How to apply. A

How to apply.
Rates from as little as 4%
A 1.5% arrangement fee will be payable
on acceptance of any loan offer.
To be eligible, your organisation must
be a member of WCVA. In all, there is
£30m in the loan fund to be released
over 5 years at £6m annually.
A foundation for your success
Rates are negotiable on a case-by-case
basis, but typically will be Base Rate plus
2.25% with a minimum rate of 4%. Fixed
rates are available for up to five years.
Generally, a loan offer will be made
up to the value of 75% of the property,
but greater loan-to-values (LTVs) will
be considered where there is sufficient
security. Repayment periods of up to 30
years are available.
Next steps
We’ve done everything we can to make
the application and funding procedure
as simple as possible by using our
professional legal team and advisers
from WCVA. This way we can reduce
costs for you, simplify the process
and assist in collaboration between
organisations seeking to work together.
for your
If you believe your organisation could benefit, start the application process
by contacting the WCVA Helpdesk on 0800 2888 329 or email [email protected]
I will be delighted to discuss any
of your banking requirements
so please contact me
t: 0345 155 3355
e: [email protected]
Jon Field
Unity Trust Bank plc,
PO Box 401, Cardiff, CF11 1LE
T: 029 2064 4422
M:07885 843 682
E: [email protected]
Loans from £250,000 to £5,000,000
for third sector organisations
From Unity Trust Bank in partnership with WCVA
If you’d like to find out how banking with Unity could help your organisation
achieve more, call us:
Awarded 5 stars for our
Charity Current Account
Awarded 5 stars for our Small
Organisation Custom Account
Highly Commended
Best Charity Account Provider
Awarded Bronze by
Investors in People 2012
Unity Trust Bank is authorised and regulated by the FSA and is entered in the FSA’s register under number 204570. Registered Office: Nine Brindleyplace, Birmingham, B1 2HB.
Registered in England and Wales no. 1713124. Calls are recorded and may be monitored for security, quality and monitoring purposes. UTB322 / November 2012
Wales Council for Voluntary Action, registered charity number 218093, company limited by guarantee 425299
t: 0345 155 3355
e: [email protected]
The help you need to make a difference.
Because everyone
needs a little help.
How would you like to give
your organisation a muchwelcome injection of funds
to help with a new building
project or as part of a
shared initiative with another
similar organisation? Now,
with a competitively-priced
loan from Unity Trust Bank
in partnership with WCVA
(Wales Council for Voluntary
Action) you can.
We’re currently accepting applications
from charities and voluntary organisations
for loans ranging from £250,000 to £5m,
giving you the opportunity to invest in
your building infrastructure and cut your
rent, leasing and services costs. It could
even help your cashflow if you are able to
let out unused space. Ultimately, a loan
from us gives you the freedom to redirect
that money toward delivering better
services to the people you support.
A shared vision
Here, at Unity Trust Bank, we understand
the issues faced by voluntary organisations,
especially in times like this. That’s why,
working in partnership with WCVA, we
hope that this loan fund will make it
easier for charitable organisations to work
together to cut costs and share resources.
The new fund has received the
backing of the Welsh Government.
Local Government and Communities
Minister, Carl Sargeant added:
“ Third sector organisations are
responding to the needs of Welsh
communities and delivering essential
public services that are used by
people across Wales every day.
“ I am delighted to see the third sector
finding new ways of financing its
work. The significant finance that
this new initiative will make available
to organisations across Wales
is very welcome.”
Unity loan sees youth media
factory fizzing with energy.
Tom Jones, the Stereophonics, US X Factor host Steve
Jones and many more music and media stars have played
or presented at Wales’s iconic studios - The Pop Factory
– over the last 12 years. Now, the charity Valleys Kids has
bought the venue with a loan from Unity Trust Bank in
partnership with WCVA and is turning it into a bustling
hub for disadvantaged local young people who want to
train in media and music.
The 34-year-old charity has taken out a
25- year loan of £395,000 to consolidate
existing loans and save vital funds. As
well as creating the media training hub at
the legendary factory, the loan will help
develop a residential centre in Wales’
Gower area.
Richard Morgan, Funding Director at
Valleys Kids, says: “The factory is
important because it allows us to provide
excellent, first-hand support to young
people who want careers in the cultural
and media industries. It’s about giving
young people a chance.”
Carl Sargeant,
Local Government and
Communities Minister
Carl Sargeant,
Local Government and
Communities Minister
Case Study
Every year, thousands of young people
keen to develop their skills will come to
the former Corona fizzy drinks factory for
courses and to gain real work experience
with bands, TV producers and others.
