Urgent New Report from Dennis Slothower – the man who... honored as editor of, “The 2011 Letter of the Year.”

Urgent New Report from Dennis Slothower – the man who Marketwatch.com
honored as editor of, “The 2011 Letter of the Year.”
Now this acclaimed market analyst reveals…
How to Survive
the Coming Collapse
»»MAXIMIZE Opportunities: Ability to profit from stocks –no
matter if the market’s plunging or just running in place…
»»IDENTIFY Turning Points: Turn market turmoil into your advantage…
»»BENEATH The Radar: Get my three top “stealth stocks”
that thrive in market volatility!
Dear Concerned Investor,
The U.S. stock market could collapse at virtually any time.
Out-of-control government spending...sky-high oil prices...the potential collapse of the Euro...
the warning signs are everywhere.
Thousands of investors will get clobbered…
But a handful of investors will not only avoid disaster…they’ll actually profit from the turmoil.
What would it be worth to your portfolio to learn how to make money during market turmoil?
How might it feel to actually welcome market volatility while all those around you are hiding
under their desk?
I’d like to share with you three “stealth stocks” that could explode to the upside in the weeks
ahead…and I also plan to show you the trading secrets Wall Street doesn’t want you to
Sounds too good to be true—I know. But don’t take my word for it, just listen to what Peter
Brimelow, editor of The Wall Street Journal’s Marketwatch.com, has been writing about me
for the past couple of years…
Besides calling the market collapse of 2008 – and steering my readers to safety – I also predicted the sudden drops in the stock market in January, February and May of 2010.
“Slothower stuck to his guns. And in the fall of this
turbulent year, he was the top performer by Hulbert
Financial Digest count.”
–Marketwatch.com, 1/5/12
“Dennis Slothower’s…was one of the very few investment letters to dodge the Crash of 2008 — and,
indeed, actually make money in that catastrophic
–Marketwatch.com 8/1/11
“But the fact is that Slothower saw, or at any rate
evaded, the Crash of 2008. Still, he’s not a permabear and his long term record is very impres-
–Marketwatch.com 3/18/10
“And although Slothower is a sophisticated technician who doesn’t need to sell a macro message,
of all the letters I see he’s the most stunningly
outspoken about what he sees as systematic
market manipulation by the authorities and their
private-sector allies.
–Marketwatch.com 4/29/10
Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to sound like an alarmist. I’m not some Chicken
Little running around telling you the sky is falling.
But you need to prepare yourself…because it’s about to happen again. Here’s why…
Since the middle of 2008, the stock market has been fueled by MASSIVE and totally unprecedented amounts of U.S. Government cash.
The Obama Administration hopes that by “priming the pump” – and making the U.S. Treasury the personal piggy bank for Wall Street – the stock market would rise and millions of
small investors, who had been sitting on the sidelines, would be tempted to risk more of their
life savings in the Wall Street casino.
And it worked…for a little while.
This Government-Created Bubble »
Has Begun to Pop!
But this sort of reckless Federal spending – almost
unimaginable infusions of taxpayer cash –artificially
drove the stock market higher when the economy
as a whole is still on life-support.
And just like every other cash-fueled bubble market
before it, this one is doomed to POP big-time – and
will take millions of small investors down with it.
Right now, my technical indicators suggest that a
devastating, long-term bear market could begin at
virtually any time…so it’s important you take action
now to prepare yourself.
For the past few months I’ve been telling my readers
that market risk was at an extreme turning point…
“Helped Me Avoid
Big Losses!”
“Trading long and short
following the short-term
and intermediate technical indicators you demonstrated in Stealth Stocks
has helped me avoid big
losses and restored my
confidence in investing. If
Dennis ever stops his newsletter, I will have to stop
and I’ve been advising against taking risky positions.
