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Filling The Room Part II – Sharon Pearson
So hi everybody, this is Sharon Pearson and welcome to our very first inaugural. The one, the
only you can only ever have the first once Trainer’s Academy, Q&A class brought to you live
here from the Middle Park stadium otherwise known as my house. Pleasure to have you all on
the call on this perhaps slightly chilly day in Melbourne, but I’m sure warm everywhere else
wherever you are. Looking forward to helping you as much as I can, what I’ve got on the screen,
you can see is Trainer’s Academy questions and answers. The other thing I have on the screen is,
Becoming the Expert checklist.
So what we can do is go through checklist and you guys can ask questions using the checklist or
bring your own checklist up on your screen and that way we can start helping and you guys can
start modeling, that way you can see a whole bunch of questions at once, and we can help you
guys seek out world class presenters as fast as possible.
The other thing is, next time I run a class tomorrow is going to be on filling the seminar, so make
sure you come to that class or hear the recording, it’s the fourth or the third in a series of
classes I’m running on that. And next week we’ve got a class live with Dale Bowman who is one
of the most successful public speakers in Australia, bestselling author of 13 bestselling books.
He’s going to be live for us next week, and I’ll be Q & A ing him on how he sells his seminars for
his business blueprint over and over again.
I think that maybe I could have the name wrong but I know it’s an outstanding program that’s
getting great reviews all around Australia. So, a lot’s coming up so let’s get started. There is your
checklist or you can use anything you want – you can ask me any question from any part of the
program or anything that’s going on for you. But who’s going to get the betting started and get
some questions going, let’s go. And we’ll go alphabetical, Alison what’s your question? Or if
anyone else has a question go for it, like I said need questions or longest answers, here we go.
Caroline has typed in a long question. Guys keep typing your questions I can keep up. ‘Having
done the ‘how to run a successful workshop program’ which includes metaphors in and out and
format etcetera, at what stage or when do we introduce our story, establish credibility and
authority at the start, the middle or throughout?’
That is an outstanding question, and I must, and I don’t know how to copy that question. But I
need to put it here guys, so the questions Carol is asking is, ‘how – no, at what stage do we intro
our story, establish credibility end of story, I’ll wait for more questions to be typed guys, I can
honestly do several things at once, I am that good. Now, except for spelling, but it’s not a
spelling test, and authority at the start – guy’s great questions coming. Okay, it’s been a great
class all throughout.
All right, allow me to answer this question with a demonstration. I will do a topic for you and I
will do the opening. So, let’s do it Caroline. It’s not a simple question, it is pretty advanced stuff,
and I’ll do basic and then I’ll introduce you to more advanced. And this question by the way, this
belongs in step four of this model, which is How to Present from the Stage. So, if you hear this
Q&A class as a recording and you’re wondering well, where does this fit in, because I thought I
was on the expert part of it?
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Part of it that’s cool, I’m taking Q&A on any par t of the training. All you need to do is go to
section four or segment four or module four on presenting skills, world class presenting skills,
and I will cover this question in even more detail, I’ll do a class on it. Or I will have another Q&A
or a webinar on it. But for now, great questions let’s do it. I’m going to do a topic, I’m at an
event and it’s going to be on one of my favorite topics which is ‘Building a successful Business’.
So, when I get to the front of the room, I’m going to say, good day, I’m going to say hi to
everybody or depending on my mood it might be good day, really. Because I want to establish
myself as somebody who’s being myself off and on stage. So, I want the – a lot of my authority,
a lot of my credibility telling comes from my saneness, whether I’m on stage or off stage. Who
you get is who you get. How I am right now is how I’ll be when I meet you, it’s how I’ll be when
I’m on stage. There is that congruency, really contributes a lot to my credibility.
So, how I’m being my estate and my demeanor is already answering your question, so when
does it begin? It begins from the beginning with how I am being. So, hey everybody, how are
you doing? And some people say, I want to know, how are you guys going? Was – how, was it a
challenge to get here? How is the traffic, I’ll just be chatting. And all, I’m doing is establishing
right now, you know, I’m not going to be one of those speakers who get tough things like, this is
my success and here is my polished car, here is my successful house.
I’m not that trainer so I’m already establishing how I am different to ’the gurus out there’. That’s
also Caroline how I do it, I’m just walking out being myself chatting. I’m ‘caz’ very approachable
and I am curious about them, rather than getting up and being the Sharon Show. So, that’s part
of the beats I’m establishing if you like or the style. And then I might ask some questions. So,
hey I just want to know, I just want to get to know you guys, who here is already in business?
Just give me a show of hands, look around the room don’t look at me, look at them let’s see
how – plenty of people who are in business, good you’re in the right place, because this is a
break for you business success and hints. So, that’s working out nicely.
Who here isn’t in business yet ,but plans to be in their own business in the next one through five
years? Show of hands? So that’s pretty well everybody in the room which is fantastic. We’ll
looking forward to, so, all I’m doing right now is establishing Caroline that I’m relaxed. How I
ride is approachable. How I’m being in my demeanor, this is how I am off and on stage, there is
a congruency there. So, it goes a long way to make credibility and then I’ll just, I’ll start chatting
with them. I actually don’t remember how I chat in breakthrough, I tend to have to be in that
state but it might be.
So, do you know – oh that’s what I do. So does anybody know – this is really me establishing my
credibility, does anybody know why they are here? Yeah, I want to have a better business and
I’ll give you some stuff yeah, but do you know what I’m going to be teaching, and no one knows.
And this is where I – what I do is trade, *talent+ it’s called my magic powers.
So, the room is full of a hundred or so people, no one knows the content, I say, ‘well then why
are you here? You don’t even know what you’re going to be taught and you turned up? What
are you doing here?’ And they tell me, because we’ve heard about your reputation, because we
know you’re really good at business, because I heard you made a million bucks in a month, I
want to know how you do it And they tell me about my credibility.
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Now I know perhaps I don’t know your story, but maybe I don’t have access to that, so I’ll tell
you how you can do it, but that’s how I do it. I have them tell me, convince themselves of why
they’d be in the room with me, because I have these magic powers that they want. It’s almost
like if they’re close enough they can rub the lamp and their magic powers will be them, its
abracadabra stuff. So that’s how I do it, I don’t really introduce myself which is also part of my
setting up my awesomeness if you like.
Please make fun of me saying that I don’t mind I can handle it, and then I’ll just start talking and
chatting about what the layout of the land is going to be, how I give money away for charity, for
them turning up, because I really appreciate that they’re so cool to come out on their own time
on a weekend. I firmly give outstanding value , even though they are not getting paid and you’re
even going to get a copy, that’s how cool I am.
