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What you’ll need:
Pool Care Solutions
Filter Cleaner & Degreaser
How to
clear up
a cloudy
Supa Floc
Crystal Clear Concentrate
Cloudy water can transform the most expensive,
luxurious pool into an embarrassing eyesore.
It will also cause bather discomfort and lead to
short filter cycles, requiring frequent backwashing
or cartridge cleaning.
For a thorough explanation on the correct use of these products,
please refer to information contained on the packaging.
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Cloudy water can be caused by a number of factors.
• Incorrect water balance causing precipitation of
dissolved material
• Debris that has washed or blown into the pool.
• Oxidised material, usually occurring after shock treatment
• Problems associated with filtration
• Insufficient oxidiser
Step 1
• Have pool water professionally analysed at your local
Clark Rubber store.
• pH must be at 7.8 for Filtrite Supa Floc to work correctly
• If pH is low, use Filtrite pH Buffer.
Step 2
• Add Filtrite Supa Floc at 1 litre per 50,000 litres pool water.
• Mix in bucket and distribute throughout pool.
Step 3
• Run filter on “Recirculate” for 2 hours.
• For cartridge or DE filters remove cartridge or grids.
• Unsightly, unswimmable water
• Bather discomfort
• Sore Eyes
• Short filter cycles
Step 4
• Turn off filter and allow residue to settle to pool floor.
This may take 1 to 2 days.
Step 5
• Vacuum debris to waste.
Step 6
• For severe cloudiness you may need to repeat treatment
• Have water regularly professionally tested at Clark Rubber
• Maintain sanitiser residue
• Filter 8 hours per day over Summer
• Regular use of Filtrite Crystal Clear Clarifier .
Step 7
• Use Filtrite Crystal Clear Clarifier to help maintain
water clarity.
Step 8
• For sand filters, ask your local Clark Rubber store about
replacing the filter media. Your Clark Rubber store can advise
you when is the most suitable time to replace your filter sand.
• For cartridge filters, clean cartridge using
Filtrite Filter Cleaner and Degreaser.
‘Clear up a
cloudy pool by
following these
simple steps’
Step 9
• Ensure filter is run 8 hours per day in Summer to ensure
sufficient water circulation.
Make sure you have a FREE professional water analysis of your
pool or spa water at your local Clark Rubber store every 4 weeks.
Ask for your FREE water sample bottle.
How to clear up a cloudy pool
Why is my pool cloudy?