How to live long and be in Really good health
By Tank Kobarg
Copyright 2011, Tank Kobarg, all rights reserved.
Published: 2011, Intellectual Properties, LLC, San Diego.
Editors: W Mitchell, C Mach, C Mitchell.
Our family has known the incomparable Tank and Patti
Kobarg for two decades. With scores of others, we
came to Patti’s bedside, expecting this was the last day
we would see this lovely lady alive. With great difficulty,
we concealed our tears.
Then six weeks later, we were astounded to see her at
a family party, lively, having a grand time. Yes, she was
moving a bit slowly, but she was moving, laughing!
What a rejoicing we had! Then Tank told us the story of
their true miracle, how in desperation he had sought a
solution, and had found it, in minerals and nutrition.
The raw beauty and mild climate of San Diego and La
Jolla draws the world’s finest physicians like a magnet.
Tank and Patti could afford the finest care and had
sought the very best medical advice, to no avail. The
doctors tried everything, but had no answers and had to
give up. Patti weakened daily before our eyes and the
family gathered to pay their last respects.
But Tank, my dearest friend besides my family, wears
his nickname properly. A tough, potent warrior, he
refused to give up. He found two extraordinary people:
Doctor Joel Wallach and Doctor Ma Lan, in nearby
Bonita, and they had the life-saving answers Patti
I’ll let Tank and Patti finish their astonishing story. I
heartily endorse it and I testify to its absolute truth. I do
more than merely commend this research for your
consideration; I demand that you adopt it into your life,
for to do so is to live far longer, more prosperously and
more healthily.
In testimony, people don’t believe I’m 70 years old, nor
that seriously I plan to orbit the world when I’m about
91-94. They don’t understand how I have the energy to
run around a soccer field all afternoon flying stunt kites
with teens and 35-year-olds, nor to play sax weekly in a
band. Nor do they understand how I enjoy working 100
hours a week creating a magnificent company from
scratch, nor to invent something never before seen
alongside a famous physician, nor to write a full book in
a day while awaiting jury duty, nor to obtain another
Master’s Degree at age 70, nor to consider a Ph.D….
It’s entirely unreasonable, but true.
Carol and I have Tank and Patti and their encyclopedic
knowledge of minerals and nutrition to thank for such
things. Tank and Patti, in turn, mirror all of the thanks
and glory to God, whom they worship, as do we.
God is the author of all miracles, especially the miracle
of life. He teaches us in the Bible how to live in the
world He made for us. You’ll find His secrets throughout
this wonderful book by Tank and Patti Kobarg.
This book is Life.
David Mitchell
Our Story
The Authors’ Health Stories
Tank and Patti Kobarg
My wife Patti struggled with high blood pressure and
heart related problems for years requiring many drugs to
control the onset of stroke or heart attack. Later she
was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and then Arthritis.
The pain and stiffness in her hands made it impossible
at times to perform even menial tasks.
It seemed she was never well. I was always taking her
to doctor appointments, where she was prescribed
another batch of pills. The expense was endless year
after year. Every new specialist meant more tests, more
drugs, and more expense, but her health deteriorated.
Then she was diagnosed with Diverticulitis. This one
disease has resulted in three hospital stays over the
years; the doctors said the next attack would result in
major surgery.
To add to all of these, Patti was informed that she had
Poly Myosytsis, a rare autoimmune disease which
causes the body to feed off its own muscles. She
experienced rapid weight loss and had difficulty
standing for periods of time. When this disease attacks
the heart muscle, there's no hope left. Some family
members were notified and most thought it was the last
time they might see her alive. Frankly, we were thankful
for each additional day of life. I was distraught. How
would I go on without this beautiful person in my life? I
felt helpless to stop this downward slide.
It was only by divine guidance that we began going to
the library and various computer websites to gather
information about alternative health care and wellness.
We were amazed to learn that the United States health
care system is rated only 43th by the World Health
Organization and is shunned by much of the world.
A friend gave us a cassette tape by Nobel Prize
nominee Dr. Joel Wallach; titled, “Dead Doctors Don't
Lie,” sparking a curiosity for alternative health care.
Soon we were having lunch with Dr. Wallach.
That meeting and this single tape changed our lives.
Doc's message was totally logical, and we verified what
he said was in fact true. However, we were hesitant to
try another method of treatment. Like most people, we
believed our doctors knew best. Who were we to go
against the established norm? Nevertheless, with great
reservation Patti elected to give it a three month
When she started following Doc's recommendations
Patti was able to wean herself off the drugs. Her
Diabetes was no longer a problem; her blood pressure
improved and the Arthritis was no longer detectable. In
fact, her doctor stated that he had heard of Diabetes
being reversed through nutrition, but had not personally
known of a case. Patti’s cardiologist performed not one,
but three heart tests, and all came back negative. We
couldn’t believe it! The Poly Myosytsis was gone, an
answer to prayer. It is extremely rare that anyone
survives this disease. The doctor's explanation was she
is in remission. We have since learned that this
explanation is given when doctors can't explain why a
disease is no longer present, or when the body heals
The Diverticulitis returned however. Doctor Ma Lan, wife
of Doctor Joel Wallach gave Patti instructions. She
followed them, and the last attack was resolved without
leaving home, in a matter of days, without taking any
drugs and without major surgery!
As for me, I had Arthritis in my hands. My knees were
so bad that Cortisone shots and knee replacement
surgery were the only options offered me. My large
intestine vastly increased in size and ruptured my
stomach muscle above my navel. It was at a point
where it could have pierced through my skin. I did not
begin the nutrition plan as my wife did, since I too was
convinced that my physicians knew best how to care for
me. I believed that Patti's experience was just a rare
Then one evening I began experiencing chest pains and
was rushed to the hospital with the onset of a anxiety
attack. For months afterward, my doctors performed
tests and prescribed various drugs. They were certain
my condition would only deteriorate. That shook me like
nothing before, so I began the nutrition program, just
like Patti. In only eleven weeks, my Arthritis was history!
I could do deep knee bends from a standing position.
The intestinal problem stopped, however I still have a
protrusion above my navel.
A few months later, my doctor said “Whatever you are
doing, don’t stop. You’re fine. With a smile, he said, “Get
out of here, you healthy bum!”
Most of the health problems Patti and I experienced
were treated by some of the finest doctors at the
prestigious La Jolla Scripps Greens Hospital. At that
time, we lived in La Jolla, California, and out of
necessity came to know a great number of these
During most of Patti's illnesses, she was fortunate to
have good health insurance. Later that insurance was
cancelled and because of her past medical history, she
was considered uninsurable. Of course the mountain of
medical expenses eventually ruined us financially. That
hardly matters any more. We both have our health back,
and no amount of health insurance could ever give us
that. We go out to eat, go to parties, and do all the
things we wished we could do just a few years ago. We
feel alive again!
Since recovering, our goal has been to help others with
their health needs. We thought of family, friends and
numerous other people that could improve and reverse
medical conditions by using the resources we found so
beneficial. Most we meet are comfortable with their
short range view of their overall health. They believe
whole-heartedly in the health care system, and rely on
health insurance for all their health care needs. We
have learned that unquestioned reliance on one's doctor
is commonplace. Most people exercise control of every
area of their life, except when it comes to medical care.
This amazes me.
The experience of going from dismal health to great
health has had a profound effect on our lives. At first I
just wanted to save my wife. I immersed myself in
whatever I could find on pertinent health subjects. After
Patti's health turned around, my quest for information on
diseases became insatiable. I routinely visited web-sites
offering educational material on diseases or health
issues, and over many years much has been learned. I
have come to understand that nothing on earth is more
complicated than the human body, God's best creation.
These eleven plus years of self-training on health care
and wellness have given me a different outlook on not
just our current medical care system, but also on the
natural ways to maintain ones health. I also came to
understand the major impact of politics in fostering a
medical monopoly upon the American people.
I tell many who doubt to look at Patti and me; I was born
in 1940, and considering my medical history, how would
you explain my results? We don't look our age, yet a
few years ago, we looked much older for our age. As for
me, I feel younger. In fact, I work with people who
average twenty years of age. They typically get tired,
call in sick or need to take a break. They are three and
a half times younger than me, and I feel like the
Energizer Bunny. I don’t have saging skin or gray hair.
Do not accept my words on face value; do your own
research, learn some of what I have learned and form
your own opinion. Your well being and that of your loved
ones may benefit, as Patti and I have obviously
benefited from doing our own due diligence. We know
hundreds of people who do what we do, they don't
suffer the illnesses so common to our neighbors.
I hope you will be enlightened by this writing, and will
contact me if you have any comments or questions. No
I'm not a doctor, I'm a Marine Corps veteran, with an
advanced degree from the school of hard knocks!
We did it.
Our grandparents did it, their
grandparents did it, and their
grandparents did it, all the way
back to Adam and Eve.
We ate foods that ultimately
came from the earth.
Our ancestors were
hunters and gatherers of
natural foods all around them.
Their bodies liked that and learned to use the whole
abundance of minerals from the land, whether from plants or
from animals
They learned to farm, and feed
their growing populations. They
began to settle into smaller
areas, as they learned to farm
They didn't know that they were
depleting their areas of land,
removing the abundance of
minerals in those small areas.
Their foods lost taste and the people grew weaker.
Some of them learned that other lands were more fertile, so
they moved there.
Sometimes it meant warfare.
For example, the Romans
conquered to grow better grains
on fresh lands.
What the Romans, Greeks,
Carthagenians, Chinese,
Indians, Myceneans, Hebrews,
Arabs. Europeans didn't know
was that the land has elements in it.
These elements are listed in the Periodic Table.
Nothing on earth, except an atomic reaction can create them.
Plants cannot, animals cannot, and they can't appear
That's not so of vitamins. Plants can synthesize them from the
The problem is that our bodies need the elements, which we
call "Minerals" in English.
When farmers produce crops, the plants have these minerals elements in them. Nothing can replenish them in the soil,
unless the farmer adds them back.
Farmers learned that three of these elements, Nitrogen (N),
Potassium (K) and Phosphorus (P) are essential for most
plants. The others are not. So farmers replenish the lost
Nitrogen Potassium and Phosphorus, to make their plants grow
stronger, taller and greener. To stay in business, farmers must
concentrate more on growing plants, than growing food.
The revitalized plants became more and more deficient in
some 57 other elements, but that didn't matter – to the plants. It
certainly Did matter to animal life.
As the world runs out of arable
land, that is, land that has an
ample supply of minerals in the
soil, we humans find our food
becoming less tasty and less
We find all manner of diseases
cropping up, which were rarely known to our ancestors.
Our so-called "natural immunity" to bacteria and viruses drops.
We need help.
The missing elements - minerals still exist abundantly on earth, just
not in our farm lands.
They have been trapped in certain
semi-shales, which Youngevity
(tm) mines for us. Ancient plants
pulled them from the land and later
were trapped by twin volcanic eruptions, one long before and
the other after the plants grew. The plant derived minerals are
saved in those shales, but the shales are quite rare.
Youngevity(tm) uses pure water to extract the minerals, then
processes the result further so our bodies can use them.
The KEY is that these minerals are derived from Plants, not
rocks. The rocks above and below these shales have the same
minerals in them, but the Key is that the plants have pulled the
minerals out of the rocks, before being trapped in the shales.
Mankind has not found a way to
grind up rocks fine enough for our
bodies to process the minerals. The rock particles are far larger
than human cells, and can't get into the cells with any degree
of ease.
The rocks are mostly inert, and pass right through our bodies,
leaving perhaps one or three parts in a hundred behind. For
example, you'd have to chew up pounds of dolomite or sea
shells to get enough calcium, Most calcium supplements are
made of dolomite or shells.
Plants are amazing. They have the ability to pull minerals into
themselves in just the right proportions, and in particle sizes
that are exceedingly tiny, compared with the finest rock flour
mankind has been able to produce.
The Plant Derived particles are COLLOIDAL in size. A plant
derived colloid particle is far smaller than a human cell, and
can enter that cell with ease.
Moreover, the colloid can exit the cell as waste, with equal
Plant colloids can't accumulate to toxic levels in cells. Cells
expel them as needed.
That's not true of powdered rocks, which have trouble exiting
cells and can accumulate to toxic levels.
This book is about the nutrition men, women and children need
to live and thrive.
We know that our diets are recipes
for disaster. Our depleted and
increasingly scarce farmlands no
longer produce food with the plantderived minerals our bodies need,
in order to be healthy.
Science and practice only
know one solution to the dilemma: supplementing our diets
with minerals in the form that our cells can use. Those minerals
must be colloidal in size.
By supplementing our minerals, we feel much better. We live
much healthier and longer. Please, for your health and that of
your family, read and follow this book. Your lives are at stake.
Table of Contents
Our Story
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 About Us And Our Body
Chapter 2 Allopathic Health Care
Chapter 3 Supplementation
Chapter 4 Our Diet, Our Environment
Chapter 5 Influenza
Chapter 6 What To Do
Other Pertinent Articles
Chapter 1
About Us And Our Body
Doctor Edmund Devroey wrote “THE
DISASTER”, we are what we eat, drink
and breathe”. He writes that we must
become aware of the errors in our way of
eating and the way we think about – or
do not think about – our diet.
Our health as individuals and as a nation
depends upon it!
The only thing constant in life is CHANGE. For every living
organism, the ability to adapt to alterations in its environment is
essential in order for it to stay alive. It is true for all organisms
that only when they are in balance with their environment can
they maintain life and prosper. Should the environment change
or should there be an alteration in their living conditions,
organisms have no other option than to adapt to the change,
suffer from it or disappear.
Change is constant in everything, even rocks change over
time. Most of us mere humans fail to understand this most
basic fact. We are aware of aging; i.e. infancy, puberty, young
adulthood, middle aged and senior citizen. The false view is
one of, that's the way it is. It is true that we don't have control
or influence on the stages of life. But we do have tremendous
control over how healthy, energetic and prosperous we live.
Likewise, we also
have control on
how long we live.
All too few of us
understand that
we humans can
live 120 years or more, as remote populations throughout the
world have done for centuries. Congrats for reading on; the last
sentence tends not to be acceptable by the many. This is
exactly the point. We Americans are narrowly concentrating on
our careers, family, recreation and just getting though each
day. We buy clothes that appeal to us. We use cosmetics and
grooming products to enhance our appearance. Some
exercise, watch their diet take a vitamin supplement, go for
regular medical checkups and generally feel that they are
doing all that is proper for their body.
Think about this; pleasure may be something that is causing
us to harm ourselves! We are allowing some of our senses to
make bad choices for us. TASTE, is an overriding factor; if it
tastes good, consume it. Do so even if it is laced with
chemicals to not only enhance flavor, but even to cause
addiction to it. SMELL, starts the urge for whatever happens to
be attracting ones appetite. EYES, -- what we see often steers
our desires us to consume something. FEEL and TEXTURE
again excite the appetite.
Do you really know how the body
works? Do you take what goes on
in your body for granted? When
you consume anything do you know how, or if it is processed
and eliminated? Actually, your body does amazing things with
the right fuel coming in. Likewise, it goes though extreme
measures trying to counter the effects of bad stuff coming in.
Sometimes the body is overwhelmed by the volume of
unusable and toxic material, the organs and the digestive tract
has to deal with. At that point, a malady begins.
Is a health concern your fault? Is becoming sick your fault?
YES and NO! When pain or a problem develops, if it is minor,
we would normally go to a drug store, ask the Pharmacist for
advice or pick though the product shelves looking for remedy.
Whether or not we get better, we feel that we have taken
control of our health need.
Unfortunately, to me, this is nothing but conditioning. We do
what we have learned to do without ever questioning the value
of that action. Does the pain or problem go away for a while?
When it comes back, do you do the same thing? To use a
common saying from TV's Dr. Phil's show, “How's that
working for you”?
