Why invest in small caps – and how to invest successfully?

Allianz Global Investors
Why invest in small caps –
and how to invest successfully?
September 2013
Allianz Global Small Cap Equity
Ultra-low nominal interest rates and negative real
interest rates have led many investors in deve­loped
countries to shift their money into equities, which
still offer an attractive potential for real return.
Andrew Neville
Fund manager
When investing in equity markets, most investors
tend to prefer stocks of large companies (“large
caps”, “blue chips”), mostly for liquidity reasons.
Hence, large caps have been more popular. This has
resulted in new historical highs for major equity
indices such as the S&P 500 – which peaked in
August 2013 at a level of 1,709.67. What has largely
gone unnoticed, however, is the equally strong
performance shown by smaller companies (“small
caps”). Indeed, small caps have historically tended
to perform better than large caps, particularly in
times of economic recovery.
Indeed, while large caps tend to be driven by global
macroeconomic trends, the performance of small
caps is more heavily dependent on company-specific
fundamentals and local economic factors. Therefore,
partly repla­cing large caps exposure with an allocation to global small caps may improve the risk-return
profile of a portfolio significantly.
Local knowledge is key
Global small caps are thus blessed with the twin
prospects of high absolute returns as well as
attractive risk-adjusted returns. However, successfully investing in this market segment
requires specialized and scarce capabilities. As
the small cap universe is particularly large and
companies often have strong ties to domestic
markets, dedicated research resources as well as
a local presence are indispensable.
Diversification taken one step further
Global diversification has played an increasingly
important role as part of investors’ strategic asset
allocation, in particular with regard to the management of portfolio risk factors. But as many investors
tend to have a large cap
bias in their portfolios,
global diversification alone
is not enough.
Understand. Act.
Allianz Global Small Cap Equity
Blake Burdine
San Diego
Bjoern Mehrmann
Andrew Neville
Frank Hansen
John McCraw
San Diego
Dennis Lai
Hong Kong
Robert Marren
San Diego
Amanda Su
Hong Kong
Matthew Axline
San Diego
important part of our investment process. This is reflected by
the more than 2,000 company meetings p.a. undertaken by our
small cap experts. Using this local expertise allows us to gain a
structural information advantage.
Allianz Global Small Cap Equity combines the best ideas from our
dedicated and stand-alone regional portfolios in the US, Europe,
Japan and Asia-Pacific (ex Japan). Thus, we are able to offer investors a global portfolio consisting of those companies where our
regional fund managers have the highest conviction.
Koji Nakatsuka
Stephen Lyford
San Diego
Michael Schopf
Matthew Hall
Peter Kraus
Exploiting information inefficiencies
Analyst coverage of small caps is much lower than that of blue
chips. Of the overall 16,000 listed smaller companies in the
world, 5,000 are not covered by a single broker and almost
6,000 are covered by less than 5 brokers. This compares with an
average of 30 analysts covering each stock in the German large
cap index DAX. Hence, the small cap segment is underresearched and characterized by lower information efficiency.
In addition, small cap companies often have strong ties to local
culture, local business practices and local trends, which results
in even higher information barriers in particular for outsiders.
Why is local presence important ?
We strongly believe that local expertise is the key to identifying the
best small companies around the globe. To deeply understand an
investment candidate’s business model, its potential and real value,
it is indispensable to be familiar with the local markets and to
understand their commercial environment.
Local analysts and managers can directly meet with the company
management, and with customers. They thus gain deeper insights
into a company‘s situation, its opportunities and challenges.
Our strategy: Choose locally – invest globally
In the Allianz Global Small Cap Equity fund, we combine the
expertise of four teams of regional small cap experts, who
already successfully manage regional small cap portfolios.
These regional managers are in a much better position to
understand the local challenges of their investments. Consequently, in-depth company research on a local level is the most
Tadano is an example of such a high conviction idea:
This company is the largest manufacturer of cranes and
­aerial work platforms worldwide. Tadano has a significant
market share of 50 % in the Japanese market and 25 % market
share globally. It benefits from the ongoing reconstruction
work in Japan follo­w ing the devastating 2011 earthquake
and tsunami. Growing infrast­r ucture ­projects in emer­ging
countries should further drive its global expansion.
Another interesting investment idea is the French health care
company Sartorius Stedim Biotech. The company is one of
the world‘s leading providers of laboratory and process technologies and equipment, with a focus on the bio-pharma market. It has a strong basis in all growth regions with a share of
20 % of total sales in Asia.
Sub Portfolio
80 – 100 stocks
Sub Portfolio
40 – 45 stocks
Asia Pacific ex Japan
Sub Portfolio
15 – 20 stocks
Global Small Cap Portfolio
155 – 190 stocks
Sub Portfolio
20 – 25 stocks
Allianz Global Small Cap Equity
Portfolio construction: Combining the best picks of our
local experts into one fund
The Allianz Global Small Cap Equity fund is not a reflection of
the ability of any one person or any team – it is a reflection of the
combined abilities of our regional small cap teams who implement their highest conviction ideas within a risk-controlled portfolio framework.
Lead manager Andrew Neville constructs the portfolio and
monitors overall risk. He acts as the sparring partner of the
regional management teams, and an efficient information flow
on investment ideas, portfolio positioning as well as risk exposures is constantly ensured.
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