And then I tell them who’ll in audible *07:59+ the games on the weekend, and that will take
probably half an hour and I still haven’t really introduced myself. And then I’ll say about half
hour later, ‘oh and by the way, my name is Sharon Pearson and what I do is I run a couple of
companies, I have a couple of brands you might have heard of, one is the Coaching Institute,
one is a small business academy, between them we do around eight figures every single year
and it’s growing every year.
What I do, I don’t cook I don’t iron, but I don’t garden but I really can do is help you become
millionaires. So, if that’s how you want to ride, then if that’s going to be cool to you, then we
should hang out. So, the way I do it Caroline is so relaxed and laid back and not the way that
perhaps you see out there when you go to a pitch fest or other speaking events, there seems to
be a lot of hurrah about the person often, not always introduce themselves, I deliberately
position myself as us and them a hero storyline where I am downplaying me, but I’m so casually
laid back about my success it almost emphasizes it.
So, that’s my style of doing it. So, yeah it is brilliant thank you for your comment, one word
cheers up, brilliant. So, that’s how I do it, but now I’ve got to show you guys one on one how to
do it, basically what about your word to go story. Okay, so my word to go story, I tend to,
because remember I have gone home for a weekend, I don’t do evening events, and I don’t do
one day events. That isn’t to say you can’t or you shouldn’t.
Dall Beaumont is a very successful one day event, Christopher Hull used to do very successful
evening events. I just, personally I’m not a fan. Because I wonder how much content I can get in
such a short period of time. When I know how much there is to know. For example becoming a
world class presenter is not going to be covered in one evening, which means the only reason
you would be there is to decide whether or not to buy from me more stuff. Whereas I just sit
around a three day event or really I’m a bit lazy, two and a half day event, because I figure even
if you never buy anything from me, I’ve helped you so much that you can still go away and do a
bunch of cool shit on your business, that will really make a difference.
And that’s the feedback I love to get, so the feedback I get all the time from Breakthrough to
business admittedly I have for a while stopped running them, I could do Johnny Phantom, but at
this stage I’m not. And the thing about goodies, you know all I do is your breakthrough event
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didn’t buy anything but man it changed everything in my business. You wouldn’t believe the
results we’re getting.
It’s a free event and I’ve helped people to stash a whole bunch of money into their business, on
rap. So, that’s my thinking Caroline, why I’m relaxed about when my ‘woe to go’ story comes
out. So, I might not tell it, and two would you believe Saturday, the next day is a Friday, I’m just
setting it up, I’m just casual and this cool. You and I know I’m not that cool, but you know, it’s all
part of the character. And then Saturday later in the day when we’re just chatting when the
moment seems to present itself and people, they might be a moment of doubt in the room or
people are realizing how much they’ve got to learn, because the training, the breakthrough, the
event it’s so incredibly challenging. I don’t know how many of you guys have done it but it really
is, wholly dualy, have I got what it takes to get through this free event. It’s not sit back take
notes and bring the coolade, it really is you’ve got to bring your game.
And so just set it out there and I thought, yeah interesting. We’re having this conversation itself
now, well let me share with you. You know, nine years ago and into my story I go, which I’m not
going to do by the way because it’s fully written up in the manual word for word, so in the
expert’s manual. So, Caroline that’s how I do it. I introduce it very late in this game, I’m very
relaxed about it, I only tell the story because I believe it will serve the room at that time. I don’t
just do it because it says on my script, introduce my story now.
But I still have to teach you 101 and there is a system of when to deliver. If you’re ever thinking,
‘oh but what if I don’t know the right time.’ There is a formula for it. So, Karen says, okay so it
really depends on the crowd the topic the training, now that roles, absolutely if you’re ready for
that level. That’s exactly what I’m saying and it’s almost, done also calibrating where they are at.
So it’s not just the crowd it’s where the crowd’s at in their mind and the feeling in the room.
What about your way to go? Yeah, so let’s just stand it, standard would be, you get on the stage
you go hey everybody, welcome to break through the business success. I’m Sharon Pearson I’m
going to be your facilitator this weekend, really looking forward to assisting you, who here is in
business, show of hands, hey slow down this is me just getting through the script. Who here
wants to be or plans to be in their own business the next one to five years, excellent, who here
knows that there is always another level to success, show of hands, absolute.
So, it’s everyone in the room, right you’re in the right place. Is it cool that it’s during – this is me
doing like the script, I’m not reading, I just know the script. Is it cool, it’s this weekend if we get
through a lot of mature really rapidly. It’s a lot to cover. I want to make every single minute
count for you as to being clearly chalk full of value? Says it’s okay, and I get a show of hands if I
move reasonably faster in the chair, is that cool with everyone? Great. Is it cool with everybody
if I’m reasonably blunt? Like I don’t know if you already know me, I don’t know if you’ve
experienced my style of training before, but I do tend to get to the point, I find beating around
the bush a complete waste of your time and mine.
Is it okay, if I just say it the way I believe it is and we have a conversation based on that?
Outstanding, is it okay during the weekend if I can challenge your thinking and I challenge the
strategies and the way you approach business that may as a result of this add to your bottom
line. It’s just you making more money and having that long time freedom you want, excellent,
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fantastic. Let me just share with you Carol, I’m doing this way faster than you would, just run
this at half speed, because it’s a long script.
Is it okay with you if I just share with you a little bit about myself so you’d understand why
perhaps you would list en to me, and want to experience this event this weekend? So, nine
years ago – and insert story here. There you go, that is 101, Caroline, that you’ve set up mission
tell a little about your story and away you go. So, trust that’s useful, happy to accept any
feedback, Caroline can I just get a comment if you got that? Back at you. Good answer, you’re
Okay so we’re moving on, that’s fabulous good to hear. Yes, got a few comments, people are
saying they got it, great, really good to hear. So, a few people have just arrived late, the
question was you can see I’d posted the question here. And what we’re going to be doing guys
for those of you who’ve turned up a little bit late is these – I’m going to write the questions as
you guys ask them, and I’m going to answer the questions. And then when you come to later,
you’re thinking, because there’ll be so many classes that will post to you, which class shall listen
to you. You better got see the questions that are asked at a glance, I will tell you whether it was
worthwhile and also we’re going to transcribe this class so you don’t have to listen to the whole
class to get, to the bits you want.
So, welcome and let’s hear the question. Alison, oh thank you Kevin, that’s fanta– Hey Kevin
fantastic. So Alison’s asking should I do NLP before doing ‘How to run a successful workshop? I
don’t know and I frankly I am not attached to linear learning. I am learning at the moment about
putting a webinar together at the same time I am learning something about, something
completely unrelated on NLP. I am not a linear learner Alison, so I’m probably not the best
person to ask about that. Does anybody else have any thoughts about the sequence at which
you should approach your training?