Conditioning, not knowledge, tends to override our normal
skepticism when it comes to managing our health needs. As a
consumer society, we are taught what, not how to think. Most
of us continue to place our fate in others' hands, because that
is what we have always done. We seem to think our health
concerns are matters for those more learned than us. Again,
this is what most have always done. It's a blind reliance on a
medical care system that is more than ever before in continual
change. The government may, or may not take control of
health care. Whether or not it will improve or become just
another government program gone array, is a political
question. As I see it, we must insure that we are able to care
for ourselves as much as possible, and this requires
knowledge of your body and proper nutrition.
Resolve that your body will no longer
be a mystery, that what goes on inside
your body is going to be detected and
resolved. After all who knows your
body better than you? Be your own
care provider. Scary? Yes, but millions
do it every day. They take charge of
their health and wellness. They seldom get sick or require
professional care.
It's a decision concerning YOUR BODY. Are you going to be in
charge, or are you going to keep doing what you are doing,
letting someone else decide for you, with the same results?
You buy health insurance to pay for expenses, and the cost is
a huge burden on your budget. Why not fortify your body with
what it wants and needs, while saving a bunch of money? Why
not be without pain and live beyond your expectations?
Everything written in this text will tend to rub against what you
may accept as normal. However, nothing stated is radical or
unproven. You and all of the world are welcome to research
and determine the accuracy of statements and claims made.
Only then can you begin to accept responsibility for your own
body and discover the worth of introducing a wellness life style
into your future.
Most people do not understand the difference between health
and wellness.
Health is the state or condition of one's body, be it good or
poor. A person may claim to be healthy, while not being aware
of those things going on inside which will eventually develop
into a disease or illness. Understand that the word "health"
means different things at different times. Claiming to be in
"good health" may be an act of hope at best.
Wellness is the state of feeling great and doing the important
things that assure longevity and a disease free life.
How Did Life Begin
According to The Wall Street Journal (12/3/10.) “Science
believes that all organisms where formed from six essential
elements: oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, carbon and
phosphorus. Now, researchers say that a bacterium that was
very likely growing in arsenic started everything. Scientists will
have to add noxious element 33 (arsenic) to the construction
kit for existence.”
Actually, in the great scheme of
things God gave us this big
blue marble that we live on,
with the basic elements for life
to exist and prosper, from the
beginning of time. The Bible in,
Genesis 2, verse 7 reads in
part, “And the Lord God formed
man of the dust of the ground.”
Everything that lives relies on
minerals from the ground to
exist. We are part of the earth and it is part of us--for all things
are connected.
What are these minerals? The Periodic Table lists 118
elements, classifying them as various types of metals,
metalloid's, nonmetals, halogens, lanthanides, actinides and
noble gasses. Some are man-made and do not occur in nature
because they decay radioactively into other elements in a short
time. Six, the noble gasses occur, but never participate in
compounds of molecules. Our bodies do not need the
radioactive elements or the noble gasses, but they need the
rest. All compounds are made of elements.
In geology, a mineral is an element or compound with a
crystalline structure, which was formed by geological
processes. About 4,000 minerals have been classified.
Nutritionally, the minerals are the atomic ions of these
For example, the nutritional
mineral Calcium found in teeth
and bones is also found in the
dolomite, which is CaMg(CO3)2.
This dolomite is not Calcium -- it
just contains Calcium. It also
Carbon (C) and Oxygen (O.)
When broken down, such as by stomach acid, small amounts
of beneficial Calcium and Magnesium are released as a few
percent of the dolomite becomes available to the body. The
reaction also releases carbon dioxide, which the body
Since the body cannot use most geological minerals such as
dolomite, but needs some of their components like Calcium,
nutritionists speak of minerals differently than geologists. This
text is about nutrition, not geology. Nutritionally speaking,
minerals are elemental ions of compounds, and are more akin
to the elements than to the compounds from which they usually
As an example, if a food is high in sodium, something that is
essential for life, that does not mean it has any pure, metallic
sodium in it. Sodium in its pure form is quite dangerous.
Exposed to air, a lump of sodium will heat quickly, melt of its
own chemical reaction and burst into flame. In the lab, sodium
is kept in a jar of oil, to prevent contact with the oxygen in air.
Sodium Chloride, common table salt, contains another highly
dangerous element, Chlorine. Chlorine has been used as a
poisonous gas in warfare, but it is essential for digestion in the
body. Chlorine plus hydrogen form common stomach acid,
without which we would die.
Both sodium and chlorine, in pure form, poison the body, but
both are essential to human life. This is because our bodies
are made to use the ionic forms of these powerful elements.
Our bodies need the Na+ ion and the Cl- ion to form other
compounds necessary for life.
It turns out that we need all of the elements that occur in
nature, except the radioactive ones that spontaneously decay
into other elements, and the noble gasses that can't form
compounds. We even need poisonous elements like lead and
arsenic, in appropriately tiny amounts. There are specific
diseases that tiny amounts of lead or arsenic will cure. In other
words, without any lead or arsenic whatsoever, we get sick.
This discussion begs the question: "Why does the body need
poisonous substances?" The answer is that it needs everything
in appropriate amounts. Too much water, or too much oxygen
can be deadly. The more poisonous things like, lead and
arsenic can accumulate in the body and disrupt cellular
functions, especially if the amounts overwhelm the body's
chemical processes. However, if the bits of arsenic and lead
are small enough to pass through cell walls, the body can
gradually eliminate them and maintain the correct balance.
Only plants have been able to
convert these elements found in
the soil, into nutrients that our
bodies need, and in the right
proportions. Or, perhaps over
hundreds of centuries, our
bodies learned to use minerals in just those proportions. The
reason doesn't matter much; the fact is, you and I need the
minerals in just the right proportions.
In historic terms, the next thing happened suddenly. Suddenly,
our bodies found that the farmlands were depleted of many of
these elements, which nutritionists call minerals. So our bodies
got sick.
Air, water, salt, oxygen, vitamins, RNA and DNA, in fact, life of
any form cannot occur or exist without minerals. Minerals are
that essential and nothing is more important to our wellness.
Our heritage of soil fertility accumulated in ages past has
telescoped the time lapse between bread from stones to bring
these two close together. With the squandering of our soil
fertility by continuous crop removal and insufficient mineral
fertility return, the distance between bread and stones will not
be bridged by the best of science. If our soil fertility decline is
to go much further we shall wish for some miraculous power by
which we may quickly convert stones into bread.” Nothing is
more important than minerals.
Air is essential to life. Without it for 6 minutes you could
become brain dead. Death follows a few minutes later. Water is
essential; go without it for 3 days and your body functions
cease and in another two days you begin to die. Nutrition is
essential. Without it your body cannot perform functions to
exist and prosper as designed by its maker. Like air and water,
essential nutrition must be consumed.
Your body requires 90 essential nutrients daily:
16—Vitamins (which are vital-amins)
12—Amino Acids (certain proteins)
3—Fatty Acids (which are lipids)
60—Minerals (Plant derived colloidal minerals are best)
(The actual count is 91, however, the term “90 essential nutrients has
been used for decades)
If any of these essential nutrients is missing for months or
years you can get one or more of some 900 diseases.
Everyone's goal is to survive and to prevent disease. All of us
do things to stay alive, and our bodies work harder at it than we
are aware. We can’t get enough of these essential nutrients in
our food and therefore we must supplement.
The way the nutrition cycle is suppose to work is simple;
plants take minerals from the ground to produce vitamins,
amino acids and fatty acids for their own use. Animals eat
these and we eat the animals or the plants for the essential
nutrients we need to survive, grow and prosper.
The problem is that in America our lands are 86% played out.
Congress reported back in 1936 that our soils no longer
contained enough minerals, and crop loss was a major
In fact, the Midwest in the 1930's
became a dust bowl, causing
many to leave their farms and
move to California and other
areas. The soils in some areas
did not even support weeds. This
Congressional report stated,
“Americans could no longer be insulated from numerous
diseases.” Mineral depletion of our soils has only gotten worse
since then.
It was determined that the cost to adequately add minerals
back into the soil would be exorbitant and result in raising the
cost of food beyond what the average American could afford.
To partially solve the problem
science came up with a way to supplement the plants to
increase tons and bushels of needed crops. This was the
beginning of mass fertilization by giving the plants, the
minimum minerals they need to grow, N P K, which is nitrogen,
phosphorus and potassium. Humans, however, cannot live on
N P K alone.
This resulted in different materials being added to increase
crop yield, while lessening the nutrition value of those crops.
We all have suffered to a certain extent due to this unnatural
change. Wellness was typical a century ago, now it’s just the
hopeful goal of many.
The problem is not merely a lack of minerals. It is a lack of
vitamins too. Plants no longer make enough vitamins, amino
acids or fatty acids, when compared to just fifty years ago,
because doing that requires minerals. So a carrot still looks like
a carrot but no longer has the nutrition it once had. You would
have to eat many just to get the vitamin A that was in one
carrot back then. Lacking adequate minerals the plant cannot
produce needed nutrients.
Farmers have found that plants do need more than just
nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus to thrive. For example,
every plant cell membrane contains phosphorus. Ditto for the
molecule called ATP, which is the main energy source of cells.
Of course they need carbon, hydrogen and water. Farmers are
starting to add secondary nutrients: sulfur, calcium and
magnesium. (Remember dolomite?) They have discovered that
plants do better with these micro nutrients: boron, cobolt,
copper, iron, manganese, zinc and molybdenum.
However, since these secondary and micro nutrients are
expensive and since farming is a very costly business, very
few fertilizers contain the expensive nutrients. They just contain
nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus – and fillers.
Naturally, people began to supplement to abate the nutritional
shortage. They take Calcium, for example, many think it makes
bones; actually it takes 40+ minerals with Calcium to do that.
So people consume supplements, feeling that they are doing
the best for their health. They buy Calcium in the form of
Calcium Carbonate. This is ground up rock, marble, limestone
and egg shell. At best you can only absorb 14% in volume.
Calcium Citrate is less than 20% absorbable.
Then consider all the hype about Coral Calcium, well, if the
ocean can't break it down after hundreds of years, how can
mere humans? Calcium is acid hungry. If you're over 45 years
of age you don’t make enough acid and therefore won’t even
absorb that 14%. Do the math. How many tablets with a 14%
yield would you have to take to get the 1,200 mg.
recommended daily allowance? Don't be surprised if it takes
half a bottle, that's a lot of tablets. It's very expensive and you
likely do not make enough stomach acid to absorb it.
The best source of Calcium is plant-derived, and it is 98%
absorbable. Dark leafy green vegetables are a best source of
Calcium, providing of course Calcium is in the soil on the first
place. Calcium won’t work without a fatty acid. This is just one
mineral, you need at least 59 more!
Calcium and Aluminum are the most plentiful minerals in our
soils today, followed by Iron, Arsenic, Lead, Sulfur and Carbon.
Many others are essential. For instance, the mineral Selenium
performs at least thirty separate functions and our body
requires at least 350 micro-grams per day. It's important to
note, that the body processes things in an orderly manner, i.e.
function one, then two and so on. If attacking cancer is function
28, 29 and 30, and if Selenium is lacking for this application,
you may get cancer.
Cadmium is an important mineral, however when not balanced
by other minerals it can cause cancer. Caution, Cadmium is
common in manufacturing inexpensive jewelry, we therefore
unknowingly invite cancer into our body. Selenium neutralizes
Cadmium. Cancer is actually abnormal cellular growth caused
by free radicals on skin anywhere on or in your body; your
brain, breast, prostate etc. Selenium takes these cells and
makes them normal again.
The FDA has finally accepted certain claims concerning
Selenium. That was after a mountain of evidence supporting
this one mineral was presented. In fact, you would be amazed
at what each of the 60 minerals does in the human body.
These are each listed in the back of this book.
 Pregnant women are known to have certain cravings, this
is because the developing baby is robbing the mother of
her nutrients in order to form a complete person. The
baby also robs Chromium and Vanadium from the
mother's brain and vital organs. When children are
deprived of these two minerals they are more likely to be
depressed or develop ADD or ADHD.
 Asthma was relatively rare a century ago, and now some
40 million Americans are afflicted. The average child visits
the doctor 23 times before the age of four. The most
common complaint is a respiratory ailment.
 Fibromyalgia is fat that is slapped on the walls of the
muscles making them painful and stiff. Actually, doctors
classify any muscle pain as fibromyalgia. This is usually a
built-up of metals such as Zinc or Mercury. Mega doses of
Essential Fatty Acids, Selenium and Lecithin can help this
problem. After all a muscle only has to do two things;
expand and contract.
 If you don’t have enough bile in your gut, your large
intestine cannot perform its peristaltic action, which allows
nutrients to be pulled from the colon into the liver, and
thereby into the blood stream. If your gall bladder has
been removed you must supplement with ox bile, or other
bile sources. Also, you need hydrochloric acid, (salt is
best) so that you can absorb fat and nutrients. Ordinary
table salt supplies chlorine, which helps make HCl or
stomach acid.
 Carbonated beverages and not enough salt result in low
stomach acid. The food in your belly rots and ferments
causing a rancid condition resulting in an upset stomach.
But, actually more sinister things happen when this mess
enters the colon.
 Probiotics are friendly bacteria (like yogurt) that produce
needed enzymes.
 Orange rind has a bioflavonoid that puts collagen into
your skin.
 Enzymes are your body’s hardest workers yet they last
only 4 to 6 hours.
 The only common factor for people who live past 100 is,
they eat flesh. Vegetarians and vegans should beware as
many ancient cultures died off when they could no longer
find game. The Paleolithic diet is the diet we evolved on
and for which our genetic profile was programmed. We
prosper on flesh.
 Sunscreens don't prevent skin cancer, they cause it!
Science has proven that five ingredients in most
sunscreens are highly carcinogenic. In fact, since the
invention of sunscreen, skin cancer rates have gone up
significantly, and yet, the incidents of skin cancer in
tropical countries, where the sun rays are the strongest,
are very low. Also, if you use sunscreen you are inviting
liver problems. Any lotion rubbed on skin enters the body
Use Grape Seed Oil instead.
 Injections such as; Botox and Collagen are loaded with
poisonous toxins. Many of these are animal based and
are filled with deadly pathogens and chemicals.
 It has been stated that we are in a 7 generation cycle of
extinction. Between 1938 and 1991, the sperm count of
males in industrialized countries has decreased 50% in
quantity and quality. Projected figures place the male
sterility rate over 50% early in this century.
 All men over 45 have the onset of prostate cancer; in fact,
all men will get prostate cancer if they live long enough.
 There are so many toxins in our environment and food
that even people who live in the most remote parts of the
world have been found to have massive amounts of toxins
in their fat cells, even though toxins do not exist in their
local environment.
 Burns or cuts? Reach for honey. Use raw, not Pasteurized
honey. You can get it from a beekeeper or certain health
food stores. This raw honey is the most sterile thing in
nature. In China it is used to treat severe burn patients. It
works better and contains no chemicals as in commercial
 Most adults under 40 years of age foolishly think they are
healthy and avoid doing what is right for their body. They
seldom are they aware of the potential diseases
fermenting within body.
 You can gain 20 years of life just by not frying food. Frying
changes cooking oils into trans-fatty acids and cancer
causing free radicals.
 Diabetes is caused by a lack of Chromium and Vanadium;
this has been known since 1957. But if you have diabetes,
you are worth over $250,000 to your doctor over your life
 Want to lower your blood pressure, try Calcium and a little
 Two ways you die a natural premature death:
1. Free radical damage. 2. Cellular breakdown.
 To live long you must have good consumption and good
absorption. It's not what we swallow; it's what we absorb
that's important.
 Nutrition is like money, it’s best to have more now than
later. Remember, night time is healing time.
Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel prize
winner, stated “You can trace every disease
and aliment to a mineral deficiency.” In fact,
life does not exist without minerals. You
cannot use oxygen, RNA or DNA lacking
minerals. If one or more mineral co-factors
are missing vitamins won’t work. In fact,
vitamins are useless without minerals. Yet
all we ever hear about are vitamins.
Many consume a certain vitamin and load up on Zinc or
something else, and are confident they are doing something
good for their health. This is almost useless and costs a lot of
The human body is designed to perform best when all 90
essential nutrients work together in concert. Taking them
separately can cause an overload, deficiency or even a
toxic reaction in one's body. There are rules in
biochemistry that require all 90 essential nutrients to be
there at the same time, same amount and the same place.
If you start taking different supplements at different times;
you get what’s called “fractionated nutrition”, or what is
termed a cascade reaction. In other words, if one or more
nutrients are missing, a certain function in the body stalls
or stops, causing some illness or problem.
Imagine trying to build a house without tools. Likewise it
won’t work without nails. How about lumber, drywall,
cement, wire, paint and many other materials it takes to
complete the dwelling?
As with anything, the human body requires all of the
proper tools to work properly.
They don't get annual check-ups, never see a doctor, don't
take drugs or worry about medical insurance. These cultures
seldom have the diseases that plague us, yet we consider our
health care system to be the world's best. Who could argue
with the facts?
They live with large amounts of salt and wood ash in their
diets. Before 1940 most Americans would cook on open fires,
and then deposit the ashes into their gardens. That ash
contained the minerals which are left after everything else is
burnt away. This process recycled minerals, which were
absorbed by the tree or plant through photosynthesis.
After World War II, modern kitchens with electric or gas
cooking appliances were introduced and this of course
eliminated ashes from the vegetable gardens. That’s when we
saw the rapid increase in high blood pressure, diabetes, heart
disease and cancer, to name but a few. In fact, throughout
history people placed wood ash in their gardens, as no doubt
Jesus did as a boy.
The first U.S. Patent was issued in 1768 to a company which
packaged American wood ash, then shipped it to England and
other countries in Europe. Why, because those countries were
partially deforested when most of the trees were burned, that's
when coal became the necessary alternative in Europe.
Doctor Joel Wallach wrote a book on this subject "Hell's
Kitchen", read this book. It's a great source to understand what
you can do to help yourself.
You must know that cells reproduce (with all it needs to do its
job) when all the nutrients are present. Cells that are deficient
can’t do their job, mutate and allow disease to flourish. One
hundred billion cells are reproduced in your body every day.
You decide your fate every day. Nearly every cell in your
body is replaced every 90 to 120 days. Teeth are the only
exception. If you put bad stuff in your body, bad stuff happens.
If you put in good stuff, good stuff happens. A cell will either
perform as intended or will weaken, mutate or fail to function.
Like Mama said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of
cure”. It’s that simple.
The human body is the most fascinating, complex and mindboggling piece of machinery in the world. It is even equipped to
repair itself in case of injury. Although many people take their
bodies for granted, this amazing machine performs hundreds of
thousands of intricate functions to keep you alive and healthy.
For example, every second 100,000 different chemical
reactions occur in your brain, forming emotions and actions.
Luckily, many of the body's functions: circulation, breathing and
heartbeat are involuntary, so you're not conscious of them. If
your ears were slightly more sensitive, or if you are extremely
quiet, you could hear the rush of blood in your circulatory
system, which would sound like a roaring river.
Your eyes can distinguish more than eight million shades of
Each lung is filled with 300 million tiny air sacs called Alveoli, if
flattened out, they would cover 1,000 square feet, about the
size of two boxing rings.
Your brain has 10 million nerve cells and can record over 86
million bits of information in a millisecond. A recent estimate
says that all of the computer power on earth is less than that of
a newborn kitten.
You have 206 bones in your body, more than half of them in
your hands and feet. At birth, you have 300 bones, some of
which fuse together in early life. Your thigh bone, which is
hollow is the strongest bone in your body.
Your ears can distinguish more than 300,000 different sounds.
Your skin measures 20 square feet and weights about 6
Your heart pumps more than 5 quarts of blood every minute,
2,000 gallons a day.
Your body produces a billion new red blood cells a day. Each
blood cell travels 950 miles in its 4 month lifespan.
If you found that interesting, here's more; if you lose a kidney,
the remaining one will immediately compensate and start to
grow as large as two.
Your digestive tract is more than 30 feet long.
There are 35 million digestive glands in your stomach.
Every square inch of your body contains about 32 million
bacteria, totaling more than 22 times the human population.
You breathe about 16 times per minute and take in about a pint
of air with each breath. In your lifetime, you breathe over 75
million gallons of air, almost 1.5 times the total volume of the
1930's airship Hindenburg.
If all your arteries, veins and capillaries were laid end to end,
they would stretch over 60,000 miles, about 2.5 times around
the world.
Scientists have still not mapped the brain’s vascular system
Your mouth produces a quart of saliva a day, about 10,000
gallons in your lifetime, enough to fill a home swimming pool.
The enamel on your teeth is the hardest part of your body,
even harder than bone.
One square inch of skin contains 9.5 million cells, 97 oil
glands, 65 hairs, 19 feet of blood vessels, 645 sweat glands,
77 feet of nerves and 1300 nerve endings.
Your scalp holds approximately 125,000 hairs, (fewer on my
head.) Each grows about three years before being pushed out
by a new hair.
Your body contains enough fat to make seven bars of soap,
enough lime to whitewash a shed and enough phosphorous to
make 2,000 match heads.
Muscles make up 30 to 50 percent of your total weight.
You lose a minimum of two pints of water daily through your
body's 550 sweat glands and two million pores.
Truly, the human body is amazing, and many of us do make
necessary changes to keep this fantastic system functioning as
Sadly, we Americans live to an average age of 75.5 years. I am
currently 70 years of age. Statistically this could mean that I
have only 245 weeks of life remaining, or some 55 months. Of
course, I'm now doing what is needed for a healthy body, and
hope to live far longer.
What about you, how much time do you statistically have left?
Science tells us that long before the mother feels her unborn
baby's movements, the miniature infant wakes and sleeps,
squirms about, squints, swallows, breathes fluid, hiccups,
digests, hears, tries to cry, can feel pain, flexes his or her
fingers, punches, kicks, and even sucks his or her thumb, or
In fact, most pregnancies are not even detected until the 6th
week. By then the baby's heart has been beating for three
weeks, brainwaves can be read, and the nervous system has
been complete for about two weeks. He or she is about to
begin moving, although the mother will not feel it for another
3½ months.
By the 8th week the baby's skeleton, head, face, arms, legs,
fingers (and fingerprints), toes, circulatory and major muscle
systems are complete, and all of his or her bodily organs are
present in rudimentary states.
By the 12th week the baby already shows a distinct individuality
in both appearance and behavior, with facial expressions
resembling those of his or her parents. By the 16th week the
baby's eyelashes have grown, and all milk-teeth buds are in
place. In the 20th week hair appears on the baby's head. By the
22nd week the baby can open his or her eyes.
All of this incredible activity occurs in the first half
of pregnancy, this was you.
Chapter 2
Allopathic Health Care
The FDA told us thirty years ago that, “we get everything we
need from the four food groups”. They have since said they
were mistaken; now the FDA is suggesting that you customize
your own program from a basic guideline chart…. Now doesn’t
that make things clear?
We were told for years to stay
away from butter, to use margarine, don’t use salt, avoid eggs,
fats are bad, and don’t consume nuts. Now that has all been
• Margarine has trans-fats, these are very dangerous.
• Salt is basic for just about every function in the body
although many still harp on eliminating salt.
• Eggs are the best source of lutein and protein, while nuts
contain essential fatty acids.
In a study released in January 2006, it was reported that
reducing fats does not result in any health benefits. Just
imagine. All the food processing companies, who for decades
have labeled products, low sodium, low fat and so on, now
must modify the product and labeling to conform to current
standards. McDonald's has decided not to change anything, as
there is so much conflicting information that they are not sure
what to do. So, what are we Americans to do, where is the
guidance from the almighty FDA?
Concerning doctors, almost everyone believes their doctor is
great and become very defensive when anyone critiques
physicians. We all have been conditioned from the time we
were babes to blindly accept anything doctors tell us.
Now, I’m not opposed to doctors, and if I have the need for
one, you can bet that’s where I’m going. But, here are some
shocking facts;
• 52% of licensed medical physicians in the U.S.A. take
psychotropic drugs every week. (Source: USA Today.)
• 78% of American medical students take psychotropic
drugs every week. (Source: Harvard Medical School.)
• 70% of the medical doctors writing prescriptions for
Medicare patients flunked the exam on how to do it
properly. (Source: USA Today.)
• The United States is #1 in the world for degenerative
disease and 42nd for life expectancy. (Source: World
Health Organization.)
• Doctors misdiagnose patient illness 20% of the time.
(Source: American Medical Association.)
• Heart disease, cancer and stroke are the top 3 killers in
the country. The 4th major killers in the U.S. are
prescription drugs. (Source: USA Today.)
• 300,000 Americans are KILLED each year in hospitals
alone, the result of medical negligence. (Source: Ralph
• 100,000 youngsters, as well as professional athletes, die
each year from preventable cardiac and vascular
disorders. (Source: Centers for Disease Control.)
• 90,000 people die from hospital-acquired infections, and
2 million patients are treated each year for infections
received from an unrelated health problem. (Source:
Consumers Union.)
What do doctors do? Well mainly they prescribe drugs and cut
out parts of your anatomy. Let me ask you a question, what do
you call someone who was last in his/her class in medical
school? Well, you call him/her doctor. There are well educated
doctors and there are some who should not be allowed in the
medical profession. Most people see only the bedside manner
of their physician and never question the knowledge or abilities
of their health care provider. The truth is; we put our trust in
God first, and doctors second.
Doctors receive very little training on nutrition in medical
school. Nutrition is alien to everything medicine is about.
Medicine is allopathic; a system that uses drugs to treat the
symptoms of disease, and is not meant to cure. In fact, the
word “cure” is not used by medical doctors. Yet, the FDA
enacted a policy that states “Only a drug can cure a disease”.
Can you believe that? The American Medical Association will
not use the “cure” word, yet the FDA does. This is clearly an
oxymoron. The truth is that allopathic doctors believe that only
medicine can treat the symptoms of disease.
Doctors are about sickness care and pain management. They
are only allowed to treat with drugs. Drugs work by altering the
chemistry in the body.
There are more than 11,000
drugs currently on the market.
New drugs are introduced all the
time, many advertised on TV.
These advertisements often offer
a new drug for a disease which
the average viewer has never heard of before. These
advertisements are enticing the American public to request
new drugs from their physicians.
Drugs are the fourth major cause of death in America. In fact,
with any treatment your body has to heal twice; once from the
aliment; and second from the drugs. Can you name a drug
without a side effect? Neither can your doctor.
Now think about those other TV commercials from various
attorneys, which are seeking additional clients for major
lawsuits against a drug that has been proven harmful to a user.
Would you not prefer Wellness, which is about prevention,
health and longevity?
Let me pose a few questions to you:
Do Cardiologists get heart disease?
Do Oncologists get cancer?
Do Orthopedic Surgeons get Osteoarthritis?
Etc., etc., etc.
Well, if your answer is yes, how can this be? Doctors are
supposed to be the experts, if they can’t cure themselves, what
hope do we have?
According to the National Institute of Health and the United
Nations Health Board, the United States ranks only 42nd in
health care. By the way this is down from 28th just two years
ago. $27 trillion was spent last year world-wide on health care,
America spent $18 trillion, two-thirds of it. Yet there are 42
countries where people are healthier and live longer than we
do. Japan is first, followed by France, Sweden, Spain and Italy.
We spend the most, develop the most new drugs and design
state of the art medical technology advances. However, we still
fall well behind other countries such as Malta, Andorra, San
Marino and many third world nations. With the exception of
Britain and Canada and a few other countries, wealthy people
used to flock to America for health care, but they no longer do.
In fact, the wealthy of America now go to other countries for
advanced health care.
Now ask yourself, “if I faithfully follow my doctors advice will I
live longer?” The answer is printed in JAMA (Journal of
American Medicine) which lists longevity of physicians. This is
the main publication for doctors, the report was independently
prepared by the Rand Corporation and it stated, “Physicians
have an average life span of 58 years.” Statistically the
average American lives 75.5 years. Aren’t you glad you’re not a
You may say that we Americans
have been at the forefront of
medical advances and people have
been greatly helped with many
diseases. In fact, drugs given to
patients control only the symptoms
of the disease, while fostering other
diseases. Similarly, a bandage does
not heal the wound. It only controls the wound physically, so it
can heal. The body does the healing and the body does the
curing of disease.
Today in America there are more people getting colds than
ever before, more getting cancer, diabetes, heart disease,
multiple sclerosis, lupus, muscular dystrophy, asthma, migraine
headaches, joint, neck, and back pain than ever before. More
people have acid reflux, ulcers, and stomach problems. More
women have menopausal and PMS problems. More kids have
attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity than ever before.
We experience more chronic fatigue, insomnia, skin acne and
dandruff. More people suffer from depression, stress and
anxiety. More women and men suffer from sexual dysfunction
and infertility than ever before. Men have the highest rates in
history in prostate problems, while women suffer from yeast
It's ironic, who would believe it, more people are visiting
doctors than ever before. There are more people getting
diagnostic testing, such as blood tests and X-rays etc. More
people are taking prescription and nonprescription drugs than
ever before. The alarming fact is that Americans are taking
more drugs of all kinds than ever before. There are more
surgeries performed than ever before. What does all this tell
us? It tells us that standard medical science is failing us.
Do you remember the “WAR ON CANCER”, which began in
the 1970's, it has been a miserable failure. By percentage more
people die from cancer now than then.
The “WAR AGAINST AIDS” began in the mid 1980's.
Remember all the movie stars wearing that little red ribbon?
Well there is an epidemic, not just in Africa, but in many parts
of this country. Billions of dollars were given to the drug
companies to find a cure. Well did they?
They did not, at least in this country. In Mexico, however, a
prominent physician found the answer to HIV/AIDS. Hundreds
of people participated in clinical trials in 2008-2010 and none of
them have a trace of HIV/AIDS in their bodies any longer.
Three died from other diseases during the trials. The treatment
involves colloidal silver and costs only a few hundred dollars, It
is not allowed in the USA. Instead, in the USA, untold billions
flow into the coffers of those who manufacture HIV/AIDS drugs.
How about the “MARCH OF DIMES”, in the 1960's seeking a
cure for muscular dystrophy, and Jerry Lewis telethons for
funding “Jerry’s Kids”? Well all those diseases were cured,
We would all agree that the ideal scenario would be take one
drug in the morning and all your pains and problems would go
away. In fact, there has never been a drug that has cured a
disease! Polio is always touted as the big cure, yet Polio was
just a transient virus and in many countries it died off
Can you name one disease that has been cured by a drug?
We always hear from the drug companies “we're so close to a
cure” or, we have something very promising, but it may take 5
years of trials”. Then you hear no more about it, but the money
will keep flowing to the drug companies.
Now there is all this fuss over stem cell research, as if that is
going to unlock the secrets to mankind. In fact, unlike other
drug research, no private venture capital is flowing in from any
source. Investors know that there is not a glimmer of proof, or
science that it has any worth. Fetal stem cell research poses
no hope. Doctors know this, as undeveloped or even
underdeveloped tissue are useless. Unfortunately, this issue is
just a political football used to promote abortion and cloning.
Does it matter if they claim to have a cure for any disease? No.
Again, it will just become another way to keep us dependent on
their drugs for life. Want answers? Just follow the money?
Just think about all the drugs on the market to lower
cholesterol. In fact, the U.S. is one of a few countries in the
world that has a problem with cholesterol.