“ Alongside our own support for the third sector this fund will not only support its sustainability and
safeguard services, but also boost local economies across Wales.”
Richard continues, “We already banked
with Unity and know that they’re much
easier to deal with than a normal bank,
but we were pleasantly surprised by the
interest rates. This loan saves us about
£12,000 a year and will allow our funds
to stretch even further. Unity works for us
and we would recommend them to other
Building a
brighter future.
Unity Trust Bank is one of
the UK’s leading providers
of banking services to the
charity and voluntary
sector. Our history of
working with some of the
country’s best known
charities and voluntary
organisations has given us
a unique insight into the
needs of charitable
organisations. We understand
who you are, your goals
and your vision and we are
ideally positioned to help
you achieve your aims.
This is why Unity Trust Bank has partnered
with WCVA to design a loan specifically
tailored to the needs of organisations just
like yours. The loan fund has been created
not only to help you achieve your goals
as an organisation but also to motivate
charities to work together to cut costs and
share services, resources and expertise.
After all, in many ways, we all share the
same vision - to help people.
Legal and valuation process
To help streamline the process, we have
teamed up with one of Wales’s leading
professional firms - Harrison Clark
Solicitors who will be able to offer their
services at preferential, fixed fees*. Full
details will be provided upon application.
You are, of course, free to use your own
choice of advisors.**
A loan made for you
The loan fund has been developed
specifically to help you invest in your
building infrastructure. So whether you
want to extend an existing building or
invest in a new build, then this new
initiative could be exactly what you’ve
been waiting for to get your project off the
ground. Our hope is that the fund should
stimulate the creation of syndicates of
charitable organisations working together
in communal business centres.
* For more information, contact Harrison Clark
Solicitors directly.
**You will be required to appoint your own solicitor
should you be purchasing a property and/or
should you require independent legal advice.
Sut i ymgeisio.
Camau nesaf
Bydd ffi trefnu o 1.5% yn daladwy ar
dderbyn unrhyw gynnig benthyciad.
I fod yn gymwys, rhaid i’ch mudiad fod yn
aelod o WCVA. Yn gyfan gwbl, mae £30m
yn y gronfa fenthyciadau i’w dosbarthu
dros 5 mlynedd, £6m y flwyddyn.
Sylfaen i’ch llwyddiant
Mae posib trafod y cyfraddau yn ôl pob
achos unigol, ond fel arfer defnyddir y
Gyfradd Sylfaenol plws 2.25%, gyda
chyfradd leiaf o 4%. Mae cyfraddau
sefydlog ar gael am hyd at bum mlynedd.
Yn gyffredinol, cynigir benthyciad hyd
at werth 75% o’r eiddo, ond fe fydd
cymarebau uwch rhwng benthyciadau
a gwerth (LTV) yn cael eu hystyried
pan fo sicrwydd digonol. Mae cyfnodau
ad-dalu o hyd at 30 mlynedd ar gael.
Cyfraddau’n dechrau o gyn lleied â 4%
Rydym wedi gwneud popeth y gallwn
ni i wneud y drefn ymgeisio a chyllido
mor syml â phosib drwy ddefnyddio
ein tîm cyfreithiol proffesiynol ac
ymgynghorwyr o WCVA. Gan hynny,
gallwn leihau costau i chi, symleiddio’r
broses a chynorthwyo gyda
chydweithredu rhwng mudiadau
sy’n ystyried gweithio gyda’i gilydd.
Os credwch y gallai hyn fod yn fuddiol i’ch mudiad chi, dechreuwch y broses ymgeisio
drwy gysylltu â Lein Gymorth WCVA ar 0800 2888 329 neu ebostio [email protected]
Rwy’n fwy na pharod i drafod
eich anghenion bancio â chi felly
mae croeso i chi gysylltu â mi
ff: 0345 155 3355
e: [email protected]
Jon Field
Unity Trust Bank plc,
PO Box 401, Caerdydd, CF11 1LE
029 2064 4422
Ffôn symudol: 07885 843 682
[email protected]
Benthyciadau rhwng £250,000 a £5,000,000
i fudiadau’r trydydd sector
Gan Unity Trust Bank mewn partneriaeth â WCVA
Os hoffech gael gwybod sut y gallai bancio gyda Unity helpu’ch mudiad chi i
gyflawni mwy, ffoniwch ni:
Wedi cael 5 seren am ein
Cyfrif Cyfredol i Elusennau
Wedi cael 5 seren am ein Cyfrif
Cwsmer i Fudiadau Bychain
Wedi’n Canmol yn Fawr Darparwr
Cyfrif Elusennau Gorau
Wedi cael Efydd gan
Buddsoddwyr mewn Pobl 2012
Mae Unity Trust Bank yn cael ei awdurdodi a’i reoleiddio gan yr Awdurdod Gwasanaethau Ariannol, a’i rif ar gofrestr yr Awdurdod Gwasanaethau Ariannol yw 204570. Swyddfa Gofrestredig: Nine
Brindleyplace, Birmingham, B1 2HB. Rhif Cofrestru yng Nghymru a Lloegr: 1713124.Caiff galwadau eu recordio ac mae’n bosibl y cânt eu monitro at ddibenion diogelwch, ansawdd a monitro.
