H T B ild Y How To Build Your Home Based Business

To B
ild Y
Your H
Based Business
Why a home based business?
What business?
tto gett started
t t d
How to Market Your Business
Follow Ups
Why Market?
• Why I’m
I m not married to Tom Berenger!
• Who will know where you are or what you
have to offer?
If you fail to plan
You p
plan to fail!
Why a home based business
• 1
1. Freedom to set you own pace
• 2. Freedom to use your own ideas
• 3.
3 O
t it to
t explore
What business?
1. What are your interests?
2. What are your strengths?
3 Wh
Whatt opportunities
t iti are available?
il bl ?
4. What resources are available?
5. Using your own products?
6 Using other’s
other s products?
How do I create my business?
• 1
1. Investigate the best ways to learn your
• Internet,
Internet teacher,
teacher group
group, personal
Why a Website?
World is changing and expanding
Print Ads
Reach limited people
Limited to space
Limited to time
Filed away
Thrown away
• Website
Accessible to millions
Always Available
Unlimited information
• How much will a website cost to build?
• Many professional services, price can
vary according to expertise
• Learn to do it yourself with programs like
F t
• Have a site built that you can manage
yourself after construction with backup!
• 1
1. Purchase of supplies: paper
cards etc
• 2. Purchase of products: know what you
are selling by using what is possible
possible, have
them available for viewing or for sale.
• 3.
3 P
off office
ffi supplies:
fax machine, answering machine, car,
Your Own Products
• My program is llamas,
llamas fiber products from
the llamas,
Why Who
Who, How
• Why do I have llamas?
• I enjoy animals, rural life style, pretty, easy
to care for
for, interesting
interesting, enjoyable
affordable and profitable
• Who
Wh will
ill I market
k t th
them tto?
l lik
like me.
• Cost? Land, animals, feed & care,
marketing capital
How will I market my llama business?
Other’ss Products
• Drop ship other people’s
people s products
• My business: Hemp Seed- Nature’s Power
Food for people and pets
My Hemp Products
• My products from Hemp Seed:
Why Hemp Seed?
• One of the healthiest foods on the planet
• Tastes great, like sunflower seeds
• Super
source off balanced
b l
d omega 3&6
builds brain cells!
• Super source of plant based protein,
vitamins, enzymes
• Great anti inflammatory
• Easy to put in daily diet
Drop Ship
• Advantages: don’t
don t have to purchase a
large inventory of products
• They do the shipping and handling of the
• They
Th will
ill usually
ll provide
id a variety
i t off
support materials
• They may help with marketing
Multi Level Market Programs
Usually have very good products
Th harder
h d you work,
k th
the more you earn
Word of mouth is super marketing
Usually provide website, marketing
pp ,
• Up line person usually mentors
Are you as healthy as you want to be?
They have great products
Free to join
Th provide
id ffree website
b it and
d marketing
k ti
materials at a reasonable price
• Are
A you as wealthy
lth as you wantt to
t be?
b ?
• Very good compensation plan
• Who will I market to?
• People who care about their health to
maintain good health or to improve their
health: most everyone!
Wh should
h ld only
l stores
k money on
health products?
Everyone can benefit: health & wealth!
• Mega Mangosteen The Dr
s Chocolates
How to Order
• Join!
How Do I Market My Business?
Word of Mouth
P i t ads
d iin papers
Direct: shows, sales, farmer’s markets
Print Ads
Making your mark
Characteristics of a Marketable
W b i
If you build it,
They will come!
• Visual
• Techincal
Visual Characteristics
• Your site should be attractive, capture attention and create
i t
• Create a brand, logo, theme, that represent you and the
image you want to project and have attached to you.
a “brand
“b d name”” is
i major
j decision,
d i i
thatt name will
ill b
be you!!
• Use specific graphics and photos
• Be proactive: use action verbs, motivate visitors to act:
buy, visit,
i it come b
• Appeal to emotions: facts tell, stories sell:
where appropriate share personal stories
• The site should be user friendly, easy to move between pages
• Include useful information where appropriate
• Offer credit card services if possible
• Have your site interactive: viewers should be able to
email you through the site
• Blogging is fun, and the search engines look for sites that
are updated daily. Post your thoughts and let others post
theirs. Many free blog set up services.
• Chat rooms enable viewers to carry on email
conversations through your site
• Offer specials from time to time, draws and updates that
p back often.
• Be credible! Don’t embellish the truth, don’t make
outlandish claims. Explain how your product/service can
solve your customer’s
customer s problems and full their need/want
• Use testimonials!