My analysis – which was right in 2008…right in 2010…
and right yet again in 2011 – shows clearly that the
next big opportunities will be on the short side. This
isn’t a call from my gut, but one based on the facts
as I see them:
“Stealth Stocks Gets
Me In and Out Of
The Market At The
Right Time!”
* The U.S. is slipping into an Oil Shock Recession.
Ever since February 2011 – when oil prices moved
above $85 per barrel, I’ve been warning investors
that the economy would contract in spite of Wall
Street’s rosy 4% growth predictions. And that’s
exactly what’s happening. And remember – even
with a pullback in oil prices, the impact of the spike
in oil is still felt, as it takes higher oil prices longer to
filter down and impact the GDP. The most significant impact of the Oil Shock Recession is still ahead
of us!
“I use it regularly to determine when to enter and
exit the market, as well as
to select fund families that
are in favor. The newsletter is the very best value of
all newsletters I have received”
* The potential exists for a “significant economic
downturn” in Europe to take place at any time. This
would have dire consequences for markets all over
the world, as a global recession appears imminent.
* Technical indicators paint a bleak picture. I won’t go into all the details here, but I will say
this: the technical indicators I follow on a daily basis are looking ominous at this time. The
very real possibility exists that a devastating market collapse could happen quickly…and it
could begin at any time.
As I said earlier – I don’t like spreading such a gloomy message.
But the facts are the facts…and it’s important that you take action now in order to protect
yourself. I’ll tell you exactly what steps you need to take in just a moment, but first…allow
me to introduce myself.
Rated in the Top 10 by Hulbert Financial Digest –
The Industry’s Most-Respected
Rating Service for Market Performance
My name is Dennis Slothower…and I’m the editor of Stealth Stocks.
I believe there are two things you should expect out of an investment advisor:
1. Investment recommendations that consistently beat the market (otherwise, you’re better
off just investing in index funds...and that can be a disaster as millions have
discovered); and
2. The experience to warn you when catastrophic events occur that could wipe out your life
If you can protect your wealth during catastrophic
downturns...AND beat the market when the economy is doing well...you’ll end up better off than
most. And I have a proven track record of doing
just that.
I regularly identify stocks and other investments
that consistently outperform the market... and
I’ve been one of a very few financial advisors
who have successfully warned their clients when
the markets were about to tank, as they did 2008,
2001-2002 and 1987.
Catastrophic Losses!”
“Your advice to sell near the
NASDAQ top was timely and
helpful, while other advisory services remained on a
screaming buy.”
If you had been a typical “buy and hold” investor in 2008 and 2009 – holding the equivalent of
an S&P 500 index fund – you would have lost 47%
of your life wealth from March 2008 to March 2009. That’s nearly ONE HALF of your wealth –
gone in less than one year!
But if you had been a Stealth Stocks subscriber and followed my recommendations, you
would not have lost a single penny over that treacherous period in the stock market.
And you could have piled up gains of 116%...257%... as much as 1,113%!
Let me tell you how I manage to pile up these gains – consistently and with minimal risk –
year after year…
What I Learned from 25 Years
In the Trenches on Wall Street
When I was a young broker working the commodities trading floors on Wall Street in the late
seventies, and later as a portfolio manager in the eighties, I faced a terrible dilemma …
Before landing on Wall Street — an idealistic graduate of Brigham Young University in Utah —
I believed, as you may, that America’s stock markets
provide an essentially equal opportunity for all.
But as an industry insider, I soon learned that the
stock markets are more like rigged casinos, teaming
with twenty-four-hour-a-day manipulators… roundthe-clock schemers… and compulsive liars who’d tell
their widowed mothers to bail out of a hot stock if
they wanted to buy her position.
Like a secret subway under the streets of Manhattan, there is an old boys’ network that connects the
investments banks and brokerage houses trusted by
thousands of individual investors.
Once material news about a given stock becomes
public knowledge, the insiders have been whisper5
“My portfolio is up
over 50%!”
