NSD1325 How to Integrate Citrix Access Gateway 5.x With One... Server  Fact Situation

NSD1325 How to Integrate Citrix Access Gateway 5.x With One Time Password
Server Fact
Nordic Edge One Time Password Server 3.x
Citrix Access Gateway 5.x (VPX)
Two-factor authentication when sign in via Citrix Access Gateway 5.x (VPX)
This document will show how to integrate Citrix Access Gateway 5.x (VPX) with Nordic Edge One Time
Password Server.
Citrix Access Gateway configuration
-Login to Access Gateway Management
-Go to Management
-Under Access Control choose Authentication Profiles
-To configure an authentication profile for One Time Password Server, click Add and RADIUS
-Enter a Profile Name
-Under RADIUS Servers, click New
-Server: OTP server IP-address
-Shared secret: Enter a shared secret (Must match shared secret in OTP server)
-Port: choose a RADIUS port number (Make sure that same port is used in OTP server)
-Go to Logon Points and click New
-Enter a Name
-Under Authentication Profiles choose the profile created above (OTP Server)
One Time Password Configuration
-Start OTPConfigurator
-Under RADIUS choose same port (1812) as in Access Gateway configuration
-Databases, if there is no database, create a new one (sample a LDAP Database)
-Enter the credentials to the LDAP directory -Create a new RADIUS client
-Enter a Client Display Name
-Enter the IP-address to the Access Gateway server
-Make sure that shared secret match the shared secret in the Access Gateway configuration
-Supports RADIUS Access-Challenge should be used
If the Access Gateway is configured to authenticate with Web Interface, our integration module for
Citrix XenApp Web Interface 5.4 should be used instead.