• Try to think like your target audience
• Check out other sites for ideas, know your competition!
– Design the Site
• Collect all information need to create site
site, such as picture texts
graphs, movies, sound.
• Organize it into categories such as” females” then this category can
be turned into a page.
– Building the Site
– Elements that optimize Search Engine Optimization
• Things your sites should have
– Keywords, Keyword phrases, Keywords, Keyword phrases!
– Keyword are the words that are most important and germane to your
it Example:
l llamas
b tt example
l packk llllama, surii llllama, wcr llllamas.
Shoes ( too much competition) leather shoes etc.
– Keywords should be in your title, meta tags (descriptions) and body of
text. Use often but must make sense.
– Title is the most important element on your site!
The title should include your keywords and not be longer than 50-80
characters. Use all capital letters.
– Search engines search for keywords!
– Have as many links to other specific related sites as possible.
– Blogs if kept current help rankings
How to Market Your Site
• Advertise in Print
Topic related magazines
Newspaper ads
Direct mail outs
Business cards
Car decals
• Internet
I t
t Marketing
M k ti
Create email list and mail out the list yourself
Optimize your keywords
Buy Key words
Hire a Search Engine optimizer (SEO)
Buying and Hiring
• Buying keywords
– Go to search engine sites and buy important words that will
direct people to your site. Pay per click, the rate you pay for
a key word so that your page is ranked higher
This varies
depending on the word’s popularity (sex isn’t cheap!)
– Buying keywords can place your site on dedicated or
preferred space on the search engine main pages
– Google ad words
– Overture (yahoo)
– Type
per click”
li k” ffor more sites
• There are manyy directories that list websites and
the more your website is listed the better your
chances at ranking.
• Some
are free
d some charge
to b
be lilisted.
Paid will try to get a higher ranking. Make sure
they are reputable
• Check out www.dmoz.org to list. Check out other
directories as well.
• Craigslist .com very popular. Yellowpages.com
charges but offers rankings.
Submitting Articles
• Submitting articles you have written that
include your web address and keywords
can get you ranked higher
higher. Some are free
and some will charge a fee.
• Some to check out:
• Livejournal.com, ezine articles.com
• Go articles.com , e-syndicate.com
Submission to Search Engines
• Submit your site to the search engines
google, yahoo, msn
• Click on submit express
com and the
directions will guide you to submission,
free service.
• Check out google site guy.com and get
more tips
ti on ranking.
Hiring a SEO
• What SEO’s do? ((Search Engine
– They attempt to get you a higher ranking with the
search engines and try to put you at the top of the
website list by submitting you to a larger number of
search engines.
– They can evaluate and optimize your site for web
– NO! SEO can guaranty you #1 or first page listing.
– Shop
p around for a reliable SEO! Just type
yp in SEO
• Cautionary tips
– http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?ans
The Lucky Seven?
IIs there
ll lluck
k tto liliving
i a successful
f l and
d powerful
f l lif
? IIs it easier
i tto
market ourselves if we are living a successful life? We often hear the
statement: we can’t help and love others until we help and love ourselves. A
true fact of marketing is that customers must buy “you” before they will buy
what you have for sale.
sale How do we present ourselves when we are
representing our farms and llamas? What kind of people are you attracted
to when you are shopping and meeting new prospects?
Are a great card, banner, photo, or display replacements for a great you?
These are tough
g q
questions but they
y are the foundation for yyour marketing
From some forgotten source I jotted down 7 tips for creating a marketable
“you” that I often read them to see how I am doing. There is no luck to these
7. They are all benchmarks to a successful life that require attention to
d t il and
di ti tto th
these d
t il W
We are allll a work
k iin progress b
these 7 tips can keep the progression going in the right direction to create a
marketable and successful “you”. “You” are the final image of the brand you
are promoting in your business.
1. Develop marketable skills so you can support
Education in whatever form and life long learning is
essential to your marketability. We have opportunities
daily to learn new things. I have just purchased a new
fax copier,
copier scanner machine
very intimidating! but if I
want to fax, copy or scan, I had better ready the book!
What can my digital camera do? A lot more that I have
learned it can so I had better get motivated to make
the most of it. Every llama publication that comes in
the mail is an opportunity to keep up on what’s new in
myy business.
2. Be fulfilled and happy without a mate.
How fortunate are the people that have a mate or
partner but we never know how long
g that p
will last and if it should end we have to be able to carry
on as a powerful self.
