How to extend your Student Visa within the UK

How to extend your Student Visa within the UK
When should I apply?
You can apply for a new visa as soon as you have all the documents you need (see below).
Don’t leave it until a few days before the end of your visa, as it will take at least 2 weeks to obtain all the
required documents. You MUST submit your application before the end date of your current visa.
Which Application Form do I need to apply?
What documents do I need?
Along with the Application Form, you need to include:
 Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) from the University’s Student Records Office.
You must have an unconditional offer or have already registered on a course.
 Proof of previous study – Certificates and/or Transcripts (must provide both originals and translation
in English).
 Police Registration Certificate (if your visa states you must do so).
 Bank Statements – for a minimum of 28 consecutive days and showing your current balance.
Must be originals, or printouts stamped by the bank. The last date on the statement cannot be more
than one month old.
 Financial Sponsor letter (if applicable) from your Government/Embassy.
 Receipts for any course or University accommodation fees already paid.
 ATAS Certificate (if applicable) – your CAS will state whether you need this certificate.
 Passport & 2 passport photographs – for you and any family members
All the above documents must be originals
My CAS states I need an ATAS Certificate, how do I get this?
You should apply for the Certificate online from the following website:
If you need an ATAS Certificate, you must include it in your visa application. If you don’t, the application
will be rejected. It takes up to 20 days to obtain the ATAS Certificate, so make sure you apply in enough
time and long before your visa expires.
How much money do I need to have in my account?
The money you need to show must cover BOTH your course fees for your first year of study and
an amount to cover living costs.
The money you need depends on the length of your course. If you:
 have done a course of study in the United Kingdom before you apply, and that course was six
months or more in length, you need to show £1,200 to cover two months of living costs in the
United Kingdom.
 If you have done a course of study in the UK before you apply, and that course was less than six
months in length, you need to show £5400 in your bank account.
Your money must be held in cash. If you make a Tier 4 application from inside the United Kingdom, you
must show that the funds have been in your account for at least 28 days. If you have dependants, you
must also show that you, or they, also have adequate funds.
How much does it cost to apply for a visa?
 To apply by post - £386 plus £193 for each dependant. The application should be sent to the
address on the front of the TIER 4(G) Application Form.
 To apply in person at the Home Office - £702 plus £351 for each dependant. The nearest Home
Office Centre is in Liverpool and you can make an appointment by telephoning: 03001238895.
What about my family?
Each family member (even children) MUST complete a separate form available at: . Dependants forms can be sent
as the same time as yours.
Where should I send the application?
You should send the application form to the ‘Postal Address’ given on the front of the form –
UK Border Agency, Tier 4, PO Box 500, Durham, DH99 1WJ
How long will it take to get my visa?
If you apply by post, your new visa and all documents should be returned in 8 to 10 weeks. If you apply in
person, your passport and documents will be returned to you immediately and the visa sent to you by post
in around 10 days.
What will the visa look like?
All student and dependant visas are now issued as an ID Card – and not as a stamp in your passport. You
should therefore carry both your passport and Visa ID Card when you travel.
What length of visa will I get?
Generally you will receive a visa for the length of your course plus 4 months.
Do I need to do anything after getting my new visa?
Yes, you MUST inform the local police station to update your Police Certificate. You must also report to the
Student Records Office in the Main Arts Building to provide them with a copy of it.
What if I am refused a visa?
If your application is refused, you may have the right to appeal. The Home Office will write to you giving
details of why your application was refused and what action is available to you, including any right to
If you have a right of appeal you will be provided with full details of your rights and an appeal form that you
will need to fill in and return. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible if you have been refused!
For more information, please contact: International Student Adviser - 01248 388430/8070
Email – [email protected]