Please phone on the day you wish to be seen.
Opening Times
You may see any doctor of your choice, but when a
particular doctor is unavailable, another doctor will see
8:00am – 6:30pm
Surgery Times
House visits should be requested before 10:30am.
8:00am – 11:30am
2:00pm – 6:00pm
8:00am – 11:30am
2:00pm – 6:00pm
Wednesday 8:00am – 11:30am 2:00pm – 6:00pm
8:00am – 11:30am 2:00pm – 6:00pm
8:00am – 11:30am 2:00pm – 6:00pm
Baby Clinic (Wednesdays) 10:30am – 12:00
Extended Hours Appointments are offered:
7.30am – 8.00am
7.30am – 8.00am
6.30pm – 7.00pm
Out of hours calls are handled by the NHS 111 Service.
Calls to this service are free of charge from a landline or
mobile. NHS 111 will assess you, provide advice and direct
you straight away to the local service that can help you best.
NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
All consultations with a doctor will initially be carried out by a
doctor over the telephone. If the doctor decides the patient’s
problem needs to be dealt with face to face the doctor will
book them an appointment.
All records, personal details and related matters
are treated with complete confidentiality. In this
context, confidentiality also extends to children and
adolescents aged 12-16 years.
Tel: 01753 643445
Fax: 01753 646906
Parking (Cars are parked at owners risk)
It may not always be possible to park at the surgery.
We therefore ask patients to leave plenty of time for
their journey and to find parking. Where possible we
recommend patients consider walking or cycling.
Home Visits
Please come to the surgery if possible. If a visit is
medically necessary please telephone before
10:30am, in order to give priority to urgent calls.
Please be pre-pared to indicate the reason for the
Repeat Prescriptions
Please write or call at the surgery, or fax your repeat
prescription requests to us. We DO NOT accept
telephone requests. Please allow 48 hours before
collection. We can forward your prescription to you if
you supply a stamped addressed envelope, or we can
arrange for it to be sent to Hedgegrail Pharmacy.
Test Results and Routine Enquiries
Although every effort is made to alert you if you have
a result requiring urgent action, we remind you it is
your responsibility to ensure you receive your test
results. For test results please call after 4pm and for
other routine enquires phone between 10.30am -12.30.
We care for your
Welcome to Threeways Surgery
Dr Stephen Allen Reg London 1979 MA MRCP
Dr Conan Hassim Reg London 1993 MBBS
Dr Rachel Pope Reg London 1988 MBBS
Dr Alexandra Brodie Reg London 1998 MBBS
Dr Daljit Sahota Reg London 2001 MBBS
DRCOG DFFP MRCGP Dip Dermatology
Dr Elena Hilton MRCP
Practice Nurse(s)
Under recruitment
Health Visiting Team
Andrea Doolan RGN RHV
Tel 01753 643907 for advice and help with all age
District Nursing Team
The team are located at Chalfont & Gerrards Cross Hospital
and can be contacted on 01494 426030.
District Midwife
The Midwife visits the surgery on a Monday mornings
and can be contact at other times on 01753 634563
Practice Manager - Ms Carrol Green
Reception, secretarial and administration duties
are shared by:
Susan Archibald, Rosemary Desborough, Julia Joys,
Ian Hook, Lynne Le Marchand, Marie Pike,
Isobel Porter, Barbara Stainer, Joy Smith,
Barrie Tottman and Pamela Tottman
This leaflet is designed to help you get the best
from the services we offer. Please keep it for
future reference.
We are an approved training practice in the Oxford
region, providing one year postgraduate experience in
general practice for a doctor of Registrar or SHO level.
You may be asked to participate in his/her assessment
by agreeing to your consultation being taped on video.
Undergraduate doctors may be taught in the practise
from time to time.
Our Services
The partners are members of the Royal College of
General Practitioners, and within the practice there
is a special interest and experience in asthma, child
development, general medicine, obstetrics and
gynaecology, diabetes, minor surgery and counselling. Therefore by appointment we offer:
Maternity Services
Contraception Services
Minor Surgery
Child health clinics
Immunisation and travel advice.
Diabetic, Asthma and Heart disease
prevention clinics
Medicals and Reports
For insurance reports, driving, fitness to travel etc.
Please speak to our reception staff for details and/
or to arrange an appointment. These are not part
of General Medical Services and, therefore, incur
a private fee.
If you have a concern or complaint about any
Aspect of our service, please let us know by
contacting the Practice Manager. Full details of
our complaints procedure are available in the
Data Protection
Under the Data Protection Act we require a patient’s
written permission before we can discuss their care
or treatment with family members, guardians, carers
or friends.
Access for the disabled
Our practice premises were designed to give easy
access and toilet facilities for disabled people.