3. You are the key player in your life.
How easy is it to let life happen to us and let others decisions
shape our lives? Pretty easy
easy. But our decisions for us have to be
key to creating our own success. Know yourself well enough to
chart your course. A neighbor and friend convinced me this year
to use large square bales instead of rounds that have worked well
for me for the last several years
years. Reluctantly I went with the
squares. When he came to stack them, the stack was so high that
I knew it would be a problem feeding them. Once again I allowed
him to convince me that “he knew hay” and that the stack was
fine. When unusually high and destructive winds came in
December and blew the stack over killing one of my females and
badly injuring another, I knew I had not insisted in being the key
player in my life with very sad consequences. He came and
restacked all the hay but the pain of that event is not easy to live
4. Seek people you respect and enjoy.
I have found this to be a profound element in enabling me to be
th kkey player
iin my lif
life. M
Many years ago I made
d a conscious
decision to eliminate people from my life that did not enhance my
life. This is not an easy one but we need to surround ourselves
with others who are positive. If we expect people to be perfect we
ill be alone b
butt we
e ha
e to be a
are of who
ho is helping us
s to be
our” best selves.”
• 5. Provide for those that depend on you.
This may be our children, other family members, pets,
i l friends.
f i d If we are are trying
t i tto be
b our b
bestt we
can then look after those that need us and if our
marketable skills are a focus this can enable us to fulfill
our obligations.
• 6. Make the world a better place.
What are you doing to improve your home, your
neighborhood your town
town, your country
country, your world? Do
you donate to causes you find worthy of your time and
resources? How are you making a difference? I was
standing in the return line at Wal Mart and read the
billboard about all the donations that had made to our
community and suddenly felt a great deal better about
Wal Mart! A few issues ago I did an interview with an
i women who
h h
di t d h
her lif
life tto iimproving
the lives of Bolivian women through the use of natural
fibers. I have now listed Diane’s website on my site and
have also noted her work with hearing impaired children
that she is helping as well.
7. Make peace with your past.
This is so important because as humans we are flawed and don’t
always make the decisions we wish we would have when we
reflect on our lives. It is so easy to hold onto the guilt and the
questions, why didn’t I do that? Why did I do that? Why did I let
that person down? Why did I get so angry and make such poor
choices? These can haunt us and keep us from progressing along
the path to being the best we can be and a marketable person:
the kind of person we want to be behind the brand we are
promoting. Letting go of that less that perfect self is probably one
of the biggest challenges we have to becoming the person we can
be but once we have accomplished this as best we can the other
6 tips for a marketable self become realities much quicker and
So many successful people are considered “lucky”
lucky but they
always insist that they created their “ luck” through hard work and
dedication. We are worth the effort as are our llamas and our
llama businesses. Let’s keep up the hard work and best create
the “best
best of luck
Marketing with “The
The Donald
Donald” by
Sue Wilde
• Today Donald Trump was a guest with Regis
and Kelly. To plug his new book he gave a quick
lesson on how to be successful in business.
• #1: Love what you are doing, be passionate!
Llamas are easy to love and promote.
l gett very excited
it d about
b t thi
this wonderful
d f l
• #2: Set the bar high.
Llamas come in all types and price ranges.
Offer the best llamas you can and stand behind
• #3: Be aware of the g
global news. Know what is g
g on
in the world and know how it can affect you.
We need to know what’s going on in the world
because such events as “mad
mad cow”
cow can seriously affect
what’s going on in our industry.
• #4: Gain and use information to your advantage.
currentt by
b reading
di currentt periodicals
i di l and
• books and internet information. Participate in events,
g involved with yyour local and regional
llama g
keeps you in the loop. Go to seminars and
• conferences when you are able to.
• #5: Master yyour subject,
be an expert
p in yyour area.
This is the result of doing all of the above. If you
master, 1-4 you will be the master of your subject and
your knowledge and expertise will be marketable.
• #6: See the big picture.
A marketing article I wrote awhile ago was titled “
S th
the forest
t AND th
the Trees”.
” Don’t
D ’t be
b limited
li it d b
by jjustt
focusing on a small aspect of the llama business.
Specializing is great but the entire industry is still your
i d t
• #7: Never, never, give up!
• Donald has had his ups and his downs but
he works his way back up and stays at the
top of his game
game. We all have our ups and
downs as well. Disappointments and
setbacks are a part of life
Follow Ups
• Evaluate your website’s
website s marketing
effectiveness often. You can check stats.
• Make changes when needed to your
marketing strategies.
• Always
up allll contacts
t t and
d lleads
through your site quickly and efficiently.
• Keep in touch with your contacts and keep
them coming back to your site often!