How to Register: Go to

How to Register:
Go to
There is a link on the parish website.
Go to Registration
Watch the brief tutorial
Follow the prompts
Our organization is the Archdiocese of Cincinnati
Once you choose your session and you complete all the
information, you are registered and that session location will be
expecting you.
Please be sure to list your parish as the Primary location.
If you do not have email and can’t find someone to help with
this, call Jenni at 521-7387 or Wilma at 729-0222 you can set a
date for one of them to assist you.
Protecting God’s Children
One of the greatest responsibilities adults ever face is the protection of
children under their care. That is a duty that falls heavily upon those
who minister in the name of the Church because children are entrusted
to us in so many ways – in schools, in religious education, in Scouting,
on field trips and in sports. Parents have a right to expect that their
children are as safe as humanly possible in all of these situations
Archbishop Schnurr
All people who intend to work or volunteer in any of the Archdiocese of
Cincinnati parishes, schools, or institutions, must attend a VIRTUS®
Child Awareness Session for the ”Decree on Child Protection” and be
finger printed by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati before you are
approved to work with children. VIRTUS is nationwide and used by
over 129 diocese throughout the United States. It has been accepted
by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati as the required session for Child
Protection. It replaces the previous Decree on Child Protection
Orientation. If you have attended this previous Child Protection
program, you have until June, 2014 to get updated with the VIRTUS
program. At this time, the current finger printing is still valid.
If you have any questions, please contact:
Wilma McGlasson, Virtus Facilitator
729-0222, [email protected],
Jenni Petrey, St. Margaret Mary Safe Environment Coordinator,
521-7387, [email protected]