Capitalize on the demographic driven succession wave that is fast approaching

Capitalize on the demographic driven
succession wave that is fast approaching
Learn acquisition best practices from business transition experts drawn
from a variety of disciplines. The Succession Network will provide you
with the breadth of information required to execute successful and highly
lucrative acquisitions. Gain the knowledge and confidence to transition
from employee to owner or from organic growth to accelerated
acquisition driven growth.
The Succession Network is comprised of six high caliber independent
organizations, each with unique and complementary expertise, which
have come together to provide a comprehensive resource for all your
acquisition needs.
Who needs to attend
This seminar is designed for buyers seeking to acquire successful
private BC based businesses with revenues in the $2M to $50M
range – including:
• Senior managers with the desire to purchase the company
they currently work for
• Owners of businesses contemplating the acquisition of
competitors or vertical integration strategies
• Third party acquirers and/or silent investors
The demographic shift is upon us –
over 40% of all BC business owners
are looking to sell in the next 5 years!
Exceptional companies that have
not been ‘for sale’ at any time over
in play…
…are you ready to capitalize?
How to
Buy a Business
• Overview of the acquisition process
Whether you are planning a
• Determining value and negotiating a price
management buy-out, strategic
• Establishing legal agreements to protect your interests
• Using finance strategy to amplify your return while limiting your risk
• Identifying and overcoming silent barriers
acquisition, or purchasing a
business as an investor…learn
from acquisition specialists how to
find target companies, negotiate
the deal, avoid common pitfalls,
minimize your risk and maximize
your return.
Peter Day & Associates Inc.
March 11th, 2008
SFU - Surrey Campus,
the past 20 to 30 years are now
What topics will be presented
• Understanding tax consequences when negotiating the deal
March 10th, 2008
Hilton Metrotown,
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Monday, March 10th
Hilton – Metrotown,
Waterford rooms 1 & 2
6083 McKay Avenue,
Tuesday, March 11th
SFU – Surrey Campus,
Room 3170
13450 – 102 Avenue,
7:30am to 8:00am
Registration &
continental breakfast
8:00am to 12 noon
Program followed by
questions & answers
FVTN members
receive $50 off.
March 11th session only
7:30am to 8:00am
Registration &
continental breakfast
8:00am to 12 noon
Program followed by
questions & answers
All seminar attendees receive a free 1-hour individual
consultation with each of the six presenters.
These free consultations must be booked within 30 days after attending the seminar.
Seminar program
Overview of the Business
Acquisition Process
Peter Day, CA, CBV
Peter Day & Associates Inc.
The business acquisition process is a
lengthy and complicated process requiring
the input and advice of a variety of skilled
and experienced professionals. Peter
will provide an overview of the acquisition
process including planning, identifying
acquisition opportunities, valuation, deal
structure and terms, negotiations, due
diligence, financing and closing.
Peter Day is a Chartered Accountant and a
Chartered Business Valuator. Peter has been
advising buyers and sellers of businesses for
over 20 years – 15 years in the corporate
finance group of Deloitte & Touche, Vancouver
and 5 years as President of Peter Day &
Associates Inc.
Hugh G. Livingstone, CGA, CBV
Blair Mackay Mynett Valuations Inc.
What is it worth? Buying at the right price
will have a significant impact on the return
you ultimately realize...but how do you
determine what a company is truly worth?
Hugh, a Chartered Business Valuator,
will discuss the fundamentals of business
valuation. He will cover topics such as an
‘earnings’ based approach, EBITDA, an
‘asset’ based approach, minority discounts,
latent taxes and how to calculate goodwill.
Hugh G. Livingstone is a Certified General
Accountant and a Chartered Business
Valuator. Hugh has valuation experience
across a wide range of business sectors
and has given expert witness testimony on
valuation matters for the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
Hugh has over 25 years of public practice
experience focusing on owner-managed
businesses. He has also given numerous
presentations on valuation matters for
professional and business associations.