Does anyone have a strong view for example that NLP should be the pre– course to how to run
a successful workshop, which I think the questions is. Obviously if you locate NLP trainers
training, I highly recommend NLP practitioner before you go to trainers training, but no one’s
typing so I assume no one’s got a strong view either way.
I didn’t do NLP in the workshop Rod, so that’s one person saying, yeah not, won’t make any
difference. Marcela, she does think it’s helpful. ‘I didn’t do NLP in the workshop Rog’. It worked
well for me to do NLP first, either sequence is fine. Kevin says, ‘whoever one’s coming up is the
one you should do’. So, Alison relax, just turn up. ‘I did NLP right before a workshop and it
helped’. Yeah, but there are people who didn’t do it and they’re rocking in their workshop
So, ‘I did trainers first, then NLP they were both powerful I didn’t feel any need to change the
sequence’. ‘So, I hope that answers your question’. ‘I didn’t do NLP and the training was
awesome’. ‘I haven’t done NLP but it’s just at some stage sooner than later’. Caroline I hear you.
NLP explains Milton a little more, so study Milton before you come to class. Doing the workshop
can help her do NLP same difference. Okay, we’re done.
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Moving on, I am – and please thank people when they post all these answers for you. So, yep
you’re welcome Alison, fantastic. So, Ritchie, ‘I am in the process of building my list’. Good for
you, ‘I have realized there is no place to 101 teaching but it’s so slow. I know there is no magic
bullet but can you advise an accelerating the list building’.
I don’t understand what you mean by 101 teaching, darling can you help me out? ‘I’m in the
process of building my list I have realized there is no replacing 101’, you mean teaching to build
your list? You build you list one on one? To a person, I’ve never, I definitely do that, so I can
definitely help you there, if that’s what your saying you do, what do you mean by – Ritchie
needs to be typing, I assume Ritchie is typing, we’re just going to pause.
And in the meantime I can handle another question, Richard Branson and Tim Farrows
presentation in Melbourne is at a pitch fest, hell yes. It isn’t just them, if you look at the ad its
Richard Branson, Tony Robins, Tim Farrows and there’s 12 other presenters. They’re all getting
90 minute slots, they’ve all paid $50,000 to be on this stage, to say they shared the stage with
these people, they’ve already made $2 million to put on the event and yes it is one big yanking
pinch fest. Go get sold to. I love it. Please go. ‘Rather than sending people marketing which
you’re all fun, talking to people gets them straight away.’
You still haven’t answered my question Ritchie, getting them on your list or getting them for a
sale honey, come on help me out. Of course one on one is going to convert for a sale, but are
you saying you build your list one on one, to get them on your list, I need an answer to that
question. ‘Get them for sale’ well, okay. There is a big difference Ritchie, I’m going to leave you
to type your question way more, clarity. Building a list is not the same as making a sale. I need
to know, what you need help with, and if it’s both that’s too big a question. You need to just
break it down a little bit for me I hope that makes sense. I don’t know any other way to do high
versions at the price points we do, then one on one with the consultant. I have a team of five
people to do that for me, which I think is the best leverage time I could ever have.
Are you talking about converting the sale or are you talking about building a list? There is a big
difference you need to help me. So, I’m just going to wait for your question to come back.
Yvonne, oh here we go – rather than . . . yeah Ritchie you need to really be clear which one you
want help with. ‘If we notice the energy in the audience is faltering, how do we get then re–
energized to what is being delivered quickly?/ Yvonne that is such a great question. ‘So, if we
notice the energy is dropping, what do we do to get it back up quickly?’
Great question, so, I actually have a very good answer to this is the deal energy goes down
when there is confusion lack of clarity and lack of a system. That’s it so when they are in a state,
a negative state of confusion when they don’t have the positive state of clarity where they can’t
see where this fits into a system. So as the reason I couldn’t take Ritchie’s question is exactly for
that reason and if he would have gone down, with a piss farting around trying to work out which
one route you wanted to help with, but I’m more than happy to help Ritchie you when she has
got clarity about her question so there is no confusion in the room when I answer it and that
way I manage to stat, that’s an example of that exactly in action.
So energy goes down if there is confusion lack of clarity or no clear place in the system and what
I mean by clear, placement in the system, is your not clearly informed, so you could be deep in
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the house, dead distracted into a commanding string which I’m all for if you see training I’m all
for it I love the value out of the demanding stream in the unexpected bonus content. So when
you come back, you got to go back to why and you got to reengage the audience with why they
are learning what they are learning.
The biggest key you this is to, if you want the audience attention is to say so what this will do for
you is ,what this will mean for you is, the benefit for you doing this is, so let’s say your doing a
demanding stream I’m in audible *21:34+ how to build a business and I have come back I have
noticed that people are getting a little bit restless, they are shuffling papers whatever feedback
says do something, okay, let’s get back on track. So where we were deep in the heart of step
three which is regeneration.
Now let’s just remind ourselves why is it important that we build a list and they start teaching
me which forces reengagement. That’s an example of reengaging quickly. Ask your ends of
questions and the question has got to be something that helps them realize what’s in it for
them. That’s okay Ritchie, your doing great. Ritchie said I’m not a fast typer, absolutely fine, we
are here for you. So how are we doing with answer Yvonne is that helping you with what, is that
the kind of situation you face? I want to help you. Yes help you exactly.
So if I’m not on message give me any other scenario and I will absolutely have an answer or
certainly have a view, but was that the message, just type a Y if I’m on message that’s a great
help okay. We are on message terrific okay well that was an easy question, and when we get to
presenting skills by the way, I will cover in more detail energy management and I will let you
what I will do is I will have my team find an example of where the energy would maybe shift in
room and what I did to bring them back.
Alsions is asking a question, it’s more a logistical question, can you just clarify on module four? I
haven’t written yet darling it’s the, so the modules are Be an Expert which we are now which is
number one and then we just go through the modules. I think next one is Filling the Room. Then
it’s the Logistics of Running Your Event ad then number four is World Presenting Skills and
number 5 is Selling from the Stage. We haven’t got to it yet. I haven’t written it yet, I’m not
writing till November. So when we get to that and you get access to it which is when I have
written it, you will have this and a lot more detail.
Wow this has been very helpful couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong, oh with your energy
thing great, great to have helped. Caroline says so glad you haven’t written it yet with drew my
head in thinking I have risked something. No, I just haven’t typed fast enough. Yeah now nobody
is going to miss anything, there is no way I’m not yelling louder and proud of the amount of
work I’m doing to help you guys. You will know when I write the manual.
Now we are back to Ritchie, let’s see how we go, I need a list of start offs, so I can keep pitching
with new material which then converts them into sales. In a previous webinar you mentioned
about 10% of your list will ever, I will assume never convert to sales. I find that true, so I need a
large enough list to convert into sale. Yes you do, very, very smart, Ritchie, I love your work. I
believe we need to have talk. I actually don’t even know how to write this up as question, okay,
so hang on.
