How to conduct CIP course surveys ZOOMERANG:

How to conduct
CIP course surveys
July 2011
Table of contents:
A. Getting started and logging on to Zoomerang
How to obtain the Zoomerang account password
B. Creating a CIP course survey
Copying a previous survey
Editing your survey in brief
Survey end pages
Direct link to send to respondents
Sharing the results
Accessing local survey folders and moving surveys into them
Naming conventions: changing your survey file name
Launching your survey
C. Sending out your survey
Suggested verbiage for the body of your e-mail message
D. Closing your survey
E. Retrieving and analyzing your results
Printing and/or exporting your results to PDF
Open-ended comments
A. Getting started and logging on
Q: Why contact Business Development prior to
creating a new survey?
Zoomerang login:
[email protected]
Please e-mail or phone Business Development for the
latest password.
Kristi - [email protected] or 416-865-2717
Nora – [email protected] or 416-865-2716
Advise us of the following details:
1. Survey type(s)
2. Intended send-out date/time(s)
We want to work together with you to ensure that
your survey goes out on a date/time that will get
you the most effective response from your
As you know, there are a lot of communications
going out to our members from all our different
departments and divisions – including CIP Society,
Career Connections, IQ, membership renewal
notices, e-blasts from Business Development, and
You don’t want to be competing with other
communications that may be scheduled for the
same time. So, in order to minimize annoyance to
our members (by not bombarding them!) as well as
maximize response rate of your survey, it’s a good
idea to coordinate prior to sending out.
We will respond with the account password and will check our national communications calendar to ensure
there are no communications clashes.
When you log in, you will be taken straight to your account’s Home Page.
The only menu items you will need to use while in Zoomerang:
B. Creating a CIP Course survey
1. Click on a ‘Create Survey’ link
2. The best way to create a new survey is to copy a previous survey.
Are you surveying for an in-class course, a Web course or a distance course?
Whatever your course, we have prepared a template survey for you. Each survey has subtle
 Click on the drop-down menu
 Select the appropriate template survey from the list:
TEMPLATE CIP Course Survey (in-class)
TEMPLATE CIP Course Survey (web)
TEMPLATE CIP course Survey (distance)
Selecting this template will automatically save a
new CIP Survey in the ‘My Surveys’ list.
The new survey name will be the same name as
this survey, but it will have a (1) at the end of the
file name.
You will go back later and change this file name
so it is easier for you to recognize.
3. Edit Survey
All you should need to edit is the second heading – insert the name of the Instructor of the course.
 Click the ‘Edit’ button beside that heading.
 In the editing box, type in the name of the instructor and click ‘Continue’
The survey will show the correction.
 Press ‘Save’.
You shouldn’t need to make any other changes to the survey, but you may wish to scroll down and
ensure it is correct.
 If you do make any changes, be sure to click ‘Save’ before you click ‘Next’.
4. Survey End Pages
When the respondent completes the survey, they are taken to a separate ‘end’ page.
The contents of this page are already part of the survey as a generic Insurance Institute message.
You can choose to:
1. Leave it the way it is
2. Customize it for your Institute/Chapter
Note: Closed page, Screen out page, and the other options for this page have already been saved in the
template. They don’t apply to these particular surveys.
 Click ‘Next’.
These options will never need to be
changed for your surveys.
Always leave them as “Standard”.
5. Getting the Direct Web link to send out the survey
 Click ‘Next’.
Note: You only ever need to use the Direct Link. This means that when you have finished creating you
survey, you get a Web address that you send to respondent to take the survey.
6. Keep results private
 Click ‘Next’.
Note: You will always want to keep results private. If you share results, this means that respondents will
be able to see what other respondents have said. Insurance Institute surveys should always be private.
7. Your survey is ALMOST ready to go.
Don’t launch it yet! There are still three more things to do:
Move it into your local survey folder
Name the survey properly
Check that you are sending the survey out on the date/time as per your discussions with BD
Moving your survey to your local folder:
We have created an individual survey folder for each Institute/Chapter. It is advisable that you
move all your surveys to this folder prior to sending them out, so that you can keep them all
together. Eventually, there will be a lot of surveys in this Zoomerang account so we need to ensure
they are grouped in an orderly fashion.
 Click on the ‘My Surveys’ tab.
 Click to put a tick in the box to the left of the survey you just created.