Cyngor Gweithredu Gwirfoddol Cymru, elusen gofrestredig 218093, cwmni cyfyngedig drwy warrant 425299
ff: 0345 155 3355
e: [email protected]
Y cymorth y mae arnoch ei angen i wneud gwahaniaeth.
Gan fod ar bawb
angen help llaw.
A oes ar eich mudiad chi
angen chwistrelliad o arian
ychwanegol i helpu gyda
phrosiect adeiladu newydd
neu fel rhan o fenter ar y
cyd gyda mudiad tebyg i
chi? Nawr, gyda benthyciad
am bris cystadleuol gan
Unity Trust Bank mewn
partneriaeth â Chyngor
Gweithredu Gwirfoddol
Cymru (WCVA), gallwch
wneud hynny.
Rydym ar hyn o bryd yn cymryd ceisiadau
gan elusennau a mudiadau gwirfoddol am
fenthyciadau’n amrywio o £250,000 i
£5m, gan roi’r cyfle i chi fuddsoddi yn eich
seilwaith adeiladu a thorri’ch costau rhentu,
prydlesu a gwasanaethau. Gallai hyd yn
oed helpu eich llif arian os gallwch roi gofod
nad ydych yn ei ddefnyddio ar osod. Yn y
pen draw, mae benthyciad gennym ni’n
rhoi’r rhyddid i chi ailgyfeirio’r arian hwnnw
at ddarparu gwell wasanaethau i’r bobl
rydych yn eu cefnogi.
Gweledigaeth a rennir
Yma yn Unity Trust Bank, rydym yn deall
y materion y mae mudiadau gwirfoddol
yn eu hwynebu, yn enwedig mewn cyfnod
anodd fel hwn. Dyna pam, drwy gydweithio
â WCVA, y gobeithiwn y bydd y gronfa
fenthyciadau hon yn ei gwneud yn haws
i fudiadau elusennol weithio gyda’i gilydd
i leihau costau a rhannu adnoddau.
Mae’r gronfa newydd wedi cael
cefnogaeth Llywodraeth Cymru.
Ychwanegodd Carl Sargeant, y Gweinidog
Llywodraeth Leol a Chymunedau:
“ Mae mudiadau’r trydydd sector yn
ymateb i anghenion cymunedau Cymru
ac yn darparu gwasanaethau cyhoeddus
hanfodol sy’n cael eu defnyddio gan
bobl ledled Cymru bob dydd.
“ Mae’n bleser gennyf weld y trydydd
sector yn dod o hyd i ffyrdd newydd o
ariannu ei waith. Mae’r arian sylweddol
y bydd y cynllun newydd hwn yn ei
ddarparu i fudiadau ledled Cymru
yn dderbyniol iawn.”
Benthyciad Unity yn arwain at
fwrlwm mewn canolfan i bobl ifanc.
Mae Tom Jones, Stereophonics, cyflwynydd US X Factor
Steve Jones a llawer o sêr eraill y byd pop a’r cyfryngau wedi
chwarae neu gyflwyno yn stiwdios enwog Cymru - The Pop
Factory – dros y 12 mlynedd diwethaf. Bellach, mae’r elusen
Plant y Cymoedd wedi prynu’r lleoliad gyda benthyciad gan
Unity Trust Bank mewn partneriaeth â WCVA ac mae’n ei
droi’n ganolfan fywiog ar gyfer pobl ifanc ddifreintiedig leol
sydd am gael hyfforddiant yn y cyfryngau a cherddoriaeth.
Mae’r elusen, sydd wedi bod ar waith am
34 o flynyddoedd, wedi benthyg £395,000
dros 25 mlynedd i gyfuno benthyciadau
eraill ac arbed arian gwerthfawr. Yn ogystal
â chreu’r ganolfan hyfforddi yn y cyfryngau,
fe fydd y benthyciad yn cynorthwyo
datblygu canolfan breswyl yn ardal y Gŵyr.
