 Information Sheet How to access financial

 Information Sheet
How to access financial
incentives for small-scale
wind and hydro systems
Eligibility requirements
System size - Wind and hydro small generation units (SGUs) are eligible to create deemed smallscale technology certificates (STCs) if they do not exceed the rated system capacity limit and the
total annual electricity output criteria.
rated system capacity limit - 10kw
total annual electricity output limit – 25MWh/year
rated system capacity limit – 6.4kw
total annual electricity output limit – 25MWh/year
If the system exceeds either of these criteria, please contact Green Energy Trading for more
information on registering your system as a small renewable energy power station and creating
large-scale generation certificates (LGCs).
System components - The SGU must be new and complete. Systems that use second hand
components may not be eligible to create certificates.
Turbines - Unlike Solar PV modules, the Clean Energy Council (CEC) does not manage a list
of approved small wind or micro-hydro turbines. Installed wind SGUs must use components
that meet all relevant Australian standards.
Inverters - All SGUs, including small wind and hydro systems that use inverters, must use an
eligible product from the CEC’s list of compliant inverters and PCEs.
Installer requirements - The system must be designed and installed by a CEC accredited person.
The CEC accredited person who signs the installer declarations must hold the correct
endorsements for wind or hydro design and installation at the time of installation.
Calculating STCs for small-scale wind and hydro systems
Deeming period - Due to moving parts and shorter product warranty periods, wind and hydro
system owners are only eligible to claim 1 or 5 year deeming period for STC creation.
The system owner can claim certificates every 1 or 5 years the system will continue to operate, for
the life of the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme. The scheme is scheduled to end in 2030.
When claiming the third or subsequent 5 year deeming period the Clean Energy Regulator (CER)
requires a CEC accredited person, with the relevant wind or hydro installation endorsement, to
inspect the system and make a declaration that the system will continue to operate for a further 5
years. Complying with this requirement is the responsibility of the system owner.
Resource availability - The CER has calculated the average number of electricity generation
hours, across the whole of Australia, as 2000 hours for wind and 4000 for hydro. This is the default
number of resource availability hours for creating STCs.
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While the default resource availability factor does not take into account specific installation site
conditions, system owners are encouraged to use the default resource availability calculation to
make the creation of certificates easier.
If you prefer to claim higher resource availability hours, please refer to our information sheet on
‘Claiming higher resource availability hours for small-scale wind and hydro systems’.
Calculation formula - One STC represents one mega-watt hour of renewable energy generated.
To estimate the number of STCs your small scale wind or hydro system will be eligible to create,
please use the following formulas:
system capacity (kW) x 0.00095 x wind resource availability (default 2000 hours)
x deeming period (1 or 5 years) = STCs (whole number only)
Example calculation: 2kW x 0.00095 x 2000 hours x 5 years = 19 STCs
system capacity (kW) x 0.00095 x hydro resource availability (default 4000 hours)
x deeming period (1 or 5 years) = STCs (whole number only)
Example calculation: 2kW x 0.00095 x 4000 hours x 5 years = 38 STCs
How to claim STCs
1. Download the relevant assignment form from the STC section of Green Energy Trading’s
2. Complete the form and collect the required supporting documentation
3. Use the relevant formula to calculate the STCs (our current STC buyback price can be found
on our website)
4. Submit your form and documentation by email – [email protected] or fax 03
9815 1066
5. Receive your financial incentive – please refer to the payment terms and conditions on Green
Energy Trading’s website.
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| April 2014