How to proceed with your application

How to proceed with your application
Research – read through this information and consult the Monash University,
University of Queensland and University of Adelaide websites or consult the
catalogues in Liz Wingfield‟s Office, International and Study Abroad Office,
Friston 103
Consider carefully all the ramifications of a period of study abroad – personal,
academic and financial. You may want to discuss these matters with your
Speak to your Programme Co-ordinators to find out what courses you will be
missing at Sussex and make an appointment with your Study Abroad
Departmental Representative(s) (see list included) to consider all the
academic implications of study abroad. Also discuss the courses you will be
studying at the partner university (information can be found on the university
website or in the prospectuses in Liz Wingfield‟s Office, International and
Study Abroad Office, Friston 103)
Fill out an Application Pack. This is available from the International and Study
Abroad office. The Applicaton pack consists of an application form, a
statement form, and a reference form. The reference is to be obtained by your
Academic Advisor. Please hand the completed Application pack to Lucy
Cahalin (International and Study Abroad office, Friston 103)
The deadline to receive your application forms is Wednesday 21st November 4pm.
We will endeavour to notify you of the outcome of your application by the end of the
Autumn term.
Voluntary Study Abroad in Australia
Students who are not studying either a language, American Studies, or Engineering but who
would like to incorporate a period of study abroad into their Sussex degree, may apply to
spend between a term as an exchange students at a partner university. This would be
during their second year or the first term of their third year, depending on their degree
programme (limitations exist for certain programmes)
Australian Semester Dates:
Semester 2: July – November
Semester 1: February – June
If you apply to study in Australia for the semester 2 session you will need to be in Australia
by the beginning of July. This means that you have only a couple of weeks after the end of
the summer term at Sussex. Sussex students usually study in Australia for the 2nd semester.
If English is not your first language you will need to provide a copy of your IELTS results in
order to obtain your visa. Tests older than two years are not acceptable.
Fees, Finance & Insurance
When you study abroad your tuition fee is paid to Sussex. You do not have to pay tuition
fees at the exchange university. If you study abroad for part of the academic year you will
pay your normal Sussex tuition fee. This applies to both home and overseas students.
The Student Loan – Overseas Rate
For 2012/13 the non means tested student loan is £4,244
(all students get this part)
the means tested student loan is £1,651
(some students get this part)
Full loan is £5,895
In addition, the Government gives a means tested grant to cover airfare (less £303) and
medical insurance.
All Sussex students studying abroad are required to purchase the Sussex Group Insurance
Policy. This policy covers medical expenses, personal belongings including lap-top cover,
cancellation, personal liability and overseas legal expenses.
Your Sussex Degree
A period of voluntary study abroad forms an integral part of your degree; it is not (and cannot
be) an add-on term or year, with the exception of Law where you can transfer to a four year
degree programme „Law with a year abroad.‟ The courses you study while at a partner
university substitute the courses you would be missing at Sussex during that same term.
You are assessed by exam or essay at the host university as if you were a local student, and
the grades you achieve abroad will be sent back to Sussex to be converted into Sussex
marks and included in your records in place of the marks you would have gained had you
spent that time at Sussex.
Your Accommodation at Sussex
It is a cause of concern for many students that to study abroad, they will have to either give
up their current accommodation or find someone to replace them for the period they are
away. There is no easy solution to this. You can speak to and agree with your Landlord, if
you have signed your tenancy agreement, about seeking a replacement. Although there is
no guarantee that you will find a replacement, there are always people looking for short term
accommodation in Brighton. You can then let the Housing Office know you will have a room
available for rent for a fixed period so that they can advertise it. However, when you sign a
tenancy agreement, you are responsible for the payment of rent for the duration and other
issues, or until you find an agreeable replacement.
You could also advertise your room on our Facebook page Sussex Abroad as we invite
International students coming to Sussex to join the page and they are often in need of
accommodation. The following websites may also be useful:
Alternatively, if you decide to give up your room altogether, we can put you in touch with
other students returning from abroad at the same time as you, so that you can find places to
share together back in Brighton. Although this matter causes students a lot of worry, to our
knowledge students have always managed to overcome the problem without too much
difficulty, including finding new accommodation in Brighton in January without great difficulty.
Returning students would certainly say that the long-term benefits gained from a term
abroad far outweighed this passing problem with accommodation.
Semester 2: 22 July – 22 Nov 2013
Semester 1: 24 Feb – 27 Jun 2014
These dates include exam periods at
the end of each semester.
The link we have with Monash is open to all majors (with department
approval). A normal credit load is 24 credit points per semester.
Monash is Australia‟s largest university with approx. 52,000 students. It is a
member of the prestigious "Group of Eight", a group composed of some of the
most research-intensive universities in Australia. According to the 2011 QS
World University Rankings, Monash is ranked among the top 30 universities
in the world for History and Philosophy and the top 40 universities in the world
for Geography and Area Studies and English and the top 50 universities in
the world for Life Sciences.
To find out more information on courses please visit:
Melbourne is the second most populous
city in Australia, with a metropolitan area
population of approximately 3.8 million.
