The CCC Pre-Sell Formula How To Build A Really Small

How To Build A Really Small
Business That Pays The Bills
by Linus Rylander
The CCC Pre-Sell Formula
Here’s a simple formula you can use for selling nearly anything,
especially info products.
I call it the “triple-C” formula, because it is structured in a
framework based on three key words: Connection, Content,
I call it a Pre-Sell formula since it is based on the idea of
providing a ton of value upfront, and then make the selling
almost an afterthought. Moving the freeline, as Eben Pagan
would call it.
About a year ago I found myself needing a more formalized
structure - a framework - for selling stuff. Something simple, that
included just the essentials.
I was listening to Brendon Burchard who was right at that
moment talking about just that - frameworks, which inspired this
little formula.
Now, once again, doing your research properly is imperative for
any kind of copy to have a chance at all. Make sure you do it
properly. Make sure you read the Market Archeology report
before doing anything.
MiniBiz: How To Build A Really Small Business
That Pays The Bills
With that said, by using this formula you will have a simple
structure you can use at any time to sell just about anything.
Even affiliate products.
Now, let’s get started.
First off we have “connection” - which quite literally means to
build a relationship with your audience.
And as I mentioned above and I feel is worth mentioning again, it
is super-important you have your research done right. You’re
trying to CONNECT to a single person. It kinda helps if you
KNOW who that person is and how to communicate with him/
Building a connection comes down to letting your audience
know enough about you so that they are comfortable in
listening to what you have to say.
In other words, they need to know you’re not just another
internet huckster, and that there is a legitimate reason why they
should listen to you.
Most people just shout. Forcing their crap down your throat until
you choke.
... don’t be that guy.
MiniBiz: How To Build A Really Small Business
That Pays The Bills
The reason why the “connection” part is first, is because you will
have a hard time persuading anyone of anything if they don’t feel
like they’re sharing some kind of bond with you.
They need a reason to listen. Otherwise you’re just some random
dude tossing out wikipedia wisdom. Why should I trust you and
how do I know your content is credible?
Here’s something I learnt from Frank Kern:
The “magic word” when it comes to bonding with your market is
also a C-word.
Which according to the dictionary means “to divulge
Tell them a story!
A story about yourself. Your story of struggle. Something shitty
that happened to you that you usually don’t feel like talking
about... and how whatever that was, was a crucial step in finally
figuring out how to solve this problem.
“I was just like you... I tried everything and failed... then I
discovered a secret, and now I have accomplised this...”
MiniBiz: How To Build A Really Small Business
That Pays The Bills
Divulge information. Tell them a secret. Let them know you’re a
real human.
And as I heard Perry Marshall say (and I paraphrase):
“My #1 rule in copy is: never lie, because truth is stranger than
How true. In other words: don’t make stuff up. If you can’t tell
them your story, tell them someone else’s story - the story of a
previous customer who used your stuff to get amazing results. Or
Here’s an important thing you should incorporate in
your story:
Their story.
The second half of building a bond is them.
If you done your research right, you already know what their
“story” looks like... and you need to let them know that you
understand them. You know what it’s like to be them. You have
already walked a mile in their shoes.
Let them know that you understand their story, too. And why.
Perhaps you share the same storyline, but you’re just a bit further
along the path.
MiniBiz: How To Build A Really Small Business
That Pays The Bills
Or maybe you know someone who does.
Or you can simply ask them “does this sound like you...?”
So build that connection!
Finally, end your story by telling them the actual secret - that’s
the next C.
Let’s move on to the next C.
As I said before, this is, for the most part, a PRE-sell formula.
The last C is more salesy, but the primary purpose of a “CCC”
sequence is to deliver value.
It’s always to deliver value.
So unlike most selling structures, you’re actually going to tell
them how to solve their problem.
You provide valuable content to establish an authority position.
The ultimate form of proof is results. Not testimonials... but real
content, that if they acted on right now, they would get a result.
This is a very effective way to stand out of the crowd.
MiniBiz: How To Build A Really Small Business
That Pays The Bills
Most people selling stuff online are totally scarcity minded. They
try to keep every single idea close to their chest, not letting
anyone in on the goods unless they hand over the moolah first.
Which is completely backwards.
Deliver the result first, then you can ask for money.
If you haven’t watched this YouTube clip of Eben Pagan talking
about “moving the freeline” - you should do so immediately:
Now, here’s a simple framework in which you can structure your
Interesting sidenote: I learned this and the other “valuable
content framework” (which you can find as another bonus within
your MiniBiz account in the “high value content” report) from
COMPLETELY different sources...
