the kids. Last year, we found millions of small ways

Last year, we found millions of small ways
the kids.
to help out in the Lehigh Valley …all for
one big reason –
ince KidsPeace was founded in 1882 by Bethlehem Steel President William Thurston, we’ve been
dedicated to keeping your – and our – local community strong. We heal children and families in
pain; we are a strong local employer and economic driver for our community; and we stay focused
on helping keep the Lehigh Valley a great place to raise a family.
Here are just some of the ways in the past year that KidsPeace, our kids and our 1,400 local
employees worked to make life a little better for all of us:
“KidsPeace saved my life …”
Giving Kids Peace
3,219 abused, neglected, suicidal and traumatized local children found help and hope right
here in the Lehigh Valley with our lifesaving services. We remain ever steadfast in our quest to
heal and transform these young people back into healthy and happy children. Despite the terrible
odds they face when they come to us, our kids’ academic progress doubles and even triples; and
9 out of 10 kids say they feel safe, have been given a sense of dignity and belonging, developed
character and experienced a sense of transformation and growth while here. We’ve made great
strides in improving our kids’ self-sufficiency, too; in fact, 2 out of 3 are living more independently
a year after leaving us. It isn’t easy helping kids through life-threatening crises, but we’ve done it
successfully more than 150,000 times.
“Here, let us give you a hand …”
Giving Back to the Lehigh Valley
5,600 acts of volunteerism were happily carried out last year for the Lehigh Valley by the
children of KidsPeace. As part of their road to healing, KidsPeace kids: “adopted” grandparents at
local nursing homes; raised money for cancer, diabetes and heart disease charities; volunteered at
the Grace Foundation Food Bank, Second Harvest Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity; created
alphabet books and knitted hats for children in the Head Start Program of the Lehigh Valley;
prepared meals at New Bethany ministries in Bethlehem; helped clean up local rivers and parks;
and, although they themselves are hurt and in need of help, performed thousands more acts of
charity and kindness throughout our community.
“Our family had a wonderful time …”
Sharing with our Friends and Neighbors
6,850 friends and neighbors visited our local campuses to share good times and use our
swimming pools, gymnasiums, soccer fields and team-building ropes courses. Among the
many events and visitors we hosted were the 400 participants in the Fountain Hill & Salisbury
Township Neighbors Program, 4,000 young soccer players and fans at the annual KidsPeace Soccer
Invitational, the Lehigh Valley Basketball School Coaches Clinic, the Lafayette College Girls
Basketball Team, United Way campaign coordinators, AAU basketball teams, the Seton Hall and
St. Ursula’s Catholic School basketball program and the Emmaus High School Boys Soccer Team.
“You helped before I even knew I needed it …”
Award-winning Prevention and Intervention
25,083 Pennsylvania teens received free, professional help through our award-winning
prevention Web site TeenCentral.Net to work out emotional problems safely in their
own homes … before they become overwhelming and spill over into our schools and
communities. This amazing resource helps millions of teens around the world every year.
“I’ve learned so much …”
Teaching Other Professionals to Help Children
42,293 professionals attended over 5,000 training and educational seminars, classes
and other continuing educational opportunities provided by the KidsPeace Institute last
year, furthering best practices in the child-care industry. These trained ambassadors extend
a greatly needed safety net throughout our communities and help to give thousands of
kids, families and neighbors peace.
“I’m proud to work, and live, in the Lehigh Valley…”
Helping Keep Our Local Economy Strong
$2,300,000 in local and state payroll taxes was paid by KidsPeace employees to
boost our local municipal and township budgets, supporting vital police, fire and other
community services.
$10,000,000 was provided in free and undercompensated care for suffering
children in the greatest need.
$15,000,000 in food, clothing, products and services was spent with local
merchants in the Lehigh Valley.
$58,388,647 was put directly into the local economy through wages to our 1,400
area employees. This money provided millions more in local economic stimulus as our
staff used their earnings to buy homes, pay real estate and income taxes and spend tens of
millions of dollars on local purchases.
For 126 years, we’ve been dedicated to finding many small ways to help our community
… for one big reason: Our kids. With many more children to serve and much more work
to be done, we’re planning for a long future of helping our community. To learn how you
can help this great local tradition and keep our community healthy and
strong, contact the KidsPeace Advancement Department at
610-799-7910 or visit
Dr. Lorrie Henderson
Acting President
We respect our clients’ privacy. The models represented in this publication are for illustrative purposes only and in no way represent or endorse KidsPeace.
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Historically, the Lehigh Valley has always
been a great place to raise a family.
We’re committed to keeping it that way.
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