Cholesterol has never killed anyone and it never causes any
disease ( it only serves as an indicator, like so many others.)
There is a group of Naturopathic Physicians that will give one
million dollars to anyone who can prove otherwise.
Without cholesterol you may be subject to Alzheimer’s,
Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig's disease to
name but a few. You certainly would not be able to think.
The drug companies know there are natural cures for cancer,
heart disease, diabetes and just about everything. So why
don’t they prescribe vitamins, minerals and herbs? It is
because you cannot get a patent on something natural. Drug
companies are publicly traded businesses that must make a
profit for its stock holders. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.
They have a legal responsibility to increase profits; it’s the law.
They must buy low and sell high to remain in business just like
other corporations. Drug companies must come out with a new
drug every six years, before the patent runs out. If they don’t
do that, the generic manufacturers will produce that same drug
at a lower price and take over that market.
Farm animals used to get cancer
and many of the diseases so
common in humans today. They no
longer do. Why? They receive
supplements in their feed. Ever hear
of cattle with heart disease or other ailments, of course not.
Modern agriculture cured them. Every type of animal food has
complete nutrition;, it's the law. Yet we humans are supposed
to get health insurance and comply with the doctor's drug
The thing that bugs me is that most people believe that the
FDA is protecting the public from the drug companies. Well it’s
just the other way around. I could write volumes about the
nepotism and conflict of interest between drug companies and
the FDA and FTC, and how free speech and the true interest
concerning our public health is denied us all.
In fact, the FDA and FTC establish rules and policies without
congressional approval. First Amendment Rights are denied to
those who claim that anything but a drug cures anything. No
other governmental agencies can do that. The First
Amendment protects our rights to produce and dispense
pornography, burn the American flag, wear T-shirts
broadcasting offensive language are allowed, yet supplement
manufacturers must seek FDA and FTC permission to tell the
truth about their products, or any health claims not endorsed by
these agencies. Why is our guaranteed right to freedom of
speech denied us when it goes against the all powerful drug
The people at the FDA know and
don’t tell us that if we eat fried
food it will eventually kill us. They
don’t tell us that eating meat and
other foods well-done is bad for
us. They don’t tell us that our
foods contain steroids, pesticides,
fertilizers, fecal matter and toxins.
Nor do they tell us that many
products have hormones and
additives which cause numerous
health problems. Some even
cause us to become addicted to food. Example: Lays Potato
Chips. “No one can eat just one”.
They know that sodas cause arthritis and diabetes in our
children. They know that sugar, free radicals and trans fatty
acids are the number one cause of cancer. Now ask yourself,
why is it that we Americans are not educated about those
matters which affect our health?
Rest assured, no matter what happens to our health, the drug
companies will come up with a new drug to control the
symptoms, for a while maybe.
When the drug Vioxx caused 139,000 heart attacks, was the
FDA protecting our interests? How many drugs have been
recalled during your recent memory? According to the New
York Times, in a November 2010 article, one in seven drugs
produced since 1965, have been pulled from the market, or
caused serious health problems.
Chemo-therapy is used to treat cancers, but did you know that
you will rarely find a doctor who will put a family member on
Chemo-therapy. Why? It’s because Chemo is a strong poison
which knocks out your immune system, (in fact, supplements
are prohibited during this therapy.) Chemo brings the patient
near to death in an effort to kill off the cancer. The hope is the
cancer will die before the patient does. Chemo only works on
three types of cancer, yet they commonly use it for other
The word Pharmacology means a study of drugs. It is the study
and practice of how chemical substances interact with living
systems. As stated before, drugs work by altering the
chemistry in the body. Drugs are chemical compounds and as
such are foreign to the body. Your organs and immune system
do not recognize them and try to remove them from the body.
Drugs are manufactured to short circuit the body's defenses.
The pharmaceutical industry is the greatest enemy to healthy
living in the U.S, yet most of us accept drugs as a good thing.
The medical care system is the biggest and most profitable
industry in the world. The 5th top killer of people in the U.S. is
the doctor, causing some 250,000 deaths a year, according to
US News & World Report. Two million are infected every year
by doctors who don’t wash their hands.
Don’t be angry at medical doctors; nutrition is a blind spot in
the medical profession; medical students receive only a few
hours on this subject during their years of medical training.
They're good people doing only what they have been trained
and permitted by the AMA to do.
Actually, doctors often make more money through kickbacks
from the drug companies for prescribing their drugs then they
do from patient visits. Doctors also get a huge kickback from
testing labs when they order X-rays; CT scans, blood work and
many other procedures. And yes, you pay for it one way or the
other. In any other profession this is like unto “Payola.” It’s
against the law and prison terms are normally given to those
who do this, but for whatever reason our medical providers are
not prosecuted.
Veterinarians are better than
allopathic doctors because they
actually cure their animal patients!
As stated before, farm animals
seldom get a disease. Again,
when was the last time you heard
of a pig with heart disease or
arthritis, or a cow with cancer? It happens, but rarely. Yet these
animals were subject to contracting all these diseases before
natural health methods were applied.
Sometimes it’s too late for prevention and you need to let the
allopathic doctors do their best. The resulting cost and
treatment may be the only avenue left to manage a
deteriorating health condition. If your health insurance provider
permits, you'll fund a percentage along with some co-pays on
whatever drugs the doctor prescribes. However, the cost is
completely unknown, but must be paid; you have no choice,
that's the system. No one monitors these costs, yet they
continue to increase every year. Few or no cost controls exist.
This has grown into such a problem that it has become one of
the major issues in politics and corporations like the auto
industry are struggling to pay employee health care benefits. It
seems everyone is concerned about health insurance and what
will be paid when the need occurs.
God help us if the government takes over the health care
system. It will not be about health, or care, but it will be about
the system.
In fact, when it comes to natural health care, people will say,
“Give me only a pinch of cure, but I want to get completely
better”. Or “I’m willing to pay for prescription and medical
expenses, regardless of the cost, because I'm conditioned to
do so. But, I’m not willing to spend whatever it takes for
significant improvement, or reversal of my health condition.
Why? It’s because I never had to make a choice concerning
my own health.”
Regarding the cost issue, do you ask your doctor how much
the prescription will cost? Did your doctor offer you an
alternative or generic drug that would cost significantly less,
although it too will only treat the symptoms? If you find such a
doctor, you found a keeper.
Did your doctor tell you that you had to undergo certain tests
just to protect him/her from a malpractice suit. Newspapers
report that this practice is too common. Doctors pay a lot of
money for malpractice insurance. They practice defensive
medicine, due to the poor protection of current law. This is a
major problem for allopathic doctors.
Yes, bad doctors should face legal consequences when they
do wrong. But, when a good doctor, does good, he/she can
and do get sued for any reason, this is unfair and poor law.
Therefore defensive medicine costs the patient both time and
money. Likewise their insurance carrier picks up the bulk of the
costs, passing the costs around to us all. Naturally, the costs
for medical care keeps escalating.
Chapter 3
According to Senate document #264, “The alarming facts are
that fruits, vegetables and grains, now being raised on
millions of acres of land no longer contain enough of
certain needed minerals, and they are starving us no
matter how much of them we eat!” This is part of the text
addressed at the 74th Congress, 1936. 1936! Naturally it has
only gotten worse.
You prepare for disease through health insurance; why not
supplement for wellness so you're far less likely to get sick?
Think about it, the average American is more concerned with
the exterior of their body, than their interior. We actually spend
more on appearance, what we wear, our weight, our skin and
hair than on the inside. Yet, the simple truth is that nothing
done on the outside will help anyone live a day longer.
Also, few realize that all healing comes from the inside out;
even a simple cut heals from the inside out. We seldom
appreciate how our internal systems work to protect and repair
the body.
Give the body what it needs to work properly and it will do
amazing things.
Are herbs a best treatment for
diseases? According to Dr. Joel
Wallach, “Herbs are usually safer
prescriptions and over the counter
drugs, and in most cases perform
than most drugs
accomplishing the therapy you
want. Herbs are most effective and
the therapy results from herbs are
most consistent when used by a well-nourished person”.
Lacking the 90 essential nutrients, herbs are useless and
unable to perform as intended.
Some say, “I’m now taking a high quality multi-vitamin,
therefore I am getting all I need.” You be the judge; have you
noticed a marked improvement in your state of wellness? Or
are you merely justifying your choice in what you believe are
high quality supplements?
The Associated Press wrote an article titled: “STUDY OF
MULTIVITAMINS”. It was the largest study ever on
multivitamins use. It concluded that the pills did nothing to
prevent common cancers or heart disease. This was an eight
year study of 161,808 women.
A Readers Digest article in the November 2007 titled “THE
VITAMIN HOAX”, addressed the ineffectiveness of man-made
vitamins. We will never hear of a company advertising
adequate or poor products. Of course, they use words like
finest ingredients, highest quality. How do you the consumer
know what you’re getting?
FIRST, some of the vitamin manufacturing companies are
owned by drug companies. Now doesn’t that make you feel
SECOND, because of the high cost of processing vitamins,
almost all are synthetic, not natural, even though most brands
claim to contain all natural ingredients. The use of the word
“natural” in this context can mean anything grown on or taken
from the ground. Chemicals are various components from
these sources.
Using this logic, one could accurately say that only moon rocks
are not natural. Well, supernatural things are not natural.
In fact, the largest producers of multi-vitamins are in China,
Bangladesh and Indonesia. They sell to hundreds of vendors
who put their label on the product. You buy from a store or mail
order catalog, you assume have quality products. Remember,
as mentioned earlier, crops of today do not contain the
vitamins, amino acids and enzymes due to a lack of minerals in
the soil. Supplement manufactures recognized it would be a
huge expense to introduce the needed minerals back into the
soil, in an effort to produce natural nutrients from plants.
Therefore, they make imitation vitamins, amino acids and other
nutrients in a factory.
According to some makers use methanol,
benzene petroleum esters; acetylene; refined oils,
isobutyraldehyde with formaldehyde. Do they work? Rarely!
Are they as good as nature's own? No way! What your liver
does not recognize it does not accept, it's that simple!
THIRD, how do you know what’s really in the stuff you buy?
Simple, just ask a vitamin company for their bio-analysis report,
which they should have had prepared by a reputable
independent lab. Don’t hold your breath waiting for it. Without
such a report they can claim anything, it's buyer beware!
This is a hint on how to spot products which are a concoction
of ground up rock and imitation vitamins. Look at the list of
minerals (of course it's rare to find one that contains all 60 as
required for wellness); they only list the so called good
minerals. They won't list Aluminum, Lead, Mercury, or Arsenic
which is a major cancer fighter, or even Iodine which helps
thyroid problems, (providing of course that they are plant
derived colloidal minerals.)
Most minerals occur naturally in a few parts per million in all
soil types. So tell me how do these companies extract those
minerals? There are no Arsenic, Mercury or Lead magnets are
there? Chemical treatments make those minerals toxic. These
are likely in what you're buying now, but you're not informed
and the label does not list them. Is this a truth in labeling issue,
or is it that the manufacturer is not sure what's in their product,
batch to batch? Obviously, they don't have a needed bioanalysis.
FOURTH, do your own experiment. Take your vitamin tablet
and grind it up into a fine powder. Put it in a glass of water or
acid. If it becomes a layer of scum in the glass, this should tell
you something. If it can’t break down there, it can’t breakdown
in your gut.
Ask your chiropractor what is seen on X-rays? You will be told
that they see vitamin tablets lined up like little box cars waiting
to go out the exhaust pipe.
Call your local porta-potty company and ask them about
vitamin tablets. They will tell you, tablets clog up the local
sewer system grids and they must go through a process that
removes them. Many of these guys have little mountain's of the
stuff, the name of the multi-vitamin product name still legible on
the tablet. So much for absorbability, wouldn't you agree?
When shopping for supplements, remember to inquire if they
are manmade, and what is the proven absorbability. Don't
assume that the store clerk can answer the question correctly;
go to that manufacturer’s web-site and check it out. Again, you
want a bio-analysis report which has been prepared by a
credible, independent laboratory.
FIFTH, use the report card system. A self-evaluation sheet that
list any and all aches, pains and problems should be prepared
before you start on any health or wellness process. Allocate
120 days for evaluation, and then review your sheet to note
progress. Lacking this simple tool, you're likely to keep going
from one concoction to the next. I have provided a sample
“Personal 120 Day Commitment And Evaluation” form on page
So what is necessary to keep the body in optimal wellness? It
takes nutrients which are essential. In fact, the word “essential”
in wellness means, your body doesn't make it, and your body
must have it, therefore you must consume it. This is what
proper nutrition is all about.
Our typical diet contains seven basic components: fiber, water,
some minerals, vitamins, fats, proteins and carbohydrates
(simple and complex.) We also consume non-food additives
such as artificial colors and chemical preservatives. Actually,
today we get texture and flavor and seldom anything that could
be called nutrition.
Remember, your body requires 90 essential nutrients:
16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, 3 fatty acids and 60 minerals.
VITAMINS - Be very sure they are derived from plants.
AMINO ACIDS- Derived from plants or other natural sources.
FATTY ACIDS- Omega 3 is most important. They are highly
sensitive to light, heat and air. If they are not processed and
stored properly they will convert into dangerous Trans Fatty
MINERALS - Plant derived colloidal minerals only.
Select wisely as minerals come in three different types:
METALLIC MINERALS: come from sea beds, coral, ground up
rock, clay and soil. They have a positive electrical charge and
are inherently resistant to interaction with water making them
hard to dissolve. The body can only assimilate 8 to 14% of
these. Too much of certain metallic minerals can be toxic to the
body. These are the type most people buy as they are very
CHELATED MINERALS: these are actually metallic minerals
wrapped with a protein or amino acid, as this increases
assimilation in the body. This type is also used for livestock.
7,000 times smaller than a red blood cell. Their tiny size and
negative charge give them special properties of absorption in
the body. These are the most recommended, and cost more.
Beware: some manufactures call their product colloidal, but are
merely ground-up rock in solution and they are not truly plant
derived. Again you want to ask for their bio-analysis study, as
performed by an independent laboratory.
Note, plant derived minerals are not toxic in the body.
There are other important nutrients vital for the body, such as;
flavonoids, saponins, phenols, carotenoids, isothiocyanates,
glucosinolates and phytoestrogens. These are found in
properly grown fruits and vegetables. Dietary fiber, digestive
enzymes, essential oils/aromatherapy are most necessary.
Oxygenate your body, as this along with other good
antioxidants, fight free radicals.
Sadly the American diet has an excess of: calories, Omega-6's
& 9's EFA's, additives, starch and sugar, with a scarcity of:
Omega-3 EFA's, good carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.
Consider your own Wellness
Garden. You’ve heard of Victory
Gardens from the WW-II era, well,
declare your own war on bad
nutrition. Your soil is not as
depleted as farm land, and over the
years you can supplement your
soil with excellent plant-derived
whether or not you have been
using pesticides on your lawn. If
you have, then it may be best not to
turn your back lawn into a garden. Ask me how to
supplement your garden minerals. I’ll be happy to tell you.
The “Yeah But” and The “I Don't Have To Do Anything For
Myself” types
The biggest problem with any nutritional based program is the
fickle American buyers. They tend to try this for a month or so,
then someone tells them about some great stuff. Then they
take that for a while, but there is never any consistency.
The Young, the Skeptic and the Instant Results type:
The Young feel indestructible; they eat and drink almost
anything. They get tired easy, complain about aches and pains,
but never make a connection as to what they are doing to their
bodies. Also, what more sinister things will begin to cause
damage many years later.
The Skeptic won't believe anything, unless it is offered by a
doctor. Skeptics also take care of ongoing health concerns by
taking a good deal of time inspecting products at a drug store.