 Move your mouse over the ‘Move to Folder’ link until a menu drops down.
 From the ‘Local Surveys’ menu, select your Institute/Chapter.
When you click off, the survey listing will disappear, as it has now been moved to your local survey
Accessing your local surveys folder:
 Click on the drop down box that says ‘My Surveys’, and click on your Institute/Chapter.
You will be taken to your local surveys folder.
Now you need to change the name of your new survey.
Why? Because there are so many different courses on at different times and locations, you need to
ensure that your survey is named properly to avoid confusion.
 Click on the file name of the survey you just created.
 Click on ‘Edit Survey Filename’
 Work out your survey’s file name with these naming conventions:
As you may remember, when you first created your new survey by copying the TEMPLATE, it saved
the survey into “My Surveys” under this file name:
To make it easy for you (and others!) to understand which surveys are for what courses, we have
introduced some naming convention rules. They are as follows:
Suggested filename convention:
institute abbreviation - chapter name - course code (study option) season year
IIO – Conestoga – C11 (web) summer 2010
IINA – C11 (distance) spring 2010
Note: Study options are (distance), (web), (in-class), (weekend), (one week), or (evening).
 Type in your survey’s file name and click ‘Submit’.
8. Survey summary page – preview
If your Survey requires no approval and is ready to go, click ‘Launch Survey’.
Preview Survey is very useful when you
want to send an active ‘copy’ of the
survey for review or approval, prior to
launching the survey. No results are
 To send a preview, just click on the
blue link and a new browser window
will open. Copy the URL in the address
bar and paste it into an e-mail.
9. Review past choices
Note: You will be taken through all the previous options again.
There is no need to review all these options again; click the next button through, then launch
Your survey is now live and ready for you to e-mail to your respondents.
C. Sending out your survey
Are you still on track with the date/time you discussed with BD when you first created the survey? If
not, please let BD know in case there is something else that conflicts with your survey.
 Select the link to your live survey and copy it
 Paste it into an e-mail.
What to write in the body of your e-mail
Here is some example wording for you to put in the e-mail that you’ll be sending to your
<leave blank>
<insert e-mail addresses here>
Very important:
You always need to copy and paste the recipients’ e-mail addresses into the “BCC field” of your
e-mail, so they can’t see who the survey has been sent to.
E-mail subject line: Tell us what you thought of your CIP Course
Dear student,
We would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to complete this survey regarding your recent
experiences in taking a course with the Insurance Institute. Our survey is confidential and anonymous,
and your feedback will provide us with valuable information which will help us to make changes and
Please click here to access the survey:
<insert survey Direct Link URL>
Thank you so much for your time.
Yours sincerely,
Insurance Institute of ______
<insert address>
Phone <insert phone>
Toll-free 1-866-362-8585
E-mail <insert e-mail>
D. Closing your survey
How long to give respondents to take the survey
Although the majority of respondents will take the survey within 24-48 hours, it is best practice to
leave the survey open for approximately two weeks.
Closing the survey
 Click on the ‘My Surveys’ tab at the top.
 Click on the file name of the survey you wish to close.
 Click ‘Close Survey’
E. Retrieving and analyzing the results
 Click on the ‘Analyze Results’ tab. Scroll down on the page to see your results.
Printing or exporting your results to a PDF
 To either print your results, or get the results as a PDF document that you can e-mail, click ‘Print’.
A new window will open.
 Click ‘Print’ again in the new window.
To print on your printer:
To create a PDF doc:
Select your printer from the drop-down menu.
Select ‘Adobe PDF’ from the drop-down menu. It will ask you to save it
in a location.
If ‘Adobe PDF’ doesn’t appear in your drop-down menu, contact Tammye Daniels or Kristi Dallow.
How to retrieve the comments / open-ended responses
You may have noticed that when you printed or created your PDF of results, the open-ended
responses were not included.
Unfortunately you will have to get them separately.
 Click on the link as indicated
Your responses will open in a new window, where you can print or create a PDF of these separately.
If there are more than 25 responses, ensure you click on the drop-down menu to ensure that all the
responses are displayed on the same page. Otherwise, when you print or create a PDF, it will only include
these 25 responses.
Don’t hesitate to ask.
Kristi Dallow
Business Development and Communications Officer
[email protected] or 416-865-2717
Tammye Daniels
Marketing Specialist, IIO
[email protected] or 416-362-8586 x2313