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Published Weekly.
The Tri-County Chronicle and Cass
City Enterprise consolidated Apr. 20,
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Advertising r a t e s m a d e known on
E n t e r e d as second class m a t t e r
April 27, 1906, a t t h e postoffice at
Cass City, Michigan, under the Act
of Congress of March 3, 1879.
H. F. L E N Z N E R , Publisher.
Henry Sweet had a horse drop dead
on Tuesday.
The Novesta Farmers' Club will
m e e t at the home of Chas. Gooden on
Dan Cross has rented t h e Thomas
Who Makes Paupers? If the Coots place for this year.
Smith Luther lost a valuable horse
Seloon Is Not Guilty
last week.
' S h e r m a n EVans had the misfortune
Who I s ?
to lose a m a r e and colt.
P. A. Donaldson of Gagetown visCounty
poor houses of Michigan
ited at Smith Luther's Sunday.
~ow known
as infirmaries,
J a m e s Grice and Mary Youmans
universal evidence that l'iquor is re- took in the show at Cass City Friday
for more
of night.
F r a n k F a r n u m of Owendale was a
Friday, June 16. Topic for discussion, " W h a t breed of cows is best for
dairy use ?"
Hiram Lester is building a new
road fence on his farm lately p u r - l
chased from E a r n Lester.
Mr. a~d Mr~
Lewis Rofh~,'¢o~,'d
This pap,:~" ~:ep~=ese~ted f0~ fo~e~g~i
~ ....... Thursday of e f f e c t 02 t h e l i c e n s e a n d n o - l i c e n s e
~,.~. ctiiU i ~ l a e , i i l i ~ i l I
i¥1Cht=tll~:~f v l b advertising by the American Press ~, . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
ited the latter's sister, Mrs. Mate
General offices, New last week with relatives at Caro.
systems in individual counties of Howell in Caro Saturday.
York and Chicago. Branches in all
Miss R u b y F u n k left Tuesday morn- Michigan are of little value as ovid.
The classmeeting of Sunshine Shield
the principal cities.
ing for several weeks visit with rela- once. Many inmates of infirmaries Bearers which was held at Ed Burse's
tives at B i r m i n g h a m and D e t r o i t .
are permanent occupants, whose entry was Well attended and all had a good
Miss Martha Coleman is entertain- or exit bears no direct relation to time.
ing her cousin, Miss Wilma Coleman, social conditions. A lapse of years,
possibly of a whole generation, would
of Croswell.
Beautiful weather.
be necessary to produce any radical
F a r m e r s are busy w h e n the weathchange
followd a u g h t e r is visiting the former's parer is fine.
ing the abolition of saloons.
Fine weather.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Neville and Mr. ents, Mr. and Mrs, Wm. Coleman.
son of Mr. and Mrs. Kirton is
Miss Goldie Martin was in Marand Mrs. W. F . . E h l e r s were callers
the authorities and citizens in dry g e t t i n g along nicely.
in Decker Sunday.
counties are unanimous in their
Wesley Gibbons and Homer JohnMiss Gall Sharp of Deford was a
Mr. and Mrs. J o h n H a m i l t o n visitopinion that from the standpoint or son of B i r m i n g h a m called on friends
ed at Ed Phetteplace's Sunday.
the county poor the dry regime is far in Wiekware Sunday.
Mrs. Geo. M a r t i n called on old superior. The other fact is that many
W. H. Davidson of Lexington visE s t h e r Cridland has returned home
counties report officially that about from the hospital.
ited w i t h the f o r m e r ' s sister , M r s . friends at Kingston last Saturday.
H e n r y Atfield of Shabbona visited three-fourths of the poverty which reJoshua Fisher purchased a StudeWin. Auslander, over Sunday.
quires county aid to individual or baker car.
Mrs. Chas. Phillips r e t u r n e d l a s t at Will Atfield's Monday.
Miss Irene Retherford went to Mar- family, is due to the use of alcoholic
week to Cass City.
Monday to spend a few weeks beverages.
Children's Day exercises wilt be
Official statements written by su"I thought 3;ou told me Ella and
held a t the M. E. church J u n e 18 at
The W. C. T. U. meeting held at perintendents of the poor include the Sophy were on good terms."
"W'ell, aren't they?'"
Jessie McLe]lan s p e n t Sunday a t the home of Mrs. Grover P r a t t last
"This county is in the dry column,
week Thursday was well attended.
"I heard Sophy ask Ella before the
her home.