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I’m going to write discussion about list building and subtleties, no and numbers needed for sales
amounts, and conversions. I think that’s the conversions with the conversation we are going to
have thanks Ritchie so let’s give this a go. This is I’m a big believer I’m doing the math , so how
many clients do you want, let’s say, Ritchie how much do you want to earn in a year my darling.
Do you mind if you can just take a number if you don’t want to be, talking about your private
numbers, I totally appreciate, but if you just gives us an idea of you numbers and I will show
how I do the math because this is a great question. ‘Quarter of a million’, okay.
And what’s your price point darling if you sold from the stage what is your price point? ‘For the
year is quarter of a million’ and price points per sale, what’s your average price points? I’ just
waiting for Ritchie to type I’ll be with you guys. At this stage I have it about TKR, so that’s the
challenge I knew you’d put your prices up. I would be very reluctant for you put this amount of
effort into only a 2K price point. This is a very good conversation.
Are you guys up to this? Like is this too advanced or are we actually at the point we can say lets
sell some shit make some money, or ‘you go there’. Don’t just say and don’t mean it though
because I’m going to make go sell some shit after this. So 2K is going to be a real, it’s not looking
at $5 to $12,000 packages says Ian. Alright yeah so the numbers area quite, that’s in the bull
park, 2K real problem with at that price point, because I’m not doing the math faster and it’s to
have a calculator.
I do apologies for math in public I suck. ‘You’d do a 125’ sales, no, no, no, Ritchie can you put
your prices up, what are you selling, what the, no, no, I wouldn’t work that hard for price point.
Ritchie I need you to come back to me, hang on. You know what I’m going to do. I’m going to
take her off silent and I’m going to give her hard time publically, hang on. You there Ritchie,
Hello. She can’t talk damn. Damn this whole having to be in the office and do a day’s work crap.
So guys I’m going to just, I hope Ritchie doesn’t come back to me typing otherwise I want to go
on a limp. 2K is a sucky price. Can I say, thank you for loving my humor at 2K but no, no, I’m
going to say the lowest price point you guys can have, average dollar sale – I’m going to go out
on a limb I’m going to say. I’m going to say ten grand. I was reluctant to tell you guys this, but
you know that’s the truth of it. And I think your ready for it so, just hang on for the ride and let’s
do some math. And now we are going to introduce 31 sales for the year. Oh is that math looking
so much better.
Now let’s keep doing the math at 31 sales in a year with 50 weeks in the year. Let’s say we only
for 48 weeks in the year divide, 31 equals, you are to do 1.54 sales a week – wait it’s less than
that. Someone want to help me? Because math in public I just – I know I will math it up. Yeah I
will get to that Ritchie, help me out guys. Seriously I’m looking like a complete dud here I can’t
do the math. How many sales is it. Oh my god this is when I can do with a co– facilitator. It’s
0.75 of a sale a week, that’s it. So it’s 0.75 of a sale a week, so is everyone following?
So it’s quarter of a million dollars is the goal that we want to make for the first year. Price per
point per sell I’m telling you now needs to be about $8,000 yeah. And so you need to make
about just under a sale a week. And Kevin I’m doing it on 52 weeks honey, I will say it again, I
will do it on 48 weeks. So is my math stacking up or is somebody’s math stacking up because it’s
not my math. Well I know it can be over one sale a week guys because I know that, for Johnnie
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its 31 sales in 48 weeks I know it has to be less. Is everyone getting it, it can’t be over a sale a
week. Stopping telling me its 1.6 sales it’s impossible.
Okay, so, I am going with 0.75, okay Kevin pay attention, 1.5 sales a week on 48 weeks is
$576,000 a year. Please stop telling me it’s over one, it is, 0.75 no more suggestions, I’m going
with this, I’m going to round it up to one sale per week. No more math you guys suck at math,
just stop, you’re worse than I am. Seriously this is just hilarious, I’m not, I’m so not transcribing
that math.
You guys – you can’t be my co– facilitators that was just horrible. Okay Kevin, please do a sad
face, kicking yourself in the ass for being so bad with the math. So, let’s say it’s one – stop doing
math’s guys, one sell per week, Ritchie, what’s your conversion rate? None of these people can
be co– chair in audible (31:02) Ian, I fucking agree, that was just so painful. Ritchie what’s your
conversion rate darling, when you’re in front of them, at a good price point.
Our conversion rate sucks, running at 15– 17%, are you happy to go with ours? Ritchie, yes or no
honey, I just need to get a quick answer. Yeah, but are you happy to go with our conversions
when you get this, that’s around a 15% conversion yes or no? You’re just starting out I expect
you to suck. Ritchie yes or no can we use that conversion it’s a Y or an N, now or I’m moving on.
Okay, so, I’m moving on Ritchie, I’ve just got to keep this class moving.
So, I’m going to work on a 15% conversion as the base. Many companies, so the company I work
with right now to help us, has a conversion so you know of 30%. And this is where I need to talk
with you guys. I want you to get you to this point so I can have a real conversation. Our
conversion in the coaching training niche is only 15%, because and please you need to get this.
We don’t have one market with one problem that they want solved.
We have many different people who want to solve many problems and they’re just inquiring
about whether or not coaching may be good for them. And get this, in our market most of them
including you Ritchie never admit they have a problem when they join us, never. I remember I
am old Ritchie in Sydney I remember meeting with her and this would be true for many of you,
none – can anybody here admit, can tell me if they ever admitted to having a problem before
they joined us in a our coaching program.
It wasn’t all about you want to make a difference, are we a good enough program to get the
credibility you wanted which is what Ritchie’s questions were. Do you guys get the difference
there? Can I just get a couple of comments or an amen so you get where I’m coming from?
Yeah. I’m only getting one yes, come one have a view, true, certainly agree, yeah. Everyone is
exactly the same, so you are very difficult to convert guys. Because you’re coming with no clear
problem, well Ritchie you didn’t tell me your problem was making me join it, you just said you
were questioning our credibility and whether or not we had the goods for you. I remember the
conversation I was there at The Vibe coffee shop.
So, nobody ever comes saying I’ve got a problem and yeah this is just great with their co– ‘I
didn’t even know I had a problem, until I joined the coaching students, thank God I joined’.
Thank you see that’s the truth with nearly all of our market and that’s why this conversion is
actually pretty shit hot. However, if you’re in a market where there is a clear problem, a clear
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problem and you have one solution for their problem, you are looking at a conversion rate
between 30– 80%. Is everyone getting it, the power of this?
