How To Upload a Rebuttal as an RAO

How To
Upload a Rebuttal as an RAO
In some instances the CIA on an application may not be in a position to upload their rebuttal for various reasons.
This “How To” describes the steps an RAO should follow to upload the rebuttal on the CIA’s behalf, in RGMS.
1. Log into RGMS and select the applicants tab
2. Under the heading “Responding to Assessor Comments”, click on Upload my Rebuttal
3. Fill in the required information – “Initiative, Round and Application ID” and hit filter
4. Once the application has been identified click on the Properties Box >
5. The new screen will bring up the results page. To the right of this tab is the Rebuttal tab. Click this.
6. Below the “Home” heading is the link for Rebuttal. Click this.
7. To search for the rebuttal to upload click on the “Browse” button. Remember to retain a copy of the
PDF you submit.
8. Locate where the rebuttal has been saved and double click the file.
9. To submit the rebuttal select from the drop down menu “Yes, Submit my response to NHMRC”.
10. Click on Save OR Submit. Please do not click on Save and then Submit as this may interfere with
background processes.t.
An automated email from RGMS will be generated notifying the CIA that the rebuttal has been successfully
submitted. The RAO will also be notified if the CIA has granted the RAO permission to upload the rebuttal on their
Note: The above instructions should be used after the CIA has granted permission for the RAO to upload the
For instructions on how to grant permissions for an RAO to upload a Rebuttal please refer to the document
“How to grant permissions for your RAO to submit an applicant response”
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