“I like your advice to use
sell stops. Also, I like your
market commentary. I
have been watching the
price of oil and Dow much
closer since reading your
weekly newsletter.”
ing about it for weeks or months – and the real profit
has already been skimmed off the top.
Worse – top brokerage executives and analysts
have been caught red-handed taking what multimillion dollar “bribes” in return for urging you to buy
the stocks of companies they know full well are
cooking their books and recklessly inflating their
Predictably, investors have been beaten to a pulp
by these sordid practices for as much as 99.9% of
their money.
And don’t kid yourself about financial “reform” –
within weeks, the thieves will be weaseling their
way around the new regulations and stealing your
money again.
It’s always been this way, and it always will be on
Wall Street – for one very simple reason: That’s
where the money is. The rules of the game may
change, but the song remains the same.
“Over $100,000 in
Profits On Two Separate Occasions!”
“Stealth Stocks has helped
me develop a strategy
of blending fundamental
analysis & technical analysis into my stock trading.
So far I’ve made over
$100,000 in profits on two
separate occasions with
the recommendations you
gave me!”
I’m sorry if that’s too blunt for you…but it’s the honest truth.
And it’s sickening. Millions of otherwise prudent, intelligent people are buying Wall Street’s
lies hook, line and sinker. They’re placing their life savings and retirement nest eggs into
the hands of sharks who can transform your comfortable retirement into a painful future of
greeting shoppers at Wal-Mart.
That’s why in 1989 I turned my back on Wall Street forever. After spending almost 8 years in
the underbelly of the beast and witnessing first-hand pure, unbridled greed and corruption…
I swore I would dedicate the rest of my working life to helping the little guy.
Ever since, my job – no…make that my passion – has been to help savvy individual investors like you to achieve the steady, secure profits and income you so desperately need and
deserve in retirement.
That mission becomes even more important – and more urgent – in volatile markets. And
let’s be honest…we’re in the midst of a historically volatile market right now.
So let me show you…
My “Stealth Stock” Secret for
Identifying Market Reversals – and the
Next Big Winners – with Sharp-Shooter Accuracy!
In the early days of my career at the big wire houses I specialized in trading financial futures
and commodities.
As a big time trader, risk had to be strictly
managed. To do so required access to
sophisticated information systems and
real-time trading data that at the time was
only available to insiders.
Meet Dennis Slothower:
nlike many newsletter “gurus,”
Stealth Stocks editor Dennis
Slothower spent more than 25
years on Wall Street as a commodities
trader and money manager.
Using these tools, I developed a proprietary risk management model.
In 1986 I began applying this “Early Warning System” model to mutual funds and
individual stocks…and in doing so, I made
a shocking discovery…
After graduating from Brigham Young
University (BYU), Slothower went to
work for some of Wall Street’s most
prestigious firms, including Fosters and
Marshall, Dain Bosworth and Shearson
Lehman Hutton.
I realized it was much more than an incredibly good risk management tool and
indicator of a stock’s true intrinsic value.
Astonishingly, this proprietary model allowed me to spot potential insider-trading
activity, and accurately foretell big up or
downside moves in the stocks I was monitoring.
In 1989, he became part owner and
president of Strategis Financial Group,
a Utah-based asset management company. He left that firm in 1990 to begin
writing a financial newsletter that would
help small investors beat Wall Street at
its own game.
In the summer of 1987, my models stared
flashing red, signaling Wall Street insiders
were beginning to short sell huge blocks of
the very same stocks they’d been aggressively pushing on investors in the previous
Slothower continues to edit his newsletters and advises clients through his own
money management firm.
Immediately, I sprang to action. Without
notifying my superiors, I tipped off
my clients.
According to Hulbert’s Financial Digest,
which tracks the performance of leading financial newsletters, Slothower’s is
one of only a tiny handful of newsletters that made subscribers money in
the past two years - a period when the
Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index »
fell 14.7%.