A report of the county convention and we find that while the cost or whole sociable to stretch a new pair of
W. H. V a n N o r m a n is the possessor
was given by the reporting delegate everything is much higher, the s u p ~ i gloves for her."--Baltimore American.
of a fine new b u g g y purchased of J.
and an interesting program given. visors are not called upon to furniMi
P. Neville Monday.
us more money now than they did
Not Good a¢ That.
One new m e m b e r obtained.
Olive Bates is all smiles over rewhile the county was w e t . " ~ C . C.
is as good as his word."
ceiving her eighth g r a d e diploma.
Hallenbeck, Eaton County.
"Yes, but he uses such shocking bad
We are pleased to see Earl Cham" W e are pleased to inform you that language."--St. Louis Post Dispatch.
bers out again a f t e r his long illness
there are so few cases in this county
and wish him a v e r y speedy recovery.
Miss Lela McLellan is home for her which are receiving relief that have
:Mr. and Mrs. Win. Auslander and
Mrs. Auslander's m o t h e r , sister and
Miss Johanna McRae is having a we have a clear slate,
b r o t h e r auteed to Richmondville Sun- weeks' vacation and is spending p a r t and expect to remain
SOo"~O. Oo
day to visit their sister and daughter, of the time in Detroit with friends. Frick, Oseoda County.
Mrs. D. F. Robinson, and family.
Miss J a n e t McLellan will be home
"Midland County has been dry eight
Is a Better Guide Than
Chas. Sharrard, A l t h a Chapman, for a few days the last of the week years and people like it. Two old
N o r m a n Wait, Hazel Robinson and and will t h e n go bo the east for a timers is all we have left in the
Instinct When Buying ""
Olive Bates were successful in pass- short time.
county h o m e whose condition is due
~ng the eighth g r a d e examination.
Mr. a n d Mrs. Howard Sherman left to drink". ~ K. MeKay, Midland
The t h r e e last n a m e d have attended Tuesday evening for Edison, Ohio, County.
the Shabbona school.
w h e r e Mr. Sherman wilt take charge
Confidential s t a t e m e n t s to the" s a m e
is more
Mr. and Mrs. Herb E h l e r s and son of the butter m a k i n g part of a large effect, are as follows: Drink is the
widespread today than
of Decker dined w i t h t h e i r mother, creamery.
almost universal cause of poverty
ever before.
Mrs. Geo. Gotham, Sunday.
The social g a t h e r i n g at the h o m e While for temporary a s s i s t a n c e it is
years ago much buying was
Mrs. Robt. Coulter and children o f Mr. and Mrs. Geo. McIntyre last probably the main factor in at lea,st
done by instinct--done in a
spent Sunday with Loren Weeks and Saturday evening as a farewell p a r t y one half the eases. In my best judghaphazard way that is a
for Mr. and Mrs. Sherman was large- ment about 50 per cent of poverty in I
thing of the past like the
Ona Foote of A r g y l e visited her ly attended and a good time reported. this county can be attributed to the i
spinning wheel and the talbrother, Clayton Foote, and family The music of the evening was en- use of drink if not more. I n fact,
low candle.
,crime we have can be I
joyed by all and elegant lunch served.
last week.
Your grandmother trusted
laid to the same cause,
largely to luck--ym~ depend
Mr. and Mrs. Asa McGregory were Alex McLellan presented t h e g i f t s
"I am quite sure that three-fourths
on knowledge when it comes
guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. Mudge of given by t h e community with approp r i a t e remarks.
at least are caused by the liquor
to spending money. What
Cass City Thursday.
causes the diffe~ence? AdMr. and Mrs. Jones of near Ponti- traffic".
~ r . and Mrs. P e t e r K r i t z m a n were
ac t o g e t h e r with Mrs. Parker of DeFollowing are a few .more definite
Sunday callers at Dan Leslie's.
Publicity has revolutionized
ford are visiting" friends and relatives statements:
Monday, June 5, r e m i n d e d us of the
It has increased
Alger County: "About 75 per cent.:°'
cyclone which passed t h r o u g h two here for a few days.
business honesty, has advancD.
miles south of h e r e eleven years ago.
ed business ethics and has
from liquor directly or indirect- i
Black and purple caps do not prom- Mich., succeeds Mr. Sherman as but- cent
ended slipshod methods.
t e r m a k e r at the Greenleaf creamery. ly."
ise a v e r y good crop in this vicinity,
To gain the advantage of
Huron County:
"Most of the inMrs.
