEP 3 on the next page for using this stream in Synology
Step 3: SETUP this MJPEG stream in Synology
Please include the following in the ‘’Source URL=Bronpad’’ field:
Where usr= your own user and pwd= your own password
The same USE and PW you use in the user/pw fields below the source field