So, whilst yes 15% looks very low, you would love 80%, I hear you. Never choose this, because
I’m never in a – I haven’t got into a market properly yet, we’re just starting to now. Where there
is one problem one solution. Now let me give you an example of where this – is existing with
someone that you now and love, Takki Moore. He works with action coaches, many action
coaches, but other business coaches as well who were already a business coach, who want
more clients, who have a mortgage to pay, a family to support the niche is so narrow.
The problem, more clients, the solution sign with in audible (35:17) get more clients. That’s the
only conversation he has. The conversations we had with you guys to enroll you as part of our
coaching programs, are you credentialed? How do you compare to other schools? What are the
number of hours of classes? Does it fit into my lifestyle, do I really need it? Should I just do
nothing? It is just painful, so our conversion, I want to go with our conversion which sucks and
I’m not going to go with the conversion I would expect you guys to have.
And Alison you’re right, it’s about the right niche now, I think we are in a great niche because
we generate the least. Now Ritchie the next step, If we go with our conversion me and we want
to do $250 000 in sales with an average price point of $8,000, I don’t know how to work out this
out guys I’m not asking you, because you’ll just suck more than I do when it comes to math. But
I need to work out what 15 – how many leads I need to get, to do $250,000 and a price point of
$8,000, and I’m just not asking you, because we’d be here for six years and never get it right.
But if someone does know math, please post the answer, but Kevin not you, because man you
I’ve never said that – so do you want to be with me this is the moment where we need to start
humming to ourselves and bear with me. Because I have no idea, you’re welcome Kevin. I’ve no
idea how to work this out. Ritchie jump in at any stage now. Okay, I’ll do it with – yeah, ‘I
worked it out. It’s seven leads a week’. Thanks, Natasha, I got the same answer. So you need
seven leads a week or seven people at your event a week or if you don’t have an event a week,
you can just run one event a month say 30 people per event, per month. Or if you only run one
event every two months, sixty people per event per second month. And that is how you will do
a quarter of a million dollars.
Come back at me Richard, Ritchie what have you got? And this is how I work out my numbers
guys. This is how we do what we do. Ritchie just gave me a good bad and different, I really
appreciate it. Great thanks. It gives me a lot of clarity, beauty. Now has that helped you guys?
So, this is Deidre, how specific I am in my business every day, just so you know I’m doing this
math every single day. I live by the numbers, the numbers are not – it’s not because of the
money I make, it’s a measure of the job we are doing, let me be very clear about that.
I already know how much money, like really the money I make, it’s great. But I don’t think to
think about that, you’re welcome Alison, because what I’m thinking about is, what could we
potentially be doing and why wouldn’t we be living up to our full potential? So, let me show you
some other math, I don’t know how we’re going to transcribe this class, but anyway let’s give
this a go. Some other math for us, so if a TTI and all grants, we get – so this is how you work the
335 Ferrars Street I South Melbourne I VIC I 3205 I Australia | Phone (03) 9690 9400 I Fax (03) 9645 7002 I
math the other day, I expect you to generate more than seven leads a week, by the way using
our systems and modeling our stats. And if you want to know what to do, just see what we do,
just look at what we did, which puts you to, come in and do the programs you’re doing with us.
So, if I teach, I know brands, we do, I know, probably 12 million this year or somewhere around
that, but that’s not what I’m more focused on. What I focus on is how many leads are we
bringing in? The first time we’re bringing a hundred leads a week for TCI core, and by core I
mean accredited training programs – oh shit. Math and spelling. So a hundred leads a week is
15% conversion, it’s 15 conversions a week. Our average price point is $11,000. So, per week
we’re expecting to do around 160 grand core a week.
And Ritchie that’s how we work it out, now that doesn’t include we have been doping at
seminars, is this helpful can we do with this, this is like bogged down and you are just going I
don’t need this, because I hope you realize you need this a lot. Yes love it good, good, this is
gold Ritchie I’m so pleased. Okay, so then I’m going read this on your page because I want to
show how we then work it out. We have two levels of sales, we have three levels of sales we
have full sales which is 160 per week and it’s not always that number that’s where we have
been benchmark it, we then have upgrade sales which come in through, I think that’s 17 k a
week through the team in the office.
So, people just stop going to the diplomas and doing a smart thing getting to better programs
then we have state sales which isn’t a weak number because the events don’t necessarily run
per week, but we would look at state sales of what – actually we have never worked it out but
its per events and we know what numbers we should use per event and those three levels lead
to the sales we do guys and that’s how we work it out.
So just because we are going to seminar presenting doesn’t mean to say you only seminar
present to do it yourself, you should look at and if I had it just picture diagram that you are
feeding the pipeline from not just from prospects, but you feeding from members so you guys
are in this program because of the system. You came in as a full sales Ritchie and I mould you
then – I believe you came in with a diploma which is unfortunate because there is a story why
do better if you came in at third, fourth round prac because then you would have been
upgraded by one of my team in the student support team maybe this is hypothetical and then
as you go to upgrade you come to NLP or to one of my events, you had to learn a successful
workshop and you upgraded it to this program here.
So, those three steps have extended the lifetime value of our clients from a $5000 sell with we
sat for to potentially or around about $55000 the lifetime value of a client is how we look at it
guys and that I believe you know given that I have invested $350,000 in my education I reckon
that’s really cheap, given that you get all my education. So, I trust Ritchie that’s a full answer for
you it’s a really great question. ‘That’s why I enrolled, you talked to me and I wanted to learn
from the masters’ so I remember you are saying that.
I remember you saying that, this is just actually a bargain, yeah I think it is, it’s a good return
yeah, $55,000 in for return and you get a $350,000 extras that $350,000 worth of education I
have no trouble saying that and thinking great value. So how are we going with that guys?
That’s a great question Ritchie and I’m so glad you asked it and I’m loving this opportunity to do
the math with you all. Any other questions about the math before we go to the next question?
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Okay, I need to keep moving you are welcome Ritchie , really great question honey. Okay Ian
you mentioned yesterday about recovering from a bad sell from a stage as in viral plan B on the
day or do you mean before the next event. I’m planning multiple packages available depending
on which the room is ready for which I think you do, Ian that’s a great question. So, I think the
question is how do you plan for contingencies i.e. that offer? Been there done that many times.
Ian how am I doing? Is that – with contingency plan, is it a plan of recovery? Yeah okay, great
So, I have a very low stress approach to it generally, I can’t do a high stress, I can multi task, but
my attitude, my thinking, first let’s start with mindset is well that stuff I’ll do better next time
and Sharon has been back in the room with me enough times to see that, it’s like I will come to
the back room on how to run a successful workshop and go men that sucks, where did I go
wrong, you know what the fuck, excuse my bad language, but it really is like what tha? And yeah
I do Sharon has seen it many times, but I’m not stressing about it. Ian there you changed the
question. I’m going to stay with this question.
