Document 189357

May-June, 2011
Volume 26, Number 3
Published by the City of Ham Lake, Minnesota
Check the City Code for the rules…
How to keep from becoming a public nuisance
h, Spring! It’s the time of year
when people love to get outside
and spruce up the yard. It’s fun,
it’s healthful, and in Ham Lake it’s the
Well, the City doesn’t generally concern itself with telling you how to
beautify your property, but the City
Code does have rules about what kinds
of stuff in your yard constitute a public
It’s all spelled out in the “Codes and
Ordinances” section of the City’s
website at
Article 4 of the City Code lists the
common nuisances that can bring action from the City.
These include noxious weeds, accumulations of manure, refuse, or other debris, and discarded appliances,
machinery, or junk cars.
Article 6-800 of the City Code defines
the parking restrictions for your property. Generally, no more than four personal vehicles may be parked at any
time within the street setback area of
any lot, and they must be on a parking
Fire Chief Don Krueger and Mayor
Mike Van Kirk presented 14-yearold Andrew Antczak with a
resolution honoring him for his responsible and heroic actions after
his home caught fire the night of
February 19th. Andrew was awakened by smoke and saw a glow under his bedroom door. He knew
enough to feel the door to make
sure it was not hot before opening
it and leaving his room. He then
quickly alerted other family members and made sure that they were
all able to evacuate safely.
Some things are considered nuisances
because they affect public peace and
safety. These include trees or hedges
that prevent someone from having a
clear view of traffic approaching an intersection.
When a complaint is received, the Zoning Official will inspect the property.
Following the inspection, the Zoning
Official will prepare and mail a letter to
the property owner. The violator shall
have 30 days (unless otherwise noted)
to remedy the violation. After 30 days,
the property will be inspected again
and if the violation has been satisfied,
the information shall be filed. If the violation status has not been remedied,
the information will be forwarded to
the City Attorney for prosecution.
If conditions on the parcel present an
imminent danger to public health or
safety, City staff may take necessary
steps to immediately remove the peril.
These perils would include things like
abandoned refrigerators, improperly
fenced swimming pools, highly flammable materials, and so forth.
City mows boulevards
for maintenance, safety
here residents don’t mow the
plants on their boulevards this
summer, City crews will be
mowing about a five-foot-wide swath
along the curb.
This isn’t because the City doesn’t appreciate your wild flowers or native
grasses. In some cases, especially on
corners, tall grass can be a safety problem by hampering vision.
In addition, uncontrolled grass can
grow under the curb line and out into
the road, causing cracks in the surface
and costly maintenance problems.
Articles and photos that appear in
the Ham Laker, together with useful
information about the City, can also
be found on the Ham Lake web site:
Ham Lake City Council News…
Each ISTS must be
pumped, inspected
ollowing are a few highlights of
some of the actions taken by the
Ham Lake City Council recently.
Approved advertising for bids for improvements to Fire Station 1 and the
Public Works Building.
Complete minutes as well as videotapes
of Council meetings are available at
City Hall or on the Web at www. ci.
Appointed Al Parranto to the Planning
Commission, following interviews with
several highly qualified candidates,
Approved a Joint Powers Agreement
with Anoka County for the improvement of Lexington Ave. NE (CSAH 17)
in 2012.
Supported a proposal that Anoka
County would proceed with the planning of transit service on Highway 65
for a three year trial period, with a
“Park and Ride” location in the City of
Ham Lake.
Petal Pushers will hold
annual plant sale May 7
Public Hearing May 16
on storm water pollution
he Petal Pushers Garden Club will
hold their annual plant sale on Saturday, May 7th from 8:00 a.m. until
12:30 p.m. in the Custom Truck Accessories parking lot, located at 13408
Highway 65 NE. For more information,
contact (763) 434-6580.
Ham Lake Contacts
City Hall: (763) 434-9555
(To report emergencies after office
hours, please call 911)
City Hall Hours:
Mon.-Thurs. 7:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Fri. 7:00 a.m.–12:00 noon
Mike Van Kirk (Mayor)
(763) 434-6176
[email protected]
Julie Braastad (Council)
(763) 434-8985
[email protected]
Tom Johnson (Council)
(763) 434-8573
[email protected]
Gary Kirkeide (Council)
(763) 434-9762
[email protected]
Jim Doyle (Council)
(612) 850-1698
[email protected]
he City of Ham Lake obtained a
National Pollutant Discharge
Elimination System permit from the
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
(MPCA), which addresses areas to reduce or eliminate pollutants from storm
water runoff.
