How to increase profits and reduce theft in your store axeTime Ltd

How to increase profits and
reduce theft in your store
(Computerisation of shops)
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Typical life cycle in the running of a shop
1. The supplier comes with stock
2. The stock is kept in the store or warehouse depending on
the shop is
how big
3. From time to time, stock is moved from the store/warehouse shelf
4. Customers take items from the shelf to the checkout counter
5. Item is sold to the customer on the till
6. The shop then re-orders for more stock from the supplier
… And the circle continues
EPOS system monitors all the processes in the shop
Typical problems in most shops
Manual record keeping of the date, stock and supplier every
time is tedious
Manual stock taking in the store and on the shelf is tedious
Customers not finding items they came to purchase is bad
for business
Overstocking or under-stocking of items is bad for business
How do you control theft – both on the stock and money?
How do you know how much was sold and by whom?
You should be able to sell items on promotions e.g. “Any 3
cans of Fanta, Coke, Sprite for the price of 2”
Selling items at the right prices.
Warning attendants about selling age restricted items –
Government regulation
Printing item prices on the shelf especially when there is a
promotion is tedious
… and many more
To solve these problems, we need to introduce the EPOS system.
EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) system uses computers to manage
the day to day activities of the shop
The EPOS System
Our EPOS system allows you
to put everything in your shop
“into the computer”. Thus,
every stage in the shop life is
The EPOS system is divided
into 2 parts
Till Operation
BackOffice Operations
The Till Operation allows the
till attendant to sell to the
customers, while the
BackOffice Operation is used
by the manager or shop owner
to monitor sales, items,
suppliers and staff
CPU running Till
and BackOffice
Cash Drawer
Laser barcode reader
Touch screen
monitor with CDU
Thermal receipt
Weighing Scale
Stock taking Device
The result of using an EPOS system
Some benefits of our EPOS System
Can work as a cash
There is no need to learn a 'new
You do not have to type
in the price each time.
Items are color coded
Attending to customers is faster
Till attendants are less likely to make
Records every detailed
You can be away on other businesses
with peace of mind
Monitors the stock every
This frees up your time from physical
stock control
Generates orders that
are running low
Your customers know their items will
always be in stock
Ability to offer item
promotions (e.g. 3 items
for the price of 2)
Items can easily be sold off on time
Produces detailed sales
You can know what each Till attendant
sold for the day
Assists to fill out your tax forms
Multi-Split payment
Customers can split payment of goods
by paying parts in cash, cheque, credit
card and debit card
Good BackOffice system
Print item prices on the shelf
Can print detail invoices from suppliers
Can print item history
Integrated with scale
Correct weights are sent automatically
to the system. Eliminates attendant
error during weighing
Expiry dates notification
You cannot be prosecuted for selling
expired goods
Handles partial or full
refunds effectively
You cannot be cheated when goods are
Why we are unique
Many EPOS systems have features that have become like
a standard among them
At times, they have too many features that are never
used and lack some basic features that may be needed
perhaps unique to the buyer.
Thus, our system is different based on these points:
• We will put any feature(s) you need at no extra cost
• Perfect for retail and wholesale use
• Perfect for weighing items as well as scanning barcodes
• Colour-coded images used for items that have no
barcode (e.g. plantain)
• Selling items that have no fixed price (e.g. paypoint)
• Purchase history of all items in the shop available
• Suppliers dealings with the shop available
• Excellent simplicity with ease of use
• You are warned on goods about to be expired
We have the best value for money on the epos system in
the market
What we look for in shops
Your shop still uses the cash register
You have to know or stick the prices on the items
Anyone that serves the customer must know the prices.
There are possibilities of price mix up
No accountability of items sold and even by whom
No proper stock / inventory control
Running foul of government regulations
Can you easily make price labels on the shelves
You must not sell age restricted items (Alcohol cigarettes) to
Do you know the sales history of each item you sell?
History of packets of biscuits
30 bought on 04/02/2007 for £30.00 from WANIS
10 bought on 12/02/2007 for £8.00 from Cash & Carry
44 bought on 23/03/2007 for £37.00 from Cash & Carry
24 bought on 24/10/2007 for £22.50 from WANIS
Can you easily retrieve your suppliers’ invoices
Invoice from WANIS from 12/01/2007 to 21/10/2007
20 hair extension bought on 12/01/2007 for £20.00
10 hair extension bought on 15/01/2007 for £11.00
2 Bags of rice
bought on 17/10/2007 for £38.00
56 Packs of pens bought on 21/10/2007 for £50.00
Total amount £119.00
Finally, ask yourself this question: “Are you labouring too much
on your shop and wished things could be done simpler?”
Screen shots
Till: Login screen
Till: Sales screen
Till: Payment screen
Backoffice: Item characteristics
Backoffice: Profit & Loss report
Backoffice: Systems setup