Those who listened avoided the infamous
Black Monday crash that appeared “mysteriously” out of nowhere to destroy the life
savings of millions of ill-prepared investors.
I was severely reprimanded for my actions…and I left Wall Street defiantly shortly
thereafter to begin publishing my findings
openly in an independent newsletter.
Ever since, I’ve used this same remarkable system over and over again to help individual
investors like you keep your money safe and growing.
In October 2007, my Early Warning System again went off like a five-alarm fire.
It told me that the global markets were headed for a HUGE sell-off.
I told all of my subscribers to DUMP their stocks or, if they preferred, let themselves be
stopped out of their positions.
That was the absolute TOP of the market: Dow 14,000!
When the Big Crash came, beginning in 2008, my subscribers were sitting 100% in cash.
They watched on the sidelines as the market hit bottom in March of this year, with the Dow
crashing all the way down to 6,626.
The Dow lost 53% of its value peak to valley...and my subscribers who followed my recommendations didn’t lose a single dime.
My Insider Tracking System
Beats the S&P 500 While Others Lose Money!
Fortunately, my Early Warning System identifies
big moves in either direction, and as a result I’ve
been able to spot stocks right before the market
manipulators bid them into the stratosphere.
I’ve had some REALLY BIG winners in the great
big bull rally that started in 2002 and ended in
Subscribers who bought and held some of my
picks made huge gains - 1,113% on Immucor...
1,106% on Middleby Corp... 548% on Psychiatrist
But I would rather show you how my recommendations have done lately...in the past 18 months.
“71% Richer!”
“One of your picks gave me a
121% gain, which included a
stock split. My overall portfolio
is up 71%.
The logic you use is good (not
emotional). I really appreciate
your honesty and integrity.”
In my monthly Stealth Stocks newsletter, I recommend undervalued stocks that I believe have the potential of DOUBLING in the coming 12
months. And some of my more recent selections have been generating triple-digit returns…
99Up 172% and climbing! In July of 2009, I recommended Medifast, Inc., as a potential
doubler when it was selling for just $11 a share. Less than one year later – in May 2010
– the stock was trading at $36!
99Up More than 259% in less than one year! In March 2010, I told my subscribers about
Cirrus Logic – a maker of integrated circuits – when the stock was selling for just $7 a
share. Less than one year later – in February 2011 – the stock had soared all the way
to $25.15…a gain of 259%!
99Up 292% in just over 14 months! In April of 2009, I recommended DuPont Fabros Tech-
nology, Inc. as a possible “doubler” when it was selling for just $7 a share. By the following June, the stock was selling for $27.46 a share. That’s a gain of 292% in just over
14 months.
99Up 217% in 4 months! In February 2009, I
recommended another Chinese “green”
energy play: Yingli Green Energy Holding
Co. Ltd, a company that designs, manufactures and sells photovoltaic modules.
This stock trades as an ADR on the NYSE,
and it was selling for only $5 a share when
I told subscribers to buy it. Within four
months, the shares were trading for $15.81
a share - a 217% gain in only four months!
99Gains of nearly 400%! Another February
2009 recommendation, Ternium S.A., is
a South American steel manufacturer. It
was selling for $9 a share as an ADR; by
April of 2010, it was fetching $43.05. That’s
a hefty 378% gain!
“Ended Up Making
Substantial Profits!”
“I was skeptical about your
advice to get into REITs last
year. But I looked into it in
detail and ended up making
substantial profits.”
Of course, not all of my “doublers” recommended in the last few months have
doubled yet.
In some cases, it may take a year for one of my picks to double in value. I don’t believe in
investing in “get rich quick” schemes since my primary goal is to protect subscribers’ hardearned money.
But here’s the important point: In the midst of an extraordinarily volatile market, my subscribers and I preserved our wealth…and we also managed to find a number of “stealth” stocks
that doubled along the way.