They seldom improve their condition, and sadly, just learn to
accept the resulting pain or discomfort.
The Instant Results type, is too busy to fuss with ongoing
health issues. This type is excellent at taking care of business
and others, but not themselves. They will try many different
remedies in an effort to remove a problem, but they must work
NOW! Unfortunately, it is usually to late when they begin to
address a deteriorating medical condition.
Do you have any of the 6 Early Warning Signs?:
1. Gray, white, or silver hair,
indicates a Copper deficiency
(copper is required to manufacture
hair pigment.) An advanced Copper
deficiency causes the elastic fibers in veins and arteries to
break down. This results in spider and varicose veins,
sometimes hemorrhoids (varicose veins in your tailpipe.)
You also increase the risk of blood clots in your legs,
which can go to your lungs or brain and cause a bleedingtype stroke.
2. Age and liver spots, these are due to a Selenium
deficiency. The spots are made of ceriod pigment and
indicate rancid fat build-up in the skin due to free radical
damage. They increase your risk of death from cancer,
heart disease, or Alzheimer's disease. If you have five on
your hands or face, you have millions of them in your
brain, eyes (macular degeneration), thyroid gland, lungs,
heart, liver, kidneys, bone marrow and other tissues.
3. Cracked cuticles; hangnails, cracks on the sides of your
fingers; at the ends of your thumbs; or on your heels
indicate elevated triglycerides. These are due to a
deficiency in essential fatty acids. These symptoms
indicate stickiness of the platelets; you're at high risk for
getting blood clots and suffering a thrombosis-type stroke
or heart attack.
4. Noisy joints, your neck sounds like a bag full of gravel,
your knees pop and crack. You may have eyelid twitches,
toe cramps, foot cramps, back muscle spasm or high
blood pressure. You may also have an early calcium
deficiency. Now you're headed toward osteo-arthritis,
degenerative arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis.
5. Low blood sugar, hypoglycemia, hyper-insulinemia,
narcolepsy, anxiety or panic attacks, ADD/ADHD, road
rage or “going postal”. All indicate deficiencies of
Chromium, Vanadium and/or Lithium.
6. Craving, binge eating, the munchies, being overweight
20 or more pounds is usually a result of mineral
deficiencies. In fact, in 1975 the USDA declared that 95%
of all Americans are minerally deficient. The most
common symptoms are pica and cribbing. Farmers
recognized this when livestock would start eating dirt,
gravel, wire nails, paint, or on the fence or feed box. The
farmer knows minerals are required; they put out a salt
Ever see a child eating dirt? Now you know why. Pica is a
craving with licking and chewing behavior, that has its
genesis in mineral deficiencies. Deficiencies in vitamins,
protein or calories to not induce pica. Adding vitamins,
sugar, carbohydrates or fats will not quench it.
Historically, salt consumption helped, because the salt
was impure and contained trace minerals and rare earths.
Pure salt does not help. Mineral supplements cure it.
Americans are Mineral Deficient, according to U.S. Senate
Document #264 “99% of the American people are deficient in these
minerals, and marked deficiency in any one of the more important
minerals actually results in disease and shortened life span. Since they
are not in the soil, they are not in our food supply, and the only way to
get them is to supplement.”
Factors that interfere with mineral absorption:
Fiber: Are you eating oatmeal, high fiber bread, or lots of raw
vegetables? Do you take Metamucil? Make sure you take your
supplements 30 to 40 minutes before eating these high fiber
foods, as fiber also flushes out your nutrients
Oil and Fats: Avoid margarine, vegetable oils, fried foods, and
salad dressings with oils.
Carbonated drinks: These neutralize the stomach acids that
are essential for digestion. Even carbonated water will interfere
with the absorption of minerals.
Caffeine: Coffee or tea acts as a diuretic; in other words, your
body loses water and dumps minerals in the process.
Sugar: The maple syrup on your waffles, or that morning
doughnut causes your body to dump minerals. Sugars come in
many forms; actually any consumable ingredient that ends in
“ose” is processed in your body as a sugar. Alcohol is a sugar
as well.
Low stomach acid: If you experience bloating and gas, low
stomach acid is a distinct possibility. Salt your food to taste;
and take digestive enzymes.
Nutrition Basics, 101
Keep in mind that proper nutrition can do amazing things in
your body. This includes reversing the aging process and
ridding your body of disease. But, sadly, sometimes, it's too
You must come to the understanding that your body did not
develop the problems it has over night, and no matter what you
do, you cannot expect to get better overnight. Whatever you
decide to do, remember this; your body functions best when
things are regular, it is called homeostasis. You wake at a
certain time, eat at a certain time, have bowel movements at a
normal interval, and sleep long enough for the body to maintain
itself. When all of the proper nutrition is present at all times
during the day or night, your body will perform to optimum
standards. When you start and stop, or give needed nutrients
on a haphazard basis, the body will flush out, or store them in
your fat. Results: you have wasted money and effort, but, no
doubt feel confident you have done the right thing for your
body, for a while anyway.
Cells are replaced every 90 to 120 days; therefore, you must
be on a good nutritional program for at least that period of time.
If you have a health challenge, you may need to consume
much more for three or four months. When do you stop taking
these vital nutrients? Never. This should become something
you do for life.
How much will proper nutrition cost? Well,
the better question is, how much are you
I pointed out that most of us are more
concerned about our outer body image,
and then helping our incredible inner body
perform as designed. It has been my experience that to do
those things that are right for my body can cost between $3.00
to $5.00 per day. This has not caused me any great financial
hardship, as I have learned how to adjust my spending habits.
Yeah, Dairy Queen will miss me, and McDonald's fries will stay
under the golden arches. What I'm not spending on garbage
will pay for a longer and healthier life, you know: WELLNESS!
Chapter 4
Our Diet, Our Environment
The central nervous system acts like
our body's department of Homeland
Security. It continually monitors the
body and checks to verify that all
systems are functioning properly. When
anything occurs that causes damage or
invades the body, the nervous system
sounds the alarm. We call this alarm
PAIN. It's our body’s way of telling us
that something is wrong and we must do
whatever is needed to correct the problem.
Instead of thanking our body for the warning, we go to our
medical care providers or drug store. Rather than addressing
the problem, we take drugs that merely mask the pain, while
the problem intensifies. Because improper action was taken, a
particular malady may develop into a major illness or disease.
We do bad things to our body in order to satisfy some
temporary desire or need, yet seem surprised when we have
pain or discomfort. Most of the time, our body does amazing
things to recover from our poor choices. Our diet choices
contribute to illness, disease and the resulting pain.
Are you eating toxic food without even knowing it? Did you
know that the agricultural industry is the world's largest user of
toxic chemicals? The toxins currently used in food and plant
production are extremely unhealthy for the environment and
have also been proven to be increasingly dangerous to
humans. Even though we are the richest country in the world,
we consume some of the most toxic and industrially processed
food on earth. This is an indirect result of the excessive amount
of toxic chemicals used in modern agriculture to these toxins,
our food is less nutritional, because our soils are deficient in
minerals. Remember, back 1936 the Senate demonstrated how
the application of man-made fertilizers in our soil was
damaging America's natural microbial population and natural
mineral content. Today, this phenomenon has grown to include
every soil type in every state in America.
Decades of toxic fertilizers and pesticides use have taken their
toll! Can you see what this is leading to? Fruits and vegetables
grown in toxic, pesticide laden, mineral deficient soils are toxic
and mineral deficient themselves. Therefore, people who eat
these crops receive depleted amounts of minerals that they
would otherwise expect to receive from these foods. This leads
to human mineral deficiency and makes you more vulnerable
to various diseases. Combine this with the toxicity of other
items we consume and you have a recipe for an endless list of
health problems. Even if you eat a well-balanced diet
containing fruits and vegetables, you may still be consuming
mineral deficient products loaded with pesticides.
Eating meat won't solve the problem either, because livestock
are fed produce from the same mineral deficient soil, making
their meat potentially toxic and mineral deficient. Also, our
livestock feed contains growth hormones, which end up on our
dinner table. You only have to read the newspaper or listen to
the news to know that countries like Japan no longer permit
imports of American beef.
Think about this; factory farms take a 460lb calf to a 1100lb
cow in 90 to 120 days, (source,, this is not natural.
Did you ever place a roast in crock pot, it barely fits. Later you
have a half a gallon of water left in that crock and that roast is
half its original size. It's not normal juices from the meat, rather
it is the water that the cow was forced to consume prior to its
last day, just to increase sale weight.
The FDA has shelf pull date requirements for meat, fish and
poultry at a food store. Let's take a look at chicken as an
example; there are four colors of chicken: pink- is fresh, beigeis fresh, but has been exposed to air, white- has been exposed
to the air too long, was bleached and repackaged, yellowpossibly contains salmonella.
Most food stores pull on the required date. But, many stores
don't discard old chicken yellow; they roast or fry it, later sell it
in the deli department. Don't be fooled and buy this tainted
stuff. Think pink.
Our vegetables and fruit look the same as they did a hundred
years ago, but they lack the nutrients we hoped to receive by
consuming them. Everything that lives must reproduce in order
carry on the specie. Likewise, every specie, in order to give it's
off-spring, or seed a best chance at surviving, waits until the
proper time, then, put all needed nutrients into the plant seed.
That proper time has been known since the beginning of time
as “ripe”. The time a fruit or vegetable is ripe, is when it can
germinate. Also, this is the best time for consumption by
animals and humans alike.
We all may remember the term “Harvest Day”. That was the
time when a farmer determined that the crop ripe and the
harvesting started early the next morning.
However, factory farms don't work that way. They pick crops
prior to ripeness and ship or truck them to markets, where
carbon monoxide is used to extend shelve life. The ripening
actually happens at the grocery store, and we have all seen
this occur.
We've seen green bananas and just
about everything else. My point is,
the vitamin A from that carrot we just
purchased is not present in the same
amount as it was just fifty years ago.
The soil has been played out. We
have been forced to fortify our foods
chemically, as natural methods don't
work when minerals are not in the
Let me pose a question; what does a farmer do with land that
can no longer be used to raise livestock?
Answer, he raises people food crops on it!
Are you beginning to see the potential connection between our
industrial agriculture and lifestyle diseases like cancer,
diabetes, heart attacks and strokes? Do you now understand
that a mineral deficient person simply cannot generate a
superior immune system? If you have any doubts, try to
imagine a skyscraper with poor concrete, absolutely no steel
and lots of flammable materials. That wouldn't be a good idea,
would it? Building your personal immune system isn't that
different. If you don't have the necessary building blocks to
make it strong, you will inevitably begin contracting various
diseases and other health problems. Add to this, pesticides,
herbicides, fertilizers, growth hormones and other chemicals,
and it’s no wonder that we Americans are contracting more and
more diseases.
How long can you live without oxygen? It is well known that
cancer cannot exist in an oxygen rich environment. Oxygen is
either one of the most destructive things known, (oxidation,
rust, etc.) and the most necessary to animals.
Why are our doctors using drugs to treat medical conditions
that seldom work, rather than using oxygen which has been
proven to work since the Civil War? For example, have you
heard of hyperbaric therapy? It uses oxygen to resolve a
multitude of complications. Physicians who practice this
therapy are shunned by their peers. I suppose if you can't sell
a drug, there's no ongoing profit for the doctor.
Hydrogen Peroxide is H2O2, it is water that has an extra atom
of nascent oxygen behind it. This natural Hydrogen Peroxide
comes down as rain. You can water your grass all you want
with tap water, but if you want your lawn that pretty green
shade, watch what happens when it rains. All good things
happen when enough H2O2 is present.
In 1925 Dr. Rosenow discovered that rheumatic fever was
caused by a streptococcus germ. His basic tenet was that we
live in an ocean of microorganisms and free radicals, and our
body is like a world. In this world of the body there are millions
of microorganisms. Each little creature, depending on what
kind it is, seeks out its own individual area of environment to
feed on and grow in. These nasty little bugs do the following:
gnaw away at the joints, give off Calcium waste-matter that
cements bones together, lodge in the liver and kidneys, and
with their bile, form stones. They live in the very lining of the
arteries, leaving their hard deposit on the walls of the arteries
(arterial plaque.) They cling to the lining in the nervous system
and short-circuit the brain. They attack cells and enter them,
building cocoons around the stricken cells; thus cutting off the
blood supply and causing the cell to lose its specific function,
so that it can only live and multiply into cancerous tumors. In
fact, these little guys are the root of most of what goes wrong in
your body. When our cells mutate and these bugs are allowed
to flourish any disease may grow.
The good news is if your body has the proper nutrients,
enzymes and antioxidants these bugs are continually killed off.
Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide is most important as these
guys can't live in an oxygen rich environment. I could write
chapters on the benefits of H2O2., it is that valuable.
Free radicals are associated with a myriad of undesirable
health conditions, such as cancers, neuro and degenerative
diseases such as Alzheimer's, cardiovascular disease, and
arthritis. Accelerated aging is also caused by free radical
damage. Antioxidants neutralize and subdue them.
“Doctors Lack Proof That Too Much Salt Is Unhealthy” (USA
Today, July 15,1997), did your doctor tell you about this
finding, or are you still being told that salt is bad for you? The
study done in the 60's has been proven false. Yet most people
are ordered by their doctor to limit salt intake. This is one of
those unhealthy practices used in our current health care
system. Ever had bland hospital food? Most hospitals refer to
this as a “salt restricted diet”. In fact, most patients are at some
time during their stay connected to a small IV. Written on that
bag is Saline Solution, which is salt water! One main ingredient
in many drugs is sodium. Just watch the TV advertisements
pushing certain drugs, most often you will see the word Sodium
listed below with the drug name. Most chemical reactions can
only work with Sodium. How about that!
This salt scare has resulted in countless deaths in our country.
One example; Many of our elderly die from heat related
problems without air conditioners during hot summer days. Yet
other cultures around the world do not have air conditioners
and are not concerned with heat related problems, because
they are not afraid of taking salt.
Doctors prescribe saline solution for eye irritation...SALT. At
sporting events you will normally find Gatorade on the bench.
This is merely salt water with sugar, but they refer to it as
electrolytes. Doctors like this word as they don't have to call it
what it is, SALT. Many cultures in the world take one or two
tablespoons of salt daily, without any adverse effects to their
health. Japan is one of those countries and they live far longer
than we in America, they salt everything.
In order to properly digest food our stomach requires the
chlorine in salt to make hydrochloric acid. Without it no nutrient
can be assimilated into the body. Most functions in the body
require salt. The water in our body contains about the same
ratio of salt as the oceans. Also, there is no cancer in the
ocean, but there is in fresh water. Roman soldiers were paid in
salt, not gold. The very word salary is Latin for salt. Ancient
cultures were invaded just to obtain salt. Ever hear the
expression “Worth his salt” ?
G.Young (National Geographic Magazine) wrote “Even its makeup
defies logic. Salt is a blend of sodium and chlorine- the first a metal so unstable
that it bursts into flame when exposed to water, the second a lethal gas. When
we swallow the blend, it forms hydrochloric acid in our stomach. Suicidal? No,
an absolute necessity of life.”
Think about this...we are the only specie who regularly drinks
the milk of other species! When new babies are breast fed very
few problems develop during the initial stages of life. The
mother gives her baby all that is needed to survive. However,
given baby formula and cow’s milk, the infant often develops
complications, some of which last a lifetime. Milk has enzymes
which are foreign and not recognized by the liver and are
disposed of. Some of these foreign intruders can cause
problems in the gut and digestive tract.
Milk is pasteurized, (heated to a high temperature) to kill off
bacteria. But, the dead bacteria remains in the milk we
consume. It is then absorbed in the fat we store in our body.
When we go on a diet, that sick feeling we often get comes
from the release of stored fat. It's not the fat which causes the
problem but rather the dead milk bacteria which is now loose in
your body causing a toxic mess which your immune system
has to conquer. It's the bacteria that makes the milk turn sour.