An important component of Ham
Lake’s permit is public education and
outreach. Citizens are invited to participate in an annual public meeting and to
report concerns or illicit discharges to
city staff. This meeting allows citizens
an opportunity to give written or oral
input on the program. The city must
consider these suggestions and make
appropriate adjustments to the program
when submitting its annual report to the
The meeting will be held at 6:30
p.m.on May 16th at the Ham Lake City
Hall. The public is encouraged to submit written comments/concerns on the
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
(SWPPP) by May 20th to City Hall,
15544 Central Avenue NE, Ham Lake,
Minnesota 55304. A copy of the
SWPPP will be available for review at
City Hall. For more information, contact the City at (763) 434-9555.
very Individual Sewage Treatment
System (ISTS) in Ham Lake must
be inspected at least every three years
and pumped if needed. The pumper
must complete a pumping report on
forms supplied by the City and turn
them in to the Building Dept. Forms are
available at City Hall and also online.
The City of Ham Lake does not require a permit or charge a fee for
maintaining pumping records.
An improperly maintained ISTS can
have very serious health consequences
for the entire neighborhood. For this
reason, failure or refusal to inspect,
pump, and maintain an ISTS constitutes
a misdemeanor. More information
about proper maintenance of your septic system is available from the Minnesota Extension Service, www.extension. or call City Hall.
19 Bldg. Permits issued
am Lake issued 19 Building Permits during February and March,
with a valuation of $976,406. Commercial permits were four temporary signs.
Residential permits included three
homes, one addition, one remodel,
three basement finishes, two decks, two
repair/replacements, one roof, one
siding replacement, and one sign.
July – Aug. Issue Deadline:
Wednesday, June 8
Please send all Ham Laker
correspondence, articles & ideas
to Wayne or Mickey Adams at:
WordMagic Communications
5335 180th Avenue NW
Ramsey, MN 55303-3386
Phone: (763)753-3929
E-mail: [email protected]
For advertising information,
please contact City Hall at (763)
Printed on
20% postconsumer
Pay attention to curfew hours
noka County’s curfew law sets
strict limits on the hours juveniles
can be out in public.
On Sunday through Thursday nights,
it’s unlawful for a juvenile to be in any
public place:
• between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. for
anyone under 12.
• between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.
for 12 to 14 year olds.
• between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.
for 15 to 17 year olds.
On Friday and Saturday nights, curfew
hours are:
• between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.
for anyone under 12.
• between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.
for 12 to 14 year olds.
• between 12:01 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.
for 15 to 17 year olds.
It is unlawful for any person in charge
of an amusement or eating place open
to the public to knowingly permit any
juvenile to be in that place during the
above hours.
There are exceptions permitted to the
curfew laws if the juvenile involved is:
• accompanied by a parent or
authorized adult.
• responding to an emergency.
• engaged in a lawful employment
activity, or on the way to or from
• attending an official school,
religious, or other activity
supervised by adults and
sponsored by a city, county, civic
organization or another similar
group that takes responsibility for
the juvenile.
• on an errand as directed by his or
her parent, without any detour or
• on the boulevard or sidewalk
abutting his or her home or a
neighbor’s home.
• engaged in interstate travel.
• homeless.
NACE serves county's needy
he North Anoka County Emergency food shelf and clothing
closet (NACE) serves North Anoka
County residents from locations in East
Bethel and Linwood. Those who need
help are welcome to visit NACE up to
12 times a year.
In January of 2008, NACE served 282
individuals 8,730 pounds of food. In
January of 2011, 880 individuals were
served 18,612 pounds of food. As the
needs drastically increased, so have the
volunteers’ commitment level – to hold
the food drives, pick up donations,unload, sort, and stock truckloads of food,
staff the added days and locations, record the stats, do the cleaning, answer
endless maintenance and technical
questions, and serve the clients! Over
125 volunteer hours are given to NACE
each week.
For information on how to obtain food
or clothing, or how to help NACE by
donating food, clothing, or your time,
call (763) 434-7685 or (651) 462-5565
to email [email protected]
After the Snowbowl sculpture was
retrieved from Ham Lake, Scott
Duda received a $500 check from
Snowbowl Chair Chris Mickman
for winning the contest to guess
when the sculpture would break
through the ice. The big break was
recorded as happening shortly after 3:00 p.m.on April 8th.