That’s my mind set. Yes, I will. The next thing is I will look meta, so I look meta on the big picture
you know was this something about the training in terms of content that Mr. Mark I’ll look at
feedback and listen intently. No, nothing there, do you like course too much overall in the
room? My fault in audible [45:00] you should know better Sharon I will change that next time if I
can. Was the offer unclear? It’s usually the questions I’m asking way before I change the offer,
was the offering unclear in some ways? Did cause confusion? So for example people going to
the back of the room.
Was the offer not a match and then the final and biggest question was the offer not a match to
the room and it tends to be where the problem lies for me that tends to be I don’t change the
stuff up the office that many times and if you see me I had had to a run of success to workshop
you know I really kick ass with that sales presentation. Who was in that last event where I did
the pitch and I pretty much just ordered everyone to the back of the room, was anyone in that
room? Yeah it was fabulous how much fun was that, we were just laughing our heads off, I know
I love, everyone is saying loved it.
We had so much fun, I don’t know everything just came together so the offer are generally, my
office style is usually on, I know it was great, thanks guys, it was great feedback it was fan and
you guys were so much fan.
So, then what I do is I then study and indeed in audible [46:07] to get there and I know a couple
of you fell over and that was fun too, I had a clue of what we were doing, I have done too man I
have ran to the back room so fast they will keep the back table. But the deal is this given all
those questions the final questions the ones that still has the answer, did the offer not match
the room given the amount of thought we have put into that and I’m running classes right now
for you on live and I’m running another one tomorrow and had to fill a seminar room and when
we get to selling from the stage we really are going to be looking closely.
God, we are going to be looking closely at making sure your offer is a match to the room and I
have the arrogance for who was to think that it’s always a match and yet the sells occasionally
has sucked and how to run a successful workshop is the example of that and I know I have
335 Ferrars Street I South Melbourne I VIC I 3205 I Australia | Phone (03) 9690 9400 I Fax (03) 9645 7002 I
spoken like this before guys but it is a great example of how not to do it and for years my offer
was you get, it was a 2,000 price point. I think really cheap, you get two hours of feedback from
me when you are presenting and selling from the stage pitch and very few people took up the
offer I believe its Tuesdays have the arrogance and the ignorance to think it’s one of the best
offers I have ever made, pine with me at $2000 is a joke it really is.
How do they took it, you know we would be down at the back of the room, just scratching our
heads I can remember doing this event going what on earth and that caused me you know other
people saying no I will take it yet the people didn’t do that’s the things thank you. I appreciate
it, I think you should, I think it’s such a good offer and they got everything else, so if you begin
this program you go plus everything else, there was everything you know there was the
recordings, it was the whole transcripts, it was – oh it was just unbelievable.
But this is the deal, you got to get really clear with yourself that what the room, what you think
the room needs and what the room wants are not the same thing and respectfully while some
people do take that offer as in less than 15% and that’s terrible for me that conversion is so low
for me I wanted to stick my head in the sand, my conversion rates now with this How To Run a
Successful Workshop offering this trainers academy is over 80% just to give you comparison.
Was there what the room wants was not to be confronted by me that’s the reality many, I know
some of you are saying I appreciate your comments no, I will buy, I will buy, I will buy I
appreciate that, but you got to remember I have got to appeal to the avatar which is the
majority and not the minority who would welcome that opportunity. So, very wake up moment
is when that happens to you is a wonderful opportunity to learn about what your market really
does value above and beyond what you think they should value and that’s the biggest lesson in
that question.
So, planning for contingencies, not to answer your question directly, but I trust that there is
value in telling you mind set and how I strategically approached this, but I beat myself up about
it you know whatever. But then plan for contingencies I have literally, we with How to Run a
Successful Work Shop and many of you on this course would have been a part of it. Got on the
stage and said I’m making up this program, I think it’s going to be called Trials academy what
would you like to have in it that you would cause it to be a no brainer for you and I literally
made up the offer on the stage with you all and that’s why I think this program is such a success
because you invented the program and that’s how I managed the contingencies where its
offered did fly.
I have done that twice before and its led to my biggest sale to be honest with you, I did it the
other time that I did it was when the first time I teach small business master mind club and I got
in front of the room and I said I have got this – I’m really excited I’m thinking this might be a go
tell me what you think and if it’s any good I will pitch it, but it not I won’t and we will just go to
lunch and I did $350000 in the next 10 minutes. So, in both examples where I have been worked
with the room, listened to the room and shut up, best teachers have ever happened Ian
So, I trust that helps you with how I do this, I have giving you both approaches, the one you do
off stage when you are thinking it through and being strategic and the one you are doing when
you are doing on the fly so I trust that’s a full answer for you, fun questions and then Ian says
it’s helpful yes the mind sense strategic helps that’s absolutely thanks. I was there it was great,
335 Ferrars Street I South Melbourne I VIC I 3205 I Australia | Phone (03) 9690 9400 I Fax (03) 9645 7002 I
but you had credibility to offer and you put it on the fry. He has a very good point. I’m in a
program at the moment that I spend a lot of money on $12,000 and the fame of the celebrity of
the person running the program gets in the way.
And I believe my answer is good because I have that celebrity and I will not do the disservice to
you and ignore the fact that I do have celebrity in my market, I know I’m not know anywhere
else, trust me I’m not sitting here going I’m famous. I just know I feel deliberately celebrity with
my guys, that has been ignored in this program that I’m in and they are saying when you do this,
you do this and I’m going yeah that works for you because you are like super famous with
millions of people. That ain’t going to fly even for me and I’m known really well by tens of
thousands of people.
So, what do people do when they are just starting out, I hear you and I still think the question
can be asked I still believe that when I started out I can remember years ago before I had any
form of celebrity in my niche where I would say because I delivered such fabulous content and
built up such a level of trust and I was the trust advisor that it was totally cool for me to say to
them so I was thinking of putting together something like this can you give me your feedback on
what they – and they were nearly the best market research I ever did in so I had taken on board
what you said and I still believe it flys, if you have got the good swing you are delivering and its
come back, yeap beauty.
Let’s keep going, this are great questions so Tasha, I have my niche as financial planners, but
want to niche it even more to the type of the planner, when a dealer group has 2,000 plus
planners should I build I build up my rep– reputation first and then niche down into one type of
planner? They are used to one training fits all which hasn’t worked should I start a generic big
niche and then go smaller or go small from the beginning? I absolutely have no fucking idea,
none what so ever I have just reached there I have no clue you know better than me in a
moment. Which is interesting because yesterday had someone in the call freaking out, I don’t
know if it was this call or another class I did saying, yeah but what if you flout and you make
mistakes you lose credibility.
