How to Submit an Application Dan Fees CAA California Aikido

Dan Fees CAA
written 6/18/2013
Processing deadlines are:
March 15th
June 15th
September 15th
October 15th - for Recommendation Ranks from the Division Heads
December 15th
Fees of $35 are charged for the following items:
New or replacement yudansha books and Aikikai membership cards
Replacement dan certificate
Checks should be made payable to:
California Aikido Association or CAA
Send Applications and checks...
...for Division 1 to:
Patricia Hendricks
Aikido of San Leandro
1033 MacArthur Blvd
San Leandro, CA 94577
...for Division 2 and 3 to:
Adrianne Wonnacott
California Aikido Association
751 Laurel St #513
San Carlos, CA 94070
How to Submit an Application
Minimum requirements are as follows:
Shodan: 200 days and 1 year since ikkyu, 15 years old minimum
Nidan: 360 days and two years since shodan
Sandan: 540 days and three years since nidan
Yondan: 800 days and four years since sandan
One day of training is defined as one day regardless of the number of
times trained in that single day. The years in grade are counted from the
date of registration of the last rank, not the test date.
Applications for nidan and above must be submitted with a yudansha
book showing evidence of seminar/camp attendance. If the book has been
lost, please submit a list of seminars/camps along with a completed
replacement form. An additional $35.00 should be added to cover the cost
of replacement.
Payment may be submitted by check, money order or PayPal. Bounced
checks are subject to a $25 fee. Full payment must be received before the
application will be processed.
Applications will not be processed for dojos that are delinquent in their
membership fees.
Dojo cho responsibilities:
1 The dojo cho is responsible for checking application(s) prior to submission
for completeness and correct information. Incomplete applications will
be returned.
2 The dojo cho is responsible for providing an accurate mailing address.
Please send a notice with the applications if your mailing address has
changed. Any additional fees incurred due to incorrect address will be the
responsibility of the dojo cho.
3 The dojo cho will be contacted when certificates are mailed out and a
tracking number will be provided. Please report lost packages to the
Administrative Assistant ASAP.
Contact information for questions:
Adrianne Wonnacott
CAA Administrative Assistant
Phone: 650-585-4618
E-Mail: [email protected]
Cyndy Hayashi
CAA Administrator
Phone: 650-888-9780
E-Mail: [email protected]