Acorn Academy filling
summer & fall classes
corn Academy Christian Developmental Preschool is now registering for fall classes. A variety of
classes are offered: a.m., p.m., extended day, and kindergarten readiness.
Save $15 on the registration fee if you
mention the Ham Laker! Openings are
available for two-week summer classes
in June and August. The preschool is
located at Oak Haven Church, 1555
Constance Blvd. (east of Hwy. 65 in
Ham Lake). Contact (763) 434- 6013
Local heroes honored
at banquet on May 17
he Ham Lake Development Company is a non-profit (501C3) organization with the mission of helping
local businesses, creating good jobs,
and beautifying the City. Since its
founding in
1982, the HLDC
has done exactly
that, providing
more than 30
businesses with
loans, another 30
with beautification grants, and
63 people with
Nancy Braastad new jobs.
Low interest loans
A company wishing to move into Ham
Lake or expand here can borrow up to
10% of the project’s cost at very low
interest. Typically these loans are used
as gap financing and to fund expenses
often not easily financeable – moving
expenses, office furnishings and equipment, security and phone systems, signage, etc. For every $35,000 in a loan,
recipients must create one job for a
low-to-moderate-income person at or
above the prevailing wage.
Beautification grants
Businesses can get a 50% matching
grant up to $8,000 for aesthetic improvements to their property to improve curb appeal and neighborhood
property values.
Funding source
The Ham Lake Area Chamber of Commerce donates a portion of its charitable gambling funds to the City for
economic development. The HLDC
partners with the City in administering
the distribution of the funds. As loans
are repaid, those development funds go
back in the hopper to help other
Anyone interested in requesting funds
or obtaining more information can call
Nancy Braastad (president of the
HLDC since 1997) at (612) 718-8957.
“We have funds available to make
loans,” says Nancy. “We’re looking for
Stop, drop, and stroll
for HLFD on May 21
4-H 5K Fun Run/Walk
will be held on May 14
he 3rd annual HLFD Stop, Drop,
& Stroll 5K Family Walk will be
held Saturday, May 21st, at Lions
Park in Ham Lake beginning at 9:00
The cost to participate is $20 per person, $40 per family. All proceeds go directly to the Ham Lake Fire Department. Checks should be payable to the
HLFD Auxiliary.
Registration forms can be found online
at The completed and signed entry forms, together
with checks payable to HLFD Auxiliary, should be sent to HLFD 5K, Attn.
Lisa Smith, 44 154th Ave. NE, Ham
Lake MN 55304.
Entries must be postmarked by May 6th
to be guaranteed a T shirt for participating.
noka County 4-H is having its 1 st
annual 5K Fun Run/Walk &
Kid’s Clover Dash Fundraiser on Saturday, May 14. 5K starts at 8:30 a.m.
and the Kid’s Clover Dash starts at
10:00 a.m. This event will take place
in Bunker Hills Regional Park in
Andover. This event is for everyone –
runners, walkers, youth, and adults.
More information and registration is
available at All
proceeds from this fundraiser will support Anoka County 4-H Youth Development programs and scholarships.
This event will not only raise funds for
the program, but will feature and celebrate making healthy lifestyle choices.
If you have any questions or if your
company would like to be a sponsor for
this event, contact Kim Ferguson at
(763) 753-8836, [email protected] or
Connie McTavish at (763) 571-7468,
[email protected]
reating Community will host its
fourteenth annual Heroes awards
banquet at The Elegance Room (off of
109 th Ave., Blaine, next to BeBops) at
5:30 p.m. on May 17th.
Heroes awards are presented to individuals who either live or work in the cities of Blaine, Spring Lake Park or Ham
Lake and who are nominated for their
extraordinary volunteer work and efforts to improve the lives of others.
“Heroes” are those whose work serves
to strengthen the social fabric of our
community. All community members
are invited to join with friends, family,
and community dignitaries in honoring
the awardees. For more information,
email [email protected] or call (763)
Local Rotarians help
four Argentina hospitals
he Rotary Club of Blaine-Ham
Lake is the International Sponsor
for the Rotary Foundation Global Humanitarian Grant to provide medical
equipment focused on maternal and
child health to four public hospitals in
Argentina. The Club joined with other
Rotary groups to make the $72,592
grant reality.
As part of the Grant, the Blaine-Ham
Lake Rotary Club and several other local Clubs hosted four doctors from Argentina to meet with physicians,
hospital and health care administrators,
community and county agency representatives, public safety officials, and
others to learn about the American
health care system from April 9th to
April 21st. Dr. Humberto Acosta, Dr.
