How to become an Engineers Ireland Registered CPD Training Provider

How to become an Engineers Ireland
Registered CPD Training Provider
Maintaining excellence in engineering
How to become an Engineers Ireland
Registered CPD Training Provider
Maintaining excellence in engineering
About Engineers Ireland
Register of CPD Training Providers
As the national representative
Our Register of CPD Providers is a key component of our CPD programme. The register
body for engineers, technicians
facilitates both companies and individuals, within the engineering community, to
identify relevant and high-standard learning opportunities. Engineers Ireland endorses
and technologists, Engineers
CPD providers with the title of Registered Training Provider on the basis that they
Ireland continuously works to
meet the criteria laid down in our CPD quality assurance procedures. This ensures that
promote standards of excellence
in engineering. With over 23,000
courses and events are relevant, up-to-date technically, well-managed and consistently
well-presented with clearly identified aims and learning outcomes.
members, we are one of the
CPD Opportunities
country’s largest professional
Engineers Ireland carries out training needs analyses on a continual basis for leading
bodies encompassing all
organisations which strive to provide excellent CPD for their employees – our
disciplines of engineering across
industry, the public service,
semi-state organisations and
academic institutions.
Continuing Professional
Development (CPD)
members. Our courses are offered to organisations through the Engineers Ireland inhouse training programme.
Where a specialist need arises which our core CPD programme does not cover, we
refer client companies and members to the Register of Training Providers.
Requests for CPD focus on two fundamental areas central to the professional
development of all engineers: Technical Know-How and ‘Soft’ Skills. Some examples
include CPD requirements in the areas of:
Engineers Ireland has a strong
Technical Know-How
Soft Skills
history of encouraging lifelong
learning and CPD. As part of its
Biomedical and pharmaceutical
CPD support system, Engineers
Financial Skills
Ireland itself provides members
Building Services
Chemical, Process and Validation
Civil & Structural
Computer & Software
Lean / Six Sigma
Electrical & Electronic
Legislative matters
learning. However, it is recognised
Problem Solving
that other organisations deliver
Industrial & Manufacturing
courses and events which
Project management
can be of educational value
to professional engineers and
Engineers Ireland members.
Waste Management
with a wide range of technical and
non-technical CPD in the form
of courses, seminars, lectures,
webcasts, publications, site visits,
regional events and on-line
Water & Environment
Benefits for Registered Training Providers
Joining the Engineers Ireland Register of Training Providers offers you:
• Individual full-page programme listings on
our search-enabled website
• Assignment of Engineers Ireland CPD points
to your approved training courses
• Links to your website
• Advice from staff who understand the
needs of your potential audience
• Engineers Ireland CPD approval for your
authorised programmes
• The right to use the annual Registered
Training Provider logo for approved
• Promotion of your CPD courses to
Engineers Ireland members, CPD
Accredited Employers and others through
the public arena of the CPD section of
our website
• The opportunity to increase the relevance
of your materials/events for the engineering
* The Engineers Ireland Registered Training Provider logo can
only be used for the approved programme/s and not for other
courses offered by the same provider or by the provider’s
organisation itself.
How to become a Registered Training Provider
How to Apply
The primary purpose of the programme must be educational.
If you are interested in supporting excellence in engineering
Engineers Ireland makes a clear distinction between educational
through our Register of Training Providers, please complete
and marketing activities. The decision on whether an activity is
the application form overleaf and return it with the required
primarily educational and relevant or primary promotional rests
documentation. All applications must be accompanied by
solely with Engineers Ireland. Applications are welcome from any payment of €500 to cover review and administration fees. Full
organisation offering learning opportunities to help engineers in
fees are returned to non-successful applicants.
their professional development.
The following may apply:
The CPD Director
Educational institutions
Engineers Ireland
Learning resource providers
Specialist educational providers
Trade Associations
22 Clyde Road
Dublin 4.
Email: [email protected]
Training providers
Review of Content
Engineers Ireland reserves the right to thoroughly review any
applicant Provider and/or its course or event in its entirety to
ensure that it qualifies as CPD. Engineers Ireland reserves the
Our CPD Programme is supported by
right to refuse applications. Engineers Ireland reserves the right
the Department of Education & Skills
not to enter into correspondence.
Application Form
Key contact name:Job Title:
Company Registered No:
Search engine keywords which describe your CPD offerings:
Please enclose the following:
❏ Application Form
❏ Soft copy of course slides
❏ General company Brochure
❏ Copy of course Trainer notes
❏ Course Details (maximum 3 courses per applicant)
❏ Copy of course exam/test/quiz etc (where applicable)
which must include:
Course Name
❏ The award the course/programme leads to
(where applicable)
Course Director/Author
❏ Any relevant testimonials
❏ Course evaluation form
❏ Application and review fee of €500.
Specific Learning Objectives
❏ Detailed CV of Trainer(s) stating relevant academic
qualifications. Please highlight those who have
obtained Chartered Engineer status.
Please indicate method of payment
❏ I enclose cheque for €500
Card Payment Please debit my: ❏ Laser ❏ Visa ❏ American Express ❏ MasterCard with €
Card No
Expiry Date
Cardholder’s Name
Cardholder's Billing Address
I declare that this application is made in good faith in accordance with the ethical standards of Engineers Ireland. All relevant
facts have been disclosed.
Sign Name:
Position in Organisation:
Return to: The CPD Director, Engineers Ireland, 22 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.