How to Grade on TalEval Website Step by Step Directions By Cindy Biron Leiseca

How to Grade on TalEval Website
Step by Step Directions
Cindy Biron Leiseca
Go to Student Evaluation dropdown menu
Click on Enter/Update Grades
Go to Clink on Select One and dropdown list of students Which clinic is this?
Click on Patient: Select One
For list of patients
And choose one
Patient Treatment
Select One
Choose instructor:
Do NOT enter quads until completed
Is this a Recare
Click Continue
To Save Header And go on to Grade
Update ASA
Do Not Classify Patient until Calc/Perio
Assessment Is Completed and It is the appt. when
Implementation begins
This is all that should be in the Header now
If you forgot to something
Click on Assessment
Begin “check‐in”
grading process
by clicking
radio buttons
√ = 1 error
X – multiple errors
After completing this Assessment
Grading Click Save Grade
Then go to top of page and Click Planning
End of Check –In
Click Save Grade
Complete Implementation
End of Check‐Out
Now Click on Edit Header
Go Back to Header
Enter Quads
Any Critical Errors
Was the patient
Post final Comments
End with your initials
LAST ‐ Save changes