Tax planning for
Preventing critical errors
when buying a business
Acquisition finance
Deborah Graystone, BSc, TEP, CGA
MacKay LLP
Don Sihota, BComm, LLB
Clark Wilson LLP
Axel Christiansen, MBA, CFA
Vancity Capital
It is often said that the ‘Tax Man’, Canada
Revenue Agency, has a vested interest
in any business transaction. Purchasing
a business is one time where knowing
the tax issues ahead of time will give the
purchaser an advantage in negotiating
the best possible deal and minimizing the
after-tax cost of the acquisition. The ability
to structure the acquisition in a tax-efficient
manner can provide benefits for years to
come by maximizing future tax write-offs and
minimizing taxes on an eventual sale.
Buying a business involves complex legal
issues, the importance of which is often not
fully understood. In his presentation, Don
will address many of these legal issues and
explain them in a clear and understandable
manner. He will discuss issues such as:
• Letters of intent, deposits & standstill
How you finance an acquisition is often the
single most important factor in determining
the return on equity and wealth creation
you ultimately realize. Creating the ideal
capital structure typically requires the use
of a variety of conventional and alternative
financing tools. Axel will describe how you
can use finance strategy to:
• Asset purchase versus share purchase
• Reduce your equity contribution to as
low as 10% of the total transaction value
• The due diligence procedures
purchasers must employ
• Generate a rate of return on your equity
in excess of 40% per annum
• How to minimize risk through indemnities
& holdbacks
• Limit your personal exposure
Don will share with you his extensive deal
making knowledge gained over many years
from acting for both sellers and buyers.
This presentation will explain, through the
use of case studies, how to finance an
acquisition using less of your own equity
while still minimizing your risk. Other topics
including WACC, subordinated debt, using
vendor financing to your advantage, and
pitfalls to avoid will be covered.
This presentation will highlight the tax
planning aspects and opportunities related
to the acquisition of a business from the
purchaser’s perspective. The vendor’s tax
concerns will also be addressed. With
proper planning, very favourable tax results
can often be achieved for both the vendor
and the purchaser..
Deborah Graystone has advised business
owners on taxation matters for over 20
years, focusing on tax planning for mergers,
acquisitions and business succession.
She is a frequent lecturer and author on
taxation matters for the Certified General
Accountants Association of British
Columbia and the University of British
Don Sihota has over 20 years experience
in corporate and commercial law, including
business succession planning, acquisitions
and sales of businesses, negotiation of
commercial agreements and involvement
with corporate mergers and reorganizations.
Don has written numerous articles on
corporate and commercial law and he
is frequently quoted by the media on
the subject of business succession
How to register
To attend please register by one the following methods:
• Calling 604-877-6565 between the hours of 9am & 5pm PST
• Faxing the registration form to fax number 604-871-5409
• Mailing the registration form and payment to:
The Succession Network, 530 - 815 West Hastings St.,
Vancouver, BC V6C 1B4
Early bird rate
Register early
to save!
Rate information
• Outbid competing offers & close the deal
Axel Christiansen has over 15 years
experience in structuring and financing
management buy-out and strategic
acquisition transactions. Axel is a Chartered
Financial Analyst charter holder and a
founding member of Vancity Capital, having
been with the firm since its inception
in 1998.
Ensuring your acquisition
is a success: addressing
the silent barriers
Francine Z. Carlin, MA
Business Harmonizer Group
Just when you think all the technical details
have been confirmed, the seller decides to
terminate the transaction for no apparent
reason. The decision by a seller to let go of
his/her business is a complex decision and
oftentimes a significant life event for the
seller. In a buyer’s efforts to purchase an
owner-operator business is it essential that
the buyer have an awareness of the personal
and interpersonal dynamics — the silent
barriers — that have an influence on the
seller’s decision-making process.
During this working session participants will
identify many of the ‘hot topics’ that influence
sellers and understand and learn how to
safely address these silent barriers before
they undermine the acquisition process.
Francine Z. Carlin’s practice focuses on the
interpersonal dynamics that impact business
decision-making. Of particular note is her work
with entrepreneurs and business-owning
families where she is able to effectively link
emotional issues to the real world of business.
Francine is consultant, facilitator, and
organizational coach with over 25 years of
executive experience in organizational
communications, team and leadership
development, conflict and change management
and strategic business planning.
I am a FVTN member
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