Garden Clinic (GenitoUrinary)
King Edward VII
Wexham Park
Wycombe General
Citizens Advice Bureau
Social Services
Space (counselling for
Bucks Carers
Cancer information and
CASCADE – Alcohol and
Drugs helpline
01753 635 302
01344 623 333
01753 860 441
01753 821 411
01753 633 000
01494 526 161
01753 645464
01895 837551
01628 625 320
01753 531 011
01494 729 000
01753 575 432
01494 463 536
0808 800 1234
01753 821 789
Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
Chiltern Clinical Commissioning Group
Ground Floor
Chiltern District Council Offices
King George V House
King George V Road
Tel: 01494 586600
Tests & Results
When a test or investigation is undertaken in the surgery we will
ensure that you are told approximately how long it will be before
the result will be available to you. Most routine test results will be
available after 4 or 5 days and cervical smears after about 6 weeks.
All incoming results are seen by a doctor. When you have been told
the results will be available we would ask you to contact the surgery,
after 4pm, We will tell you whether the results are normal or if any
further action is required.
Medical records include terminology with which you might not be
familiar. Please contact the Practice Manager who will be pleased
to arrange an appropriate time to view them. We are entitled to
charge you an administrative fee when we have to copy information
for you.
Under the Childrens Act any child who is able to understand their
rights has to give permission before a parent or guardian can see
their records. Parents or guardians need to understand that they
do not have an automatic right to information about their children.
Patients’ Charter
As patients you have the right to receive a high standard of medical
care and to be treated with courtesy and respect. Along with this right
you have responsibilities as patients. By working together we can
achieve and maintain these standards.
We are not able to give the results of tests to anyone other than the
patient, except by prior arrangement.
If a specimen is needed this must be provided in the container we
supply and should be brought to the surgery before 12.00 noon on
weekdays only. Your name and d.o.b. must be on this bottle.
When changes and developments are introduced to our practice
procedures we will ensure that these are clearly publicised. We
will endeavour to complete any forms requested by you in a
reasonable time (e.g. Insurance claims etc). Most forms, as well
as special medical examinations and reports carry a charge (a
scale of charges is available at reception).
Please do not ring before 4pm for test results.
Please allow maximum time when you know a form needs
If you have been advised by your GP that you are to be referred to a
hospital or other service then that referral will be dealt with promptly
and we aim to have the appropriate referral despatched within three
working days of your appointment.
Please make sure our record of your address and telephone number
are accurate. If you are referred to hospital and are unable to attend
your appointment or decide to cancel please let them know as
soon as possible so that another patient can be seen in your place.
Please allow a reasonable time to receive your appointment but if you
have not received it within six weeks please contact the surgery.
Clinical Standards of Care
We endeavour in our practice to provide excellent health care
which reflects medical advances and up to date legislation and
information. We are a training practice and form time to time we
have GP Registrars who are working in general practice for one
As professionals we work as a practice team – please understand
you will be referred to the team member who is most appropriate
for your needs.
Medical Records
When you move to a new area or practice your records are transferred via the appropriate Primary Care Agency. When we receive a
request for transfer of records we aim to despatch these within five
working days of the request and within 24 hours if the record is
required urgently for medical purposes.
All staff are trained to be aware of the Data Protection Act and all
staff contracts include a clause that any breaches of confidentiality
may result in dismissal. Your rights of access to your medical records are
dictated by current legislation. Your records include both written
and those held on our computer.
Please keep the surgery informed of any changes to your address or
telephone number so that we can keep our records up to date and in
case we need to contact you.
We hope that you are never given cause to complain but if you do
have a problem please contact the Practice Manager in the first
instance. We have a formal complaints procedure so please be
assured that your grievance will be dealt with fairly, thoroughly and
promptly. All complaints will be acknowledged within two working
days and under normal circumstances investigated and responded
to in 20 working days. You will be kept fully informed of the
discussions and progress. All constructive comments and
suggestions will be considered by the practice team.
Mistakes and misunderstandings can happen. If you are unhappy
with a service you have received and want to make a complaint
please do so as soon as possible after the event that has led to
your dissatisfaction. If you feel happy with the service provided,
pleased with your care or feel the practice staff have done well we
would be delighted to know.
The Patients’ charter along with other useful information regarding the
surgery is available on our website.
Surgery Premises
We will endeavour to keep our surgery buildings well maintained, easy
for you to find your way around, accessible and appropriate to the
needs of our users. Fire exists will be clearly marked and kept clear at
all times and our fire alarms and evacuation drills tested regularly.
Our premises were designed to give easy access and toilet facilities
for disabled people.
If you have any suggestions for improvements to our premises
please let us know.
Please respect other users by keeping passageways and exits
clear at all times.
Patient & Health Information
We will update the information on our notice boards regularly and
provide a wide variety of leaflets and additional information on
healthy lifestyles, common diseases and disorders .We will also
provide appropriate website addresses.
Practice Staff
Staff will be courteous and respectful at all times and endeavour to
help you to the best of their ability, although they may need to refer
you to another member of staff to deal with your enquiry. Practice
staff are trained to be aware of patients with special needs. They
understand that patients are often worried and under stress when
attending or telephoning the surgery.
Please treat our staff with the same courtesy and respect that you
expect to receive from them. If you have any special needs or
disability, please inform reception staff who will do their best to
ensure you receive all the appropriate help.