Well at this moment if that true I just lost my credibility in touch because I have got nothing. I
personally would do big and then ask questions like I just said to Ian like I’m thinking about and
see if that causes emotional hotness that’s what you are looking for and you will see it in the
room that if you do the what I have just said where you get really specific and they fire up you
know you can go from general to specific enough times to build up your credibility, you market
base your money and then you just become known for the one thing.
I’m making that up because I have only done that in my niche, I can’t know for yours so I trust
that’s cool. She has not come back to me so maybe it’s not, but I’m kidding just got that you are
right it will evolve, yes I think that’s the answer. Again it’s really about you testing it, and then
let’s see what we got Yvonne Sharon having problems at the end of presentations making my
pitch flow when I mentioned selling my products feel like a sales man is not coming naturally.
Okay, that’s an easy one, so no need to write that up, I’m not writing up Natasha’s question
because it’s so specific to her market, but I’m going to write Yvonne’s up which is ‘feeling clunky
at the pitch moment not relaxed and feel – fails I hear’. This is the deal, this is what you are
doing, and we are going to be doing a lot of this when we get to the module which we haven’t
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got to yet guys, we haven’t reached anything, when we get to the module on Selling From
Stage, which is the final module, but I will tell you now so you guys can get on with everything if
you think it’s fantastic.
Yvonne when you got on stage and you have got an evening event or whatever it is, if it’s an
evening event you set it out this way and then I will show you what to do for day or a three day
event .Hi, everybody my name is Sharon Pierson, I’m from blah, blah, and you ask three
questions, is it okay if we go rapidly, you ask permission for your start, you ask permission for
your content and you ask permission for the pitch and these are just three questions.
So, is it okay I have got a star, I have gone recently quickly because we have a lot of material to
cover tonight is it, okay if you go reasonably quickly and I make the power points available to
you because I have a lot to grain, is that okay with you? And then they come back with yes.
Great thank you I appreciate that and also what I want to focus on tonight are a three piece to
insert content here is that going to be valuable to you is that where everyone’s wants to focus
this evening.
Yes fantastic, thank you I appreciate it and is it okay if at the end of the evening if it’s a result of
hearing that content you believe that you want to take this to another level and you would
appreciate a little hand holding if I can share with you a way where that could be made available
to you, would that be okay as well? Yes, they just given you permission for you to sell then you
do your content and then you get to the end and say and as you recall for end content, so great,
thank you.
Now at the beginning of the evening you recall I asked you whether I shared with you if it was
okay with you and then they will go oh yeah I said it was okay so now they have to be okay with
it. Would it be okay if I shared with you for those who believe that this content has been
valuable to you and will make a difference? That if I could share with you a way where we could
take that to another level, accelerate those results and perhaps give you a level of hand holding,
does everyone remember that? Great, thank you.
I want to take minutes now to do exactly that and you go into your pitch, Yvonne has that
clarified it for you and can I bring you off mute to ask you? Yvonne, yes or no, real quick time is
ticking you are going to blow up if you don’t ask me. Alright, I’m going to blow up if you don’t
answer me. Yvonne answer me, wow, so it has moved beautifully done from Natasha great
question, yeah it is great. We will do all these and script it all for you when we get to the
module, I can’t wait for Yvonne I must keep moving, but I felt that was a very cool answer.
Lynne, sorry computer problems, what did you ask, I said was that a cool answer and did that
cover the problems for you my darling? I just need to know Y or N? Hurry up time is ticking we
are out of class time and still have questions. Yes fantastic, when we get to Selling from the
Stage module you will see it a lot more detail. Lynne my key issue was self belief and I got
through that through my learning power to you darling, thank you. Yeah, it was a cool answer
everyone’s coming back saying they like the answer. Yvonne, so Yvonne’s on fire.
Hey Fiona how are you doing? Ian, but what do we do to get 80% conversions to have multiple
levels even free and ups all the time if they are set up in day one? I hear Ian you are spot on you
335 Ferrars Street I South Melbourne I VIC I 3205 I Australia | Phone (03) 9690 9400 I Fax (03) 9645 7002 I
are going to do great. Sharon so given this discussion is it better to go with NLP training prec
master prec which I broader and lower price points to specialize e.g. forward day leadership
development using and hopefully, I’m probably not even stating its NLP base. Sharon that is a
mighty fine question and I’m constantly on the throws of dilemma of the answer to it. So,
should we specialize in NLP or do for example leadership using NLP? Man it’s a great question,
either, either and it really is going to depend on you as a character and who responds best to
you. There is no cookie cutter answer for your question, I don’t have a guarantee to ask for
answer for you it would be really arrogant of me to say do this, I personally went into something
else, I went to coach training NLP was forced on you.
Listen to my language because I knew that was the easiest way to get people love it like I love it,
I made it power of the diplomacy, you didn’t have any damn choice and from there you know
most of you are upgrading to Master prec, in trainers training because you realize this is really
cool. So, Sharon that’s how I did it, there are, we have got a couple of trainers who have over
the years have developed the skills and they have become purely NLP based trainers. Most if
you have noticed it don’t kick it like Lee has like Ted has or like Chris did although Chris
imploded a little bit.
For reasons other than this, so that tells me percentage wise and Karen just doesn’t depend on
her clients that’s just what I just said absolutely. That does with percentage wise, there is a low
percentage of people who actually kick it into the big leagues as an NLP trainer so the questions
you’d ask is who are you attracting? Who wants to work with you? I don’t need the answers
because I’m out of time I got to keep moving. Who do you prefer working with? How much
money do you want to make? Do you want to kick it or do you want to do it on a smaller scale?
And given that all of that and what you are prepared to do you will have your answer, but it can
be it is the best way to grow.
I have seen very, I went into coach training and leadership development in companies and I
used NLP. I did all of that as I built my being known as an NLP trainer, but we still haven’t kicked
it, like we are doing good, we do 100 people per event, but we are doing four events a year I
personally think we should be eight events a year and we should be kicking it even more. So, I
don’t know Sharon and you need to be coming back to me with some comments, I need to be
going, so its like I’m talking to myself right now, so at least be typing yes, I get or I’m off track so
help me out.
So that’s as far as I can go yeah and you are going to need to do some shit, like get that class
together of NLP run it for five people and see what happens, yeah you will come back with the
same thing, alright good stuff. To keep moving and I can’t take any more questions guys and I
would next Q and A allow more time, thanks Jeremy I can see your name automatically, but I
actually have a meeting I have got to go. Someone has flown down to see me from Sidney he is
the new trainer, we are looking and I respectfully will be on time for him otherwise I’d keep
going for hours. So let me just take a couple of more of more questions and I have got to go.