Cecilia Zerbo, Dr. Veronica Pringay,
and Dr. Marcos Hermida arrived in the
United States on April 9th for their Vocational Training Team experience.
Equipment donated to the four hospitals includes hearing, neurological and
other screening equipment for newborns, and equipment to detect uterine
cancer. It is estimated that the equipment will help approximately 61,000
patients annually.
136xx Van Buren St. – Multiple vehicles parked in an underground garage were rummaged through.
19xx 169th Ave. – Owners came home to find the overhead
garage door open. They called deputies, who found a broken window at ground level.
35xx Crosstown Blvd. – Deputy saw a suspicious vehicle in
the driveway of a home that had been damaged by fire. The
occupants were taking things from the home.
154xx Hwy. 65 – Suspect entered through open window and
stole prescription medication.
35xx Crosstown Blvd. – Deputy assisting a car stuck in the
snow found that the driver was in possession of items taken
from the burned-out home at that location.
Thefts & Property Damage
13xx Andover Blvd. – Theft from vehicle (window broken
and purse stolen while parked at a business).
152xx Davenport St. – Theft of wallet from unlocked vehicle.
135xx Hwy. 65: Theft of checks from unlocked file cabinet
(later recovered by Coon Rapids Police).
173xx Zumbrota St. – Home & yard toilet-papered and paint
thrown on a garage door.
39xx 157th Lane – Suspect cracked a garage service door trying to kick it open.
176xx Central Ave. – Pizza delivery sign stolen from vehicle.
170th Lane/Van Buren St. – Pickup topper dumped in
169th Ave/Chisholm St. – Wire cut and stolen from work site.
32xx 168th Ave. – Firewood stolen from yard.
24xx Swedish Dr. – Illegal dumping.
169th/Chisholm St. – Copper wiring stolen from work site.
167xx Petersburg St. – Theft from unlocked vehicle.
Feb. 12: 3rd degree DWI, license violation.
Feb. 15: Property damage crash, DUI test refusal.
Feb. 19: 4th degree DWI.
Feb. 25: 4th degree DWI.
Mar. 4: 5th degree controlled substance (meth), warrant arrest.
Mar. 12: 5th degree domestic assault, disorderly conduct (husband-wife domestic).
Mar. 12: Burglary, possession of burglary tools, 5th degree
controlled substance (see burglary report above).
Mar. 13: 5th degree domestic assault, disorderly conduct (boyfriend-girlfriend domestic).
Mar. 18: Felony possession of stolen property, felony 2nd degree burglary (prescription medication stolen).
Mar. 19: Disorderly conduct, obstruction of the legal process.
Mar. 22: 4th degree DWI, open bottle, drug paraphernalia.
Mar. 25: 3rd degree refusal, 4th degree DWI.
Mar. 25: False info to police, driving after cancellation, no license plate light. (Driver tried to use his twin brother’s
Mar 26: Theft (shoplifter in store).
Mar 30: 2nd degree DWI.
Apr. 1: 2nd degree DWI refusal.
Apr. 5: Warrant arrest, felony controlled substance.
Apr. 8: Possession of burglary tools and theft (copper pipe).
Apr. 12: Stolen vehicle recovered, driver arrested.
Apr. 13:GM warrant, obstruction of the legal process.
Apr. 13: Felony domestic assault (boyfriend-girlfriend).
Apr. 15: 4th degree DUI.
Fire Department Calls
The Ham Lake Fire Department responded to 53 calls during
February and March. These included 11 structure calls (three
house fires, three fire alarms, two smoke scares, three CO
alarms), two vehicle calls, four rescue calls, 26 medical calls,
one wildland call, three Mutual Aid calls, and six miscellaneous calls. The Department spent 234 hours on calls with total personnel time adding up to 1149 hours. Year-to-date, the
Department has answered 81 calls, compared with 94 calls at
the same time last year.
Keep our city's storm runoff clean
by properly disposing of clippings
here are a lot of things you can do with your grass clippings, fallen leaves, and other kinds of yard waste. You
can chip them up and use them for mulch. You can turn them
into rich soil in a compost bin. You can drop them off at one
of Anoka County’s two compost sites. You can weave them
into gift baskets or wreathes if you like. But there’s one thing
you must definitely NOT do: leave them in the street.
