How to get your Tier 4 Student (General) Visa
We have an in-house immigration advice service to help students obtain a visa as quickly
and efficiently as possible. In order to apply for your tier 4 student visa, you will need a
Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from us. This is a unique identifying number
that we have requested from the UK Border Agency which directly relates to the offer we
have made you.
We will issue a CAS when:
We have sent you an offer for which you have met any conditions, including receiving
copies of your certificates and proof of English if applicable
You have paid the requested deposit
We are within 3 months of your course start date
You have provided us with assurance that you have met all other UK Border Agency
requirements such as any necessary health checks or financial proof
Once you have your CAS, you are free to apply for your visa.
Please let us know the outcome of your application so that we can confirm your study place
and make accommodation and transfer arrangements for you if needed.
As a Tier 4 student under the points-based system you are expected:
To study full-time (at least 15 hours per week)
To study at a Highly Trusted Sponsor institution
To have the money to support yourself
To intend to leave the UK when you finish your studies
To extend your visa before its expiry date if you wish to continue your course or apply
for a new one
To apply for a new CAS/visa if you intend to switch institutions
To have at least 85% attendance, including your timetabled English classes
As a Tier 4 Sponsor under the points based system we have our reporting duties. We report
the following information or events about sponsored students to the UKBA within the time
limit given:
If you do not turn up for your first day at the College, or do not enrol on the course at
the expected time, we must report this within 10 working days and include the reason
for non-attendance or non-enrolment (for example, a missed flight).
If you miss classes without any reasonably granted permission, we must report it
If you discontinue your studies, we must tell the UKBA within 10 working days of the
event in question, and give them the name and address of the institution that you
have joined and if known.
If we stop sponsoring you for any other reasons we must tell the UKBA of this
If there are any significant changes in your circumstances - for example, a change in
the length of your course of study or a change of study location
If we have any information which suggests that you are breaching the conditions of
your leave.
Please note that breaching any of the above conditions of your leave will seriously affect
your visa. Once you are reported, you will be considered ‘illegal’ in the country. It could also
result in you being deported from the UK which means that you would not be able to apply
for a new UK visa for 10 years.
UK Border Agency Student Visitor Visa & Child Visitor Visa
If you are studying a short course with us, and you are from outside the European Economic
Area, you are likely to need a visitor visa.
The Student Visitor visa is ideal for people wishing to study in the UK for short courses at
Brockenhurst College lasting no more than 6 months. The general rules for this visa state:
You must be aged 18 or over, and you must have been accepted on a course of study with
You must support and pay for accommodation for yourself without help from public funds
You must leave the UK at the end of the visit and you must be able to meet the cost of your
return or onward journey.
You must not: take employment in the UK (including part-time or full-time vacation
employment); engage in business, produce goods or provide services within the UK
(including selling goods or services direct to members of the public); undertake a work
placement or internship (paid or unpaid) as part of your course of study; extend your stay in
the UK; receive private medical treatment; or be in transit to a country outside the common
travel area (the UK, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands).
There is also a Child Visitor Visa for students under 18.
For full and current information, please refer to the UK Border Agency website using this link:
Help & Advice
Applying for your visa may seem very complicated. We have many students each year
who apply successfully, so provided you follow all the UKBA steps, we hope you will be
However, you may wish to take note of the following ways to receive assistance:
Your education agent
Immigration advisor or lawyer in your own country
UKBA website
UKCISA website –
UK Visas website –