If you put a teaspoon of food grade Hydrogen Peroxide, to a
gallon of milk, and it will not sour. They have been doing that
for generations in Russia. GOT MILK ???
Did you know they each have the same number of calories?
Butter is slightly higher in saturated fats at 8 grams compared
to 5 grams.
Eating margarine can increase heart disease in woman by 53%
over the same amount of butter according to a recent Harvard
Medical Study. In fact, eating butter increases the absorption of
many other nutritional benefits, where margarine has only a
few because they are added.
Margarine is very high in Trans Fatty Acids which triple the risk
of coronary heart disease. It increases the total LDL (bad
cholesterol) and lowers HGL (good cholesterol) while
increasing the risk of cancers by up to five fold. It also lowers
the quality of breast milk, and decreases immune response as
well as insulin response.
Now here is the most disturbing fact...margarine is ONE
MOLECULE from being PLASTIC...!!! This fact alone should be
enough to cause you to avoid margarine for life and anything
else that is hydrogenated. You can prove this to yourself by
placing a tub of margarine in your garage or a shaded area.
Within a couple days you will note a couple of things, no flies,
ants, not even those pesky fruit flies will go near it, (that should
tell you something.) It does not rot, or smell
differently...because it has no nutritional value, nothing will
grow in it, not even micro-organisms. Why, because it is nearly
all plastic. Would you melt your Tupperware and spread that on
your toast?
We all know that water is crucial. Seventy-five percent of
Americans are chronically dehydrated. In 37% of Americans,
the thirst mechanism is so weak that it is often mistaken for
hunger. Even mild dehydration will shut down one's
One glass of water shuts down midnight hunger pangs,
according to 100% of the dieters in a University of Washington
study. Lack of water is the number one trigger of daytime
fatigue. Preliminary research indicates that 8-10 glasses of
water a day could significantly ease back and joint pain for
80% of suffers. A mere drop in body water can trigger fuzzy
short-term memory loss, trouble with basic math, and difficulty
focusing on a computer screen or a printed page. Ample water
decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45%, plus it can slash
the risk of breast cancer by 79% and make you 50% less likely
to develop bladder cancer.
The question you should be asking yourself is, “What's in My
Water”? Contaminants passing through normal filtered water
may include pharmaceuticals, pesticides, chemicals, solvents,
herbicides, gasoline and fuel additives, livestock growth
hormones, fertilizers, animal waste and even sewage. Most
bottled water contains these, as well as lead, mercury, arsenic,
nitrates and cancer risk from BPA's (Biphenyl A) caused by
those convenient plastic bottles we tend to buy. I strongly
recommend that you be sure to purchase BPA free bottles.
One of the best filtered water sources is Advanced Reverse
Osmosis. Although, I think, Alkaline Ionized water is the
preferred choice. With either water types you'll notice that
when you use these waters to make ice cubes, the cube will be
completely clear, not cloudy as usual, also it will have little
bumps. This is due to the high amount of oxygen present in the
Soda pop and Coke are basically the same concoction. Here
are some facts to make you rethink about what this stuff can do
to you. In many states the highway patrol carry two gallons of
Coke in their vehicles to remove blood from the highway after a
car accident. You can put a T-bone steak in a bowl of Coke
and it will be gone in two days. To clean a toilet: pour a can of
Coke into the bowl; let it sit for an hour then flush. Soda pop
even removes stains from vitreous china. To clean corrosion
from car battery terminals, just pour on some soda pop and it
will bubble the corrosion away. To remove grease from clothes
merely add Coke with your detergent.
The active ingredient in soda pop is diluted Phosphoric Acid.
Concentrated, its Ph is 2.8, it will dissolve a nail in about four
days. To carry Coke or soda syrup (the concentrate) the
commercial truck must use Hazardous Material place cards,
reserved for highly corrosive materials.
The distributors of Coke have been using it to clean the
engines of their trucks for more than twenty years. Phosphoric
Acid neutralizes stomach acid resulting in a failure to absorb
minerals, vitamins and other vital nutrients. As a result, certain
vitamins (notably B12) fail to digest and absorb protein. In
carbonated drinks, the presence of Phosphoric Acid promotes
Calcium loss from your bones. Calcium is required to neutralize
acid and if your body doesn't neutralize the acid, (most people
being Calcium deficient), our body sucks Calcium out of our
bones. The fastest growing age group with osteoporosis is
teenage girls, who by study average three or more sodas a
Actually, the frequent consumption of such beverages results
in the accelerated loss of structural and physico-chemical
minerals causing chronic diseases, i.e. osteoporosis, arthritis,
heart disease and many others. Also, what is known as pica
and cribbing more commonly referred to as “the munchies” or
binge eating and cravings occur. The failure to absorb vitamin
B12 results in loss of muscle mass. If you gain weight again, it
will be fat, not muscle. This is called “the yo-yo syndrome.”
Beware as soft drinks are formulated to make you even
thirstier. The caffeine from coffee, tea and sodas will also leach
Calcium from your bones. Is it any wonder we are in this
Mothers, did you know that each bottle of soda pop contains 9
teaspoons of sugar. Would you put a bowl with this amount of
sugar on the table for your child to eat? How many sodas does
your child have a day, times 9 teaspoons each?
Another fact about soda, most people are aware that sodas
have too much sugar, (9 teaspoons in average 12oz. can) and
therefore they only take sugar-free drinks, normally containing
Aspartame. This may surprise you but the state of New Mexico
is trying to ban any product containing Aspartame from
entering the state. However, it is so pervasive that such a
restriction can eliminate certain foods altogether.
This stuff is in toothpaste, and sprinkled into coffee and tea to
name but a few. It is also associated with thousands of reports
of adverse effects. Early studies in the 1970's found that
Aspartic Acid causes holes in the brains of mice. I find this an
interesting bit of information, in the light of current concerns
with “Spongiform Encephalopathy,” or mad cow disease, and
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, in all of which the brain becomes
sponge-like with holes in it. Monkeys fed Aspartame died or
had grand mal seizures.
The FDA is aware, but has not taken action to warn the public.
This noxious substance, is so ubiquitous in our commercial
food supply, and may be recalled by the FDA and retested as a
drug. One time Senator Howard Metzenbaum wrote a bill
warning pregnant women, infants and children against
ingesting Aspartame and its relationship to seizures, changes
in brain chemistry, and adverse neurological and behavioral
symptoms. The US Air Force has formally warned all pilots to
refrain from consuming Aspartame-sweetened diet drinks.
Aspartame interferes with the production of the calming
neurotransmitter Serotonin.
Isn't it really interesting that sales of the antidepressant Prozac,
which encourages the production of Serotonin, have gone
through the roof in recent years? Your sweetness crave can be
satisfied, without white sugar or artificial sweeteners, just stick
to the real thing: fruit both fresh and dry, juice, maple syrup,
grain malts. Yes, they do have calories like normal food does,
but they will not fool and confuse your body, and won't put you
at risk for autoimmune or neurological disorders.
A recent study reported in The Daily says:
“Zero calories do not equal zero health
A new study links diet soda to
increased stroke risk and has led to
calls from public health advocates for
new, prominent warnings on the
Researchers followed 2,564
Manhattan residents for nearly a
decade and found that people who
regularly consume diet soda have a
61 percent higher risk of vascular events such as strokes.
The study detected no increased risk for people who drink
regular soda.
“Previous studies have associated diet soda with metabolic
syndrome, which is a major risk factor for vascular events,”
lead author and University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
epidemiologist Hannah Gardener said.
We've all gone to the store or gas station and have seen the
people buying up energy drinks. Tests that should have been
done before these were allowed on the market are now being
done. Most are a combination of Ginseng, Vitamin B, Guarana,
Caffeine, Herbs and sugar. The sheer amount of these
ingredients, acting together is cause for major concern. Go
over the list for yourself, some cause a rapid spike in energy,
while others act to calm down one's metabolism. In short, one
is up, then down and your body is attempting to cope while
trying to level things out, when other adverse things occur.
Doctors have treated young people for heart failure, but many
died. These drinks are addictive, the user may suffer from
insomnia, anxiety, muscle twitching and dehydration. People
who couple an energy drink with alcohol will eventually
experience major problems. But, as with so many other lifestyle
choices, the problems will not be connected to the
consumption of this witch’s brew.
The percentage of obese children in the United States has
more than doubled since 1976. Over 50% of American children
consume a soda every day, each containing 37-54 mg of
caffeine and 9 teaspoons of sugar. In the last 20 years, the
typical American child's diet has become high in trans-fats,
caffeine and sugar. A poor diet has a dramatic effect on a
child's health. Children with limited nutrition have higher
chances of becoming obese and developing a heart condition
later in life. Also, one of the most harmful results of a poor diet
is its effect on Calcium uptake. Both caffeine and sugar in
sodas can increase the excretion of Calcium from the body.
Excessive white flour and sugary
foods can also cause the body to
lose Calcium. In addition to eating
foods that cause Calcium to be
excreted, children are shying away
from foods rich in Calcium. Calcium
may be found in green leafy
vegetables and foods such as wild
salmon, (not farmed) broccoli and prunes. When these
Calcium-rich foods are substituted by Calcium draining sugary
foods, children can quickly become Calcium deficient.
In fact, Calcium is essential for strong bones, healthy teeth and
gums. It is also an important part of maintaining a regular
heartbeat, proper blood clotting, wound healing as well as
transmission of nerve impulses. Calcium provides energy and
helps children increase their rate of bone growth and bone
mineral density.
Calcium is also involved in activating several enzymes,
including lipase, which breaks down fat, so the body can
properly use this important nutrient. It's critical to get Calcium
on a daily basis, as 99% of Calcium is stored in the bones. The
remaining 1% is absorbed into the blood stream and is
required to help muscles, such as the heart to contract.
However, if the 1% of Calcium in the blood stream drops, the
body will begin to leach, or steal it from the bones. Eventually
the bones will become porous, that is, filled with small holes,
and will become weak.
If a child's developing bones are denied Calcium, the stage is
set for future bone loss. Some researchers believe that without
enough Calcium, osteoporosis may even begin in children
when bones are still growing. If your child is accustomed to
eating a diet high in sugar and caffeine, switching to a lowsugar, high Calcium diet will not be easy. Start by explaining
the benefits of good nutrition, having plenty of healthy foods on
hand and praising your children when they make good choices.
It might be an uphill battle at first, but the benefits are well
worth it. Children who choose healthy foods are more likely to
develop lifelong, healthy habits.
Cancer is the number 2 killer in adults, and the number 1
cause of death in children. Did you know that if you have a
child who has been diagnosed with cancer, not giving that child
chemotherapy and other drugs can be a criminal offense.
Chemotherapy is as strong as it is dangerous; most adults
can't endue it. What about little children?
Attention Deficit Disorder in children is rising. In 1993, 2 million
children took Ritalin, a class 2 or 3 narcotic. In 1995 it doubled
to over 4 million. Since 2000, the estimate was over 8 million,
what is it today? Virtually all violent acts committed by children
in schools over the last ten years were by individuals who had
been on prescribed psychiatric drugs. The psychiatric drugs
prescribed increase the chance of suicide and dramatically
increase the chance of violent acts. Prescribed psychiatric
drugs are deadly and should never be consumed. Two-thirds of
ADD children suffer from an acute allergic reaction to these
drugs. In fact, schools get $500 for every student who is on
psychiatric drugs, including Ritalin or Prozac. This is a major
incentive for schools to diagnose a child with Attention Deficit
Disorder, and demand or require the child be put on a drug.
Home is where over 1.5 million children are poisoned each
year. Germ phobic parents spray disinfectants exposing
children to formaldehyde, cresol, phenol, ammonia, ethanol
and chlorine.
The breathing rate of a small child is much faster than that of
adults. They are closer to the floor, where toxins are more
highly concentrated, it takes much less to cause toxicity. In
fact, a child's immune system is not fully developed until 12
years of age. A newborn has basically no detox system. The
average child visits the doctor 23 times in the first 4 years of
life. The most common complaints are respiratory ailments.
Asthma was relatively rare a century ago, today over 30 million
Americans are afflicted, many being children.
Dr. Marion Moses of the Environmental Sciences Laboratory at
Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York strongly recommends
that as far as toxins and carcinogens are concerned, the
unborn child should have no exposure. Think about this; in
1934, only 21 cases of endometriosis existed in the world, now
it is over 5 million in the U.S. alone. Many are teenage girls.
The Los Angeles Times reported that seven killer drugs that
were approved by the FDA, were so deadly that they had to be
withdrawn. The pharmaceutical industry generated over $5
billion before the recall. Most shocking, the FDA knowingly puts
children at risk. According to the LA Times article, the FDA
never warned doctors not to administer those drugs to infants
or older children, even though eight youngsters who were
given these drugs in clinical trials died. Pediatricians
prescribed it for infants afflicted with gastric reflux, a common
digestive disorder. Patients and their doctors had no way of
knowing that the FDA, in August 1996, had found these drugs
to be, “not approved for children.”
The Times also reported that more than twenty-two million
Americans took drugs that were proven to be dangerous and
cause major medical problems, including death. All as a result
of taking the drugs prescribed by their doctors. Dr. S. Loy, a
University of Texas School of Public Health, who served on the
FDA Advisory Committee (1995-1999) said, “The FDA has lost
their compass and forgotten who it is ultimately serving.”
Parents: learn all you can about how to protect your children,
foster their health and become a skeptic to anything involved in
treating them. Best advice, check it out!”
Bathroom Concerns:
This is a throw in as it is not a listed category, but something
worthwhile. You take a shower or bath, moisture fills the room,
you even have to wipe the mirror just to see yourself. You, and
others in your family do this daily, or many times monthly.
Great, all are taking care of your hygiene. But, are you
unknowingly causing a potential health problem?
That heat and moisture helps bio-organisms form on your tooth
brush for instance. Try placing your tooth brush in water with a
few drops of bleach, or denture tabs. This will inhibit bacteria
growth. Naturally, you should rinse thoroughly before each use.
Even more sinister things begin to occur to prescription drugs
in your medicine cabinet. Drugs are made of stable and
unstable chemical compounds, these may be altered by heat
and moisture. Are they still safe to consume? Ask your doctor
or pharmacist. Please keep your drugs in a child restricted,
cool and dry location, not your bathroom.
A recent study by the NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, found
that microbial growth on a typical shower head contains
enough bacteria to compromise your immune system.
Now for a nasty bit of information; did you know that when you
flush the toilet a tiny mist is sprayed into air. This may land on
you, your towels and sink tops etc. You can prove this yourself
by simply hanging a clean section of a newspaper in your
bathroom for a week. Soon you will note the uneven
discoloring of the paper. My advice is to always put the seat lid
down, flush and run.
Bones have two functions; one, support the body mass, and
two the storage of minerals for the body. Bones are not
comprised of just Calcium as we have heard. They are made of
all the sixty essential minerals. Bones are not a constant in the
body, they change, are broken down and then replaced just
like every other cell structure in the body. In fact, all bone is
replaced on a 90 to 120 day cycle.
Bones are your bodies supply warehouse. When a mineral is
needed for a vitamin, oxygen, RNA, DNA or any function within
the body the bones dole out that mineral. Bones are living
tissue, yet the medical profession routinely grinds down bone
or replaces it with some foreign device in a effort to counter the
effects of bone deterioration.
Actress Elizabeth Taylor had three hip replacement procedures
and still couldn't walk unassisted, she of course could afford
the very best medical care. I know of at least six people who
had knee replacements and at first were very pleased with the
results, but later had severe pain. Nothing rigid made by man
will ever adhere to a bone, as bone is in continual change.
