How to: use binleysonline complimentary CCG map – The basics

How to: use binleysonline complimentary CCG map – The basics
Our complimentary interactive CCG map shows the current and proposed commissioning landscape, allowing you to identify
opportunities and plan more effectively.
This is a static map and the information contained within it was up-to-date on the date of publication. If you’re looking for a
dynamic map, one that updates automatically as changes are made, then this is available via a subscription to binleysonline.
Tool Tip
This guide will take you through the basics of how
to navigate the map. We’ve also provided a
useful ‘tool tip’ to guide you through the
functionality of the map (shown opposite).
You can drag, maximise or close this instruction
box at anytime by clicking on the relevant icon in
the top right corner.
Map Legend
The default map legend is colour-coded to
indicate the population covered by each CCG.
The map legend will change depending on the
‘data’ shown within the map.
CCG Points and Regions
Use the Points/Regions button in the top
menu bar to select CCG points or CCG regions.
Click on the map to choose the CCG of
interest. The ‘+’ and ‘-’slider bar in the left of
the map can be used to zoom in and out. Once
a CCG has been selected it will be shaded
orange and display a callout box with the
CCG data.
CCG points
The data for the selected
locality will also be
highlighted in the table on
the left of the map. The table
can be expanded to display a
list of all CCGs alphabetically.
Click a column header to sort
the table ascending/
descending by CCG name or
N.B when viewing CCGs by
region un-tick the
Commissioning Board box in
the map legend to view the
CCG data in the callout box.
CCG regions
Data within the map can be changed by clicking on
the Data button and selecting from the available
Number of GPs
Running cost allowance £m/pa
Commissioning board region
Map showing authorised waves
The Filter button filters the data so that only
geographic features with the selected filter value are
prominent and zooms to the filtered area. Data can
be filtered by:
Map filtered by commissioning board region
Commissioning board region
PCT cluster
Proposed wave
Authorised wave
Pie and bar chart
The number of slices in the pie chart and shading is linked to the legend. The size of each slice is proportional to the number
of geographic features in the corresponding category.
Click a slice to select the corresponding geographic features. A selected slice will be separate from the pie. Hold your mouse
over a slice to display a tool tip with the name of the category and the proportion of geographic features in this category.
You can drag or maximise the pie and bar chart by clicking on the icons in the top right hand corner of the box.
Want to know more?
For more information about CCGs and how to search for them in binleysonline see our guide How to look for clinical
commissioning groups. If you have any questions about how to use the map or to find out more about binleysonline mapping
functionality please contact your account manager or customer services.
For more information call 01268 495600
or email [email protected]
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