Dywedodd Richard Morgan, Cyfarwyddwr
Cyllid Plant y Cymoedd: “Mae’r ffatri’n
bwysig gan ei bod yn ein galluogi i
ddarparu cymorth rhagorol, uniongyrchol
i bobl ifanc sydd â’u golygon ar yrfa yn
y cyfryngau. Mae’n golygu y gallwn
roi siawns i bobl ifanc.”
cynaliadwyedd ac yn diogelu gwasanaethau’r sector, heb sôn am roi hwb i economïau lleol ledled Cymru.”
Carl Sargeant,
y Gweinidog Llywodraeth
Leol a Chymunedau
Carl Sargeant,
y Gweinidog Llywodraeth
Leol a Chymunedau
Astudiaeth achos
Bob blwyddyn, fe fydd miloedd o bobl ifanc
sy’n awyddus i ddatblygu eu sgiliau yn dod
i’r ffatri, a oedd yn arfer cynhyrchu diodydd
pigog Corona, i gael cyrsiau a phrofiad
gwaith go iawn gyda bandiau, cynhyrchwyr
teledu ac eraill.
“ Ochr yn ochr â’n cefnogaeth ein hunain ar gyfer y trydydd sector, bydd y gronfa hon yn cefnogi
Aeth Richard ymlaen i ddweud, “Roeddem
yn bancio gyda Unity yn barod ac yn
gwybod ei bod yn llawer haws delio gyda
nhw na gyda banc arferol, ond cawsom ein
synnu ar yr ochr orau gan y cyfraddau llog.
Mae’r benthyciad hwn yn arbed tua
£12,000 y flwyddyn i ni a fydd yn ein
galluogi i ymestyn ein cyllid ymhellach
fyth. Mae Unity yn gweithio i ni a byddem
yn eu hargymell i fudiadau eraill.”
dyfodol gwell.
Unity Trust Bank yw un o
ddarparwyr gwasanaethau
bancio mwyaf blaenllaw’r
DU i’r sector elusennol a
gwirfoddol. Mae ein
hanes o weithio gyda rhai
o elusennau a mudiadau
gwirfoddol mwyaf
adnabyddus y wlad wedi
rhoi cipolwg unigryw i ni
ar anghenion mudiadau
gwirfoddol. Rydym yn
deall pwy ydych chi, eich
amcanion a’ch gweledigaeth,
ac rydym mewn safle
perffaith i’ch helpu i
gyflawni’ch amcanion.
Dyma pam mae Unity Trust Bank wedi
ffurfio partneriaeth â WCVA i ddylunio
benthyciad wedi’i deilwra’n arbennig i
anghenion mudiadau fel chi. Mae’r gronfa
fenthyciadau wedi’i chreu nid yn unig i’ch
helpu i gyflawni’ch amcanion fel mudiad
ond hefyd i symbylu elusennau i gydweithio
er mwyn lleihau costau a rhannu
gwasanaethau, adnoddau ac arbenigedd.
Wedi’r cwbl, mewn sawl ffordd, rydym i gyd
yn rhannu’r un weledigaeth – helpu pobl.
Y broses gyfreithiol a phrisio
Er mwyn symleiddio’r broses, rydym wedi
ymuno ag un o gwmnïau proffesiynol
mwyaf blaenllaw Cymru – Cyfreithwyr
Harrison Clark a fydd ar gael i gynnig eu
gwasanaethau am ffioedd ffafriol sefydlog*.
Rhoddir y manylion llawn pan wneir cais.
Mae croeso i chi, wrth gwrs, ddefnyddio
ymgynghorwyr o’ch dewis chi.**
Benthyciad wedi’i wneud i chi
Mae’r gronfa fenthyciadau wedi’i datblygu’n
benodol i’ch helpu i fuddsoddi yn eich
seilwaith adeiladu. Felly os ydych am
ymestyn adeilad sy’n sefyll yn barod neu
fuddsoddi mewn adeilad newydd, gallai’r
fenter newydd hon fod yn berffaith i chi roi
cychwyn ar eich prosiect. Ein gobaith yw y
dylai’r gronfa symbylu mudiadau elusennol
i greu cynghreiriau er mwyn cydweithio
mewn canolfannau busnes cymunedol.
* I gael mwy o wybodaeth, cysylltwch â Harrison
Clark yn uniongyrchol.
**Bydd gofyn i chi benodi’ch cyfreithiwr eich hun
os ydych am brynu eiddo a/neu os oes angen
cyngor cyfreithiol annibynnol arnoch.