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HOW TO GET TO HOSHINO RESORTS AOMORIYA From Narita Airport to HOSHINO RESORTS AOMORIYA by Train Route : Narita Airport >(Narita express)>Tokyo StaNon>(Shinkansen)>Hachinohe StaNon>(Shu"le Bus)>HOSHINO RESORTS AOMORIYA For your convenience, we recommend the discount rail pass. Check here for more details. Save on round-­‐trip fares between Narita Airport and Hachinohe
1.Exit the InternaNonal fights terminal . Follow the signs of “Railways”. For Japan Rail Pass holder. Look for “JR East Travel Service Center / Japan Rail Pass” (No.3) Go into the office and exchange the vouchers to actual Japan Rail pass. You can also arrange whole trip here and get all Nckets. Show your iNnerary and consult with the clerk. They will give you the best connecNons and Nckets of the whole trip right there. *This Pass needs to be purchased before you land in japan 6.Arrive at Tokyo StaNon. Follow the signs to the Shinkansen plaYorm. 2.Follow the signs to the JR NckeNng booth. 3.Purchase the Nckets at JR EAST Travel Service Center or Ticket Office. 4.Take the Narita Express (train with JR sign) to Tokyo StaNon : 「東京」. 5. The ride to Narita Express. 7. Follow the signs of “green Shinkansen face”. 8. Follow the signs of “green Shinkansen face”. h"p:// ©2014 Hoshino Resort. All rights reserved.
9. Follow the signs of “green Shinkansen face”. 10.Enter through the fare gate. 11. Find your track number of your HAYATE bound for Hachinohe. 12.Go for you plaYorm by the escalator. 13.Get on the HAYATE , and have a relax tour from Tokyo to Hachinohe take about 3 hours. 14.Arrive at Hachinohe StaNon. Go through the fare gate of Hachinohe StaNon. 15.Go through the fare gate and turn lef for the West Exit of Hachinohe StaNon. 16.Go to the first floor by the escalator. 17. The shu"le bus will be waiNng to take you to HOSHINO RESORTS AOMORIYA. 18. Arrive at HOSHINO RESORTS AOMORIYA . ※Shu"le bus Nme table may be changed according to the season. 16. Exit from the first floor you will see the Hotel shu"le bus waiNng at the right. h"p:// ©2014 Hoshino Resort. All rights reserved.