First off, yard waste can plug up our City’s storm drains and
cause flooding as well as an expensive cleaning. But there are
other bad effects as well. Unlike water in sanitary sewer systems, storm water does not go through a treatment plant.
Storm drains are like a highway that directly conveys the water through streams, rivers, lakes, and eventually to the ocean.
In addition to keeping your grass clippings and leaves out of
the street, here are some other steps you can take to help keep
our storm water runoff clean:
• Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using
pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Use them sparingly.
Don’t just double the dose for good measure.
Pick up after your pet.
Take your car to a car wash instead of washing it in your
driveway. The runoff from home car washing can contain
detergents that are harmful to aquatic life.
Make sure you dispose of such things as motor oil,
anti-freeze, and paint thinner at designated drop-off
Control soil erosion around your house.
Clean water starts at home…
Tip #2: Avoid or minimize your impact
Brian LaCroix, president of Alina
Medical Transportation, spoke to
the April 13th meeting of the Chamber about the evolution of modern
emergency medical services.
lanning some landscaping, dumping, grading, or other changes in
low grassy or soggy areas on your
property? Contact the Coon Creek Watershed District (763-755-0975) or the
Anoka Conservation District
(763-434-2030, x14) to help determine
if wetlands are on your property.
Some activities require a permit if they
affect wetlands or other water bodies.
So, you can be cited if found in violation of the law.
Why? There is potential for negative
impact; maybe the wetland cannot hold
as much water or filter stormwater runoff or soak in runoff because the
ground has been compacted.
Steve Markuson, director of Twin
Cities Gateway (the new convention and visitors bureau serving
Ham Lake) spoke to the Ham Lake
Chamber at Majestic Oaks on
March 9.
How do you know if it is a wetland? It
can be difficult. Many wetlands are not
very wet. In fact, they may only be
soggy a couple weeks of the growing
season and still be a wetland under the
Legal-Ease: Permits help us keep track
of affected areas and, therefore, impacts on water storage and filtering capacity, among other things.
A permit is needed to excavate, drain,
or fill any legal wetland. Why? The
1991 MN Wetland Conservation Act
(WCA) calls for a ‘no net loss’ of
wetlands, so wetland draining, filling,
& excavation activities need to be
avoided or minimized and then offset
by either wetland restoration or replacement (called “mitigation”).
• Contact Coon Creek Watershed
District: (763) 755-0975 with any
• Remove “fill” – sod, brush, rock
piles, trash, wood chips, and grass
Information provided by Coon Creek
Watershed District: (763) 755-0975,
email: [email protected]
Ham Lake residents encouraged to test the safety of private well water
he Anoka County Community
Health and Environmental Services Department, in cooperation with
13 municipalities, is sponsoring its
twelfth annual “Well Water Wise”
(3W) promotion May 2nd through 6th
to encourage residents to check the
safety of their private well water.
Ham Lake residents may pick up a well
water test kit at City Hall or in the
county’s Environmental Services Unit,
Suite 360 of the Anoka County Government Center, 2100 Third Avenue in
Anoka. Water samples can be submitted to the county’s Environmental Services Unit for analysis every Monday
from 8:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. and Tuesday from 8:00 a.m. to noon. During 3W
week, samples can be submitted Monday through Thursday (8:00 a.m. to
4:15 p.m.) and Friday (before noon).
The well water testing kit will include
details about water collection and submission. A laboratory fee of $30 will be
charged for bacteria and nitrate
nitrogen analysis.
Anoka County’s 3W promotion coincides with National Drinking Water
Week. The purpose of 3W is to raise
awareness of the need to test and maintain the safety of household wells. Residents are encouraged to perform an
annual sanitary analysis to determine
the concentration of nitrate-nitrogen
and the presence of coliform bacteria in
their drinking water supply.
Unlike public water utilities, private
well water is not treated with chlorine
to kill bacteria. Simply looking at the
appearance of drinking water is not a
reliable indicator of whether it is safe to
drink. An annual coliform bacteria test
is a good way to ensure your drinking
water continues to be free of bacteria.
Nitrate-nitrogen occurs naturally in
groundwater and in wells at concentra-
tions below one milligram per liter
(mg/L). Nitrogen can seep into private
wells from a variety of sources including septic systems, nitrogen fertilizers,
animal feedlots, and landfills.
The testing of private wells used for
drinking water is the responsibility of
individual owners. There are an estimated 25,000 wells in service throughout Anoka County. Only a small
percentage are tested annually.
