How to Add a New Event from the “Event List”

How to Add a New Event from the “Event List”
Step 1: Click the “Events” tab at the top of your screen. CJM – Always assume the
starting point is the home screen for consistency.
Step 1b: Click the “Events” link to view and manage your Events.
Step 2: Click the “Add an Event” icon. This will take you to an event scheduling page.
Step 3: Fill in all the information that is needed in the upper half of the screen. All
mandatory fields will be identified with a “*” next to them.
Step 3I: Then continue on to scheduling your meeting(s) by clicking the “Add
Meeting” tab.
Fill in Event
To add a new meeting
***Note: The status of the event may be changed
by clicking the little pencil,
. The default
setting is scheduled, which will reserve the space
and resources. You may change this to tentative,
pending or cancel. Make note that TENTATIVE will
NOT book the room or resources when it is put into
the calendar. This means someone else may book
over the event. However, PENDING WILL book out
the room and resources, and reserve until further
Please keep this change in mind when making your
Step 4: Fill in your information in the Event meetings box, continue on to the “Meeting
Recurrence” area to fill in your meeting(s) information, then click “Create”. If the
information is correct, click “Ok”.
Choose a single,
recurring or spanning
meeting. Fill in
information. Then
press “Create”.
When meetings have
been set, click “ok”
at the bottom of the
Step 5: To assign rooms to the new meeting(s) time(s), click the little box beside the
desired meeting(s) and click “Assign Rooms”.
Step 6: If you wish to choose the same room for all meetings simply click on the
first meeting column next to the room and all meetings will highlight in green for
the specific room. When you are finished click “Ok” at the bottom.
If you wish to
choose the
same room
for all
simply click
the first
column next
to that room.
Rooms that you
select/request will
highlight in green
Unavailable rooms
will highlight in red.
*NOTE: You may choose more than one room for each meeting if needed
Step 7: When you have completed all necessary steps click “Save” at the top left of the