Chrism a n y of the bushes h a v i n g been w i n these changed conditions you
ty spent Sunday evening with John
ter killed.
must have knowledge. You
come to the institution because of in.
must know values• You can
Mrs. H. McLaren of Marlette s vis- McCallum's.
temperance and the use of liquor."
A little daughter came to the home
learn them only by studying
iting at the Henry Phillips home.
5Iason County:
"35 per cent di.
of Kenneth McRae's last Thursday.
advertising. In no other way
rectly and 20 per cent indirectly, or
can you learn what is best
55 per cent of all poverty in our court.
and w h a t the best is worth.
ty is caused by alcoholic drink."
Iron County: "Ten years a,s poor
TOWN LINE. commissioner
Miss Hazel Carson and Geo. Ricker
leads me to say that
and Guy Eailey a t t e n d e d the Sunday
K e n n e t h Auten, Orville and Preston fully 95 per cent of male inmates at
School convention a t Bad Axe Thursour county farm have come here
day and Friday.
K a r r are having the measIes.
Equip yourself with the
either directly or indirectly because
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Evans visited. of liquor."
Mrs. Dan Chisholm entertained
knowledge necessary for ecoSunday, Mr. and Mrs. A n g u s Craw- their aunt, Mrs. J. Allen, one day last
nomical buying. If you have
Kent County" O f 500
ford and family of Gagetown.
money to spend you owe this
helped during the year ending Ma~,ch
to yourself and to those for
Mrs. C. Younglove of Clifford 1, 1916, liquor was the direct as.use
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Rieker and
Mr. "and Mrs. A. O. Wood and f a m i l y came Saturday to he?p care for h e r of poverty in t w e n t y five families and
_ whom you buy.
were callers at the Chas. Ross home nephew, who has been quite sick with an indirect cause in fifty-three famiSunday.
the m e a s l e s .
lies. Of 108 persons in Kent County
Guy and Lee Irwin of Cass City
Mr. a n d Mrs. C. Hutchinson of Ca- Detention Hospital last year, at least
spent Sunday with their parents, Mr. ro visited ,their d a u g h t e r , Mrs. Win.
ante. In Kent County Home were
and Mrs. Thos. Irwin.
Simmons, Sunday.
Howard Dyhse l e f t ~or Saginaw
Mis. J. Martin of Gagetown visit- 136 persons, of whom 85 per cent can
I[ you Want to buy o r
Monday where he will t a k e treatment ed a t the E. A. Livingstan home orm easily be traced to intemperance as a
direct cause."~L. De Payter.
for his eye.
da'y last week.
"To the best of my judgment, I
sell, farm or residence
~ i s s Elva Burton s p e n t Thursday
Mrs. A. Coon, who went to Detroit
call and see
and F r i d a y i n Cass City w i t h her for an operation, is doing finely and
poverty is cairned by alcoholism.' It
friend, M i s s Lena Rice.
J is expected home this week.
wo~l~i be a number of years after its
Miss Edith Evans is home a f t e r passage before we couid get the full
The Chronicle, one year, $1.
spending a week in Cass City. She
of state wide prohibition. The
will sew at the H. McConkey and M. benefit
effects o f the past years would stay
Carolan homes this week.
with us until the rising generation
O f f i c e w i t h I. A. Fritz, Dentist,
Children's Day a t the Elmwood took it~ place".~V. H. Billings.
Montmorency County:
"Four of
Baptist church J u n e 11. Everybody
the six men in our poor house were
Mr. and ~Mrs. E. A. Livingston vis- forced t o c o m e h e r e on account of
ited at Win. Ewatd's home Sunday.
Oakland County: "70 per cent or
Little Wesley Bingham, who has
been quite sick, is slowly improving. more of the cases here are due to
drink. We are going through the
H e n r y Anker is driving a new second dry time and we find it helps
Moon ear.
very much. I hope for state wide
Mrs. Isaac Thane, jr., is sick in b e d .
Oscar GUild's children have t h e
Jacob Meredith, daughter, Minnie,
of Argyle, and Mr. Webb of Sandus- measles.
ky were pleasant callers in town SunMrs. C. D. A n d r e w s and Miss Adday.
idle Cross called on Mrs. Ervin C r o s s
The Misses Clara Gibbard and H a r - I and young son Saturday afternoon.
riett Trollope accompanied by A l m e r .I Mr. and Mrs. Smith Hutchinson
Davis and Williard U d a h of Brown I and Mr. and Mrs. David H u t c h i n s o n
City autoed to Ubly, Bad Axe and and daughter of Caos City called a t
Cass City Sunday.
t h e home of J a m e s Hutchinson Sun[day evenin~o
turned to i,heir home in P~. Huron
•ur. and lurs. ]~ert P e r r y and
last W e d n e s d a y a f t e r visiting rela- daughter, Dorothy, spent Sunday i n
tives here.