What would you attach it to? It's something like gluing steel to
The Associated Press released an article on February 16,
2006, titled “Study shows limited benefits from Calcium,
Vitamin D”. Saying that research doctors at the New Jersey
Medical School found that Calcium and vitamin supplements
failed to prevent bone loss and fractures. In the seven-year
study, half of the 36,282 women ages 50 to 79, were given
1,000 milligrams of Calcium and 400 units of Vitamin D, while
the other half took placebos. The doctors concluded that diet
supplements don't work, they cause kidney stones and those
with osteoporosis must use the proper drugs”. Great!
This study proves my point: ground up rock and man-made
vitamins do not offer a solution. It also confirms another issue,
which I addressed: doctors think bones are Calcium. No, they
are comprised of some sixty minerals, Calcium alone does
nothing. Remember the cascade reaction? This also proves
that one vitamin or mineral of this or that has no benefit. Yet
the average person will follow the advice given and request
drugs from their doctor. After all isn't that what the study was all
about? Who paid for the study? The drug industry.
Dr. Otto Warburg, won a Noble Prize in
Medicine, some 50 years ago by
showing that Arthritis, Rheumatoid
Diseases and Cancer are caused by
microorganisms and viruses. He also
proved that these antibodies cannot
grow in a high oxygen environment.
Did your doctor tell you that?
Arthritis is a devastating degenerative
disease of the joints. Normally a doctor
would prescribe prednisone, cortisone
or even Vioxx, (the latter has resulted
in 139,000 heart attacks) . (hasn’t this been pulled from the
market?)How can the allopathic medical profession allow a
patient suffering from arthritis to continue using a damaged
joint? Think about this: you have bone rubbing against bone;
the connective tissue is damaged or gone. The pain is a result
of this grinding action of two bones. Your doctor gives you a
drug to take away the pain so you don't feel this grinding away,
you're told to exercise and do those things that are normal. Are
you making the problem better or worse? Soon surgery is
required. Now the doctors can make the big bucks.
In fact, the cure for arthritis has been known for over 60 years
in the veterinary field. Animals no longer get this disease when
they are properly supplemented. However, our pets will get
arthritis if we feed them people food. Whoops, I just referred to
facts concerning animals. Isn't it odd that doctors like to talk
about the amazing test results in animal trials, when referring to
drug research, yet dispute those same test results when
performed by those outside the medical care system, when it
does not support the use of a drug to treat a malady.
Cholesterol is not the boogie-man, that evil terrible substance
that is about to kill you. The claim is that it clogs your arteries,
causes heart disease or death. In fact, cholesterol has never
caused one case of heart disease or death! Further, there has
never been one clinical study to show that cholesterol has ever
been at fault. The real cause of heart disease was discovered
in 1974, yet nothing has changed.
Death rates from coronary thrombosis were roughly zero back
in 1900. Heart disease was not even a specialty back then.
Today it is the number one cause of death. Doctors of today
argue that doctors of that period were not trained to recognize
the disease. Yet a heart attack is usually not subtle in its
symptoms. What physician could overlook severe chest pain
and pressure, cold sweats, nausea and a plunge in blood
The famous Farmington Study of the 1970's reported that
atherosclerosis never occurs in the veins (which are smaller),
but only in the arteries. Yet the same amount of cholesterol
circulates in both veins and arteries. The study found that an
artery has an outer and inner layer, but between these two
layers is a thin muscle wall that helps to maintain blood
pressure and oxygenation in the body. When free radicals
invade this muscle, mutated cells are formed. These break
through the inner arterial wall and cause a plaque build-up.
Now doctors can do invasive surgery and/or start a patient on
lifelong drugs and issue diet restrictions that do little to abate
the heart condition.
But of course we trust our doctors. After all with all those years
of education and training, they will save us, won't they? How
about Bill Clinton? He was Governor of Arkansas for 12 years,
received the best care that state could offer. Then as President
for 8 years he got the finest care in the nation. There were
always news reports about his annual check-ups at Bethesda
Naval or Walter Reed Hospital.
Just two years out of office, (still having access to the finest
medical care) he required multiple by-pass surgery for a 90%
blockage. Heart disease takes many years to develop, he
received twenty years of the finest care. Well, if these are the
best in the field, they cared for President Clinton, what chance
do we simple folk have?
Allow me to give some facts to ponder: Before 1920 our folks
ate butter and lard. Margarine was not yet invented, nor were
vegetable oils to cause free radical damage from trans-fats.
Sugars and highly refined carbohydrates were seldom part of
the diet. Heart disease was rare back then. Today many
cultures live on a diet very high in saturated fat and have little
or no heart disease, for example: the Massai of Tanzania,
Swiss of the Loetschental Valley, Benedictine Monks and the
people of Hunsa in Pakistan. The Eskimos eat seal blubber,
walrus blubber and whale blubber, however they are known for
not getting heart disease, except when they move into the
lower 48 states. How about Japan, they fry everything, smoke
packs of cigarettes daily, consume a lot of alcohol, we dropped
two atomic bombs on them and they still out live us.
Drugs designed to lower blood levels of lipids like cholesterol
and triglycerides do not have any effect on preventing heart
disease. The drugs block the absorption of cholesterol from
foods, which is dangerous, since they also stop the absorption
of fat-soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids and other fat-like
nutrients. Several diseases occur when low levels of
cholesterol are permitted for a time. Multiple Sclerosis, a
disease of the central nervous system occurs when the
protective nerve coating, Myelin, is missing. The open nerves
short circuit and cause uncontrollable movements of the body.
This nerve insulation Myelin is 100% cholesterol.
Another is Lou Gehrig's disease and naturally we all have
heard of Alzheimer's. Most of us know someone who had or
has it; my Mother and Sister died from this disease. Well it
didn't exist before the 1970's. No, not in any text or under any
other name did it exist, yet it is now a major killer.
Many top scientist and non-allopathic doctors refer to it as a
doctor caused disease.
After all your brain is mostly cholesterol. Take away the
cholesterol which protect each neurotransmitter and in simple
words your brain shorts out and this cross wiring effect causes
the brain to resemble a tangled fishing line. Again this Myelin in
the brain is cholesterol.
Take those cholesterol lowering drugs, watch your diet and you
too could experience these awful diseases. Eat butter not
margarine, do not use vegetable oils. Limit sugars in all their
forms and avoid refined carbohydrates. Be sure to consume
fatty acids and amino acids for heart health. Do not think of
cholesterol as a bad thing; your body needs it, and if you don't
consume it your body makes some of it.
Our Digestive System
Consider this: the whole idea of eating is to break food down
from the solid state it is in, into the essential nutrients the body
needs to perform its basic functions. Food travels about 30 feet
on its journey through the body. As you chew food it is
combined with enzymes within the mouth. In the stomach
hydrochloric acid and gastric secretions go through it and then
it enters the small intestines. Here, more body fluids and amino
acids and enzymes come through it during the breaking down
process. From there it goes into your colon as a liquid or semiliquid. It now turns to mush and can harden to be expelled from
the body.
In fact, from the time this food enters your stomach and
throughout the entire digestive system the absorption process
is pulling minerals and other needed nutrients into the body.
This process mainly occurs in the colon, as enzymes export
vital nutrients through the colon walls, then the blood and
lymph systems carry them to the cells. Proper absorption
occurs best when supplemented with enzymes. Enzymes are
the body’s hardest workers. They are responsible for not only
digestion, but in the building of bones, tissues and aiding in
detoxification. Many allergies stem from a lack of not only
Omega 3 fatty acids, but also enzymes. The lack of enzymes
result in an inability to digest proteins and fats, causing poor
circulation and fatigue. Lastly, lacking enzymes the digestive
system fails to function.
The liver acts as the body's filter, it processes only what is
needed and vital to support body functions. However, the liver
can become damaged by bad bacteria and improper diet,
thereby letting a host of problems loose within the body.
To get enough oxygen and minerals into the body, the colon
must be free from obstructions, as well as any old impacted
fecal matter. These obstructions are commonly known to be
hardened mucus-toxins that are clinging to, and impairing, the
mineral and toxin exchange/transport function of the intestine
wall. Look at it this way. The digestive process ends with the
colon, which means if what you eat is not coming out through
the colon it is staying in your body. What happens to leftover
food that you throw in the trash? It rots and putrefies. You
notice this by sight and smell. What would happen if you did
not take out the trash in your body for years?
Unfortunately, most of us are doing this very thing. Did you
know that when actor John Wayne died his colon reportedly
weighed over 70 pounds, and Elvis's over 45 pounds. If you
eat three meals daily, you should have a bowel movement
three times a day. If not, you're storing your own trash. The
colon works with an action called peristaltic motion, which
basically squeezes the leftover food (waste) out of the body.
After years of eating enzyme deficient food, the colon walls
develop build-up just like the pipes under your kitchen sink.
Clogged colon walls harden and it becomes next to impossible
for the peristaltic action to take place. This causes bloating,
constipation or diarrhea. Later more serious things occur.
Besides having a direct effect on your digestive tract, this
process (above) causes illness in other areas of the body, as
the intestinal tract has pressure points on its surface that
coordinate and affect every aspect of the body. Runny nose,
blood shot eyes, inability to taste food and chronic body odor
are a few of the minor but noticeable effects.
Major problems occur when putrefaction and the proliferation of
bad bacteria cause the system to backup. This is when you will
see Candida, red crystals, yeast and parasites being absorbed
into the blood. A good colon cleanse will normally help this
while cleansing the liver as well. You can easily notice the bad
coming out, as this will get the energy flowing through your
digestive system once again. You'll notice that the feces
expelled along with any gas will have a more pungent odor.
This should tell you that the old clogged material is being
passed out. It is best to do this four or more times annually, if a
proper cleansing supplement is used.
In fact, as my dear friend Toni said, “if you are going to start on
a nutritional program. clean out your pipes first”, doesn't that
make sense?
And remember, as stated earlier, if you don't consume salt
you’re not likely to have the hydrochloric acid to break down
food in the stomach from the outset.
Free Radicals
Nutrition alone is not the only matter to be concerned with. It's
what we consume, how we prepare our foods, as well as other
things which enter our body should be of equal concern. What
the best minds of science and wellness have found is that, a
single cause is responsible for aging as well as for cancer,
heart disease, stroke, arthritis, and possibly allergies and a
host of other ailments. These diseases are caused by much of
the same process that causes fuel to burn and oil to go rancid.
The same process causes an apple to turn brown, if you slice it
open and expose it to the air. The villain is oxygen, the same
element that causes wood to burn and iron to rust.
In a way, your body rusts from the inside out, causing dry
wrinkled skin, among other things. However, aging skin is the
least of our problems. In fact, when the process really gets out
of control, it can cause cancerous tumors and hardening of the
arteries. Oxygen becomes harmful when it's combined with
something called a free radical. Free radicals are like ravenous
molecular sharks. These predators are so hungry they last only
millionths of a second before they make a frenzied attack on a
A free radical is not a living thing like viruses or bacteria. It's
much smaller, than a molecule. Viruses, bacteria, and all of the
cells in your body are made up of molecules, the body's
building blocks.
The problem with a free radical is that it is missing an electron
in its outer shell. A free radical can't rest until it replaces that
missing electron, and generally the only place it can get an
electron is by taking a bite out of another atom or molecule.
Your body is full of hundreds of billions of free radicals
attacking your healthy cells.
The good news is it's quite easy to control free radicals, now
that we know what they are, and the harm they do! Cancer,
stroke and heart disease come in a bewildering variety of
shapes. They seem to be caused by everything from smoking
cigarettes to eating fried foods to pesticides, etc. One type of
cancer, like colon cancer, seems to have little to do with
another type such as breast cancer, while both have nothing in
common with heart disease. But, all diseases have the same
underlining radicals. Did you know why radiation
can cause cancer? Because radiation creates free radicals
from cell molecules! Why does stress make us ill? It causes
our bodies to form free radicals. Even the chlorine in our water
can form cancer-causing compounds that promote free
radicals. The link between free radicals and aging is equally
We've all learned to watch out for germs, as these viruses and
bacteria cause diseases like colds, smallpox, typhoid, boils,
TB, and so forth. But germs are no longer the big killers of our
time. The big killers are cancer, stroke and heart disease. Our
bodies are also wracked by allergies, arthritis, headaches, and
chronic fatigue. None of these are caused by germs. In fact,
the medical establishment doesn't have a clue what causes
them, or what to do about them. Your doctors mainly talk a
good line, they may throw a lot of jargon at you. They have a
lot of dazzling equipment and fancy tests. But the truth is, they
know little about the cause of these diseases.
There is overwhelming evidence that free radicals are the
cause. But it may be decades before the medical
establishment accepts it. Until then they will continue to dole
out drugs to mask the symptoms.
Again, follow the money. Where is the profit in removing
diseases through natural means? Wake up
radicals are easily neutralized by antioxidants, such as
vitamins C, E and flavonoids, green tea, Selenium and other
natural supplements, in combination, not solo.
The medical industry has spent the last thirty years telling the
public that vitamins are a waste of time. How could doctors say
this as they know almost nothing about the subject, they never
had to study it. Antioxidants are not drugs, they are foods and
they have no toxic side effects. Since your body produces
some of its own antioxidants, you should do what you can to
supplement them into your diet.
TIP: The best way to assure a healthier diet is to do what is
called peripheral shopping, that is, make your selection from
the outer section of your supermarket. This is where the
vegetables, fruits, nuts, meats, eggs and grains are located.
When you venture down the inner aisles you're more apt to
select foods that defeat the whole idea of nutrition.
Remember to prepare foods using the least amount of heat, as
frying and high temperature promotes free radicals.
Chapter 5
Pandemic Influenza - Swine Flu H1Ni & Bird Flu, H5N1
Our available antibiotics are aging,
and bacteria are learning to fright
them off. These bugs are continually
mutating in order to survive on
something living.
A while back Swine Flu H1N1 was
the main concern of many nations,
maybe the entire world. The media is continually telling us
where the vaccine, is, or may be available. The CDC (Centers
for Disease Control) stated, “Even if they were effective or
safe, most vaccines will come too late.” Now doesn't that make
one feel better? The CDC went on to state, “By that end of the
year the majority of the U.S. Population will have likely
acquired natural immunity”. Further, “that this wave will peak so
early that the planned CDC vaccination campaign will not likely
have a large effect on the total number of people ultimately
infected by the H1N1 influenza virus.”
Soon we'll be told that H1N1 can come from any animal, not
just swine. Of course; the virus is mutating. What will we call
the next strain?
Years ago, then President Bush held two news conferences
regarding the Bird Flu H5N1 and gave warning about the
devastation which could affect all of us. In China, France,
Poland, Turkey as well as many Asian and African countries,
people had been infected with Bird Flu. About 138 have
actually died from this flu, that not good news, it’s bad.
Because, as this bug mutates it may spread from human to
human, then we could have a pandemic.
Be very concerned and gather whatever information you can
about various dreaded flu types.
Between 1889 to 1890 the Russian
Flu killed roughly 1 million people.
The Spanish Flu of 1918 and 1919
was most deadly, killing at least 40
million people. The Hong Kong Flu
of 1957 killed more than 2 million
people worldwide. In 1997 a highly
pathogenic avian influenza virus
was discovered, and called H5N1.
Our government allocated $7.1 billion for vaccine development,
drug stockpiling and other counter measures. Most countries in
the world have a program to deal with an outbreak. This was
projected to infect one out of five humans, a large percentage
of whom would die. It could have been that devastating.
Actually 50% of those infected have died, despite modern
hospitals and heroic measures taken.
How do governments protect their people? That's the big
question. They may develop an antibiotic for a current strain of
a particular bug. However, this virus has been doing well in
adapting to each vaccine we produce, and what we have now,
will likely not work.