Melbourne is a major centre of commerce,
industry and cultural activity. The city is
often referred to as Australia's 'sporting and
cultural capital‟ and it is home to many of
the nation's most significant cultural and
sporting events and institutions. Melbourne
is notable for its mix of Victorian and contemporary architecture, its extensive
tram network and Victorian parks and gardens, as well as its diverse,
multicultural society. Melbourne is also considered to be Australia's live music
capital with a large proportion of successful Australian artists emerging from
the Melbourne live music scene.
Semester 2: 20 July – 17 November 2012
Semester 1: 25 Feb – 22 June 2013
(2013-14 dates not available yet)
These dates include exam periods at the end of
each semester.
The link we have with Queensland is open to all majors (with department
approval). A standard fulltime course load is eight units (usually equates to
four courses) per semester.
The University of Queensland (UQ) is one of Australia's premier learning
and research institutions, located in Brisbane in the state of Queensland. The
University is a founding member of the national Group of Eight, an alliance of
research-strong universities. Study Abroad and Exchange students can
choose from more than 4000 courses across UQ‟s seven faculties covering a
wide range of disciplines.
Brisbane is the capital of Queensland,
Australia‟s “Smart State”, and is widely
known as the country‟s most liveable
city. It is Australia‟s fastest-growing capital
with a population of more than 1.8 million
and offers a safe, friendly, multicultural
environment. Brisbane is considered one of
the major business hubs in Australia. Most
major Australian and international
companies have a contact office in Brisbane. The inner city is characterised
by the Brisbane River, parklands, convention facilities, museums, art
galleries, a casino, malls, shopping districts and a host of cosmopolitan
restaurants and cafés.
The golden beaches and fun parks of
the Gold Coast are just an hour‟s drive
south. The beautiful Sunshine Coast
beaches lie a short drive to the north,
along with National Parks, rainforests,
the famous barrier reef and attractions
such as Australia Zoo. Brisbane‟s
reputation as a friendly, modern city
makes it a popular tourist destination.
Semester 2: 29 July – 25 Nov 2013
Semester 1: 24 Feb – 23 Jun 2014
These dates include exam periods at the end of
each semester.
The University of Western Australia (UWA) was established by an Act of
the Western Australian Parliament in February 1911 One of Australia's best
and most prestigious universities, UWA is highly ranked internationally in
various publications; the 2011 QS World University Rankings placed UWA at
73rd internationally. In 2008, the University had 3,958 international students,
part of a total student body of over 19,000
Perth is the capital and largest city of the
Australian state of Western Australia.It is
tied for eighth place in The Economist's
2011 list of the world's most livable cities.
Summers are generally hot and dry,
lasting from December to late March, with
February generally being the hottest
month of the year, while winters are
relatively cool and wet, making Perth a
classic example of a Mediterranean
climate. Perth is home to the West Australian Ballet, the West Australian
Opera and the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, all of which present
regular programmes. It also hosts The Perth International Arts Festival which
is an annual cultural festival. Perth is also home to some of the most stunning
beaches in Australia, Cottosloe and Scarborough being two of the most
Semester 2: 29 July – 17 November 2013
Semester 1: 25 Feb – 22 June 2012 (Dates for 2014 not yet available)
These dates include exam periods at the end of each semester.
University/ The link we have with Adelaide is open to all majors (with department
approval). Established in 1874, it is the third oldest university in Australia. It is
associated with five Nobel laureates, 104 Rhodes scholars and is a member
of the Group of Eight, as well as the sandstone universities. Its main campus
is on the cultural boulevard of North Terrace in the Adelaide city centre,
adjacent to the Art Gallery of South Australia, the South Australian Museum
and the State Library of South Australia. The University currently enrolls in
excess of 25,000 students, including 5,758 international students (2009) from
more than 99 countries. According to the 2011-2012 Times Higher Education
rankings, the University of Adelaide is ranked 7th in Australia and 189th in the
world rankings.
With a population of slightly more than one million, Adelaide is the “20 minute
city”. The airport is only seven kilometres from Adelaide city. The Adelaide
Hills and major beaches are less than half an hour away by car. Adelaide
weather is moderate. Year-round big blue skies mean average winter
temperatures of 16 degrees Celsius (°C) and 28°C in summer. Hot days can
easily reach 40°C. Adelaide is Australia‟s wine capital with numerous wine
regions nearby. Kangaroo Island is also a short boat ride away with it‟s
unique wildlife. Adelaide is also home to many cultural festivals including
Adelaide Festival, Adelaide Fringe and WOMADelaide.
Scholarships available for study
at Monash University in Australia
Natalia Tkachenko Australia 10/11
There is now the chance to receive a scholarship when
studying abroad at Monash University, Melbourne,
Australia. The scholarship is the „Endeavour Student
Exchange Program subsidy.‟
The subsidy is valued at AUD5,000 to help towards your
travel and study costs in Australia and is provided by the
The Australian government, the Department of Education
and Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).
The scholarship is awarded on academic acheivement in
your Sussex degree to date.
Your department representative is your first point of call for academic enquiries regarding
your study abroad and they will need to approve your course choices.
Major Subjects
American Studies
Daniel Kane
Arts B335
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Art History
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Human Sciences
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Development Studies
English, Drama Studies
Informatics, Multimedia &
Digital Systems
International Relations
Media, Film, Media
Practice & Theory,
Cultural Studies
Politics & CES
Paul Taggart
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Michael Gasiorek
Justyna Robinson
Ben O‟Donohoe
Geert De Neve
Hester Barron
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Rosalind Galt
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