Caro at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
M. E. Ladies Aid will m e e t with Geo. Aldrich.
Mrs. Samuel Robinson Wednesday.
Alfred Andress had a valuable
horse injured in a collision with a n
Your Printing on Time.
auto Sunday evening. The a n i m a l ' s
When we promise .work at a certain leg was broken and it had to be killed°
time we mean w h a t we say. The
Chronicle Printery.
The Chronicle, one year, one dollar.
dl E
Cass City Bank
of I. B. AUTEN
Established 1882
Pays 4
Q u a r t e r l y interes~ on certificate
of deposit.
Money to lo~n on ReM E s t a t e .
G. A. TINDALN, Cashier
M. B. AUTEN, Asst. Cashier.
Mr. and Mrs. Vernal Lloyd and sou
spent Sunday at Cass City.
Mrs. John ~IcDonald and daughter,
Florence, expect to leave today (Nonday~ for Missd~ri and Colorado to
spend the summer.
Mrs. Roy Stafford entertained the
W. C. T. U. at her home Tuesday afternoon.
Daniel Thompson, who has been
quite ill with pneumonia, is slowly
Mrs. Geo. O'Neil of Traverse City
is visiting her brother, Daniel Thompson, and niece, Mrs. C. E. Williamson.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Streeter of
Cass City visited at the Vernal Lloyd
home last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Wallace and son,
Lee, returned home from Detroit last
Thursday where they were spending
a few days.
Miss Alminda
a number
of her friends at her home
Cooley has finished building a new silo on his farm.
House cleaning is the order of the
HOW TO (]ROW O 0 0 D
MICHIGAN LITTLE P E A B E A N is the Pride of the n a t i o n - - n o t
too b i g ~ n o t too s m a l l - - j u s t r i g h t in size--~vaI and containing beneath its white enameled coat a skin full of nutrition t h a t feeds the
Brain and Body so completely and satisfactorily, w h e n properly prepared, t h a t he who eats thereof wilt w a n t to eat again. Food for the
laboring m a n - - f o o d for the b r a i n - w o r k e r ~ t h e eating thereof, satisfies t h e demand for meat, and saves the pocketbook, for, let it be
known that this Little Bean contains Ten times the nutrition as does
Veal or S t e a k for the same i n v e s t m e n t of money.
China and Japan, Austria and Italy, California with her varieties
and Colorado with her Pintos, have tried in vain to w r e s t from Michigan the trade for Beans, but the ~anner of Beans refuses to be hoodwinked and now Europe has acknowledged t h r o u g h her orders for Michigan beans tliat no Bean in the world cooks so evenly, contains so
much nutrition, retains the n u t t y flavor like Michigan's Little Pea
A bit of the history of Michigan Bean I n d u s t r y shows t h a t ten
years ago may 3 ~ to 4 million bushels were g r o w n - - t o d a y , a normal
crop of 7 million bushels is marketed.
Europe's g r e a t e s t Bean
Authority, Mr. Paul Sti'aus of Budapest, Austria, says t h a t for three
years after this war is over, Europe will be obliged to continue importing our Beans, and meantime, t h e superior quality of Michigan's
Beans wilt have so impressed itself upon Europe, t h a t we shall have
trade for ten million bushels of Michigan Beans at a good price.
Please bear in mind, t h a t in no other section known in the world, do
the same conditions of soil and climate abound as in this Great Lake
region, and these conditions only will produce Beans w i t h the desired
physical composition and flavor.
Millions upon millions of cans of beans are going to England,
France, Greece, Belgium, and the Scandinavian countries where never
before were tasted "Yankee Pork and Beans." These nations will continue the "Bean Habit" during the war, and when the last gun has
fired its deadly shot, and Peace again covers Europe, when the millions of soldiers have returned to peaceful industry, the t a s t e for the
only real Baked Bean they have ever eaten will linger, and be made
a necessity in the home Bill of Fare.
Michigan f a r m e r s must not let up on the production of thdonly single crop of which they hold the World's m o n o p o l y - - b e p a t r i o t i c ~ t o
y, urself, your family, your S t a t e - - s t a y in the g a m e - - a n d help raise
a ten million bushel crop this year to feed the W o r l d .