The “secret” to our success has been the power of my proprietary Early Warning System
combined with time-tested technical analysis techniques.
And now – as we prepare for the artificially inflated U.S. stock market to come crashing
down yet again, I feel it’s important that you take…
Three Simple Steps to Protect Yourself
against Extreme Market Volatility
Step #1 – Manage Your Risk – I’ve told my Stealth Stocks subscribers time and time again…
now is NOT the time to take unnecessary risks in the equity markets.
In fact, right now – if you haven’t already done so – is the time for you to take a hard look at
every position in your portfolio and evaluate its short-term potential.
* What sector is each position in? Is the sector – or the individual company – somehow protected in the event of a market collapse?
* What is the short-term upside of each position? Does the potential upside reward over the
next few weeks – or, at best, months – outweigh the downside risk in the event of a fast-moving, 30% drop in the equity markets?
* What percentage of your portfolio is currently “exposed” to U.S. stock market risk? Are you
comfortable with the possibility that most – if not all – of your exposed holdings could drop
by 50% or more?
Step #2 – FORGET about Buy and Hold -- You’ve heard it all your life: No one can time
the market.
All the “experts” on Wall Street agree that the best strategy is to stay “fully invested” in what
Wall Street sells (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) and leave the “guessing” for the lottery.
But beyond the self-serving nature of such advice, how has the buy-and-hold strategy actually fared in real dollar terms?
The answer is: It all depends on when you get into the market!
If you had started investing in, say, 1979, right before the boom of the 1980s and ‘90s, you
would have done fairly well: 968.8% total return over the past 30 years - which works out to
about a 8.2% average annual return.
But if you had started investing in, say, the early 1960s, when the stock market was flat, and
then retired 20 years later, the performance of your buy-and-hold portfolio would have
been considerably less impressive. In the twenty years from 1959 to 1979, the S&P 500 rose
from 55.44 to 96.73 - a total return of 74.5%. That works out to an average annual return of
just 2.3%.
The performance from 1969 to 1979 was even less impressive: A total net LOSS of -6.9% over
10 years or about -0.72% per year. (In the past 10 years, from November 1999 to November
2009, the S&P 500 has posted a total net loss of -21.88% or an average annual loss of -2.44%.)
And there is a complicating factor: inflation! When you factor in the double-digit inflation
that retirees faced in the 1970s, they ended up losing considerably more of their wealth than
they lost in the stock market.
With the very real possibility of another decade
of slow or no growth ahead of us -- as occurred
in the 1960s and ‘70s -- then buy-and-hold could
end up being a disaster, especially if we see another period of high inflation.
Step #3 – Get the Right Information…and Be Prepared to Act Quickly – There’s no question about
it – it’s never been more important for you to be
armed with sound information when making investment decisions.
Between the Wall Street “crooks” out to rob you
blind…and the coming collapse of the U.S. government-sponsored stock market bubble – there’s
danger everywhere.
So it’s essential that you understand just what
moves to make – and when to make them – in
turbulent times.
“Still Holding My »
Original $120,000 I »
Retired With!”
“I have to make at the very
least $2,400 per month with
$120,000 invested in the
market. So far it is working. I
retired in 1996 and am still
holding my original $120,000 I
retired with. I owe it to Stealth
Stocks. Thank you.”
I’ll remind you – and I don’t say this to “brag” – my Stealth Stocks service was one of just 12
investment letters that made money in the dismal market of 2008. According to the independent rating service – Hulbert Financial Digest – 93% of investment newsletters lost money
that year…but not my Stealth Stocks readers.
I was ahead of the curve on the market crash of 1987…the market crash of 2008…and I also
predicted the sudden drops in the stock market that occurred throughout 2010 and 2011.
Now…it’s about to happen again.
That’s why I’d like to invite you – right now – to “lock in” your access to the very same information that helped investors avoid disaster time and time again over these past two years
by signing up for a RISK-FREE trial subscription to Stealth Stocks.
Not only will you receive my early warning alerts in the event of a falling market…you’ll also
receive immediate access to all of the undervalued stocks I feel have the chance to DOUBLE in the next 12 months, regardless of overall market conditions.
This includes my exclusive list of…
Three “Stealth” Stocks You Can Steal Right Now!
These three stocks are among those I’m counting on to hand us big, fat, juicy gains in the
coming months. Of the 10,000 stocks my system tracks exhaustively, these are among the
most undervalued, stable and strong.
And every one of my 23 confirming indicators is literally screaming that a tidal wave of buying action could hit these stocks at any moment – again…regardless of the overall market’s
direction – with the potential to drive them into the stratosphere!
Stealth Stock #1
Buy this stock NOW, and you could
easily double your money in the next 12 months!
This company is poised to reap explosive revenue and profit expansion due to its dominant
position in the construction supply industry…as orders continue to pile into construction, mining, agricultural and industrial vehicles.
It’s a proven global leader in – with strong market share and gross profit figures in multiple
geographic regions.
• This outstanding company has seen significant
growth in both earnings and revenue...with the
potential for explosive growth in the months
* Shares have already soared 13.6% since I first
mentioned this stock to my readers...but that’s
just the tip of the iceberg…
• For 2011, revenues, gross profits and net income were all up over the previous year – and
the company also pays a handsome 1.7% dividend…
“Doubled My Money
On Nvidia!”
“Your monthly ratings on
stocks with higher potential
is very helpful. I’ve already
bagged 30% gains on Intervac, 50% on Kendle Int’l, and
doubled my money
on Nvidia.”
If you want a piece of the action, do not delay. This great company is selling at an attractive price and it continues to grow. Its share price
could move rapidly higher – perhaps double its current share price of just over $50 – in the
months ahead!
Click here to download complete details and test-drive my remarkable Stealth Stocks advisory service for 30 days FREE, or keep reading for more details!
Stealth Stock #2:
Take Advantage of Global Infrastructure Spending »
with this Undervalued Superstar
This company has it all: growth, stability, a nice uptrend and an attractive dividend.
With a market cap of $3 billion, this company represents a tremendous value – and is an outstanding play on the world’s increased need to spend on aging infrastructures.
In fact, analysts estimate that global spending by governments on infrastructure will need to
reach $2 trillion annually through 2015...and this company is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this enormous trend.
Between 2010 and 2011 – on a per-unit basis – this “partnership” saw its funds from operations more than double.
Couple that with a strong dividend of nearly 5% -- and the global commitment to infrastructure spending – and you’ve got the recipe for a blockbuster profit opportunity.
While shares of this company are currently trading at roughly half of the $40-plus I see as the
company’s real value, you should consider buying before it’s too late.
For complete details click here now and activate your FREE 30 day Stealth Stocks trial membership, or keep reading …
Stealth Stock #3:
This earnings powerhouse could
hand you a triple… even if it wasn’t a
takeover target!
The third stealth stock I’ve hand-picked for you is
an outstanding pharmaceutical company with
growing revenues...and an incredibly bright future.
Over the past year, they’ve increased revenue by
43%, yet their stock is trading at a low valuation –
P/E just over 10. The stock appreciated steadily
throughout 2011 – gaining an impressive 55.1% for
the year.
But even with that appreciation...the company is
still an incredible value.
According to my numbers, shares of this company
should be selling in the $80 range – and they’re
currently trading for less than half that amount.
“Your Comments Are
Always Honest and To
The Point.”
“Out of the five I take I believe
you have the best newsletter
on the Web.”
The upside potential is huge...but this one will move quickly once it begins to take off.
Investing in this company’s shares right now could easily double – or even triple – your money in short order.
In fact, I’m convinced all three of these stocks represent a once in a lifetime opportunity to
bank truly extraordinary profits, and there’s so much more I need to tell you about them.
