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ABN 70 066 902 467
This number is your unique customer number and refers
to your specific contact details.
This number is your account number
and refers to the property being billed.
You should quote this number if you
have a query with us.
Please pay - this is the total amount that is owing to City
West Water.
Due date - this is the date the total amount owing is due
to be paid.
This is your
mailing address
where your bill is
This is your billing address, which refers to the
property where the services we provide are being
used and therefore charged against.
Previous bill - this is what was billed to
you in your last account.
This bar graph shows
your average daily
water usage. You
can use this graph
to compare water
consumption each
Amount received - this is what was received Balance forward - this is the amount that was
after your last account was issued.
owing up to the issue of the current account.
Water and sewerage
Volume charges - this is the total charge
for the combined water usage and sewage
disposal for the period of the account. This
amount is billed after we have read your
Adjustment - this is an amount that has been added to or deducted from
your account. An explanation of this charge is on the reverse of the bill.
Annual Parks Charge - this is an annual charge that City West Water bills
and collects on behalf of Parks Victoria. This charge helps fund the purchase,
development and maintenance of Melbourne’s major parks, reserves and
gardens. The amount is usually charged in the July-September quarter and
may be why your account, for that period, seems higher than normal. For
enquiries, contact Parks Victoria on 131 963.
Waterways and Drainage Charge this quarterly charge is billed by City
West Water on Melbourne Water’s behalf.
Melbourne Water is responsible for the
management of waterways, drainage and
floodplains in your area.
Note: This charge can also be called
‘Waterways Charge’ depending on the
location of the property.
Less Pensioner Concession - this is the discount granted if you are a
holder of a current health care, veterans affairs or pensioner concession card
and this is your principal place of residence. Further information regarding
eligibility can be found on our website.
How to read your City West Water water bill
Service charges - these are fixed fees
that are charged if you have the water
and/or sewerage service mains available
to your property. This amount is billed in
advance for the upcoming quarter.