In addition to testing for nitrate-nitrogen and the presence of coliform bacteria, the Community Health and
Environmental Services Department
also can provide analyses for arsenic,
lead, fluoride, iron, chloride, and total
hardness (contact the Department for
sampling instructions).
For more information about well water
testing, call the Environmental Services
Unit at (763) 422-7063.
Senior Center Hours: Open Monday
– Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30
p.m., Friday 8:00 to 11:00 a.m.
Senior Center Phone: (763) 434-0455
Mondays: Line Dancing, Craft Time,
Enhanced Fitness Class, Bingo, Senior
Dining at noon
Tuesdays: Enhanced Fitness Classes
at two different times, Pinochle
Wednesdays: Cribbage, Wood
Carving, Senior Dining at noon, Wii
Bowling League, Bingo
Thursdays: Enhanced Fitness Classes
at two different times, “500” cards
Fridays: Enhanced Fitness Class
In addition, each month, there are:
• Casino trips (Open to the Public)
• Jam Sessions (Open to the Public)
during the day and evening
• Health insurance counseling
• Scheduled shopping trips for those
who need transportation
• Free blood pressure checks
• Foot care
• Birthday dinner
• a DANCE with live music, and lots
of special outings and events!
CENTER for only $10.00 in May and
receive discounted prices on classes
and trips, plus receive a monthly newsletter informing you of all the events
and news. Each yearly renewal is also
only $10.00. Upcoming events include
a tour of the James J. Hill House and
Capitol, MN History Museum, Senior
Olympics, and the Old Log Theatre.
Tuesday, June 14, from 5:25 to 9:30
Tuesday, August 23, from 12:25 to
4:30 p.m.
Tuesday, September 6, from 12:25 to
4:30 p.m.
Wednesday, October 26, from 5:25 to
9:30 p.m.
Tuesday, November 22, from 12:25 to
4:30 p.m.
(For those 55 and older) Registration
required. Send your name, address,
date of class, phone number, and registration fee to the Ham Lake Senior
Center, 15544 Central Ave. NE, Ham
Lake, MN 55304.
8 Hour Course (required for "firsttimers"): Tuesday, October 25 and
Thursday, October 27, 5:25 to 9:30
p.m. both days.
Classes fill fast, so call (763) 434-0455
for availability. All classes are $14 for
members and $15 for non-members.
Did you know that if you are 55 years
or older, state law requires your insurance company to give you a 10% discount if you take an 8-hour Defensive
Driving Course and attend a 4-hour refresher course every 3 years.
4 Hour Refresher Courses (you need
to take this every three years and time
flies so make sure you are current!):
Memorial Day services
at two places May 28
Tuesday, May 24, from 12:25 to 4:30
Our City's name gets us in Readers Digest
couple of months ago, Reader’s
Digest Magazine contacted the
City offices requesting pictures of the
City’s sign.
Turns out we made the latest episode of
their series on towns with funny names.
Deputy City Clerk Sharon Ayshford
provided the magazine with a picture of
the sign as well as a map showing the
shape of the lake that gives the City its
So it appears we’ve attained some
national recognition that we would
have missed out on if our settlers
had kept the town’s original name,
“Glen Carey.”
emorial Day remembrance services will be held at two Coon
Rapids locations on Saturday, May 28
• 10:00 a.m. at Morningside
Memorial Gardens, 11800
University Ave. NW.
• 11:30 a.m. at Bunker Hills Park,
Foley Blvd. & Main Street.
Everyone is invited to attend a family
picnic following the ceremonies at
Bunker Hills Park. The Memorial Day
Services are presented by the Veteran’s Organizations of Anoka
ANOKA, MN 55303
City of Ham Lake
15544 Central Avenue NE
Ham Lake, Minnesota 55304
Postal Patron
Ham Lake, MN 55304
Tues. Wed.
12 13
19 20
26 27
May 2 & 16: City Council mtg., City Hall, 6 p.m.
May 9 & 23: Planning Commission mtg., City Hall, 6 p.m.
May 18: Park & Tree Commission mtg., City Hall, 6 p.m.
May 21: Stop, Drop, & Stroll for firefighters, 9 a.m., Lions
10 11
17 18
24 25
June 6 & 20: City Council mtg., City Hall, 6 p.m.
June 13 & 27: Planning Commission mtg., City Hall, 6 p.m.
June 8: Ham Laker deadline for May-June issue
June 15: Park & Tree Commission mtg., City Hall, 6 p.m.