A few years ago an expert from the CDC (Centers for Disease
Control) was on Oprah, an hour long program to address Bird
Flu. This expert stated, “When, not if, this comes to America,
many changes will occur. As resources are used to combat
infections in some areas of this country, normal services will
become rare or non-existent in other areas of the country.
Simple things like running water may not be there. Food
supplies may run low. Also, oil, gas and electric could be
Could this happen? In fact, during the days after Hurricane
Katrina, FEMA ordered hundreds of semi-trucks to the stricken
areas to bring in food and other necessities. The end result
was that food shipment was halted in other parts of the
country. No country, not even America can warehouse enough
food, bottled water and other supplies, or for that matter have
the standby trucks to get supplies where they are most
needed. It is economically impossible. This alone could cause
a financial, political and a humanitarian blow to those not even
affected by this flu”.
In the 14th and 15th century the Bubonic Plague killed one in
four, in Europe alone. As people died they were burned and
buried in a effort to stop this spreading disease. This was done
in the cities, although many who died in the country were
simply buried. This disease was visible to all by open boils on
the skin, resembling little rose buds. It was noticed that
perfume makers of that day did not get the disease. Many of
these out-of-work perfume and essential oil makers would rob
graves, yet they did not get sick. People therefore came to
believe if they carried flowers, such as poseys, they would not
get sick. As the plague started to die off children started a
rhyme, that is still heard today; “Ring around the rosy, pocket
full of poseys, ashes, ashes, we all fall down.” The boils, which
indicated one had the disease, lead them to seek flowers and
Essential Oils to control this plague.
Essential Oils and Aromatherapy have been used since
ancient Egyptian times. The Old and New Testaments of the
Bible make over 200 references to them. These were the
medicines that were used before drugs. In many countries they
are still used, while modern drugs are shunned.
When Jesus was born, it may have been winter, possibly very
cold. New born babies did not have a good survival rate back
then due to a lack of simple hygiene, and an environment full of
bacteria. The very manger that held the baby Jesus, no doubt
contained straw likely full of urine and other foreign materials
donated by the nearby farm animals. Fresh straw wasn't
available that time of the year. Therefore his manger had to be
formed from the available materials.
When the wise men arrived, some say as long as two years
later, they gave little Jesus Frankincense and Myrrh to fortify
his little immune system, and to protect him from infestation.
These Essential Oils were very expensive, and the average
person could not afford them back then. I've seen the
marvelous things these oils can do in our age.
I believe if we are going to combat Swine Flu H1N1, Bird Flu
H5N1, and next strain it will be via essential oils. I have a
paper on how best to prevent and deal with this kind of
pandemic. It was written by my dearest friend David Mitchell,
and is yours, free, request it via ([email protected])
In fact, Essential Oils are a most important preparation to
address future health challenges. Why? They contain
properties many times more powerful than dried herbs. Their
antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal properties make
them very effective.
They are highly oxygenating. Oxygen and disease cannot live
in the same environment. These oils have the highest shelf life
of any plant or herb known to man, and require no refrigeration.
As remarkable as this may sound, Essential Oils bypass the
digestive system, so they can be very beneficial to people,
even those who have weak digestive systems. They are great
for elderly people and babies who cannot swallow capsules.
Chapter 6
What To Do
The Fountain of Youth—Live to Your Potential
Human beings are genetically programmed to live for 120 to
140 years. Americans have failed to fulfill their genetic
potential. As stated earlier we live to an average 75.5, or a little
more than half of our potential.
There are eight cultures in the world today who come close to
the human genetic potential for longevity. Those cultures are:
 Tribes of Tibetans in western China.
 The Hunsa culture in eastern Pakistan.
 Four cultures of the Caucasus Mountains in western
 The Vilcabomba's Indians in the Andes Mountains of
 The Titicaca Indians in the high Andes Mountains of
southwestern Peru. Here is a photo of gorgeous Lake
Titicaca, at more than 12,500 feet altitude. It is the highest
navigable lake in the world. Air Force fighter pilots are
required to wear oxygen masks above 10,000 feet.
Each of these cultures has a
large segment of people who
live past 100 years of age. The
interesting facts are that these
cultures are living long healthy
lives without significant disease
or the benefit of doctors.
The question to ask, “is there any common thread which
connects these cultures?” The answer is YES!
All of these cultures live in mountain valleys 8,500 to 14,000
feet in elevation and they all get their water from glacial milk,
which is the water that comes from underneath glaciers as they
grind up the parent rock of the mountain. This highly
mineralized water is white and opaque and looks like milk.
These cultures drink this glacial milk and absorb three to five
percent of the metallic minerals it contains.
That helps their health, but more importantly they irrigate their
crops with the glacial milk. Crop after crop, year after year,
generation after generation, the crops have converted the
metallic minerals in the glacial milk into organically bound plant
derived colloidal minerals, the most absorbable form of
minerals. Plants are the only organisms that are able to make
this conversion.
It is the plant derived colloidal minerals in their grains,
vegetables, fruits and nuts that are the common threads that
give the age-beaters their health and longevity.
This search for health and longevity is as old as man himself;
we have expended resources, money and energy and have
died in droves looking for the “Fountain of Youth”. All this time
the “Fountain of Youth” has been under our feet since the
beginning of time. The answer is almost anticlimactic; it's the
Ponder These Points
A generation ago patients requested more information, more
choices and a need to have more say about treatment. To a
great extent, that is exactly what they received: an abundance
of information, often several treatment options and the right to
choose among them. As this new responsibility dawns on
patients, some embrace it with a sense of pride and furious
determination. But many find the task of being a modern
patient with its slog through medical uncertainty to be lonely,
frightening and overwhelming. Our current medical system, by
policy offers patients treatment through drugs and procedures,
but not a cure.
God gave us what we need to survive, prosper and live a
longer life than we currently do. For thousands of years people
have fared better than we do now, people who have no local
doctors. Most have never seen one.
In America, before the 1900's the average life span was 45
years, now it's 75.5 years. This is not the result of doctors. It is
due to refrigeration, clean water, soap, cleaner food and
livestock and produce inspection.
Our food supply is literally starved of nutrients. The medical
profession wants us on some chemical concoction for any
illness. We the American people are looking for answers.
Don't just take my word for it, check it out. Whatever you do
regarding your future wellbeing, make it your decision, rather
than yielding to someone in a white coat and years of
A brand new baby does not come with an operator's manual,
with trouble shooting and maintenance information. We cannot
treat our body as we do our vehicle i.e., we take it to a service
location and say, “fix it”. Be responsible for your body, simply
put the good in, keep the bad out and help your immune
system. Making it to the age of 100, while looking seventy is
very possible.
For the time being, don't think about the state of your health
today. Think back in time, do you remember the ailments, or
health problems you experienced during your youth? What
about those health concerns when you were a young adult?
What does the future hold for you when you consider what is
typical for the majority of people as they age?
Nobody has summed up what life would be like for the typical
elderly person better than Dr. Wallach:
“When you reach 80, you may be in a nursing home. Have
diabetes, be practically blind from macular degeneration, or
have cataracts, won't have any teeth, which is osteoporosis of
the face and jaw. Your hearing will be impaired, or gone.
Maybe suffering from Alzheimer's, you would have had your
thyroid gland removed with radio-active iodine, you may have
your vertebrae fused in your neck or back because you had
advanced arthritis, you'll have carpal tunnel syndrome. You
would have had heart problems, may have had one lung
removed, because of COPD. The gall bladder would have
been removed, maybe a liver transplant, your kidneys removed
and transplanted because you had renal failure. You're on
dialysis, you've had colon problems or removal due to colon
cancer, men have had their prostate removed. Hips have been
replaced, knees replaced due to osteoarthritis, feet were
amputated do to diabetes, you're on twenty-seven different
drugs, for lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes,
memory loss, thyroid and ever increasing pain. Along with all
this is the higher costs of drugs. All those trips to the doctor’s
office and medical tests and procedures, that go on and on,
normally can bankrupt the average person.”
Is this my future, one might ask? Just look around do you see
people like this? The pain, the expense, the inconvenience and
the loss of hope changes one’s life.
This is nasty stuff and not pleasant to read. It is less pleasant
to envision such things in one’s future. But, all that is said
above is about normal occurrences of today.
Things are changing and no one knows what effect politics
may have, concerning future health care. The government has
approved health care legislation that will change how, or if we
will get health care. The plan is to include everyone, even
those considered uninsurable.
The problems with it are immense. First, we now have about
63,000 doctors, and to see a one requires an advance
appointment. Of course, at the doctor's office, one finds he/she
is busy with other patients; therefore one must wait, for that
chance to go in the examination room. However, under the
new plan, all 300 plus million Americans will be covered.
Remember, we only have some 63,000 doctors, do the math,
could each doctor see about 4,800 patients?
Another interesting fact is that only 18,000 students are
enrolled in medical schools. This won't fill the void.
Doctors used to make a very good living. Only specialists do
so now. Doctors are in fact leaving the field to peruse other
ventures. They have had to practice defensive medicine, just to
protect themselves from frivolous lawsuits. Malpractice
insurance is one of the highest costs in their practice. It is only
going to get worse for them, so they leave. Foreign-trained
doctors are coming to fill that some of that void.
When you require a doctor will you get an appointment in a
reasonable time frame? If you’re a senior citizen will you be
able to find a doctor who will accept Medicare, as most will
not? The new plan may offer coverage, but not timely care.
As for me, I don't want to look forward to a series of illnesses,
extreme costs and all the misery that awaits me. Self
preservation is my first line of defense. I'm my primary care
provider, the medical care system, whatever it is, or may
become is my secondary provider. I'm responsible for ME! I will
not take a drug prescribed by a doctor, until I understand how
1,000 or more tiny words on the back of a drug sheet will affect
me. If I must take a drug, I will gather information about that
drug, and what others had to deal with while taking it. I will
understand that I, must learn what I can, and be responsible for
this amazing body which God has given me. How about you?
As you recall the body works best when all nutrients are
present at the same time, in the proper amount. It is called
homeostasis. You supplement to the right amount for your
body weight, and your current state of health. Once you make
this commitment, you should stick with it for life.
This is the best way that I know of to achieve wellness and live
a longer, and a somewhat pain free life. In years to come you'll
look younger than your age, feel great and become active
again in your life. Hundreds of thousands of people are doing
what I'm doing, don't look their age, or have health issues. You
decide for yourself: are you going to be an excuse or an
STEP 1. Complete the Health Evaluation form provided. This is
most important, as you must have a method to determine if
progress has been made. Simply list everything, like aches,
pains, current medical concerns. This remains private, for your
eyes only.
Once completed put it in a sealed envelope, and date to be
opened in 120 days. Mark your calendar, so you'll remember to
take it out of your bed side table on that day. In 120 days
unseal it and check your progress. What's improved, what's
gone, you'll have your own report card. If certain medical
conditions continue, you may need to increase supplement
dosage to address that problem. But, you'll always have a way
to determine the value of self evaluation, know what's going on
in your own body.
STEP 2. A 5-Day Cleansing Program. This is a best start for
turning around the body processes for what we consume, back
to all systems working as they were designed. The point is to
remove toxins: chemicals which we get from pollution and the
extensive processing of our over-utilized farm soils.
Further, undertake the removal of chemicals in cosmetics and
things we use on our skin, these enter transdermally. It's time
to take out all the garbage. Many products are on the market to
accomplish this. Beware as some have side effects and should
not be used by the young or the old. Contact me and I can
recommend what I consider best. The program is both hard
and satisfying, believe me you body will show its thanks.
STEP 3. After you have completed your detox and cleansing
program, it is time to consume the basic building blocks and
maintenance nutrients your body requires. These building
blocks are essential since your body can't make them and we
are unable to get them from the foods we eat. Without these
essential nutrients we greatly diminish our ability to fight off
disease while opening ourselves up to illness and a shorten life
span. Again, your body requires these 90 Essential Nutrients
16-Vitamins (which are vital-amins)
12-Amino Acids (certain proteins)
3-Omega 3 Fatty Acids (which are lipids)
60-Plant Derived Colloidal Minerals (bulk, trace and rare earth)
As stated earlier in this book, the supplement determines the
results you'll receive.
Remember, you should choose products that have bio-analysis
reports, listing all ingredients by parts per million, prepared by
a reputable lab, such as Brunswick Laboratories – which the
FDA uses. Without this report you can't be sure what you’re
STEP 4. From the 6th day to the 120th day you'll notice many
changes. Your urine will appear bright yellow; this is a good
sign. Also, your bowels will be loose and darker for a period of
time; this is the garbage coming out. Your body is learning how
to maintain and rebuild tissue. This it should have been a
routine matter, however, your body no doubt been working
overtime just to keep you alive. After the initial 120 days,
please continue consuming the 90 essential nutrients for the
remainder of your life. I have for eleven years, I cannot ever
imagine a day without them.
Beware as sugar, or anything which ends in “ose”, as they will
dump these vital minerals from your body. Note, other nutrients
can be taken after the essential 90. These include certain
herbs, essential oils and many health aids.
Name:____________ Date Began:____ Evaluation Date:____
Wellness Supplement Used:___________________________
Warning Signs of Mineral Deficiencies Benefit Evaluation
Check off current problem areas // IMPROVEMENT: Slight or Noticeable
White, grey, or silver hair
Cracked cuticles, hangnails
cracks on sides of fingers or thumbs
Muscle twitches, muscle spasm or muscle cramps
Loose teeth, receding gums
noisy joints, joints stiffness
Age spots, liver spots
Ringing in ears
Pica: food cravings, binge eating
Chronic fatigue, mid morning or afternoon burn-out
Depression, mood swings
Digestive problems, burping, bloating, gas
Hair loss
Sexual dysfunction, impotence, infertility
Wrinkles, sagging skin
Immune system weakness
Memory loss
Other health challenges
Arthritis, Osteoarthritis
Diabetes, low blood sugar (Hypoglycemia)
Heart Disease
Other Concerns
The first two individuals I thank for saving my wife’s life. The
education that I received from them and these other experts
has changed lives. We will be forever grateful for their wisdom,
guidance and compassion.
Ma Lan MD, MS, LA
J.D. Wallach BS, DVM, ND
Olden Pittman DC
Paula Bickle PhD, MS, BS
Gerhard Schrauzer PhD, MS, BSC, FACN, CNS
Edward Mc Cabe
Alexandria Brighton MA, MB, MF
David Mitchell MBA, MS, BA
The opinion expressed in this book reflects those of the author,
and nothing written has been submitted to, or approved by the
FDA. The author makes no warranty regarding the contents of
this writing. The protocols described herein are general and not
meant to cure any ailment or disease. The author is not a
physician, and as such is not offering medical advice. Note,
these are the opinions of the author and should be considered
in that light.
The Basics of Nutrition
Diabetes=The Real Story
Weight Loss---The Big FAT Lie!
Allergies---Stop the Insanity
Heart Disease: The Real Cause, The Real Answer
Arthritis---What you don't know can HURT you
Antioxidants---There's a war in our body
A copy of any above referenced booklets is available from:
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The average person is rightfully
concerned about family, friends,
possessions, career and image.
Family members gather after the
death of a loved one, to reflect on
all this person accomplished, and
how he/she was valued.I question if that person would be
alive today, if wellness had been a part of his/hers life?
They seldom see their body as their problem. Let the
doctor handle those concerns, he/she was too busy with
the duties of carrying out a lifestyle.
I'm passionate about this; you can have it all! However,
most of us run out the clock, while trying to reach a series
of goals when your body gives out on you. A well body
and active mind actually makes one far more able to
endure what life has in store for us. A fortified body is a
powerhouse that goes the distance for to the benefit of
you and your family, as well as your sphere of influence.
Life is terminal, the only question is how and when
you’re going to die. You decide your fate every day.
Give Your Body What It Needs
It Will Do Amazing Things
Your “Friend for Life” ,
Tank Kobarg
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