How to Apply Syllabus

How to Apply
The course covers the following topics:
To enrol on the Diploma in Fund Administration, you will need to complete the course enrolment
form (available on the website) and return it by fax, email or post to the address below. If you
require any further information, please contact CLT International at [email protected]
Hedge Funds syllabus
• The investment manager
• The discretionary investment management agreement
• Prime brokerage
• The prime brokerage agreement and other documentation
• The fund administrator
• Investment strategies
• Group structures for funds and side pockets
• The EU Savings Tax Directive
• Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities (UCITS 3)
CLT International
CLT International is the exclusive provider of the Advanced Certificate and Diploma in Fund
Administration and has a wealth of experience of providing high-quality, certificated, professional
training programmes to delegates around the world.
Retail Funds syllabus
• Regulation of retail funds
• Investment companies
• Authorised unit trusts
Diploma in Fund
Private Equity and Property Funds syllabus
• Private equity funds
• Property funds
• Roles of key players
• The EU Saving Tax Directive and other Directives
• Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities (UCITS 3)
Accounting and NAV syllabus
• Bookkeeping and accounting
• Net asset value (NAV) calculation
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A practical qualification for
fund administrators awarded
in association with the
University of Manchester
Business School
With the funds industry going from strength to strength and recovering from the financial
downturn, there has never been a more critical time for fund administrators to arm themselves
with the academic and practical knowledge required to provide an industry-leading service. This course will:
• Arm you with an advanced level, certificated, practical qualification, which is underpinned by sound academic content
• Enhance your ability to deliver a high-quality, consistent and holistic fund administration service
• Broaden your understanding of different types of funds and their administration
• Enhance your professional reputation as well as that of your firm
• Improve your workplace performance and increase your potential for career progression
Delegates wishing to apply for exemption from the Advanced Certificate in Fund Administration
• Be able to demonstrate significant and relevant work experience (at least 3 years), and
• Have broadly covered the content of the programme at the same level in a previous course or qualification
As the demand for attention to detail and timeliness in fund administration increases,
administrators will need to be equipped to meet the ever-increasing industry and regulatory
demands. The Diploma in Fund Administration will enable you to demonstrate, through a
certificated qualification, that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide an excellent
fund administration service and one which differentiates you from the competition.
Suitable for those who have completed the Advanced Certificate in Fund Administration, the
Diploma provides a detailed insight into the administration of hedge funds, retail funds, private
equity and property funds. The Diploma is a benchmark professional qualification demonstrating
Aimed at those who already have some knowledge and practical experience in the industry, the
Diploma is suitable for fund practitioners who want to become experts in their field and gain a
high-level understanding of fund administration.
Key Features
The Diploma will take six months to complete. There are three different study options:
Workshop Option * - workshops are set approximately halfway through the programme and
provide an opportunity for participants to work through and enhance their understanding of
the course material with an industry expert. Each day of the four day workshop will focus on a
different pathway (hedge funds, retail funds or private equity and property funds) and the final
day will cover accounting and NAV. Delegates are strongly recommended to attend all four
workshop days. Distance Learning - the Diploma is also available in a distance learning format. Additional
materials are included in the learning pack to ensure that delegates gain a thorough education.
In-house Courses - the Diploma may be delivered in-house as a bespoke programme,
tailored to the specific needs of your firm.
In order to pass the Diploma, delegates must submit one assignment (2500-3500 words) and
successfully complete a three hour open-book examination on their chosen pathway. Those
who pass the assignment and examination will be awarded the Diploma in Fund Administration
and will be able to use the designation Dip (Fund Admin).
• An advanced level, certificated programme resulting in a practical qualification
• Comprehensive, bespoke course materials written by experienced industry practitioners
• Extensive support and resource material including online webinars
• A variety of study options
• Opportunity to specialise in hedge funds, retail funds or private equity and property funds
• Awarded in association with the University of Manchester Business School
• Allows use of the designation Dip (Fund Admin)
Admission Requirements
The Diploma in Fund Administration is designed for individuals who have:
• A sound educational background, and
• Relevant work experience in the financial services industry, and
• Completed the Advanced Certificate in Fund Administration, or
• Obtained a qualification that is equivalent in level and content to the Advanced Certificate.
Study Options | 0121 355 0900 | [email protected]
* subject to sufficient enrolments