Caroline, ‘is it legal or’, okay clarify here, and disclaimer, I know nothing about legal or financial
advice no one should listen to me I know nothing. ‘Is it illegal to drive when listening to a
webinar?’ Yes it is, ‘how about typing?’ No that’s illegal here you go. ‘I agree that it’s not about
being famous it’s about credibility and authority if they dig you they will follow’, yeah nicely
335 Ferrars Street I South Melbourne I VIC I 3205 I Australia | Phone (03) 9690 9400 I Fax (03) 9645 7002 I
said. Hey Fiona, hey Sharon ‘can you reckon the way to position yourself in your marking
through as an expert in a niche where they are a lot of high profile experts when you are
starting with your offering system?’
Yes I can, but I’m going to need to take your niche because I have no idea what you mean. Fiona
are you there?
Okay what do you mean?
Well you know I have got a system and an offer that I’m about to launch and I’m totally new in
the market place.
What niche?
Relationships, and you know you have got a lot of high profile people in that area so I was just
curious about positioning myself or making the client being an expert or whether I should show
I’m expert without saying I’m an expert.
I think you should start out the way I started out you know I started out up against experts
before I had the coach training school I was just working with small groups of people who were
coaches helping them out. So, I started organically the way I did, I wouldn’t look to position
yourself with any of them I would just look to be so valuable. See they are experts in
relationships but how accessible are they, they are not, I’m not getting in a room with any of
them they are not having two minutes with me, no anyone else.
So, yes there are here, but the lack of accessibility is your complete key to the kingdom and
that’s what I do, I make myself available. There are training schools in the world who teach
people how to become a trainer, but if the sound of the founder of the company getting on the
phone and doing the damn call? No, so my accessibility is a lot of my success, I just did it, love it,
do it. If you have done it you have got the same attitude just start where I started.
I started with just my first group with four people, my next group was 12 I couldn’t believe and I
just got talking to them and have them trusting me, because I was so valuable to them, that
even though they could hook up with Tony Robbins because he was running a lot of events in
Australia at the same time they hang out with me in Personal Development because I was there
I turned out I gave a shit I was in the room with them and I wasn’t doing the mega performance.
You are in is the spec that you can’t compete with them, because you can compete in ways they
could never know whether they want to compete, you are available. Being in the room with
them you are thinking about what relationship experience right now can people get in the room
and be intimate with name one.
I can’t.
You can’t, no one can you can be in personal it’s the same in NLP you can touch Alice, hug Alice
talk with Alice you can buy me coffee we are that available now you think of NLP, in NLP who
else can do? Who else does that none of them and none of this is hard work for me by the way.
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I’m not doing, if I felt I would work I wouldn’t do it, I love it I’m digging it and if I don’t love it I
pull back, you’ve noticed there been time in the school when I haven’t been as available.
But if you have got that attitude about it especially starting out when it’s all new to you and you
are learning so much anyway you want to be in the room with them. Your difference is your
availability and the fact they can hook up with you for real and not just through something
distant and that cannot be underestimated guys to any of you, what do you think?
Okay absolutely, it’s just I’m about to launch on my opt in videos and it was the positioning of
those videos and mailing those videos to people so that they will opt in.
And that’s how you do it, you say just some of my clients just recently and one of the things you
will notice when you come along to one of our events is the intimacy of it and the fact we need
to and then insert that point of difference here and it’s a beautiful them and us statement that’s
just done so gently and it so valuable to Australians particularly. Like their desire to hook up we
are not into the Tony Robins events really like so many Australians it’s a little bit tired for me it’s
almost like a badge of honor to say that.
It really is and I find it really tiring and I don’t agree like I got this for the different experience
and I want to say this but many Australians they want to hook with something intimate and to
be able that we were with you that is your aim that none of them are prepared to do no can do
because it’s a space they are at and I can tell you now Fiona when you see this guys there is no
one new coming through in Australia right now to take that position. There is no one, there has
been, in this one way there was me, Amanda Clarkson, Derail Andrew Grant, Mel Emrie, Del
Bimon and that’s – I don’t want to do him disrespect and not know his name. Pat who Fiona?
I don’t know.
Anybody know this development – Misiky? Yeah Misiky I think that was the name thanks
everybody. That’s it you think of it guys there is no one else coming through the next wave is
June now because we have all been it for decades all of us have been in this for decade plus so
the next wave is ready now and people now have done all of us and are getting tired of us and
everyone is ready for the next wave. So, it’s perfect top do what I have just said so that’s a really
cool answer, go to do that.
Thank you.
You happy with that?
Yes, thank you.
Do that, love it, okay I’m putting you back no mute bye darl, okay love it, I’m coming. Its good be
the next generation guys and I’m not kidding about this that Australia is crying out for the next
generation and you start out by more valuable than we are because you have the time and you
have the inclination because you need the client and then over time over five years you build it
up and you become least available but still present in many different way because the
community you built and the leverage you create for turning it around.
That is the process that you need to go through and Australia is crying for that. Guys I need to
wrap it up, I’m now a little late for my appointment and respectfully I want to serve him and I
335 Ferrars Street I South Melbourne I VIC I 3205 I Australia | Phone (03) 9690 9400 I Fax (03) 9645 7002 I
want to serve you. Now let me ask you a question should we be running another Wanda class
do you think because you guys just ask amazing questions. You guys in for another one? Yes
please, okay it’s overwhelmingly from more people I can count. Okay so we will lock one in very,
very shortly and we will make sure – please keep bringing the great questions your questions
help us can start the program because it’s absolutely telling me where to focus with the classes
that I’m creating for you because I will obviously place emphasis around what you have brought.
Now the other thing is I’m being set up so I can log in to Trainers academy… next couple of
days. Make sure you are there, chatting joining in so we can really get the community on
message to you so that we can help you achieve your goals and I don’t want this to be another
encyclopedia for you, I don’t want to sit on the shelf I want us to really help you be the world
class event as we so desperately need now in the community. I’m going to close with Caroline as
in this side, we in audible *01:09:11+ sometimes over five hours long they are which I think it’s a
little too long, but people obviously, he just stays till they buy Carolyn we so that’s strategies
worth studying.
I have to first – oh Natasha is first, congratulations. I've got to fly guys, you have been so
awesome, so incredibly awesome, I can’t not take my head to talk to you guys, enough with
your questions I didn’t know what to expect didn’t know what to get and I have just been blown
away. So, thank you for serving the community. I will make sure these questions get posted and
then next week I will make sure this class gets posted in the next week, we will make its
transcribed except for the horrible math section get transcribed for you, you can have access to
it and get the questions you want real quick and please keeps the comments coming about what
you want, where you want the emphasis because that’s all I want to give you, that’s all I want to
So, I got to go, have a great day go ahead and hope to seeing you in the event very soon and
actually tomorrow, who is going to come tomorrow? Still in the room, see you tomorrow, bye.
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