... yet both of them contain the same major elements. Cover all
the bases. (though I can’t recall from where I learned this specific
MiniBiz: How To Build A Really Small Business
That Pays The Bills
Here it is:
Here’s the explanation:
1. Tell them WHAT they need to focus on. (“In order to
finally start getting a solid, sustainable income online, the
most important thing you need to focus on is your long term
2.Tell them what that MEANS and WHY it’s important.
(“Without long term assets, such as a subscriber list or a
customer database, you’re stuck in the game of trading hours
for dollars, or dollars for dollars...”)
3. Tell them how they can start doing that immediately.
(“To start doing this right now, the first thing you need is an
autoresponder account... here’s what you do... etc”)
4.Envision their future. (“if you start doing this right now,
here’s what your life will be like in 30 days from now...”)
MiniBiz: How To Build A Really Small Business
That Pays The Bills
Let’s move on, one more C to go:
This is where you get your audience commited to getting that
area of their life taken care of. Enough sitting around. Enough
waiting on the sidelines. It’s time for some real change to
What you need to accomplish here is two things:
1. Sharpen the pain and discontent of their current situation
2.Restate and glorify the desired outcome
3. Link that desired outcome to your product
This is fairly straightforward, copywriting 101.
Let’s take a look at how you might accomplish these things.
1. Twisting The Knife
Mild discontent means “something is wrong and it needs to be
In all likelyhood your prospect is already in this state upon
arriving to your salesletter.
MiniBiz: How To Build A Really Small Business
That Pays The Bills
You need to move them to what we’ll call...
Severe discontent. This means “something is really wrong and I
need to fix it right now.”
The missing ingredient is the commitment to taking action and
actually doing something immediately.
First of all... you telling them your story... and reminding them of
what their life is like... will accomplish this goal for the most part.
But we really need to “twist the knife” as much as possible.
People don’t change without a serious kick in the butt.
A simple, yet rather aggressive way of accomplishing this is via
what we’ll call a “two paths” structure. And it looks sort of like
“In 60 days from now… where are you then? As I see
it, you have two choices:
You can either leave here… and go on about your
life. Just like normal. In 60 days it will be exactly the
same. You will be at the same place you are now…
making just as much money, doing and buying all
the same things… Just like you always have.
… OR you can have gone through this report, which
will take you all of two hours... and learn a brand
MiniBiz: How To Build A Really Small Business
That Pays The Bills
new way for accomplishing X, and take action
In 60 days from now, your life will finally be on its
way to realizing that dream. Your life will be fun,
stress-free and entirely fullfilling... and completely
risk free. I’m shouldering all the risk here, and if you
don’t like it - I’ll even give you DOUBLE your money
In 60 days, you will have, at MINIMUM, done X…
… and be on your way to a brand new life.
Two choices. You decide.”
I sort of “templatized” this from one of my real-life sales letters a
client paid me many thousands for.
And there’s a warning for you. Do not use this verbatum.
Notice I am very vague. For example, you will want to swap out
“realizing that dream” with something that your prospect
actually wants to accomplish.
Whenever you can, be as SPECIFIC as possible.
Paint extremely vivid pictures of what their life will be like. And
vividly painful pictures of what their lives look like now.
MiniBiz: How To Build A Really Small Business
That Pays The Bills
Contrast the two... and link the positive future projection to your
So once again:
1. Sharpen the pain of discontent over their current situation
2.Restate and glorify the desired outcome
3. Link desired outcome to your product
Here’s how to do #3:
As you might be able to tell, I like frameworks. They make things
simple and easy to understand.
Here’s a classic one for selling stuff. I learned it from John
Carlton, who is, in my opinion, one of the best copywriters of all
It’s got three parts:
1. Here’s what I’ve got (tell them about your product, and all
the things they will get if they order today)
2.Here’s what it’ll do for you (tell them about all the lifechanging RESULTS they will get if they take action on your
product immediately...)
MiniBiz: How To Build A Really Small Business
That Pays The Bills
3. Here’s what to do next (tell them how to take the next step
in your direction... “to get started now, press the big “add to
cart” button below and enter your details” ... etc)
That’s it!
A simple formula for selling almost anything.
If you’re new to copywriting and would like a better idea how to
put this in the context of a sales letter, I have a free tutorial
posted online called “A Crash Course In Making People Buy
Stuff Through Sales Letters”
You can access it here:
And that’s all for now, folks!
I run a daily marketing newsletter over at http:// - if you’re not on it, you should be.
I’ll be in touch.
MiniBiz: How To Build A Really Small Business
That Pays The Bills