Click here now to download the full report and begin your FREE 30 day Stealth Stocks trial,
Let’s join forces to finally start
building your wealth faster and with far less risk …
The onus is entirely on me to prove to you my Stealth Stocks advisory service is the most
powerful, practical, and prudent road to realizing your dreams of a comfortable, enjoyable,
even lavish retirement.
In minutes you can have access to my top profit pulling picks and for 30 days FREE you get
complete run of my entire Stealth Stocks advisory service.
During the first week of the month — and each
month thereafter if you choose to remain a
member — you’ll receive the current issue of my
legendary Stealth Stocks newsletter.
In each monthly issue …
99You get my straight to the point, no-
punches-pulled analysis of the markets
and my forecast for the month ahead,
couched in easy to understand, actionable terms.
99You get my portfolio tracker and explicit
“buy”, “sell”, and “hold” recommendations, conveniently segregated into four
distinct categories of investment …
“We Can Trust Your
“My husband and I both like
the way you write your newsletter. It’s easy for the average
person to understand. Also
we like it that you have tight
stops. From your current portfolio, it appears we can trust
your picks. Trust is a hard thing
to gain in this industry and it
looks like you have earned it.”
99You get the ultimate in safety with my In-
come Portfolio: Expert advice on how to grow your core nest egg. These little known,
high yield investments have rewarded Stealth Stock members with a 14.5% annualized
rate of return since inception (as independently verified by Hulbert’s Financial Digest)
— enough to double your money in as little as 5 years, with very little risk!
99You get my Growth and Income Portfolio: Low risk strategies designed to give you
both capital gains AND an ever-increasing stream of current income.
99You get my Moderate Portfolio: The emphasis here is on capital gains, with minimal
volatility, while maintaining current income as a secondary objective.
99And you get the ultimate in high powered speculative plays to double and redouble
your money in the short term with my Aggressive Growth Portfolio:
Special situations that signal extraordinary windfall profits.
Click here to get started, or keep reading …
Each issue brings you my “Stock Of The Month”:
An in depth report covering one of the hottest
performing companies on my radar screen,
including explicit, easy to follow instructions on
how to get in and out of the stock for maximum
You get my “Stealth Stock Watch List”: Stealth
Stocks is the only newsletter I know of that tracks
10,000 stocks for inherent value, relative strength,
and earnings stability. Each month you’ll receive
“Invaluable Advice!”
“I appreciate your unusual insights on using trailing stops to
protect my capital, and your
ongoing guidance on raising and lowering them once
we’re into a stock.
the composite ratings on the top 25 Stealth Stocks.
And you get my “Doublers Alert”: Stocks that could double your money in 12 months or less!
This is where I really roll up my sleeves and swing for the fences. Here’s just a small sampling
of the dozens of grand slam homeruns that have appeared in this special section of Stealth
Stocks monthly …
Walter Energy Inc., 188% profit in 64 months
Hansen Natural Corp., 322% profit in 62 months
VanceInfo Technologies Inc., 155% profit in 26 months
IAMGOLD Corp., 169% profit in 22 months
Ternium S.A., 261% profit in 17 months
Volterra Semiconductor, 198% profit in 16 months
CPI Corp., 263% profit in 16 months
DuPont Fabros Technology, 257% profit in 15 months
Trina Solar Ltd., 232% profit in 15 months
Yanzhou Coal, 103% profit in 14 months
Medifast Inc., 128% profit in 12 months
Cirrus Logic Inc., 106% profit in 4 months
I won’t drown you in a sea of confusing choices. My goal is to float like a butterfly over only
the strongest, virtually undiscovered companies flying quietly under the radar. And then sting
like a bee when my battery of proprietary technical indicators zeros in on the smart money
— putting the odds overwhelmingly in our favor!
And there’s much more …
As a Stealth Stocks member, you also get weekly market commentary and portfolio updates by email FREE!
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