How to Log onto Lawson ESS during Open Enrollment

How to Log onto Lawson ESS during Open Enrollment
Log onto Lawson Employee Self Service (ESS)
From Home:
Type the following url in your web browser:
From Work:
From the St. Mary intranet page, select the applications tab, and then
Lawson (CORE, RSS, MSS, ESS, LBI).
Once logged into Lawson, Please review your dependent information prior to making any benefit elections.
To review/add/change dependent information please select PERSONAL INFORMATION, then DEPENDENTS.
After all dependent information has been updated and verified, return to the HOME tab and select BENEFITS,
After making your elections, please select UPDATE THESE ELECTIONS, to save the elections you selected during
Open Enrollment.
You will now be offered an opportunity to print a copy of your elections.
Elections are complete once you reach the following screen: