How to call an SAP BAPI in QlikView

How to call an SAP BAPI
in QlikView
We start the Xtract QV Designer. Click Connect (1) to connect to
the local Xtract QV Server. Click New (2) to create a new
Extraction. Enter a name (3) Select RFC function module or BAPI
as extraction type (4) Click Ok to continue.
In the Xtract Connection Manager fill in the logon credentials (1)
and host information (2)
Test the Connection (3)
and Click OK to confirm (4)
The Data Source dialog opens
open the Look Up dialog (1)
Fill in the BAPI name (2) Click to search the BAPI(3)
Select your BAPI (1)
Click OK to confirm the selection (2)
The Import, Export and Table parameters are retrieved from SAP
and displayed in the dialog.
Scalar import parameters can be entered with a static value (1)
or with an variable (2)
Tables can be sent to or can be extracted from the
function module / BAPI. We want to output of the “EMPLOYEE_LIST”
table. Set the Output Type of the table to Pipeline (1)
Click OK to go back to the Designer Main Screen (1)
Right click on the extraction and select Copy QV Script to generate
the ready-to-use QlikView script into the clipboard (1)
Start QlikView and create a new document.
Open the Script Editor (1)
Paste the QlikView Script from the clipboard
into the main area by pressing Ctrl + V (1)
enter a QlikView variable name $(LastNameSearchK) (2)
Click OK to exit the Script Editor (3)
Now we have to create an Input Box to set the value of the
variable LastNameSearchK. Create an Input Box (1)
Enter a title for the Input Box (1) Click on New Variable (2)
Enter the Variable name (3)
Click OK to Create Input Box(4)
Run the script (1)
After successful loading create a Table Box dialog(2)
Add fields to the Table Box (3)
Click OK to close the dialog (4)
Enter a value for the variable into the Input Box (1)
Click on Reload Script (2)
Enjoy the result…
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