Practice Information
All new patients will receive a copy of our practice information leaflet
when they register and copies of the information will be displayed in
reception for our existing patients. The information is also available
on our website,
It is important that you arrive for your appointment on time as late
arrivals cause additional waiting time for others. If you arrive more
than ten minutes late you will be asked to re-book your appointment
for another time.
Please read this information carefully – it contains useful information
about the services we provide. If you need to know anything we
have not included, our Receptionists or practice Manager will be
happy to help you.
An appointment is for one person only. If another member of your
family needs to be seen or discussed, more time will be required and
a separate appointment should be made.
For appointments or visits please ring between the hours of 8am and
10am or 2pm and3pm to allow the workload to be prioritised. For
routine matters please ring after 10:30am and 3pm.
Privacy and Confidentiality
The doctors and staff have a legal duty to maintain the highest level
of confidentiality about patient information. However, there may be
occasions when information needs to be shared with others, for
instance to assist with health research, the recording of new births
and the notification of infectious diseases (e.g. meningitis).
Because we are a training practice you may, at times, be asked if
you would mind another doctor or an advanced medical student
sitting in on your consultation. On occasion, patients are asked if
they would mind the consultation being recorded on video as part
of the doctor’s further training. We will, of course, respect your
rights as a patient to refuse such a request. All consultations are
dealt with in the strictest confidence and any videos of consultations
are destroyed as soon as their training purpose is fulfilled.
Under the Data Protection Act we require a patient’s written permission before we can discuss their care or treatment with family
members, guardians, carers or friends. NB This also applies to
patients aged 12-16.
We take the issue of confidentiality very seriously and our patients
can be assured that their medical records and any issues relating
to their health are treated with the greatest respect.
Please try to give as much information about what you need from the
surgery. It is possible that members of the team other than the doctor
and nurse can help you if they know why you are calling.
If we have to call you back we will endeavour to call you at an agreed
To help those people who need an urgent appointment please do not
ask to be seen immediately unless you believe it is really necessary.
If you have booked an appointment and find you cannot keep it please
let us know as soon as possible. We can then make you another
appointment if required and fit someone else into your cancelled
All medicines are expensive and we try as far as possible to avoid
wastage. Money saved on our drug budget can be used on other
types of patient care.
Home visits are available to patients who are housebound or too ill
to come to the surgery. Requests for home visits from a doctor will
be noted immediately after your request has been made and any
details you might have regarding the visit will be recorded at the
same time.
All emergency requests will be passed to a doctor immediately.
Waiting Times
Our surgery and clinics will normally start on time. We aim for you to
be seen within 20 minutes of your appointment time. We will give you
an explanation if we keep you waiting any longer.
Unfortunately it is sometimes difficult in general practice to run to time
as patients being seen before you may present with unforeseen
problems. Patients arriving with an urgent or serious problem will be
seen as a priority. When a doctor is called out to an emergency we
will inform you and offer the option to book an alternative
The GP will book you an appointment sufficient to deal with your
problem. If you arrive more than ten minutes late for your
appointment you will be asked to re-book for another time.
Check with your pharmacist if your medicines are cheaper to buy
directly from them. Please do not overstock or hoard your
Home Visits
We work very hard to provide all our patients with the service they
need. Patients, for good reasons, now see their doctors twice as
often as they used to. It is, therefore, very difficult for us to ensure
that all patients can see their usual doctor on every occasion.
Sometimes it may be more appropriate for a patient to see one of
our nurses who have expertise in certain conditions.
Please use the authorised request slip for repeat prescriptions, if not
re-ordering online. If you have a regular prescription for the same
medicine, please order repeat prescriptions in plenty of time. If you
are asked to see the doctor before a further supply can be issued it
is important that you follow this advice.
If you wish your conversation to be in private please inform
reception staff.
Repeat prescriptions will be available for collection within two
working days of your request when the items requested have been
authorised by your doctor.
If you require a home visit from a doctor please telephone before
10:30am, giving as much detail as possible to enable the doctor to
prioritise and arrange visits. It is better if you can get to the surgery
as there are more facilities for examination and treatment and it
allows the doctor to use their time most efficiently.
We are happy to visit at home when necessary but will not do so as
a matter of routine.
If you are caring for someone who has regular visits or you have
regular visits yourself from any member of our team please inform
us if you or the patient will be going away.
Out of Hours
When the Surgery is closed out of hours services are provided by
NHS 111. NHS 111 will assess you, provide advice and direct you
straight away to the local service that can help you best. NHS 111 is
available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and calls are free, including
from mobiles.
If you are on regular medication you will be given a repeat
prescription slip for ordering more medication. You should tick the
items you want and then put the slip in the box at the surgery.
alternatively you can post the request to us, enclosing a stamped
addressed envelope if you need it returned. You can also request
repeat medications online once you have registered for this service.
From time to time you will need to see your doctor for a review of your
medication. The date for this review is on the repeat slip.
Please use the emergency service for genuine emergencies which
cannot wait until the next surgery