A few practical hints are given to show how beans have been
grown the most s u c c e s s f u l l y : ~
S O I L : ~ A n rich, well-drained sod land, will g r o w good b e a n s ~
the better the soil, the better the results. Good beans are grown on
Sandy, Sandy-loam, Clay or Muck-mixed-clay Soil, but good drainage
is necessary.
P R E P A R A T I O N : - - F a l l or early Spring deep plowing, discing
thoroughly each way in the Spring; rolling and d r a g g i n g and rolling
again to level up. The more thorough the cultivation, the better results. An eleven hoe drill with enough alternate drills plugged so the
r o w s will be 28 inches apart, drill set for 1 inch to 2 inches deep, and
to plant 3 pecks, or 45 pounds Per acre.
F E R T I L I Z E R :--Avoid barnyard manure if bean pods and straw
were fed the stock, as any disease in t h a t crop will be carried into
the soil and infect the growing c r o p - - u s e liberal proportions of
Phosphoric Acid; about 2 per cent A m m o n i a and, if obtainable, 2 to
4 per cent Potash.
S E E D : ~ U n i f o r m , prolific Seed, as free from disease as possible,
carefully hand-picked. F a r m e r s are urged to select their own seed
plants possessing these virtues from each year's g r o w i n g crop. If
not, then buy your seed from your reliable Bean D e a l e r - - N o treatm e n t can be given the seed.
C U L T I V A T I N G : ~ A week after planting run over the field with
a light drag to cut out the weeds, and stir up the ground for the little
g r o w i n g plant, no h a r m can follow. On land t h a t has been properly
prepared, a couple of cultivations with corn or single row cultivator
will be enough. Don't cultivate a f t e r b e a n s are in blossom, nor while
the dew is on, nor with the plant w e t and damp---to avoid damage
by knocking off the blossoms, or s p r e a d i n g any disease.
I t A R V E S T I N G : ~ H a n d . p u l l i n g of
bean H a r v e s t e r ~ B e sure your beans are
- - t h e y must cure m the field and in the
mould. Under no circumstances t h r e s h
small patches, or a regular
dry before t a k i n g from the field
straw. If stacked w e t they will
the beans unless t h e y are well
YOUR M O N E Y : ~ W e l l , buy an automobile---send the boy or girl
to college, buy another farm, build a better h o u s e ~ o f course your
beans paid off th e mortgage years ago.
R E M A R K S : ~ M i e h i g a n Beans have lifted more mortgages, built
better buildings, bought more automobiles, given the boys and girls
better education and p u t more Michigan F a r m e r s on their feet, than
any other crop---get into the g a m e ~ r a i s e Beans and be Happy and
Success is yours. We have a stock of Northern Grown Seed Beans.
We are always in the market to buy these
beans. We have a few bags northern
grown seed. Some good 1914 seed beans.
Tom May Works for the Drys
Tom 5Iay of Detroit, noted in may
states as the leading
~{ichigan, has been added to the stag
of the Michigan
Dry Campaign
his services were
sought by the !iqour dealers, Mr. May
financial sacrifice, accepted a proposal
made to him by the dry workers.
The cartoon is one of the greatest
features of the (lay; every
modern newspaper
uses it in some
form. It carries an appeal to the
reader which
often strikes
more quickly and deeper than
of argument.
If you want either a Vibrating Shuttle, Rotar~
Shuttle or ~.~ingle:Threa~d*[ Ch~in ~titch]
publishers are glad to use cartoons
Sewing Machine w~te t0
whei~ they decline to ~ocept special
pleas :put in other forms.
OPange, ~as~
~here is no doubt that the Tom May
M a n y s e w i n g m a c h i n e s are m a d e to sell r e g a r d l e s s o~
q u a l i t y , tJut t h e ~-~e~v" ~ - ] [ o n l e is m a d e to w e a r .
cartoons whieh
will begin
O u r g u a r a n t y n e q e r run's out.
soon after May !st., ~ill become
Sit.In_by authorized dealeru onl:Fo
of the ~t~iking features Qf the cax~.
. . . . . . . . . . :~__~..J C. D. S T R I F F L E R , Agt., Cass City.
Push Cass City
But if ye be a booster don't forget to push what little
home industry you have.
Heller's Home=made Bread •
Is Worth Pushing
and a 10c loaf will make you a booster. If your grocer
handles our bread, he gets it flesh every day. If you
can't get it from him call us up; we deliver by the union